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Jeez i haven’t posted anything in a WHILE, I guess that’s what Breath of the Wild does huh? Meanwhile im still posting some Hyrule warriors stuffs haha (I would make some botw comics but some people really hate spoilers so…)

Anyways i made a comic about one of the conversations i got while playing HWL and I loled so hard i had to make something about it (Aryll has no chills at all):

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Hello! I was wondering what you think the relationship between the Links and the other Hylian Knights are.

Well, since Link’s dad is the captain, I feel like Link was frequently tagging along with the knights even when he was a little kid, and they all sort of got used to having him underfoot.  Kinda like he was everyone’s little brother or something.

I just went to look back through the pages with the knights to get a better feel for how to answer this, and all of a sudden I’m getting emotional about Valenzuela?  I think I headcanon that he’s an only child, but always wanted a younger sibling.

Anyway, much like Link’s dad, the knights seem to adjust pretty quickly to there being multiple Links.  Actually, it kind of amuses me how unsurprised everyone is.  I think the cook, Arcy, is the only exception, because she freaks out - y’know, like you might reasonably do if suddenly there were a bunch of clones of someone you knew.  But everyone else barely reacts.

i’ve been playing “Spirit tracks” again on Nds, so i decided to draw something related to it, i really love the character desing in this game :) (He estado jugando de nuevo “Spirit Tracks en Nds, asi que decidí dibujar algo relacionado al juego, me encanta el diseño de personajes! :) )

Hey guys! I wanted to share my Volga cosplay with you all. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do! :D

Character: Volga

Game: Hyrule Warriors 

Cosplayer/Maker: Hyrule_Dekuscrub

Photographer: @ccboulos (on Instagram)

Website Links: 



If Vaati were in Hyrule Warriors

We all know Vaati should be in Hyrule warriors

And here are some really good reasons why:

Ganondorf finds some kid getting surrounded by Hyrule knights

Ganondorf getting “blown away” when the kid uses wind to send these guys to the sun

He would be the first toon villain
And even if he isn’t a toon in hw, he would still look awesome

Ghirahim and Zant can poke fun at his height (mainly Ghirahim since he isn’t the shortest anymore)

Ghirahim complimenting his looks

Vaati saying something like “I know, I always am looking good.”

His freaking laugh

“Gwa ha ha!”

Vaati never compliments people

If he does, he gives one to himself as well

“Your fighting has been definition of Proficient! So close to matching my advanced level! Gweheheh.”

Him going in Vaati’s Wrath mode when the gold bar is full and smashing people

Him going into Vaati reborn mode when the magic bar is full and sending people to the frEAKING SUN

Vaati walking up behind Ghirahim and Zant because a keep door is shut tight and him just blowing the door open with wind and it flies off in a mini cut scene

Ghirahim and Zant just staring at each other like “wo”

Vaati using wind to open the chest

Vaati has to climb into the chest to get the item

Vaati jumping into the air as he turns around and lifts the object into the air like he just won the Olympics

Ghirahim acting like a freaking mom

Zant just looking like a tree standing next to Vaati

Vaati being salty

Vaati just being Vaati

Him thinking he is the best out of every one

His voice

His laugh

Kicking people’s butts as Vaati

Vaati running

His hair when he is running

The cut scene when you are Victorious in your mission

Playing as Vaati

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Headcannons for Volga (the Dragon Knight from Hyrule Warriors) receiving kisses from his s/o? :D

Kisses from s/o (Volga)

  • Very much caught off-guard
    • The whole “honor” thing makes him really think that the woo-er (in this case, himself) should be the one showering the other in affections, so when he gets all these affections, he really has no idea what to do.
  • As soon as he catches himself though, it is ON.
    • Pulls them close, dipping them a bit while he looms over them and gives them a deep, passionate kiss.
    • When they’re pulled up, completely red and flustered, he’ll chuckle at them.
    • Just even-ing the score.”