Four newcomers on the island
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     —This was… odd. No, odd couldn’t even begin to describe it. Something of this occurrence should be impossible. If there was no way off the island, how could they have shown up? They didn’t have the appearance of students. 

But Komaeda allowed a smile onto his face, making his way over to the newcomer. “Hello, there! What brings you to the island?”

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Oh… A Plasma uniform, how hilarious that was! People like that were still running around? Blair would’ve been a bit hostile since seeing such a symbol only reminded him of a green haired king he had gotten to dislike at this point, but the appearance the man had…? It was too hilarious to pass up and to be honest it threw him off in terms of being able to threaten him. Honestly, what was with that terrible looking hat on his head?

“Well now, I didn’t know there were people who still dressed like puppets for Natural~” he sang. “Who are you, hun? ♥”

It had been a while since he had spoken to Aaron. 

That was the first thought that passed through Kyouhei’s mind as he left the PokeStar Studios. It was probably a little after noon, as he was heading on his lunch break. He was just sort of wandering around at the moment, since he had about an hour or so for his lunch break. It was a slow day at the studios, since there was a performance happening at Virbank Gym later that day. So, most people tended to get ready for that performance rather than come to see the studios. While one could come to PokeStar everyday, Roxie’s performances were very rare occurences, especially those that were extremely cheap. 

But back to his initial thought. Aaron. He hadn’t seen the other male in a while. And to be frank, it was worrying. For a while after they became friends, Kyouhei had noticed something wrong with the other male. He grew very distant and didn’t seem to talk as much. Not to mention, he also seemed much more angry as time passed. Then, Aaron just fell off the map. No one seemed to have heard from him. 

What was up with the other male? Why hadn’t he called? Weren’t they supposed to be friends? So then, why did Aaron just leave? Was something wrong? Did something happen?

While those questions revolved around Kyouhei’s brain, he accidentally bumped into someone;s shoulder. Gasping lightly, Kyouhei was jolted out of his thoughts and he quickly looked back, bowing his head down. “Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry! I didn’t see you there!" 

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Fancy hat ya got there, Mister! /Fancy indeed. Why the big ass bill and all the feathers and designs? Talk about going over the top! And here Touku was thinking he saw it all, especially with people like Team Plasma that were running around two years ago./ What brings ya ta Unova, huh? Ya don’t look like yer from ‘round here!