Vriska Fusion?

So me and my sister were talking about doing Vriska next year for Mechacon. I said I wanted to do male Vriska while she did the canon version. Well, I made mention of fusing them together and this is what happened..

Me: Yea, fuse them together and you get.. Mega Vriska!

Her: Wait. Do you know what happens when we fuse two Vriskas together? You get a Karkat!

Me: … Fuck.

Her: Yeah. Vriska Fusion = Karkat.

I have a food hangover..

Me, PhoenixSkyy and her boyfriend all went to Waffle House tonight and omg. The poor girl couldn’t write a ticket to save her life. I got the All Star with Hashbrowns, substitute the Eggs for Gritts, add Chocolate Chips to the Waffle and with Ham. She messed up it all and gave me Eggs, 2 Orders of Hashbrowns, Gritts and Country Ham.. Now that’s a lot of food. Phoenix got Gritts, Toast, Eggs and a Chocolate Chip Waffle when all she ordered was Eggs and Chocolate Chip Waffle. Not to mention at the end of the meal the girl poured Tea Into Phoenix’s Coke. It was just an utter mess.

Come to the ticket? She just charged us for food, no drinks. Nothing extra we got was added which was good considering it was a lot of food. I tried eating it all so it wasn’t going to waste but I couldn’t bring myself to do it and now I’m so stuffed I think I’m gonna puke. Fuck.

Dear lovers of future time..

I will not and never be okay with poly relationships. Yes, it works for some people and that’s freaking AWESOME. I’m so glad that they can find happiness and have others to share it. However, for me, it just doesn’t work. I’m a one partner kind of guy, a hopeless romantic if you will. So yea, random service announcement that I decided to announce since it’s been on my mind.

Hopefully no one will be offended.