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Okay so, I was wondering...(for future reference ofc!) If Josuke was a Pokemon trainer, what kind of Pokemon(s) will he have? :0

Sorry for the really late reply, but I did get your asks, and I was both busy working on this piece as well as working on a couple of other requests, too.  >w>;; but, here it is! Following the Stardust Crusaders Pokemon pic, here’s the Main 4 for DiU.  :D 

In my idea for a JoJo x Pokemon game, Josuke would be the player character I’ve seen people mention how Josuke would have a Blissey due to Crazy Diamond’s healing, but in all honesty, I can’t imagine Crazy Diamond being a Blissey.  Crazy Diamond has a Gladiator and even knightly appearance, so Gallade felt like a better fit to me.  A Gallade with the Hidden Ability, Justified, along with Heal Pulse and Close Combat sounds like a good fit.  Plus, Gallde just fits with Josuke’s kind yet heroic and justified nature.

Battle Theme
Final Battle Theme
Okuyasu would be one of the rivals but he starts out antagonistic like stealing the package you’re supposed to deliver or something like that.  He and his big bro, Keichou, would be part of the evil organization (still need to work on that more) before Keichou gets out of commission (he doesn’t die in this idea along with Iggy, Kakyoin and Avdol).  He’d be a friendly rival after the antagonism’s over though he’ll share frustrations when he keeps losing.  For a while, I had people tell me that Lucario would be a good match for Jotaro, but I already planned for Okuyasu to have Lucario first and Machamp suited Star Platinum better.  Lucario’s colour scheme and more serious looking face fit The Hand’s scheme and inexpressive appearance.  Lucario is also a really powerful Pokemon, and The Hand is a powerful Stand.  However, both are under a knucklehead - a lovable and adorable knucklehead, but still a knucklehead.  And if anyone’s wondering, yes - Okuyasu’s wearing a beanie.  For some reason, I can see him wearing one.  >w>;; 

(Shares themes with Okuyasu)
Koichi’s character was more apparent since he strikes me as being a lot like Wally - especially Wally from OR/AS.  That transition from a meek and timid boy who grows stronger and gets more assertive, and determined, and becomes a man.  Koichi’s would also provide as your first travelling partner.  When it came to Pokemon, Koichi was the hardest to do because I had a set condition for the final evolution - to know the move Gravity to fit with Act 3′s attack.  However, the problem was trying to make the pre-evolutions fit Act 1 and Act 2.  Potentials included Claydol, Alakazam and Dusknoir: eliminated Claydol because it only had one pre-evolution and no Mega Evolution, and Dusknoir probably suited someone else (Vanilla Ice) better.  So it was between Alakazam and Metagross - it was close, especially how Kadabra’s Dex entry denotes it as a Pokemon that only determined and strong-willed people can train to lampshade Koichi’s character development, but Metagross’ line is a tough line in general to show Koichi’s persistence and said character development as well.  In the end, Metagross won just because shiny Metagross has a similar colour scheme to Act 3, and it can float and fly around more easily than Alakazam who walks along with having the Hidden Ability, Light Metal, which has the Pokemon’s weight halved.

Encounter Theme
Battle Theme
Rohan is probably your most oppressing rival out of the three as he makes it clear how there’s no way in hell you’re going to beat the Elite 4 and become Champion.  You? A scrubby newbie with a ridiculous fashion sense who lives in a hole? Ha! He doesn’t travel with you, but just “coincidentally” crosses paths.  Though he tends to use that as an opportunity to steal Koichi away.  Rohan’s signature was the easiest with Smeargle having the Sketch move and the ability, Technician (which is what most competitive Smeargles have).  Despite how Smeargle is considered a non-serious and even jokish Pokemon, Rohan’s Smeargle is a competitive player, so don’t bother underestimating it.  The normal theme is Silver’s to highlight Rohan’s more oppressive stance as your rival.  His battle theme is Gladion’s theme because though Gladion’s edgy (and I called him Mini Dio and Giorno too many times while playing Su/Mo), his battle theme is also appropriately dramatic, which suits Rohan quite well.

I know some are hit and miss or just plain strange choices, but this is just one interpretation, and I’m still a bit iffy with Koichi’s.  Anyway, I need to get some sleep.  >w>;;