vintamatsurii  asked:

What is everyone favorite genre of music???? Also i hope you all are having a nice day ☀☀

Ok so we are noobs when it comes to music genres so bear with us

(We only wanted to do a few but whoops guess this is everyone)

Sebastien - Hiphop / kpop-hiphop

Elia - Musical /bollywood

Ronnie - pop (boyband) / latin pop / that person who starts playing xmas music in october

Drew - 80s / boyband

Pam - African/caribbean influenced music / disco

Radha - emo

Amou - 90s rap

Tiponi -singer songwriter /musical

Raahim - singer songwriter / kpop

Matisse - videogame/movie scores / former emo music kid

Tehani - electronic

Adrien and Medhi - kpoopers 4 lyfe

Gio - R&B

Dev - Vaporwave / those jazzy hiphop songs

Alair and Atoine - (old school) rock

Pierre - Beyonce


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unlikely-kryptonite  asked:

Could you possibly recommend any kdramas similar to Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo??? I just loved it so much and it's left a hole in my heart that can't be filled...

s a m  e 

I’ve only watched “Cheese in the trap” so far and its not really similar because it’s less cute but the leads of wlfkbj play in it tho :0

Maybe someone else knows some heartwarming and positive dramas?? Just respond to this if you know any!