Based on a True Story

Or, that one time snowchildhero and I serenaded knightarcana like three years ago

(video evidence here)
(there was alcohol involved)
(have pity on us, both of our voices were shot)



Inspired by ‘Whose Line is it Anyway?’, 8-Bit Improv is a new videogame and anime convention-centric comedy panel, debuted at Katsucon 2014 (AT 3 IN THE GODDAMN MORNING).  8-bit Improv brings you the fast paced, completely made up comedy of the East Coast Convention Scene’s best improv performers, straight from hits like “A Bucket Full of Homestuck” and “What Panel?”

(Katsucon, February 2014)


I promised Sakura photos and here they are! Everyone is perf and adorable and then there’s me and my face. :P That last photo is still a gem. Everyone made their respective costumes and my star wand was courtesy of knightarcana who saved my sorry butt by bringing it for me to use. 

Syaoran is vantasticmess
Tomoyo is animuspanthera
Sakura is me~

Photos thanks to the ever fantastic potatokraken

knightarcana submitted:


I OMG you. You have a nice ACTUAL TUMBLR USER CANCEROUSLY. You make me OMG. You should OMG. Someday I will OMG ACTUAL TUMBLR USER CANCEROUSLY. You + me = ACTUAL. If I saw you now I’d TUMBLR. I want to USER you. I would build a CANCEROUSLY just for you. If I could sing you any song it would be OMG ACTUAL TUMBLR USER CANCEROUSLY. We could OMG OMG OMG under the stars. 


I’M NEVER GOING TO STOP LAUGHING HOLY FUCK i want this printed out and framed in my living room

knightarcana replied to your post: “oneeyedsharpshooter replied to your photo: “I needed a P4G text box…”:

I believe the actual font they use for the text boxes may be one you have to purchase, but this is a fairly similar one I’ve used for my P4 panel graphics that dafont has available for free: —not exact, but close!

HEY, NEAT. Yeah, check that out, everybody! It looks damned close. Thanks a lot!!

OTAKON: Could it get any better than this?

Answer: I think not.

I had an unbelievably good time at the convention this weekend. I have no clue how it all happened, and I definitely wonder how it all happened so fast. I met some friends, made some new ones, got to talk to idols of mine (who I am definitely tagging), and overall just had a blast!

I will start with Friday, where I cosplayed as John Egbert. I don’t know if I have a pic of me as John yet, but I’ll update this blog when I get Otakon pictures. I immediately joined a big group of homestucks up on the fourth floor, where we played a bit of spin the faygo. I gave a lot of hugs (and acted in character when I squeeked a bit when a bro chest-bumped me; don’t worry, I’m not actually hurt!). I even got to give a kiss to a really attractive Dirk who I hope isn’t reading this heheh but if you are I want your number pleeeeeeeez. The photoshoot was super fun, I got to take the best picture with my ectosib real-life-chibi, plus I also got to kiss a super pretty Vriska’s hand (plus also my Karkat’s super pretty cheek). So Friday went very well.

I have to say that my best day was Saturday, where I dressed up as Trucy Wright from Ace Attorney. Again, no pictures of that right now, but about 25 people asked for my picture, so it has to be around here somewhere. It was great that so many people knew about Ace Attorney and were willing to come up to me and ask for pictures! I also got to meet capskat26 aka Rachel, who I was bursting at the seams to actually meet. She was beyond nice, even putting up with the massive wait time while I arranged things with our videographer. She was really cool to talk to, and her cosplay was completely amazing! Please check out her blog if you haven’t already!

The Ace Attorney photoshoot was super fun as well! Apparently I was the only Trucy at the convention, at least for that day, so it was just me and a bunch of Apollo’s going “Trucy no Mr. Hat please” and a bunch of space and lawyer puns. It was so fun, and I got a lot of “awwws” and “adorables” for my cosplay, which is what I was going for. I loved cosplaying Trucy, and I’ll try to fit it in next Otakon if I can!

Then, after my videography shoot (which went wonderfully by the way), I actually ran into two other idols of mine: knightarcana and vantasticmess! They were taking photos by the stairs as I exited the building, and I couldn’t believe it at all! I talked to knightarcana for probably about half an hour, which was totally amazing!

And seriously, she was amazing to talk to. Whenever I got too nervous to say something, she picked up the conversation, but she also let me talk about some things! Also she knew things about my cosplay just by looking at it, like what my little card sign pieces were made of and attached with, and gave me some advice to fix them. Then vantasticmess finished with her photoshoot and we all talked for a little bit about panels and how impossible it is not to laugh as Karkat. It was unbelievable to see them, and they even gave me a business card and let me take a picture of them (which by the way, their posing game is STRONG AS HELL. How do they do it? Maybe at Katsu I can ask them).

Sunday was also pretty fun, besides the fact that one of my horns came off and my feet were sore as hell. I was fem!Kankri, and I was wearing tall heels that didn’t fit me, which I described as, “they look like sex but hurt like FUCK.” I wasn’t stopped for as many pictures that day, which was good, because I didn’t have a lot of ideas for poses in that outfit (which will be posted soon, don’t worry). I wish I could have gone to knightarcana and vantasticmess’s panel, but it was full to the brim when I got there. Maybe I’ll check it out at Katsu! Also, the Sunday photoshoot was immensely fun (and I heard quite a bit of cheering when we had our Cronkri moment, pictured here in all of it’s blurry glory:

Aaaaah, I love having hot friends.

So anyway, that was my Otakon experience! I hope you all had as much fun as I did, and if I forgot to talk about something, or you just want me to talk about one specific aspect of the convention, please message me! I absolutely loved meeting all of you, and I hope to see you all at Katsucon 2015!