Inspired by ‘Whose Line is it Anyway?’, 8-Bit Improv is a new videogame and anime convention-centric comedy panel, debuted at Katsucon 2014 (AT 3 IN THE GODDAMN MORNING).  8-bit Improv brings you the fast paced, completely made up comedy of the East Coast Convention Scene’s best improv performers, straight from hits like “A Bucket Full of Homestuck” and “What Panel?”

(Katsucon, February 2014)

knightarcana submitted:


I OMG you. You have a nice ACTUAL TUMBLR USER CANCEROUSLY. You make me OMG. You should OMG. Someday I will OMG ACTUAL TUMBLR USER CANCEROUSLY. You + me = ACTUAL. If I saw you now I’d TUMBLR. I want to USER you. I would build a CANCEROUSLY just for you. If I could sing you any song it would be OMG ACTUAL TUMBLR USER CANCEROUSLY. We could OMG OMG OMG under the stars. 


I’M NEVER GOING TO STOP LAUGHING HOLY FUCK i want this printed out and framed in my living room

knightarcana replied to your post: knightarcana thought i was playing abo…

“Look Subaru-kun I’m holding your hand, invading your personal space, and making you uncomfortable with grandiose professions of love, this is how you humans ”“"romance”“” right? I am so good at this human game, no one will suspect a thing.“

i hope that this took him forever to master tho bc i love the idea of child/teen seishirou walking around in the world trying to communicate with humans, attempting to order in restaurants, figuring out the correct human way to react when someone accidentally knocks into you on the street, staring at people very obviously and observing their Human Mannerisms until he learns that staring at people for 20 minute intervals isn’t a commonly appreciated Human Mannerism

knightarcana replied to your post: “oneeyedsharpshooter replied to your photo: “I needed a P4G text box…”:

I believe the actual font they use for the text boxes may be one you have to purchase, but this is a fairly similar one I’ve used for my P4 panel graphics that dafont has available for free: –not exact, but close!

HEY, NEAT. Yeah, check that out, everybody! It looks damned close. Thanks a lot!!