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Your name is SAM VIMES, and you’re pretty sure this is WEIRD WIZARD SHIT.

You have had it up to here with WEIRD WIZARD SHIT.

And after you’ve finished living up to your family history of REGICIDE you are going to PUNCH EVERY SINGLE WIZARD. 

The Rage Aspect and its God Tiers/Classpect Roles

Keywords: Unconditional Hate or Fear, Refusal, Defiance, Rejection, Skeptical Criticism, Doubt, Negativity, Despair, Getting the ‘Red Light’ or a Hard Stop, NO

Symbols: Immovable Objects, False/Counterfeit, 'Demons’

Rage is one of the 12 Aspects of Homestuck. Its Opposite is the Aspect Hope. When I think of Rage, I think of Undying Doubt and Skepticism that everything around is 'perfect’ or going to be okay, one way or another. Everything will actually turn out wrong, if not completely horrendous in the end. Rage is unconditional Hate and Fear, it is the cold shoulder, rejecting any thing or person. It is the underlying thought that what is here is wrong and false. It is the thought that there is no will and there is no way! No matter how deceivingly peaceful everything looks on the surface, its not real! It’s actually false, lies all of it! Rage is despairing and refusing that everything will be 'just fine’, so their answer is always an adamant NO! But don’t think of Rage as only a fierce angry thing lashing out at everyone, Rage is also like the Demon that creeps towards you from behind, paralyzing you and slowly binding you and dragging you away with no escape. It is the Cage, the Immovable Object that constantly surrounds you on all sides.

(side note: Rage may sound bad, but it is the only thing holding you back from Hope and their charging blind beliefs, which can be just as dangerous. It’s good to know when to hold back and say No instead of always saying Yes to everything. Rage can be just as much Constructive as Destructive.)

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Sorry Ruby, Maids don’t get capes. And Hope players don’t get the color red, either. this was impossible to resist it’s two of my favorite fandoms in one omg

Their god tiers are as follows: Yang, Knight of Rage. Ruby, Maid of Hope. Weiss, Mage of Time. Blake, Thief of Void. This was hella fun but also took too damn long to finish bc omg depleting levels of motivation QAQ

Thief of Space

A thief takes their aspect from others or uses their aspect to steal from others. Space is everything physical, location, mass, speed, etc. A thief is adept at using space to manipulate his or her’s enemies, stealing their size and force. Stealing the speed of an objest would allow them to accelerate while stealing the distance between objects would allow them to effectively teleport. The problem with this active class is that their myriad of abilities would benefit mainly themselves and not their teammates. As it is the space players duty to breed the genesis frog their selfish tendencies could prove a benefit, due to them focusing on their own duty rather than assisting the team.


Thieves need to learn to not be so concerned about what other people think of them. This image-focusedness comes from low self-esteem rather than narcissism (Prince). Space players have a problem with abstractness; they are either way up in the clouds where they can’t see reality or they are grounded without any imagination. They will need to find the balance between the two.

Rogue of Hope

The rogue is a passive counterpart to thief. They steal their aspect and use their aspect to steal from others to benefit the team. Hope is an incredibly potent class, dealing with morale as well as literal hope they can make or break the outlook of a team. The rogue of hope is skilled at taking hope from their enemies and using to boost their teammates overall morale. A rogue of hop is a great hope class that simultaneously helps their team and hinders their enemies.


Rogues need to learn control over their impulses and emotions as well as independence. Rogues tend to be clingy people completely controlled by what they feel and these Rogues will need to learn to change that and use their head. Hope players have a hard time with open-mindedness. They either believe anything they hear or won’t believe anything at all. They need to find the balance between acceptance and skepticism.

Knight of Rage

Knights are known for using their aspect as a weapon and defending or helping their team with it. Rage is the pure anger or single minded pursuit fueled by anger. A knight with the aspectof rage could be dangerous to himself or his or her teammates, not because he or she wants to hurt them, but because he is blunted by rage. But, this could also be turned around to mean that the knight would protect the team with his rage, going into a berserker like mode to decent his friends. The route he or she depends on their own personality. Another role of the knight is to assist on genesis frog breeding, a temperamental knight could, again, either jeopardize this task by losing control of his or emotions or help immensely by funneling his or her anger into a productive task. Eithe way this is a powerful teammate, with great potential to help or harm.


Knights need to learn to take off the mask they put on for others and to stand by their friends. In all three knights we see some kind of act put on to compensate for something, Dave’s cool guy act, Karkat’s asshole maneuver and Latula’s gamergrl facade. They will need to learn that people who love you will accept you for who you are. The Rage aspect is in tension and anxiety. Rage players tend to be either always angry or anger repressing (like Gamzee repressing it with all the substances). Either way, they will need to get that under control.

Heir of Time

An heir is somebody who is protected by their aspect and protects themselves with their aspect. Time is every second, day or week that passes, it includes time travel, slowing down or speeding up time and every other time shenanigans under the sun. An inexperienced heir of time might find himself whisked through time unawares for his own protection. Once he reaches god teir his ability to use time for his own defense would grow exponentially. Town here would mainly be used for defensive purposes, but it could still be utilized for attacks. While the heir would benefit themselves mostly, their abilities could be used for the advancement of the entire team.


Heirs need to learn to communicate and work with others in order for a job to get done. Heirs will often seclude themselves when they are doing a project, even if the help of someone else is required. They will get so frustrated when they can’t get something right. They will need to learn to ask for help before they get to this level. Time players have an issue with independence. They are either too independent and won’t ever ask for help, or too dependent and cannot deal with life on their own. They must find the right balance for them between the two extremes.

Sure thing! A Knight of Rage is a rather interesting one actually. It’s one who protects using Rage or protects with Rage. But I have a slightly different spin on it. A Knight of Rage is one who, in getting their rage out, protects their session mates.

For instance, they would be very angry people. Karkat almost pretends to be a Knight of Rage a lot of the time, but in the end he’s too emotional to be. Knights of Rage really don’t care. They just need a way to get their rage out so they’ll attack anything that gets in their way, especially when they get into a certain mood.

Their powers could be a variety of things. My guess? They would be able to use their rage to make them stronger at the downfall that it would make them less in control of themselves. The line between friend and foe would become blurred and they would blindly attack.

Hope this helped some!

And so the Witch took the Rage filled Knight’s hand and gave him Hope, that he could defeat the Black King and Queen along his fellow players.

I was in the mood to RTstuck and wondered what Lindsay’s god tier would be. I think Michael would be Knight of Rage rather than an Heir

Lindsay’s God tier from here

anonymous asked:

I can't think of a land for the knight of rage, do you have any suggestions?

Since I don’t know your character, not really. Time to hijack this ask as well. (picture by striderswag.)

There were actually two Rage playtest charcters. René Sloan (above, from a solo game), the Knight of Rage, hero of the Land of Rings and Fanfare (he’s a boxer, in case it’s hard to tell) - and Nelens Serana, the Thief of Rage, hero of Land of Fabric and Feelings. Nelens’ Ancestor was heavily implied to be the Seer of Rage.

Canonically, we see only one Rage planet, the Land of Tents and Mirth, which belongs to Gamzee Makara. It is almost certainly personalized for him and less directly related to the Rage Aspect.

Rage (in GTRPG, at least) is the Aspect of negative emotions. So some good words for it would be:

Aggression, Anxiety, Arrogance, Antagonism, Bitterness, Cruelty, Delusion, Depression, Ego, Envy, Fear, Greed, Hatred, Hopelessness, Ignorance, Impatience, Impulse, Insecurity, Irritation, Isolation, Jealousy, Lust, Madness, Misery, Panic, Paranoia, Rage, Recklessness, Regret, Ridicule, Sadness, Shame, Sloth, Tantrums, Vanity, Villainy, Zealotry

However, some people feel Rage is the Aspect of all passion and emotions. So here’s something for that:

Acceptance, Admiration, Apologies, Balance, Beauty, Bravery, Calm, Cheer, Clarity, Comfort, Cooperation, Courage, Daring, Dignity, Discipline, Duty, Elation, Elegance, Energy, Euphoria, Excitement, Faith, Flow, Focus, Forgiveness, Heroism, Honesty, Hope, Kindness, Love, Mercy, Patience, Passion, Serenity, Spirit, Temperance, Thrills

If you associate violence or war with the Rage Aspect:

Barrages, Battles, Bloodshed, Bloodthrist, Bombardments, Brutality, Enmity, Cannons, Carnage, Clashes, Crusades, Combat, Competition, Conflict, Contention, Fervor, Fire, Fray, Havoc, Heroics, Hostility, Gladiators, Gunpowder, Murder, Power, Onslaughts, Quarrels, Rebellions, Revenge, Strife, Struggle, Violence, War, Warfare, Weapons, Wrath

If you associate chaos or unpredictability with the Rage Aspect:

Anarchy, Accidents, Ataxia, Bedlam, Chaos, Chimeras, Clamor, Clutter, Confusion, Disarray, Discord, Disorder, Distractions, Dreams, Furor, Haze, Limbo, Imagination, Maelstroms, Misrule, Oddities, Pandemonium, Randomness, Riots, Serendipity, Tumult, Turmoil, Unpredictability, Unrest, Upheaval 

If you just like badass things here is a 100% accurate list of badass things:

Bandanas, Books, Boxing, Canada, Dragons, Dinosaurs, Driving, Dueling, Explosions, Fast Cars, Fireworks, Flamethrowers, Hawks, Honey Badgers, High-Fives, Hippos, Kayaking, Large Dogs, Lacrosse, Lava, Luchadors, Magic, Ninjas, Ninja Swords, Rap Battles, Racing, Scars, Selfies, Sharks, Shurikens, Skeletons, Swearing, Swords, Tigers, Wizards, Wrestling, Zombies

If you see something that works, you can just pick some words out of that list. Alternatively, use this site. I just did, and got Land of Magnets and Bone (LOMAB) for you.

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Knight of Rage?

The knight is a passive class. Knights weaponize their aspect and use it to defend their friends. This goes both ways and knights will also defend their aspect. So far all knights have hidden their true personality, Karkat through anger and Dave through his “cool guy” attitude.

The rage aspect has to do with emotions and passion, specifically anger. Heroes of rage also seem to be able to enter a berserker mode fueled by intense anger and need for destruction. The rage aspect also has to do with sanity.

The Knight of Rage would be an extremely protective friend. If anyone were to threaten their friend the Knight of Rage would go into an anger fueled rage and destroy them and any other enemies he could find. The Knight of Rage would also cause a lot of trouble through needless destruction and might break many unspoken rules of the game, causing their session to be full of even more danger than a normal session would have. The Knight of Rage would be extremely unstable but would hide this under a possibly calm and jocular personality. The Knight of Rage would also be extremely loyalty oriented, and if they felt that one of their friends had betrayed them they would have and extreme reaction, either they would attack them or feel extremely broken and push away the rest of their friends in fear of rejection.

Classpect Analysis - Knight of Rage


See my explanation for this class here.


See my explanation for this aspect here.

Knight of Rage

A Knight of Rage is “one who exploits Rage and exploits through Rage”. In simpler terms, a Knight of Rage would utilize their anger and focus in practically everything they did, using it to overcome any obstacle.

In the most literal sense, these Knights would utilize their anger as a weapon, with the ability to call upon it at any time for feats of physical strength or emotional power. Knights of Rage get up close and personal,  choosing to overpower others with their animosity, whether in a fight or an argument.

Knights of Rage would also exercise their focus to absurd levels. If you give them a job, a Knight of Rage wouldn’t rest until that job was done, with nothing distracting them along the way (including physical injury). Once they’ve set their mind on something, you’d have to move heaven and earth to keep them from obtaining it.

A Knight of Rage must learn how to use their Rage responsibly, and not just lash out at whatever’s in front of them. They must also be able to listen to those close to them from time to time, in order to make sure that the path their focused on is truly the right path.