Going Grimdark and Inversion

Let me be upfront when I say that, as far as I know, there has only ever been one example of a character going Grimdark in Homestuck: Rose Lalonde. Jade’s brief time spent as Grimbark!Jade is not the same since her shift was caused by Her Imperious Condescension’s mind-control, not the Horrorterrors. The Horrorterrors are the key to becoming Grimdark, and as Rose displayed, they don’t control you; they invert your aspect.

Aspect inversion is a tricky subject. How the aspects invert is fairly simple - each aspect has an opposite, after all:

Breath - Blood

Light - Void

Time - Space

Life - Doom

Heart - Mind

Hope - Rage

But class inversion is harder to pin down. There is the Passive-Active dichotomy that Calliope discussed with Dirk (Prince is active while Bard is passive), but this is not an inversion. Inverting someone’s class would require finding the class that acts as its direct opposite. As such, I will be using @classpect-shet​‘s Class Inversion Guide, which can be found here. The inversions of classes are as follows:

Heir - Mage

Seer - Witch

Knight - Rogue

Page - Thief 

Maid - Bard

Sylph - Prince

For example, if I were to go Grimdark, I would go from being a Knight of Rage to a Rogue of Hope: one who distributes inspiration and positive emotions through inspiration and positive emotions. A Mage of Space would become an Heir of Time. Et cetera. When Rose went Grimdark and succumbed to the Horrorterrors, she became a Witch of Void: one who manipulates nothingness and ignorance through nothingness and ignorance. The meaning of her words were concealed to the point where no one could understand what she was trying to say. In other words, manipulating her secrets to make others ignorant. She managed to obfuscate the troll’s viewport of her and those who she was near, creating a Blackout. Vriska said as much when she tried contacting John after their encounter with Jack on the Battlefield when she advised him to get away from Rose so she could see him.

Unlike Trickster Mode - which is incredibly unlikely to occur even with a Cherub influence in their session - going Grimdark is a very real possibility for a session so long as players (probably Derse-dreamer) have a connection to the Horrorterrors. How one would turn it off is a matter of debate. Rose only returned to being a Seer of Light when she died, so there’s no way of knowing if it can even be stopped aside from death.

So yeah! Grimdark! I’m not sure how to end this, so I’ll just add a badass picture of Grimdark!Rose

Knight of Rage:

The Knight is the active exploitation class. Knights exploit their aspect for any purpose they can, oftentimes weaponizing it, and using it to protect their teammates. Rage is all about anger, passion, fear and falsity. The Knight of Rage would use their passion and anger to protect their teammates, and strike fear in the hearts of their enemies. Knights must learn to accept their true nature.


Knights often hide a fear of failure regarding their aspect behind faked confidence and obsessive effort. A Knight of Rage would think their underlying paranoia and anger would make people turn away from them, so they resort to faking an indifference regarding their anger responses, most people would see them as an exceptionally happy and well-natured person for this, but when caught at a bad moment the Knight of Rage wouldn’t be able to suppress their emotions so when someone surprises them their first instinct might be to punch them in the face. The Knight would obsessively train how to suppress their anger. A Knight of Rage would be a great Teammate in any Session, a Knight always strives to protect all their teammates and with their Passion and Anger they are a force to be reckoned with.


A Knight of Rage Would be able to weaponize Rage in the form of Anger, Passion, Fear and Falsity. This results in:

  • Scaremongering: The Knight of Rage will excel at exploiting Fear, Paranoia, Anger and Falsity. The Knight would be able to create illusions to scare their enemies, attacking them while they are distracted. The stronger the Knight becomes the more effective their illusions become. At low levels the Knight could use jumpscare-level illusions, only startling their enemies for a short amount of time. At their highest level the Knight would be able to create the image of an angered horrorterror in front of their enemies, paralyzing them with fear.
  • Wrath form: The Knight can channel violent rage through their body and soul to gain a new form empowered by their anger. The corruption usually manifests as burning the body/appearance of the Knight and grants improved versions of their original abilities as well as gaining new abilities that reflect the Knight’s wrath. The Knight is invariably driven by incurable rage, although they may be able to control themselves enough to pass as normal, and given enough time they may regain full control. The Knight’s source of power may at first only be their own rage, the more they train the wider their source range could become, at their full potential it might even span session-wide.


Whenever a Session includes a Knight, there will always be a deficiency of the Knights Aspect in the Session. For Example: In the Beta Trolls Session, due to Karkat Vantas’ role as the Knight of Blood, their Session completely lacked trust and emotional bonds between the players, which resulted in the death of a lot of his teammates. In the Knight of Rage’s Session this might manifest itself as a distinct Lack of Passion, most of their teammates only halfass their work, and while in most cases this shouldn’t be a problem, it might make the creation of the Genesis Frog extremely difficult.


RITARDANDO ACRIMONY - The Knight of Rage equips themselves with an illusion, becoming larger and exuding an aura of fear.


The Land of Mafiosi and Panic - Imagine Italy in the year 1800, but the influence of the mafia is cranked up to 100, the Mafia exploit their position and get their resources not only from the citizen of the land, but also the government, at the top of the Mafia sits the of the Knight’s Land denizen, giving out orders to the Mafia. The Knight has to learn how to exploit this situation so they don’t get the raw end of the deal. They might either do this by: Striking down their Denizen, and use the ensuing chaos to re-order the structure of the land, or they become an integral part of the Mafia, and use their leverage to exploit the Consorts. It is up to them to choose their path.

on loving the human

i. they will not appreciate all your gifts, will akin them to a cat bringing dead mice to their feet. this is fine. everything else you give, they will find gorgeous. if you are vain enough, give them something of yours to wear. if you are rash enough, give them something of yours to wear. they will find it beautiful and every Other will know you’ve claimed that one. be sure no one else, such as Not-Cat or even the crows, have done the same yet. a human, no matter their talents, would be worth such a war. you must remember this, if you see them keeping feathers-blacker-than-night in their hair/pockets/pouches. you might be able to fool them from another Fair, but, if the birds have gotten to them, there is no return. best to pick another that can catch your attention. any of them would start pleased with that.

ii. to appear human while first wooing them is best. you will need two ears, two eyes, a nose with (only!) two nostrils, 32 teeth, 206 bones, and about 640 muscles that do not slide or slip or slush. both halves of your (singular) face must react together, but not mechanically, robotically, stiffly, or in any manner similar to plastic or silicon. one side of your mouth must not be higher or lower than the other unless it is a facial expression, of a half-smile or frown. your eyes must not be too close together, or too far apart, your ears must be even, the spacing of your nose-to-eyes-to-ears-to-forehead must all be within a certain ratio. if you must, watch a good artist space faces to see the estimate. but you must not be too perfect, either: your teeth not too straight or too white, your nails not too clean or pristinely cut or without variation, your skin not too blemish-free. you need some faults in order to appear human. you must maintain solid form at all times. still, it’s likely they’ll know, regardless. at least, they’ll probably appreciate the effort. (remember, being seen without protection is even more telling. keep sugar and pewter/tin/aluminum with you at all times; these will look enough like salt and iron. it is also advisable you carry ‘offerings,’ even if you never leave them anywhere. creamer cups are most popular.)

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The Rage Aspect and its God Tiers/Classpect Roles

Keywords: Unconditional Hate or Fear, Refusal, Defiance, Rejection, Skeptical Criticism, Doubt, Negativity, Despair, Getting the ‘Red Light’ or a Hard Stop, NO

Symbols: Immovable Objects, False/Counterfeit, 'Demons’

Rage is one of the 12 Aspects of Homestuck. Its Opposite is the Aspect Hope. When I think of Rage, I think of Undying Doubt and Skepticism that everything around is 'perfect’ or going to be okay, one way or another. Everything will actually turn out wrong, if not completely horrendous in the end. Rage is unconditional Hate and Fear, it is the cold shoulder, rejecting any thing or person. It is the underlying thought that what is here is wrong and false. It is the thought that there is no will and there is no way! No matter how deceivingly peaceful everything looks on the surface, its not real! It’s actually false, lies all of it! Rage is despairing and refusing that everything will be 'just fine’, so their answer is always an adamant NO! But don’t think of Rage as only a fierce angry thing lashing out at everyone, Rage is also like the Demon that creeps towards you from behind, paralyzing you and slowly binding you and dragging you away with no escape. It is the Cage, the Immovable Object that constantly surrounds you on all sides.

(side note: Rage may sound bad, but it is the only thing holding you back from Hope and their charging blind beliefs, which can be just as dangerous. It’s good to know when to hold back and say No instead of always saying Yes to everything. Rage can be just as much Constructive as Destructive.)

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Knight of Rage

Knights are active exploitation classes that focus on utilizing and weaponizing their aspect in an advantageous way for them and their session.

Rage is the aspect of fear and passion, with minor themes of negative thoughts/emotions, anger, and falsehood.

The Knight of Rage actively exploits (with) Rage by using fear, passion, and negativity.

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For a Rage player to ascend

I saw a post recently on how after going godtier you are filled with your aspect, that it changes you.

So I’m doing that now with Rage

You find the mundane excruciating. You have no interest in this, why are you doing it? Repetitive duties, paperwork, the activities that don’t interest you become torture

You never get anxiety again
You lose all of your phobias
Those just… aren’t worth your time anymore

You love more. You have never loved your passions more than before. You care so much it hurts, you feel your soul drag away from your body when leaving loved ones or hobbies.
You hate more. You don’t act out any more than usual, but you can feel something dark and powerful inside of you.

You start to notice your veins. They feel warmer than they should be. When you first feel anger you feel lava ignite inside of you. Molten liquid flows through your veins and you feel it burning.
But it doesn’t hurt.
It sure does hurt anyone that touches you. People get second degree burns if they grab you when you are aggressive.

You don’t realize it at first, but when you are swept into a rage you become a storm. When you grit your teeth and growl and seethe thunder echoes from you.
When you clench your fist purple wisps start floating around it. There’s sparks of electricity as you attempt to suppress your anger.

You notice your stressed breathing isn’t quite the same. It’s heavier, thicker. Trails of smoke float from the corners of your mouth with each exhale. It’s like you are a machine and the fire inside of you refuses to go up or burn out.

When you are alone at night you take a deep, relaxed sigh in an attempt to destress. You notice glints of flames in the dark. You exhale embers.

And that’s what it’s like for Rage players after they ascend

chimeric-civetta  asked:

I like your art))) As about Voltronstuck, how do you think: wich God Tier each of Voltron crew have?

well.. uh…… sorry. I can’t choose 8ω8 I like all it.

Coran - Mage of Hope
Allura - Witch of Life
Keith - Knight of Blood
Shiro - Heir of Space
Hunk - Page of Breath / Page of Void
Lance - Prince of Mind / Prince of Light
Pidge - Rogue of Heart / Rogue of Doom

Pidge - Heir of Light (+grimdark)
Hunk - Page of Hope
Lance - Thief of Breath
Shiro - Seer of Void
Keith - Prince of Rage / Knight of Time

its-me-that-guy  asked:

Howdy! Fellow Knight of Rage coming through! Mind analyzing it for me? Thanks a bunch!

Hello!! :o0c
Alright SO!

Knights usually hide their insecurities with their aspect. They’re an active class so MOST of the time they use it to “defend theirselves.”
Example: Karkat having an angry leader facade, Dave acting like an emotionless cool guy, and Latula being a radical skater gal.
However, they can also use their aspect to defend others, as seen with Karkat making connections and trying to make sure everyone is trying to not kill eachother.

The Rage aspect is one that we don’t have that much actual information on, especially considering that the canon rage players are also destruction classes. As far as we know, “Rage” obviously has something to do with anger. Rage is close to Heart, as Rage players also feel many emotions. They mostly feel like the negative associated emotions, such as sadness, skepticism, fear, and the most obvious one of all, anger.

The Knight of Rage would set up a facade where they’re basically like,
“Hey, if you mess with my friends I’ll mess with you.” And like many Rage players, they have a “berserk button.” They might also have some pretty quick reflexes, because as a Knight of Rage they might always be “on edge.” They would act kinda pissed off a lot to make up for their insecurities. They could be able to use their enemies’ fears and negative emotions to their advantage, but not to the point of manipulation. They might worry that at one point they’ll come off as “too rude” and it’ll make people hate them. In a SBURB session they’ll try to level up quickly and try to make really good weapons in the span of at least a few days. Once god tiered, they might not try a lot and just kinda try to die down their worries a bit. Like many Knights, they’ll also try to be more open about their feelings.

This is probably too long whOOPS
-Mod Gia

altruisticmystik  asked:

I don't know if you've been asked this before, but how did you come to the conclusion you were a knight of rage? Might you be able to give a little insight as to what Rage means for you and what you see of it in yourself?

Huh. That’s, um, not a question I was expecting to answer any time soon, but I guess there’s no time like the present though.

So a bit about me: I used to be a complete piece of shit. Still am a bit, but like, really bad when I was young. Anger issues, hostile towards strangers, stuff like that. When something got difficult, I would give up completely in frustration.

With time, though, I learned to sort of use that anger to my advantage. You’ve probably heard that spite is the best motivator, and that is something I fucking live by. When I get frustrated, I push harder. When there’s a problem that’s stumping me, I push back harder until something happens. It’s something that’s gotten me about where I am.

Now keep in mind, this was all way before I got into Homestuck. Honestly, I only started reading it I think 2 years ago, and I only got really into it a few weeks before [S]Collide dropped. So when I was reading and I found out about the classpect system, I didn’t even know that classpecting was a thing outside of the comic. There was a period when I started trying to draw, and the first god tier that I attempted was the Knight of Rage. I loved the design and color scheme of it, and a friend of mine (also into Homestuck) asked me if it was my classpect. I kind of brushed it off, but I began to think more about it as time went by. Anger and Rage seemed synonymous to me for a while, and I relate a lot to Dave, so I kind of just rolled with it.

As I’ve grown and learned more about Homestuck and the classes and aspects and how it all relates, I’ve realized that I kind of found it on my first try (super lucky, I know). Knights usually use their aspect to help themselves and others despite how uncomfortable it makes them, and that’s summed up my experience trying to power my way through stuff. I hate how aggressive I get about things, but I also know that it’s like half of the reason why I’m where I’m at today.

To answer the second part of your question, Rage isn’t just anger. Rage is the mindset that tells you “This is the only way. Do it. Make it happen.” It’s that drive that gets shit done, it’s the motivation to avoid distractions and move forwards, it’s the denial of other options. It’s stubbornness, it’s aggressive action, it’s the fight to move on. While Hope is endless possibilities and belief, Rage is tunnel-vision and direct action.

Hope this answered your question fam.

Anonymous said: Hey, if you don't mind my asking how would a session of Knight of rage, maid of heart, prince of space and bard of time go? ;w;

We don’t mind at all!

So this is a very small session, but also a very powerful one! You have your two cardinal aspects which is absolutely wonderful!

But also this session is really scary to me because I feel like everything is balanced on a pin and if anything goes wrong, it’s all going to tip over. There’s 3 active classes and a single passive destroyer class (The only pale ship I can see coming out of this is the Maid and Bard pale)! Your destroyer classes are the cardinal aspects which isn’t always good or bad. There are probably a lot of reasons why the Bard and Prince are the cardinal aspects. Perhaps there’s just too much Space in the session to deal with, or too much Time/doomed timelines! These players are experts and thinning the herd and maintaining! Just imagine a bonsai tree that needs trimming to be aesthetically perfect. Basically that but a lot more important!

Your Knight and Maid might have some trouble with each other that’d I’d keep an eye out for. Mainly this is because they are both based around emotions but very different emotions. But it should be fine, as the Knight’s very existence in the session means there’s a lack of Rage, and thus a lack of negative emotions! This will greatly help the session being full of active players!

Overall, decent chance at winning if everyone can stay on track and care about each other and their opinions!

-Mod Ama

its-me-that-guy  asked:

Howdy! Mind doing a Knight of Rage analysis? Thanks a bunch!

Knight: one who exploits or exploits with their aspect. one who hides a fear of a failure of their aspect. one who weaponizes their aspect

Rage: Anger, religion, voodoo, control

Knight of Rage: one who exploits or exploits with Rage

The Knight of Rage hides their anger. they know how dangerous they are when they let it out, and their scared of themself, so they bottle it all up because they think it’s safer. but every bottle has it’s limits, and when this one breaks honey you are in for a storm.

ability wise, the knight weaponizes pure rage and anger. in my belief rage players when angered are some of the most dangerous because they work with pure anger. The knight might even have a voodoo doll as their strife specibus, weaponizing voodoo. this knight however is also one of the best strategists you’ll come across. they can weaponize and exploits control.
the knight of rage is truly a force to be reckoned with

Knight of Rage

The Knight of Rage. One who equips themself with anger, passion, and fear as a weapon so that they can protect anger, passion, and fear.

“I won’t die. Not here. Not like this.”

Knight- an active class that equips themselves with their aspect and exploit it as a tool. They use their aspect as a weapon so that they can protect others.

Rage- major themes of anger, fear, falsehoods, pain, and negative emotions. Minor themes of temper, spite, and base instincts.



The Knight of Rage exploits anger and ambition. The Knight hones and tempers their Rage so they can focus their inner fire to give them incredible concentrated power. Chi manipulation, but running on Rage instead.

The Knight can harness their Rage to generate a purple aura, calling it from within to strengthen their body and increase their power.

At lower levels the Knight’s durability would double when casting their aura. Weapons of the weak willed would break on their aura.

As the progress they’ll be able to focus their aura into their weapon. Their strikes would be able to pierce nearly anything as the Knight fine tunes their Rage into a single point.

A fully realized Knight of Rage could unleash their Rage into a single task. Though they would be blind to other goals, they would be much stronger, faster, have greater defense, and improved instincts.

Fear tactics

The Knight of Rage exploits insecurities and faults. They can see the chinks in emotional armor and completely tear away at a sense of security. They’re a predator using exemplary fear tactics.

At lower levels the Knight could analyze emotional weaknesses, simple things like basic fears and pain. They’ll know to devastate those weak points.

As they progress they’ll be able to fine to tune their exploitation, using broader field of emotions and instincts. They’ll bend instincts to their heel, making them something to fear by their very nature. The Knight will prey on fear and anger and pain.

At medium levels they’d be able to induce paranoia that naturally lurks within the mind. Fear of the Knight would be as deep rooted as a fear of death. Using these distractions and limitations the Knight can capitalize on their prey.

A fully realized Knight of Rage could hunt members of the Derse Nobility, making them believe the Knight is ever-present and just about to strike.


Intimidating glare- when making eye contact with beings you believe are a threat, you send out a wave of fear and anger towards them, marking your presence and strength

Killer instinct- your instincts are nearly always right

Iron jaw- you are twice as fast and strong when you see your own blood. You gain 45% pain reduction when below 45% health

Theme song

Till I Collapse by Eminem

Anonymous said: May I have the pros and cons on knight of rage plox? :33

Sure thing!


  • You get to breed frogs with the Space player and that’s p cool!
  • Super strong!! Literally you just grind grist 24/7 from battling all those Liches and Acherons!
  • Cuddle hood? Meet cuddle cape!


  • Lack of passion in the session
  • Likely very emotional and people will bother you for it
  • Purple better be your favorite color otherwise… hoo boy

-Mod Ama