happy birthday to.. me! haha uh its kind of a birthday tradition of mine to draw whatever i feel like no matter how little sense it makes lmao anyway here are yuuri and victor in kinda matchy KotOR star wars robes!! its very late!!! this is not an au dont @ me victor would never work for the jedi he is good and i trust him okay im leaving now bed time


TOY FAIR 2017!

Lots of exciting new figures announced at this year’s Toy Fair! Here’s a quick look at a few of ‘em, courtesy of and TFRadio’s live reporting on Twitter including, in the Titans Return series, the long-awaited Nautica, Overlord, Tidal Wave, Seaspray, Octone (”Tall Tankor” to many!), Metalhawk, and Twin Twist, and from The Last Knight live-action movie, Sqweeks (who comes with a trailer that transforms into a med-bay) and a sleek and stylish Megatron!

Check out more images and other figures on the TFU and TFRadio twitters!


FIGHT KNIGHT day 43: I decided to record a few minutes of gameplay as a change of pace, feel free to check it out! I wanted my footage to have decent quality for once, hence the youtube link