knight's helmet

I love everything about this scene. Martin throwing food and doing that little ‘whoo!’ thing. Gripps dancing his heart out. Cross having found a mallet already and having buns in his hair (who did that and didn’t film it, guys? I wanted to see that happen). The guy in the Kellum Knight box helmet thing doing the little dance.

Pharmercy AU the knight and the princess: Angela is a princess, and in her honor a tournament is held where the winner gets her hand in marriage. Angela is not thrilled about the idea but goes along with it for the sake or her father, the king. All the knights there hit on her and say crude things, yet one knight keeps their helmet on and offers her only a flower and bows. This mysterious knight ends up winning the tournament, and reveals themselves to be Fareeha Amari, someone who competes for independence and free will.

The two are married and set off to Fareeha’s house, far away from any town. Angela is upset and refuses to speak to her for a week. By the time they finally do speak, Fareeha gives her a choice: to stay on the land for 2 months, and at the end they can either get a divorce and Angela can throw another tournament, or she decides they stay together and they decide how to proceed from there.

Some powers I might draw Prince with:

  • Sword- A knight helmet as a given and her coat hardens into steel armor, making her look bulky
  • Staff- She gains a wizard hat, and her coat gets longer to reach her feet with sleeves
  • Rapier- Her crown is replaced with a musketeer hat, her coat becoming a blouse and she gets long pants and boots
  • More to be added, I’ll start with these 3 concepts first
PLVAA P17- Prosecutor Layton and M Night Shyamalan

Kira is claiming she used a “robe of invisibility” to sneak into the tower. Don’t you mean INVISIBILITY CLOAK. 

Darklaw is pretty obviously the person who attacked Kira here.

….especially since the culprit’s neck was scratched and she keeps holding hers. 

Yep it was her, she was at the scene of the crime up to shady shit. So now we need to call her up to the witness stand. But if we do that, who will be the prosecutor inquisitor? Never fear, Layton is here. And he’s decided to turn on Espella for unknown reasons. This makes the “vs” in game title finally literal.


(also um, Maya isn’t being MAYA THE IRONCLAD and wearing her knight’s helmet in the anime cutscene. See:


Yep, as soon as we’re back in sprite mode she’s got her helmet on again:

Get it together game! Maya the Ironclad is TOO IMPORTANT TO MESS UP LIKE THIS!)

Layton doesn’t have a plucky assistant though because I guess Luke decided he got tired of this shit, so Nick has that advantage though. 

so we interrogate Darklaw and eventually come to the M NIGHT SHYAMALAN TWIST which is that the magic isn’t real and this ENTIRE TOWN is a research facility where they’re staging magic via elaborate technology and memory manipulation.

srsly suddenly I’m watching The Village?

Layton is all like “so everyone’s heard of this corporation” and Nick’s like “OH YES TOTALLY I KNEW ABOUT IT HAHA” and…so the town was is like, co sponsored by this corp and the British government.

And those who are burned in the witch trials actually go to the forest, and get their memories wiped, and get assigned weird tasks to do and if they’re successful they can reenter the town as new person and everyone’s memories are manipulated to forget them…

And to stage the magic they’ve been knocking people out because everyone lives top of this weird substance and it’s in the drinking water and it makes people pass out when they hear something strike silver…but as long as you don’t drink that water for a day you stop having the condition…”HOW CONVENIENT” as nick puts it. So…

okay you know what I’m giving up trying to make sense of this it is so ridiculous. MAGIC BEING REAL WOULD HAVE BEEN FAR MORE BELIEVABLE. I mean spirit channeling is already real in aa land magic is not that different.

okay the point is there’s these neat poisonous flowers that can brainwash people and the company’s studying its effects and the Storyteller is the guy in charge of the experiment. He uses the ink from those flowers to write the story, which makes the people extremely susceptible to suggestion.

Nick is appalled by the British government. But apparently everyone in the town willingly signed up for this experiment because their lives were so shitty they wanted to forget them. 

Anyway, the alchemist and the storyteller were childhood boyfriends who grew up in the town back when it was just a little poor place and discovered its secrets and were gonna bring the town prosperity but then EVERYONE DIED while they were away. so they started over from scratch with this incredibly unbelievable research project. 

Despite all this, Espella still claims she’s the great witch Bezella. The issue is whether she set that fire. So now we’re gonna question her on that. PREPARE FOR OUR CONCLUSION…next post!

Some Prince lore: Since hats are cool and also I like Kirby and was inspired, Prince’s crown turns into various hats, and the hats in turn give her an outfit that grants her an ability (knight helmet, mags hat, etc)