knight paladin gelebor

corporationofmoo  asked:

how does Rowan feel about gelebor and Vyrthur?

Vyrthur unfortunately tried to kill her before even so much as a “hello”, and Rowan doesn’t mess around when people try to kill her, sooooo…. >w> She didn’t get to know him long enough to be able to form any sort of opinion beyond “SHIT SHIT SHIT IF I DON’T KILL HIM HE’S GONNA KILL ME AAAAHHHHHH”

As for Gelebor: 

As far as Rowan’s concerned, he’s family- so she and Soliel visit him often. :D Usually with an armload of goodies of some kind, and updates of their travels through Skyrim~


Sorry for my lack of activity, I’ve been quite busy with school. And Skyrim.
I thought I’d doodle some of my favorite mers, so have these before I ruin them with colors :’)

nebula-gaster  asked:

Do you believe the Falmer will ever be cured, mentally or physically? Or are they as lost as the Dwemer who made them this way?

Here’s an excerpt from The Falmer: A Study:

In recent years, however, the sightings of these creatures have become more and more frequent. Their raids, more organized. Their attacks, more brutal. In fact, one might even come to the conclusion that the Falmer are ready to change once again. Could it be true? Are the snow elves of ages past ready to reclaim their long-forgotten glory? Are they ready to surge to the surface, and make war upon the “light dwellers”?

Here’s another excerpt, this time from a conversation with one of the last remaining Snow Elves, Knight-Paladin Gelebor:

But I’m afraid that they’re well beyond a cure at this point. The twisted forms you’ve seen didn’t occur overnight. It isn’t a plague or a disease that ravaged our species. The dwarves may have stolen their sight, but it took many generations for them to become what they are today… Perhaps they’ll never return to their former appearance, but over the centuries, I’ve noticed a rise in their intellect. If a line of communication could be established with them, maybe they can find peace. It’s the only way they’ll discover that they weren’t always malignant… they were once a proud and prosperous race.

So, no, I don’t believe the Falmer will ever get cured. However, they may recover over time. Especially with the absence of the Dwemer, they have a better chance of rebuilding without oppression. If so, it’ll take a very long time, and it may require the help of other races.