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Which webcomics do you read and like? (if you read them of course)

DO I READ WEBCOMICS?!? WHO DO YOU THINK I AM? I don’t think anyone can be a good comic artist if they don’t read a billion comics. I feel like this list is just a fraction of good online comics out there, and I’m sure I’ve forgotten some really good ones, but without further ado, here’s:


Brainchild by Suzanne Geary

I’m so proud to have Brainchild as Witchy’s sister comic because it is SO AMAZING!!! Please read Brainchild if you like coming of age comics, cool mutants, mysterious powers and cute girls dating. Even if those aren’t usually your thing you should still check Brainchild out because Suzanne’s execution of the entire thing is fantastic! I’m so excited to see where it goes. Suzanne has a fantastic grip on colour and her panelling is always beautiful.

Knights Errant: Pavane by Jennifer Doyle

Knights Errant: Pavane is actually a reboot of the original, but let me tell you it is a reboot that WORKS. Jen is a fantastic storyteller and the pacing of Pavane compared to KE is amazing, and I’ve immediately been drawn into the world. Read if you like chivalry, political intrigue and queer knights! Jen’s pages always have this perfect balance to them, and I feel like they get the most out of every panel. 

Best Friends Forever by Mickey Quinn

If there is someone that really knows how to write a good character drama, it’s Mickey. BFF has been running for a couple of years and I swear every update leaves me crying and kicking the wall in sad, horny frustration. Recently BFF has switched from a traditional webcomic format to more of a serial, heavily illustrated story, but that doesn’t make it any less gripping. It deals with the fine line between intimate friendship and romance, sexuality, and all that other good high school drama stuff. It’s also incredibly stylish and cool!

HERO by Hwei

I’m pretty sure Hero is the comic on this list that I’ve been following the longest, and for good reason. I don’t think any comic has ever made me feel sadness and yearning as strongly as Hero has. The dialogue and prose is beautiful, as are the illustrations, and Hwei draws fantastic page layouts. The first time I discovered it I stayed up till 3 am reading it, and it still has a lot of sentimental value to me. This was one of the first comics I read that really made me want to work in comics.

Raedus by Yossra El Said

Yossra is a fantastic artist and I wish more people read her comic! She has such a great sense of colour that immerses me in the world so well. It’s still relatively early on, but the story follows two children and a mysterious man who can commune with the spirits of a long gone civilization, and it’s super intriguing. 

(I’m sorry I had to stop inserting pics here bc the post would be WAY too long and also it was eating up my day)

This Is Not Fiction by Nikki

TINF has travelled so far since I started reading it; back when it was a little high school collab project on Smackjeeves. Nikki has such a unique art style it’s such a joy to see what she does with her pages! It has another high school setting but is unlike any high school story I’ve read, where the main characters hunt down a mysterious author named Sydney Morgan. 

H&J by G.C Houle

H&J is a super stylish murder-mystery type comic where the two main characters, Helvetica and John, run a slapdash private investigation agency. The writing is hilarious, fun, and engaging and I am in love with Helvetica.

Kill Six Billion Demons by Orbitaldropkick

I only read KSBD last week but I was immediately hooked. It has the most beautifully, intricately detailed art I’ve ever seen, great colour, and some SUPER interesting world building elements based on indian and other deities. It’s just super dynamic and interesting and you should read if you love a good blood bath (conversely, avoid if you’re feint of heart. also warning because the first few pages have a bit of sexual cohersion)

Hotblood by Toril

GAY WESTERN ROMANCE WITH CENTAURS? how can anyone say no. Hotblood has a great sense of atmosphere, probably because of Toril’s nuanced colouring and the balance of slow and fast pacing. It’s rare in webcomics that there are just pages that give the audience time to breathe, and I really appreciate that in Hotblood.

Arboreta by Kara A

Another comic that’s still in early stages, Arboreta has begun with a beautiful slow pace reminiscent of a ghibli film. I love that it takes the time to linger on the little details of life and nature. 

Agents of the Realm by Mildred Louis

I have a weakness for magical girl stories, and Agents of the Realm is super promising. It has all the good stuff; magical amulets, scary monsters and weird and mysterious mentors, but at the same time feels more grounded in reality because of the down-to-earthedness of the characters.

Bouletcorp by Boulet

Boulet’s comics are weekly strips, but on a whole other level to what I’ve seen before. Most of it is slice of life stuff, but then he’ll knock you out of the park with a huge strip that keeps you scrolling for minutes, about a man who adventures down into the center of the earth. You never quite know what to expect when Boulet updates, apart from the fact that it’ll be amazing.

Balderdash! by Victoria Grace Elliot 

Do you like slice of life comics about witches and female friendships? then you should read Balderdash! It has a super cute art and some beautiful world building ideas, and a headstrong main character who just wants to bake.

Monster Pop! by Maya Kern

Another slice of life comic with some really great character development. I’m super invested in the lives and relationships of this cool, diverse cast of interesting monsters and humans. A lot of well executed queer relationships!

Nimona by Noelle Stevenson

Nimona just finished up and I recommend that everyone give it a read. It’s just an all around good comic. Great writing, great art, and some really sweet and unexpected character interactions. It subverts a lot of Hero/Villain tropes.

TJ & Amal by E.K. Weaver

TJ & Amal is another comic that finished recently and it was so, so amazing. I had been reading it from the very beginning and while I hated to see it go, it ended wonderfully. It is seriously one of the most subtle and wonderful comics out there, and E.K. Weaver has such a knack for small character details. I don’t know what you’re doing if you don’t read this comic!

Cucumber Quest by Gigi D.G.

If you’re into comics and you’re not reading Cucumber Quest hurry up!! do it now!!! It’s one of my favourites and has amazing art, hilarious writing and reminds me of my my favourite nintendo game so it feels cozy and comfortable and nostalgic to read. If you’ve ever played the Mario & Luigi RPGs or the Paper Mario games, I can bet that you’ll love this comic.

Octopus Pie by Meredith Gran

Another one of my faves, another one of those “how are you not reading this if you say you like comics” kind of comics. There are a lot of stories about young people living in New York but I want to say this is the best of them. Super hilarious when it wants to be, super poignant when it wants to be, the story about the mysterious visitor legit made me cry. One of the few things where I care about the straight characters smooching.

So SORRY this turned into a colossal post, I hope everyone who’s interested in broadening their comic horizons will take a look! each comic here is gold.

A Wild Night in Vegas -- Part 13

Here’s the next installment! This is a new record for myself and @outlandishchridhe - 14 PAGES!! I’ll put it below a cut so it doesn’t take up vast amounts of space on all your dashes. If it doesn’t work, as always, let me know and I’ll see if I can get it to you somehow. 

We always have so much fun writing this story and adore all the comments we get from you guys. Writing this is always a source of peace and rest from our hectic lives. Thanks for following along with us in this crazy journey!

Part 12

Fraser Bairn Watch: Month 7

“Miss Beauchamp? A word please?”

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To clarify, Alex knew Roger planned to destroy Tortall (Unlike Delia).. Roger suggests that he knows what exactly Alex wants out of his plot is it to just to best Alanna?

He wants his shot at killing her. He’s sure he can do it if he has a clear shot, and Roger promises to give him the chance. He won’t let Alanna get killed in a mass collapse, and no one else is there to interfere. What Roger gets out of that is knowing that Alanna is at last defeated in a clear fight. Alex feels that he’ll prove, finally, that he’s the best knight, and Roger gets the jolly of Alanna dying knowing she was beaten by her chief rival.

They think that her greatest source of pride is that she’s the best, when that was never her object. Her object was to be the first female knight in two hundred years, and to do her job for the Realm. They never understood that.

His Royal Highness Intergalactic Prince Kwon Ji Yong, Grand Master and Principal Knight of the Most Honourable Order of YG, Member of His Majesty Lord Seungri’s Most Honourable Privy Council of Instagram, Astral Goat of the Realm by most incredible Franz Xaver Winterhalter.

Thoughts on: the Oblivion Crisis in High Rock

The Oblivion Crisis in High Rock was something of a contradiction. There was widespread destruction and loss of life, yes, but there were also some extremely successful campaigns against the Daedric hordes and regions that came out from the crisis in a better shape than they entered it.

First, the bad:

High Rock is a densely populated province. In addition to the usual damage caused by a gate opening up outside (or inside) a population center, many cities suffered riots, bouts of famine, and outbreaks of disease as peasants from the surrounding countryside fled their farms and looked for safety behind city gates.

It is also a very divided province. Whereas Cyrodiil was able to band together to defend Bruma, High Rock had no such alliance. Most cities were only out for themselves, and some tried to actively sabotage rivals for perceived historical slights. Smaller states changed allegiance many times in an attempt to gain protection, or declared independence from their parent kingdoms. Once the Crisis was done, the province’s brand new unity had thoroughly been shattered.

Much of the province’s nobility was decimated as well, in part due to their blood ties to the Septim dynasty, in part due to rioting peasants or opportunist lesser nobles, and in part due to a desire for heroics on their part.

Now, the good:

High Rock has a lot of questing knights, military orders, wizards, and just plain adventurers. These demographics were able to close a lot of lesser gates, especially in rural areas. In Cyrodiil, a remote gate meant months of Daedric hordes plaguing smaller settlements and travelers - in High Rock, such a gate was quickly closed for glory or for magical rewards. While High Rock’s cities suffered, its countryside remained relatively intact, allowing the province to spring back quickly following the end of the Crisis.

The abovementioned demographics grew very, very rich both during the crisis (by charging or being rewarded for their deeds) and after (by selling the alchemical ingredients and artefacts obtained in Mehrunes’ realm). Many wizards and knights filled the power vacuum left behind by murdered and deposed nobles, recreating the mageocracy prevalent in ages past.

In many ways, High Rock was the strong, steady center of the quickly collapsing Empire of the early 4th era.

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for that ask game: pynch and blusey!!

What ask game? THIS ASK GAME!

Asdfghjkl I love this so muchhhh, thank you for sending the best ships in the world, babe. I can’t contain myself so each of the replies will have a little fantasy that I associate with the assignment~~~


  • Werewolf: Adam, Hunter: Ronan.
    The Scenario: Adam has been on the run for a year, after being bitten as the culmination of a life of hardship (he’s such an hungry, angry, starved animal~~~). Ronan was born and raised in a family linked to the supernatural world, but has sworn revenge upon the creatures of the night since his father has been killed.
    When this hunter comes for this werewolf, both of their lives will change.
    Werewolf: Gansey, Hunter: Blue.
    The Scenario: Blue is frankly no sure what would bring any sane werewolf to knock at the door of a house of hunters. When Gansey starts blabbering about finding the reliquia of the First Hunter and his brother the First Werewolf with their help, she quickly reassess her judgment. The dude is evidently crazy

  • Merman: Adam, Fisherman: Ronan
    The Scenario: Everyone in the little harbour town of Henrietta knows that you’re not supposed to get close to Cabeswater Rock, sacred to the God of the Sea and home to His sons and daughters. However, Ronan always dares to get his boat a bit too close to the shores, for just a glimpse of the disconcerting, disdainful face of the merman that likes to sunbathe on the South shore…
    Merman: Gansey, Fisherwomen: Blue
    The Scenario: Gansey is very obsessed with the human world and keeps following Blue around, even though Blue is a Very Sensible Fisherwomen. She knows that you should NOT mingle with merfolks because they bring trouble and they tend to have hidden aims, but this merman can be…sort of fascinating…in the rare moment he’s not being a complete idiot, of course.

  • Wizard: Adam, Familiar: Ronan
    The Scenario: Getting a raven from the Familiar Ritual in the stone circle was a pretty cool catch for Adam. The fact that Ronan has a bit of an attitude (like a lot of a bit) and has a sharply handsome, vaguely handsy humanoid form is a totally different business. 
    Wizard: Gansey, Familiar: Blue
    The Scenario: As if being born without any real magical power is not a humiliation enough, Blue ends up paired with this insanely, unfairly powerful new wizard. She’s supposed to be his assistant or something, teach him the way since she knows more about magic in theory than him, but being called his familiar is a damn MUCH, okay???

  • Barista: Ronan, Coffee Addict: Adam
    The Scenario: When it’s finals times at Ivy League, it does help if the barista at your favourite coffee shop lets you stay there for 8 hours in the most secluded booth and keeps bringing you coffee just like you drink it. Adam might be getting a bit smitten, but maybe it’s just sleep deprivation. 
    Barista: Blue, Coffee Addict: Gansey
    The Scenario: The first fact is that Gansey is insomniac. The second fact is that he stopped cared about it and just grind through life with 3 hours of maximum sleep a day. The third fact is that he’s so beyond caring that he even drinks coffee and now is a vicious cycle. Then his favourite coffee shop hires a new barista and Blue is apparently having none of his bullshit. 

  • Professor: Adam, TA: Ronan.
    The Scenario: When Prof. Parrish appointed him as his TA, Ronan asked him, literally, what the ever-loving fuck was he thinking. There wasn’t much to dispute with the reply of “I need someone to put my most appalling student in their place the way they deserve and I have a reputation, Lynch. Keep glaring, you’ll be fine”. Also, Parrish is hot as fuck.
    Professor: Gansey, TA: Blue.
    The Scenario: Gansey is a really young archeology professor and Blue is the fiercest, boldest, most brilliant student he has ever brought in excavation with him. She is more than knowledgeable, she can see beyond the theory and beyond the practice to see the connections. Of course she’s his TA, he wouldn’t get anyone else this close to his course.

  • Knight: Adam, Prince: Ronan
    The Scenario: Declan had forced him, but Ronan doesn’t really want this knight with him for protection and because it’s expected of you to have a guard, Ronan, for God’s sake. Somehow, though, it does help that Adam doesn’t want to be his knight either and they can bite each other’s head off for the whole length of the journey to the neighbouring realm. 
    Knight: Blue, Prince: Gansey
    The Scenario: Blue wanted many things when she became a knight under the King. Being hired by the House of Gansey to go and recover their stupid ass second son after he got himself kidnapped by a goddamn dragon in a crazy quest for legendary tokens is not one of them. She’s gonna rescue his ass just to give him a piece of her mind. 

  • Teacher: Adam, Single Parent: Ronan
    The Scenario: These counseling sessions with Opal’s father about how his daughter is still a bit unruly in class and has the tendency to swap between three languages when stressed are turning in a bit too much of a heartfelt experience, as much as Adam is concerned…
    Teacher: Gansey, Single Parent: Blue
    The Scenario: Blue is not really anyone’s single parent, but at 300 Fox Way everyone over 18 yo is somewhat qualified to be in charge of one of the many little ones. Gansey has some serious misunderstanding about this, but what is he supposed to think when Blue is the only one coming to the little girl parent-teacher meeting? Blue will argue “maybe something else, since Daphne is 9, how old do you think I am???

  • Writer: Ronan, Editor: Adam
    The Scenario: Ronan Lynch is, without doubt, the crown jewel of Glendower Publications. He is also terrible with deadlines, with a cringe-worthy temper and a penchant for going AWOL at the worst possible moments. Adam absolutely refuses to sacrifice his first big editorial job under Ronan’s whims and tempers, though…
    Writer: Blue, Editor: Gansey
    The Scenario: Writing travel books is Blue’s dream, especially because the Publisher pays her expenses to go to all these places with her camera. She would like it so much better it being a writer did not involve so many practicalities. Luckily her editor, Gansey travels with her. Not that he’s so organized himself, but between the two of them they almost make one functioning person. 

And now I want to write ALL OF THEM. Or read all of them. If someone picks up these accidental prompts that I sprouted out, please let me know! :DDDD

I just found probably the best written version of Yugi and Joey’s duel after Battle City! :D (That I’ve seen, anyway.) They pull out all the stops and all their favorite monsters!

The pharaoh and Jounouchi both entered Battle City to rediscover themselves. They found far more than they could have guessed. Dawn approaches, and it will herald their reunion and the fulfillment of their promised duel.

It was a joke the first time.

We were defending our treehouse from Erec and his big sister. They had the bow and arrow their father had made them; my brother and I had our wooden swords and all the pebbles we could fit in our pockets. Our treehouse was our pride and joy, high up in the tallest oak tree on my father’s land, and we guarded it jealously.

By the time the sun began to dip behind the clouds we were all grubby, thirsty, and nowhere near ready to give in. Erec launched another assault. He climbed the first few branches easily; the oak was old, with spreading branches wide enough to sleep on. My brother and I peered through the leaves, clutching our weapons tight as Erec drew closer. We had the advantage of high ground, but Erec had a powerful swing even at that age and could easily have beaten us in a fair fight. His sister had disappeared.

He found a sturdy position, took aim, and released his first arrow.

It flew wide, outside the bounds of the tree, and disappeared. I lay on my stomach, dangling out of the door to the treehouse, ready to swing as soon as Erec came into reach. But he was wary, climbing a few feet and then releasing another arrow, always advancing, always just out of arm’s length.

He had only one arrow left.

He sat down, legs dangling either side of the branch. It swayed under his weight, but neither of us looked down. He fumbled in his quiver. If he was going to defeat us, it would be now.

He produced an apple.

He pointed behind me and took a bite, swinging his legs nonchalantly.

I almost didn’t turn. It would be just like Erec to trick me and then release his arrow. But he was flushed with success, almost laughing, and I twisted to see what was so funny.

His sister crouched on the roof of the treehouse.

I lurched to my feet, but my brother popped up next to her, a crown of daisies in his hair.


I scowled at him. “What are you doing sitting there, looking like a king?”

“I am the King,” he said.


I don’t think I forgave him for years. We certainly didn’t use the treehouse again. I concentrated on my studies, learning to use real weapons, real swords. I became a squire, then a knight, riding across the realm in search of creatures to fight and quests to complete. My brother laughed at me, on the rare occasions I was home. He said we should have badges.

He became a squire too, of course. But the King had died by then, and in all the trouble around the succession my father kept him close to home. He served my father’s household, becoming as good with a sword as I was, or better. He begged to come with us, as a squire if nothing else. Erec needed someone to keep his bow oiled and his arrows sharp. My father forbade it, and then I rode north to fight the Thulians and heard no news from home for a good long time.

I admit, when a messenger rode hard to tell us that the new King had appeared, my first thought was not relief. We were hard on the heels of Pellinore’s Questing Beast, and nothing less than the King’s coronation could have persuaded us to give up the hunt. At least, I thought, my brother will now become a knight like me.

We rode through the city walls the evening before the coronation. It had been a long ride. My horse was lame, my sword was dull, and I still had not seen the king to whom I would have to swear allegiance on the morrow.

I overslept. My jerkin stank of marsh water. The steward stuck me in the back corner of the cathedral, where I could neither see nor be seen. I dozed through the coronation, then stumbled down the nave to make my bow and present my sword, head bowed. It wasn’t until a hand touched my shoulder that I looked up and realised who I was swearing fealty to.

“What are you doing sitting there, looking like a king?”

“I am the King,” my little brother said.


Years past. Years of countless quests and nameless fears. He married the most beautiful woman any of us had ever known, with skin like milk and hair like spun gold. He sat at their wedding, chin propped up on one hand, in the haze between a good jug of wine and properly drunk, watching her fly as she danced with his knights. He had the stars in his eyes, and every star was her.

I took the chair beside him.

“What are you doing sitting there, looking like a king?”

“I am the King,” he said. “And she is my Queen.”


A shadow rose. A knight in black armour, with a twisted scar on one shoulder. Some whispered that he was my brother’s son. He wove magic with his tongue, hissing in the ear of my brother’s best friend. Lancelot was entranced by her, by the moonlight in her hair, and the day they ran away together all the stars in my brother’s eyes went out.

He mounted quests and raids. Invaded Cornwall, summoned Orkney to his aid. He burned his wife and he cursed her name, and he raised all the gold in the kingdom to defeat the black knight with magic in his fingertips and lies on his tongue.

They met at Camlann. On the banks of the river, where the floodwaters rise. We fought for him, for the love of our king, and I saw them fall.

In the middle of the battlefield, my brother fell.

Locked in eternal embrace.

A dagger in his side.

And another through the black knight’s throat.

I saw him borne away to Avalon.

Saw his sword sink beneath the grey waters of the lake.

And I bowed my head and prayed.


I came back, once.

An old man.

No longer able to grip a sword.

Or swing my grandchildren through the air.

They had put up a statue on the spot where my brother died.

He looked as he had done as a young man, sitting sideways on his throne. A sword in his belt, and stars in his eyes. One hand reached to touch his crown, as though he was about to take it off and offer it to me to try on, as he had done so many times. Laughing as I tried to balance it on my head. He never did make us badges for the quests we completed.

I bowed to him.

But did not kneel.

My knees too old, and my heart too full off pain.

My brother smiled at me with all the carelessness of a young man who knows he is loved.

“What are you doing sitting there, looking like a king?”


From this prompt by @the-story-shards-universe