knight of rhymes

It’s October 26th 2017

Here’s a good Dan song to listen to again today: Rocket Man (cover) by Ninja Sex Party

Here’s a good Grumps episode to watch today:
Sonic and the Black knight: Spitting Rhymes - Part 16

Here’s a cool Dan fact for you today:
Dan’s classic “OoowwWUUHH” is derived from how he hears kids sound when they’re hurt. He says he just thinks it’s funny how they really want you to pay attention to how hurt they are when they’re really not and they make noises like that, so he adopted making the sound himself whenever he gets mildly hurt or inconvenienced (or just for fun).

Here’s a good picture of Dan to look at today:

me internally: steiner cannot fathom the idea of having his own thoughts because he truly believes he’s only useful for serving others. he further displays this behavior when he helps clean the pub in dali, asking the young girl who is watching over the place for more chores to do, hinting that he likes to stay busy so he can’t become lost in his thoughts or doubts. he is not his own man, he is just a part of brahne’s hive mind. doubting her also means doubting himself. every thing is perfect in his world and does not need to be disrupted. zidane is a threat to breaking his perfect world, which is why he truly dislikes him, not because he’s a thief. when steiner hears brahne wants to kill garnet, who is a huge part of his world, he realizes she’s the one breaking it, not zidane. this pattern of behavior in steiner might stem from being orphaned at a young age and having no parents to depend on.

me on this website: funny clank knight armor nursery rhymes for kids


Although Wu-Tang Clan has made 10 references to Star Wars, Eminem is the one rapper for whom MC stands for MidiChlorians. Thanks to the Yoda of Rap—that’d be producer Rick Rubin—Marshall Mathers has grown from a young padawan into a Jedi Knight. His 12 references mention ewoks that pop Reeboks and cast himself on both sides of the Force, once as Obi-Wan and many times as Darth Vader.

 Read more lyrics and find out WIRED’s favorite Star Wars rhymes.

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