knight in shinning armor

Naruhina is NOT Ichihime!

Can you frigging stop dragging my Naruhina in your pathetic canon ship! Naruhina is way way way way way better than Ichihime if you can even call that ship GOOD.

Yes both Hinata and Orihime had crushes on both Main Hero but Hinata is so damn different from Orihime. You know why? Because Hinata’s love for Naruto is deep, unlike Orihime’s shallow love for Ichigo!

Hinata’s love for Naruto is formed because of how Naruto care for people, how he stand up for what he believes. Even if he fails so many times he will stand up.. That made Hinata stand up. 

Orihime on the other hand thinks of Ichigo as her Knight in shinning armor.. Someone that will save her anytime. She’s a frigging damsel in distress. 

If you want explanations for that scene then read this .. see how pathetic she is on HM arc.

Hinata on the other hand..


Now let’s talk about Naruto and Ichigo’s affection towards their said canon pair..

I’m not really sure if Naruto likes Sakura in a romantic way because Kishimoto did not intend to make his work a romantic one… But I’m sure if he did then he’d move on..

He knew Sakura loves Sasuke no matter what. 

While this thing is the backbone why Naruhina happened.. 

Hinata gave him strength in the very beginning.. but Kishimoto doesn’t know how to write romance that’s why this shit is not grand.. unlike in Bleach, Tite Kubo loves Romance..

What about Ichigo? Ichigo’s affection towards Orihime? Seriously I don’t have a clue.. I cannot site something that will hold this Ichigo loves Orihime thing..

When he looks at Orihime it is the same when he looks at his friends

But I know one thing ~

I also wonder why you two are not canon.. smh ~

So anyway, stop dragging my babies in Kubo’s mess.

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Watching this episode of Glee really reminded me of my prom last year. My prom was nothing like glees but just the whole idea of it gave me memories of it. This saturday is going to be my high schools prom, it’s hard to believe that it has already been over a year. I went to my senior prom stag which was my choice completely cause I could have easily gone with one of my girlfriends but chose not to. And when I think even deeper about the whole reason why I chose this…I start to realize that I only wanted to go to prom with one person and only one person. And decided that if I can’t go with you, then I can’t go with anyone. I know how this statement sounds but I truly stand by it. Sure we joked about how we totally could have gone together and all that jazz, but there’s something wrong with that whole ordeal. I was not kidding. I realize that it was a huge dream of mine, and one of those dreams that didn’t and wouldn’t have probably come true. And thinking about that whole night and everything that followed from it I don’t regret any of it. (first night I ever drank…asshole.) But it also got me thinking that I have never had a dream of mine come true, and if I am ever going to get my knight in shinning armor. I didn’t really realize all these things until this episode of glee. It was just watching Darren Criss and Chris Colfer at prom made me really realize how much I actually wanted to go to prom with a guy, and not just any guy but “my guy”. 

Reason 21: He came home.

So on Thursday he called me and we decided we missed each other and should be together again. Then I started thinking. And then I started over thinking. I got nervous because of the pain and heartbreak exchanged in the past. I was so afraid. I texted him to tell him feelings had changed. After a brief hour long phone call, he refused to let me go.

The situation got scary at this point. He became suicidal no longer seeing a point to live. I Facebook messaged the one girl down there I knew he would talk to and asked her to watch him. He called his parents saying that it’s an emergency and he needed to come home. His parents left at 1am and he was home at 10:30am. That whole time I was telling him that I loved him but maybe things just weren’t meant to be. We had our time and maybe that was it. Or maybe a break would be healthy. But he wouldn’t have it. At 11 I saw the jeep pull up to my house. In the moment I didn’t think about my feelings or his or the struggles or the pain. I thought about him.

I sprinted out of my house into his arms and stayed there for a couple minutes. Nothing had changed. We drove to breakfast and ate together. No kissing. No kissing. Just words and smiles. After dinner we headed back to my house to kill time before I had to go to work. On the way home, the first light we approach was long and red. I instantly was reminded of our “red light challenge.” It used to be, back when we were together, that every time we were at a red light one of us would say “red light” and we kissed. Not sure what to do, I remained silent. After that, light after light was green. Finally we reached a red light again. I said “red light,” turned and looked at him. You would have thought it was our first kiss! I can’t remember the last time I felt butterflies like that. But all the kiss did was make me more confused about my feelings.

I told him everything I was feeling/thinking and he asked for time so I told him he had all day. We went back into my room and cuddled in his fortress (my comforter) like he always used to. He held me and kissed me like each time he was winning the lottery. But there was more in it than that. It was like he won the lottery and was excited to spend it with me. Rarely was a smile not on his face. Tickling led to things which led to things and we ended up cuddled together with just the fortress on. I began to cry. My heart was telling me that I had once again found where I belong while my mind was telling me that a relationship going well would not be probable. He knew why I was crying and went down stairs. We drove to work in almost complete silence.

When I got out of the car I hugged him and told him to come visit me at work shortly for food and that I would see him then. Looking behind me every few steps I saw he wasn’t driving away and couldn’t figure why. When I checked my phone he had texted me “I waited for her to come back because she forgot to say I love you… She didn’t come back…” I still don’t know why he used third person. But that text killed me inside.

So I walked into the snack shop and told my coworker that he had driven me to work. She asked, knowing most of what we had been going through, if we were back together. I was getting ready to explain how I wasn’t sure of my feelings and how I needed to think about it more and how it was all impulsive. And then I said “yes.”

I realized that I could never love another person the way I love him. That no one else would make me laugh. That no one else could wipe my mind clear of everything bad going on just by a hug. I knew he was, and would always be, the one. I texted him and told him to come soon because I had news.

Basically from that point on we just enjoyed each other’s company. We hung with his brother a little later and got ice cream at the same place we always used to. We also cuddled, lots of cuddling. I miss the cuddling. He had to leave at 10 because of his parents but this morning I stopped by early on my way to work for a ten minute good bye. 

Instead of feeling sad this time, I’m excited. I get to tell our kids “One time I almost ended things forever with daddy but he became my night and shinning armor rushing home to see me, be with me, and show me the truth of our love.” Because that’s all that love really is. Truth.

So that’s the story in a nut shell. He’s back at college now and we’re trying to figure out a way for me to go to his homecoming this weekend. I can’t wait to see him again!

You’re heart can be stupid, but your heart is always true.

Knight in shinning armor

If whipping the tears from your face makes me a knight than I am.  If kissing your forehead to comfort you makes me a knight than I am.  If holding you while you sleep, to help you sleep more comfortably makes me a knight then indeed I am.  If laughing with you at the stupidest things that nobody else gets makes me a knight than I am.  If loving you, cooking for you, holding your hand, teaching you new things, getting you out of frustrating situations if only for a lunch break, make me a knight in shinning armor…. Than I will always and forever be that for you my dear.  For you alone. 

I love you

You and Only You

Growing up I was always the girl who wanted to find love, be the princess who a knight in shinning armour saved. But maybe i’m not supposed to find my knight, maybe i’m supposed to find myself. Because of pathetic and self-centered as it seems, that is all who really matters, yourself. You and only you. Anything you want to do has to come from your own strengths and beliefs, no anyone elses. Don’t bother with love, bother with you. Maybe the rest will come later, maybe it won’t. But you’ll be ok either way!

Love is not about finding your Prince Charming, or Knight in Shinning Armor; It is about finding the person that makes your world stop, that makes you better, and that constantly takes your breath away. Love is finding your Dork in Tin Foil, and loving him for it all the more. Love is finding life with someone else and being better off for it. Best of all, love is finding that part of you, you didn’t even know was missing to begin with.
—  Yours Truly :)

op-headcanon  asked:

Any romantic Usopp headcanons?

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  • Usopp is really self conscious and understands what’s it like to feel like him. He will always try to compliment his significant other and make them feel better about themselves. For him, they are so great and amazing and he just wants them to see it as well.
  • At the same time, his lover is also his strength. They make him determined to grow stronger and be their knight in a shinning armor. If they kiss him before a fight, even though he gets all blushy, he’s filled with this unknown strength which gives him courage.
  • He really really loves hand holding. He loves feeling his significant other’s fingers intertwined with his when they are watching the sun setting, or when they are walking together. He likes feeling them close to him.
  • A relationship with Usopp is built on mutual trust and support. He is usually faking his confidence, but if his partner was to encourage him and tell him how much they loved him, little by little, his confidence would increase.
  • He has so many drawings of them, be it small doodles he does without realising or portraits he makes for them on special occasions. For him, his lover is his muse and motivation.
Main Stories I’ve  read

Samurai Love Ballad Party :

Nobunaga’s route : I loved Nobunaga’s main story! I enjoy reading it and I finished the devine ending.

Mitsuhide’s route : I get were the story was going and it was interesting seeing a kind man like Mitsuhide trying to be “bad” for his Lord.. but I kinda find his main story boring.. I dropped it at episode 11 because of mitsunari’s promo.

Yukimura : His main story was really good! Yukimura is one of the sweetest men in SLBP. He really is the knight in the shinning armor! His story was very well written. I finished the devine ending.

Saizo : Saizo’s main route was the first story I read when I downloaded SLBP. His story was so-so but I loved his character, he is the teaser-mysterious type. I finished the devine ending.

Masamune : Masamune’s main story was one of the saddest stories in SLBP. He is really romantic but super cold and awkward. I enjoy reading his story and I finished the devine ending.

Kojuro : Alright.. if you are in the SLBP Fandom then you know about him. He is the passionate type. I liked his character but I think that his story could be better. I finished the noble ending.

Inuchiyo : I liked his character although I didnt liked the fact that they were childhood friends.. To be honest I had kinda friendzoned him so.. yeah. I dropped his main route on episode 6 because of Ieyasu’s promo.

Ieyasu : He is an interesting character although his story wasn’t as good as I was expecting. I finished the devine ending.

Best Stories : Nobunaga , Yukimura and probably Inuchiyo.

Best Characters : Saizo : Masamune , Yukimura , Kojuro, Ieyasu.

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