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Best Friends || Peter Parker Imagine

Word Count: 1,850

Requests: Hiiii! Could you pretty please do a Peter Parker (Tom Holland) x reader, where she, Peter and Ned are best friends in high school and Ned is the first one to notice Peter has a total crush on her. Fast forward to noticing she feels the same and trying to get them together? Bonus points for Spiderman? Thank youuuu 😘😘 @betty234

ahhh i’m in love with your blog!!! also very much in love with spider-man (tom holland….) soooo if you’re still taking requests, would you write one about peter parker being your best friend but obviously both of you like each other so you go do “couple-ish” things like cuddling while watching movies, etc. but one day you go out shopping (him carrying your bags whilst trying on clothes haha) and something happens so he has to go fight crime but ends up coming back, etc., fluffy/cute. ty! xx

A/N:I tried my best

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Y/N looked around the cafeteria looking for her best friends, Peter and Ned. She has been friends with them ever since the 4th grade when they took her to the nurse’s office after she scraped her knee at recess. They instantly clicked and have been inseparable since.

She spotted a head of light brown locks(i swear his hair is slightly reddish though), Peter Parker. Y/N walked up to the table that him and Ned are sitting at, clutching the now wrinkled paper in her hand. “Guys! I passed my math test!” She squealed as she sat down in front of the boys. Ned smiled. “That’s great! What grade did you get?” He asked with the smile still there.

“I got a 97! Ms. Busch said I got the best grade in the class.” She said still grinning. “You should be thanking me for helping you study.” Peter said with a cheeky smile on his face. “Why thank you Peter Parker,my knight in shinning armor, for helping me not fail the worst class in the world.” Y/N stated dramatically. Ned started dying with laughter even though it wasn’t that funny.

“So, what’d you guys do over the weekend?” She asked as she started eating the food off of Peter’s plate.

“I watched all of the Star Wars movies. It was awesome.” Ned told. “What about you Pete?” Y/N asked again.

“What? Oh, I-I went to the movies with…. with my Aunt! Yeah, yeah with May.” Peter answered awkwardly. Ned looked at him with a ‘dude, your'e such a fucking liar’ look, on his face. “Well that’s cool. What movie did you see?” Y/N asked while having a look of confusion on her face due to Peter’s sudden awkwardness. “Well, that’s the thing, it was some chick flick. I don’t really remember the name.” Peter lied. It’s not like Peter could tell her that he was busy beating bad guys up and getting his ass beat as his alter ego, Spider-Man.

The three of them continued talking about random nothings until they heard the bell ring, signalling the end of the lunch period. The three of them started heading to their next class, Chemistry, which they gladly had together. Y/N walked to the class and put her backpack on the lab table with her head on top, groaning. “I don’t want to be here.” She groaned as her friends laughed at her. “It’s alright. We’ll get through this together.” Peter said with mock sympathy while patting her back. Y/N gave him a childish glare as she sat up to see Ned staring at his 2 friends with an odd look on his face.

“What are you staring at?” Peter asked as he looked at Ned, who was looking between his friends “Oh, it’s nothing.” He replied with sarcasm and a small, almost non existent smirk on his face while Peter just shrugged it off. Y/N just groaned again as she pulled out her notebook from her bag. The tardy bell hadn’t rung yet so the trio continued their conversation from lunch Under the table, Peter reached for Y/N’s hand. Their hands intertwined with each other like it was routine, because it was. The two held hands all the time because it was something that came so naturally to them.

“So, do you guys want to go to the mall this Saturday? I have nothing to do, and I want to hang with my best buds.” Y/N asked with a smile on her face. “I can’t. I am swamped with homework.” Ned answered, sounding over exaggerated. Peter knew that Ned was just trying to set him up with Y/N, due to his forever-long crush on the girl. “What about you Petey? Are you just going to leave me hanging by myself?” She asked sarcastically.

Peter chuckled as he lightly squeezed her hand. “I would never leave you hanging.” He said just before the bell rang, silently thanking Ned for having too ‘much homework’.

“Since you never leave me hanging, do you want to stay the night on Friday since we’re hanging out Saturday?” Y/N whispered to Peter. “Sure, I gotta tell May though.” He whispered back with a smile as he leaned back into his chair to listen to the teacher.


Friday quickly approached and the two friends soon walked to Y/N’s house together.

“What movie do you wanna watch?” Y/N asked as she hopped on her bed in her PJs, next to Peter. “Whatever movie you want to watch.” He replied.

“You are too corny, Mr.Parker.” She said as she picked up a dvd that was on her bedside table. She opened the case and put the disk in her laptop. Y/N wrapped her hands around Peter’s torso, and she draped her leg over his. Peter put his arm around her and pulled her close to him. This was completely normal for them.

Halfway through the movie Y/N fell asleep on Peter’s chest. Peter smiled lovingly at the girl on top of him thinking about all the reasons he loved her. There was too many to count.


“This looks so bad.” She complained to her friend whom was carrying all of her bags while waiting outside of the fitting rooms of one of her favorite stores. “Come on. It can’t loo that bad. Let me see.“Peter begged as he placed the bags down on the floor. Y/N walked out of the dressing room wearing a dress that looked absolutely stunning on her. Peter just stared,with his mouth opened a bit.

"In what world does this look bad? You look amazing.” Peter gushed as he admired his best friend. “This is why we are friends, Peter Parker. You are the sweetest person I have ever met.” Y/N stated. Peter’s phone buzzed as Y/N went back into the dressing room to change back to her regular clothes.

Peter got a notification from Twitter. There was an armed robbery happening a few blocks from the mall he was just at. He didn’t want to leave Y/N alone but, people could get hurt. “Y/N? Listen I, I gotta go. Something came up. I’m sorry.” He shouted to the door as he sped off to his house to get his suit. “Wait, what? Peter!?” Y/N yelled as she tried to pull of the rest of the dress.

Y/N left the dressing room to see all of her bags on the floor, where her best friend should’ve been.


Y/N left the mall after buying the dress. She hailed a cab to get home.

About two hours after she got home, it was already dark out. Y/N was in her room, scrolling on her phone when she heard a loud knock on her window. Nobody ever knocked on her window so she was a little bit scared. Y/N went to pull the curtain to see who was on the other side of the glass. Hwn she saw the red suit, she looked confused. “What the fuck?” she said as she opened her window. Spider-Man crawled in through the window and fell against the floor. There was slashes all over his body.

“What the fuck?” She said again as she went to get a bag of vegetables to put on the bruises he most likely had, and some other medical supplied like peroxide and bandages. As she was taking off the body part of his suit to try and fix him she asked him, “Why the hell did Spider-Man show up at my window like this?” Still shocked, she put some peroxide on a cloth and then put that on his cuts. The man wheezed at the pain. He reached for his mask to pull it off. The mask slowly pulled off of his face and Y/N started to see that his face was laced with a painful expression. She only noticed who the man was when he took the mask off completely. “B-Because I’m Spider-Man.” Her best friend replied.

Y/N was not at all prepared for this. The end of her day panned out differently in her head.  "Oh my god. Oh my god.“ She exclaimed as she wrapped his body with bandages. Nothing was said after that though. Once Y/N was done with his wounds, she just sat on her bed, flabbergasted.

The two were silent before she spoke. "Does Ned know?” She asked as he started to sit up and lean against her wall. he only nodded his head.

“Why didn’t you tell me, Pete?” Y/N asked the question she was dreading. “I-I don’t know. I just wanted to keep you safe. If someone found out how much you meant to Spider-Man, they could hurt you and I didn’t want that to happen.” He replied rubbing his neck and looking at anything but you.

“I just wish you would’ve told me. We couldv'e fought crime together.” Y/N joked as she saw a faint smile apear on Peter’s lips. She stood up from her bed and moved to sit next to him on the floor, against the wall. “No more secrets, okay? Even if that means I get hurt. You have to promise to tell me everything from now on. Promise?” She asked with a faint voice. “I promise.” He swore, looking into her eyes.

“Guess I have to tell you something else than….” Peter muttered as he scratched his neck again. Y/N looked at him with curiosity. He sighed, putting his head in his hands.

“Peter, what is it?” Y/N asked with concern.

“I love you, okay? I have ever since 6th grade and I wanted to get over it but it’s hard because I know you would never like me back. When I see you everyday, I fall even more in love with you and I don’t know how to stop it and I don’t think I want to. You mean everything to me. And I would hate myself if you ever got hurt because of Spider-Man.” He exclaimed. Peter was glad to get that off of his chest but, he might have just ruined his friendship with you, forever.

“Oh Peter Parker. You have no idea what you do to me.” She said as she straddled his thighs and caught his lips in a kiss. He was shocked but also relieved that he didn’t get rejected. You pulled away, desperate to get air into your lungs.

“I have loved you for the longest time, Peter. You are my best friend and I trust you with everything. God, I wish you would’ve told me that you loved me sooner.” Y/N said, cutting her speech short, being desperate for another kiss. Peter pulled away with a sharp gasp, needing air. The two just smiled at each other, foreheads pressed against one another. Both of the teens were panting from the heated kiss. “And you should also be glad that Spider-Man is one of my favorite superheros.” She said, making Peter laugh.


Tom Holland Imagine: Jealous

Summary: tom is jealous of how close you are with Josh while you’re on tour with twenty one pilots

A/N: josh and Tyler are literally my loves so if anyone gives me crap about them I will personally come for you. This also fucking sucks so I’m sorry


“Y/N! We’re going bowling! Wanna come with us?” Josh called from the door.

“Yeah! Just let me get my shoes!” I called back.

I grabbed my tennis shoes and then was out the door. Josh, Tyler and Jenna were all waiting for me by the car when I reached them.

“Hey, kiddo. You ready to go?”

I nodded and climbed in next to Josh in the back seat. Josh yawned and laid his head in my lap as Tyler pulled out of the venue. I began to run my fingers through Josh’s bright yellow hair as Tyler told us a story about a past experience he had with bowling that ended with him being tossed out and banned from the bowling place in Columbus. I looked down when I felt Josh laugh and smiled at him.

“So, Y/N. How are things with Tom?” Josh asked once Tyler finished his story.

“Yeah! How is he? He still a knight in shinning armor?” Jenna asked.

I smiled and looked out the window at the mention of Tom’s name.

“He’s great. He’s super busy with Spider-Man and everything though so I haven’t been able to talk to him much.”

“I’m sorry, Y/N. I’m sure he’ll call the second he has a chance, though.”

I smiled at Jenna before I turned my gaze back towards the buildings we were passing. Tyler and Jenna began to tell more stories as I felt Josh watching me. I knew he wanted to talk about Tom, but I just wasn’t up for it. After a few minutes pass, we finally pull up to the bowling alley. Tyler made us all sit still for a moment while their manager called him about details for tonight. I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket and pulled it out to see Tom was trying to FaceTime me.

“Hey, Tom!” I said as I answered the call.

“Hey, Y/N. it’s Harrison actually as you can see. Tom’s doing an interview and I was bored and my phone died. So I decided to use his and talk to you.”

“Oh, hey Haz. That’s cool. How’s the press tour going?”

“Good. Tom’s exhausted though. What’re you up to?”

“I’m with Tyler, Josh and Jenna. We’re going bowling. Say hi, Josh!”

I turned the camera to show Josh laying in my lap. Josh made a funny face before we both started laughing.

“Oh, hey Josh. Well, I gotta go, Y/N. Tom’s almost done…”

“Oh. Okay. Bye, Haz.”

“Bye, Y/N.”

I felt my heart drop as the screen went black. I was hoping to at least see Tom’s face or hear his voice.

“Ready to go, Y/N?” Tyler asked.

I nodded and tried to ignore their sympathetic looks as we walked into the building.


By the time we were done bowling, all thoughts of Tom had left my mind. Tyler and Josh tried to keep my laughing at all seconds which ended with us getting kicked out. Not really a surprise though since at one point Josh literally ran down the alley and knocked some other kid’s ball in the gutter.

On the way back to the venue, I posted a picture of me sitting on Josh’s lap and Tyler and Jenna standing behind us making funny faces. I knew the picture would make the fans laugh.

When we arrived back at the venue, I ran to get ready for my set.

Josh and Tyler high fived me as I walked onto the stage.

The crowd went insane as I sang my heart out and Josh drummed in the back. Since my drummer was sick, Josh was filling in for the night. After I finished, Josh came up behind me and wrapped his arms around my waist and kissed my cheek. The crowd went insane as we walked off the stage with Josh’s arm around me.

“Alright guys. Good luck! I’m beat so I’m gonna head back to the hotel.”

Tyler and Josh said goodnight to me and then I was on my way to the hotel.

As soon as I closed the door behind me, I felt my phone begin to vibrate in my pocket. I pulled it out to see Tom trying to call me. It was probably Harrison again, though.

“Harrison? Is this you again?”

“What the fuck, Y/N!?” I heard Tom’s voice yell.

“Woah, calm down. What’s wrong?”

“Don’t give me that shit! What is going on between you and Josh!?”

“Me and Josh!? What are you talking about!?”

“Harrison told me he was laying in your lap, and then the picture and then him kissing you tonight!? Is there something you would like to tell me!?”

“Tom you need to calm down! There is nothing going on between me and Josh! He is like my brother! And like you would even care! It’s been like 2 weeks since I’ve talked to you!”

I heard Tom sigh on the other side of the phone.

“I know, love. I’m sorry. I’ve just been so busy I barely have time to breathe. And I’ve never stopped thinking about you and I just wanna see you so bad but I knew I couldn’t ask that of you when you’re on your dream tour and then when Harrison told me about Josh laying on your lap and then you posted the picture of you in his lap and then the kiss tonight, I just snapped. I’m so sorry, love.”

“I love Josh, but as a friend. I’m IN love with you, Tom. I haven’t stopped thinking of you either. I miss you so much.”

“Good. Cause I’m standing outside your hotel room.”


“I have tomorrow off. And I just need to be with you. Come let me in, love.”

I hung up the phone and ran over to the door. I opened the door to see my beautiful boyfriend standing on the other side smiling at me. I jumped into his arms and nuzzled my face into his neck. Tom wrapped his arms around my waist before picking my up and carrying me into the hotel room. Tom laid me down on the bed before pressing his lips against mine and sliding his hands up and down my sides. I moaned into kiss and Tom smirked. I knew I was in for one hell of a night.


“Well, this is a surprise.” Jenna said as her and Tyler walked down to breakfast the next morning.

I smiled and laid my head on Tom’s shoulder.

“I have the day off so I decided to visit my beautiful girlfriend.” Tom said as he kissed my forehead.

But the beautiful moment was soon cut short once Josh came into the room.

I rubbed Tom’s shoulder to calm him down as he death glared Josh.

“Tom, please behave.” I whispered into his ear.

“Well, Josh. Seems like your plan worked.” Tyler said to him.

“Wait, hold on, what plan?” I asked.

“Well, Josh noticed how upset you were about Tom being so busy so he decided to MAKE Tom have time for you…” Jenna said as she stirred her coffee.

“What do you mean?”

“He was ummm… kinda going above and beyond to seem flirty with you to piss Tom off…”


“I’m sorry, Y/n! I really am, but you were just so sad and I knew he would call if he thought he was losing you! And it worked didn’t it!?” Josh said.

“I’m gonna kill you, Dun.”

Josh’s eyes went wide as I began to chase him through the hotel.

“That’s my girl.” Tom laughed as he watched me chase Josh up and down the halls.

Are You Happy Now?


Pairing: Archie x Reader

Summary: Based off “Are You Happy Now?” by Rascal Flatts (feat. Lauren Alaina). Listen Here.

Side Note: The other song I used is called “Just A Man” by Somo”.

Baby, just look at you now, barely holding it together. We’re so in love, but you gave that up. Just look around, are you happy now?

It was too soon to tell whether or not it was going to last. But you hoped it did, my god, how you prayed that it would. Expect that’s not how it turned out. Relationships crash and burn, they test your limits and give you all these wonderful memories, only in the end to haunt you with them.

Archie Andrews, your next door neighbour, turned first crush, which led to him becoming your high school boyfriend. 6 months later, he become another face in the hallways.

Laying across your bed, eyes begging for some rest after 2 and half hours of homework. You obeyed and leaned against the headboard. It was extremely difficult to not peer through the window to see if Archie was still awake. Most nights when the two of you weren’t suppose to be out so late, meaning grounded, he’d text saying to meet him at the window. You did, and the two of you would sit looking across, texting one another and not going to sleep until the early hours of the morning.

Now, it was nothing. No text. No grabbing mountains of pillows, blankets and getting comfortable near the window. No staying up late. All that remained - memories.

You switched off the light and with it those painful reminders.

Archie POV

I saw her light go out. Apart of me hoped she’d come to the window, just like old times. But why would she? I screwed up, I am the reason why our relationship ended. Sighing in nothing but sheer frustration, I punched my pillow.

Eyeing my phone on the bedside dresser, it was far from a smart idea. Ignoring all the warning signs, I picked it up in my hands and clicked on Y/N’s contact, opening a new message. All of our old ones still there, but my eyes fixated on the last one. The message where we only had positive things to say. No screaming match, no arguing - just pure love.

Come to the window? - Archie

Archie, it’s 1:00 in the morning - Y/N

I know, but I promise it’ll be worth it. And if not I’ll definitely make it up to you ;) - Archie

Fine. I’m at the window, what is it? - Y/N

I love you - Archie

Only you, Archie Andrews, would wake me up in the middle of the night to tell me you love me - Y/N

I love you too. Now I’m going to bed, I’ll see your handsome face in the morning - Y/N

Goodnight, beautiful. Dream of me :P x - Archie

I remember that night so perfectly. It was day that Y/N and I said our first I love you’s, by accident, but that held no relevance because we both felt the same. The entire day I texted her I love you randomly. She responded with those 3 little words and I know I’m not suppose to admit this, but my heart skipped a beat whenever she did.

I was wide awake and couldn’t sleep, so that’s when I texted Y/N. Truthfully I love you wasn’t the only reason I texted so late. The other reason, I wanted to see her face even if it was from a distance.

Deciding against my original idea, I too turned off the light and let my mind dream of happier times.

Normal POV

You awoke to the pesky alarm that wasn’t going to shut up unless forced too. Hitting the snooze button, Friday had arrived. Getting ready for the school day didn’t take long at all, not when you plan all your outfits the day before. Wanting to get there a bit earlier than a certain red head, you settled for a muesli bar for breakfast and left.

Meeting the gang at the usual table outside, Betty had already saved a seat for you.

“So what’s the plan for tonight?. Pop’s, a movie or perhaps we can let loose and attend a party, I hear Reggie is planning one?”. Veronica asked, lifting an eyebrow.

Exchanging a glance with Betty, you were both thinking the same thing. “Sorry V, but I’m just looking forward to having a quiet night in my room”.

Betty interjected, declining as well. “Yeah, and Jughead and I already have plans”.

“Kevin, you are my last hope”. She gabbed his hands dramatically, making each of you smile.

“As much as I would love to be your knight in shinning armor, I have a date tonight”. His eyes fluttered straight ahead. “Hey, maybe you can ask Archie”.

At the mention of his name, your body automatically went numb. Betty reacted by placing a hand on your shoulder. “I forgot, I need to talk to a teacher about an English assignment. I’ll see you guys later”.

“Wait, what? There is no English assign-”. Jughead stopped mid-sentence when he saw the real reason why you wanted to disappear. He bit his lip and watched, along with the others as you walked past Archie.

“Y/N!”. Avoiding eye contact, you picked up the sped. “Y/N!?”. Archie jogged after you across the yard, catching up in no time. “Please, I want to talk”.

Clutching the strap of your bag, it was almost laughable.  "I have nothing to say to you".

“But I have something I want to say to you”. His eyes pleading for you to hear him out.

“That your sorry, or that you made a mistake?”. The bell rang and the timing couldn’t be perfect. “I have to go”.

Archie POV

Jughad appeared beside me. “She needs time, Archie. After-”.

“After she saw me and Valerie in the music room? I wasn’t cheating on her Jug, I’d never hurt her like that”. Rubbing my face. “I love her”.

He put his hand on my shoulder, a remorseful expression. “You need to tell her that, Archie”.

“How? I’ve tried but she doesn’t believe me”.

Another bell rang, meaning that whoever didn’t make it to class on the first one was now officially late. “Then find a way to make her believe it”. Thinking about what Jughead said, there was only one way I knew to make her hear me.

After School - Still Archie’s POV

Everything was set up. Veronica and Betty were in charge of making sure Y/N turned up and Jughead was helping me set it all up. My phone beeped.

We’re 5 minutes away - Betty

I breathed nervously and wiped my sweaty palms on my jeans. “She’s 5 minutes away. Thanks for helping, Jug”.

He smiled. “You and Y/N are meant to be, so if I can help get you guys back together then I’m all in”. Patting me on the back, he left, wishing me luck.

The sounds of voices could be heard throughout the hallways. If anyone found us at school at this time, there would be trouble. But this was important. The gym door opened and Y/N came in first, Betty and Veronica no where to be seen.

“Before you leave, please just listen”. I asked her, picking up my guitar. She didn’t attempt to head for the door, that was a good sign.

I strummed it once, twice, and begun singing.

Maybe I’m foolish, maybe I’m blind
Maybe "I’m sorry”’s outta line
Maybe I’m selfish, I should’ve tried
You know I lost it, but I’ve been found

I know I’m wrong
Baby, I’m wrong, so wrong
For letting you hurt so long

And I can’t let you go, don’t you know
Whatever it takes, I will do
I’m down on my knees
Begging you please

‘Cause I’m just a man, and you are my world
I’m half what I am, with you I am whole
'Cause I’m just a man, and you are my girl
Just give me a chance to bring my love home
I’m just a man
I’m just a man

I stood from my chair and made my way over to her. Standing in front, being as vulnerable as I could, through my music.

But I won’t let you go, don’t you know
Whatever it takes, I will do?
I’m down on my knees
Begging you please

'Cause I’m just a man, and you are my world
I’m half what I am, with you I am whole
'Cause I’m just a man, and you are my girl
Just give me a chance to bring my love home

I softly sang the last line, she had tears in her eyes. “Y/N, I was-am an idiot. But nothing happened between Valarie and I, please believe me”.

Extending her hand, I was slightly confused. “Hi, I’m Y/N. It’s nice to meet you”. I broke out into a smile, she was offering a clean state. Shaking her hand, I replied. “Nice to meet you Y/N, I’m Archie. I could use a milkshake, what do you say? Our regular table at Pop’s?”.

Y/N pushed back her hair and smiled. “I would really like that”.

Taking her hand, we both walked out of the school. We still had a long way to go, but I was willing to do whatever it took to get us back to how we used to be. Because I, Archie Andrews, only had eyes for one girl.

high school sprace i guess
  • they make out in hallways and the parking lot and have gotten detention for skipping class to make out
  • them being in a class together is actual hell for the teacher
  • spot is the head of the debate team
  • race comes to all the meets and is the Supportive Boyfriend™
  • race is the captain of the football team
  • then it’s spots turn to be the Supportive Boyfriend™
  • spot and race love and support all their friends
    • they go to all jacks art shows
    • and specs and romeo’s dance recitals
    • they see all the shows because davey is tech director and jack helps paint sets
  • they are the supreme project partners
  • spot is always arguing with teachers
  • they made out in front of a teacher once because he said something homophobic
  • they first met freshman year in dentition
    • spot was there because he punched a kid for being bullying crutchie
    • race was there because he told a homophobic teacher to fuck off
  • spot died his hair a lot in high school
    • he died it blond once and race lost his shit because holy fuck his boyfriend is a hot blond 
  • all the gang is in the gsa and its where spot feels the safest
    • he always takes the scared freshman under his wing and race says if anyones mean to them he’ll set the football team on them
  • spot may be small but he is fiercely protective of his bf and friends
    • he beat a kid up once for talking shit about race and he got suspended for 3 days but he says it was worth it
    • race calls him “his knight in shinning armor” and spot loves it
  •  they go to prom together 
  • jack and davey get everyone to vote for spot and race for cutest couple
    • they end up winning 
  • on graduation day, they walk holding hands
The story of us.

I was told, very kindly, by the amazing @jemscorner my lovely friend @takemeawaytocamelot that there might be a small interest in sharing how my husband’s and I’s cross cultural relationship (a born and bred celtic and very traditional Irishman and a wild brassy American woman) real life parallels Jamie and Claire.

@bonnie-wee-swordsman she would be interested in the crazy story of how we met as well. I think it would be easiest to star there and, if anyone is indeed interested, share a few posts from there. (Please know that I am in no way implying that the epic love story that is Jamie and Claire in anyway comes close to my own life. Only that through reading the books I found some very fun moments that reminded me of my own marriage and thought would be fun to share.)

I really felt for Claire, having to decide within months of meeting Jamie, to chose to follow her unexpected deep new found love, or be sensible and stay with her life on its stable, planned track. To risk it all, give up all she knew, live in a country with its own cultural rules, where she is an outsider. I faced something smaller but similar.

At 19 I was going to college full time, had a job, a car, and took care of my grandparents in California, where I was born. On Thanksgiving I was not able to travel with my grandparents to an extended family dinner. I was tearful at work realizing that I would be on my own for the holiday, when my boss at the University saw. She was from Ireland but had settled in California. She insisted I join her family. It was extremely kind but I was slightly terrified of how awkward it would be. Luckily for me she absolutely refused to take no for an answer.

So, at 10am Thanksgiving morning I found myself nervously walking down the street to my boss’ house. I immediately saw my soon to be husband taking with my boss and her neighbor at the door. My first thought was “shit, she has other guests. This will be so stressful.”

My husband’s mum grew up with my boss in Ireland. My boss was like his auntie and a very established professor and department head. She had told him a ‘colleague’ was comming to Thanksgiving dinner. He expected someone of similar age, not a 19 year old American girl.
My husband then spent the next several hours flirting with me while I acted a deer in the headlights, trying to be polite, professional and worthy of dinner at my prestigious boss’ home.
It finally clicked for me at dessert (thanks to a Father Ted quote of all things) that he was interested. We had a lovely night and, as he walked me back to my car, asked if he could see me again. I was more than busy at this time in my life (work, school, nursing my grandfather) but jokingly said I had the weekend off for the holiday.

My husband: Great what time can I pick you up tomorrow?
Me: Ha! Well, I like to sleep in…
My husband: 9am tomorrow then.

9am the next day the biggest bunch of flowers I’ve ever seen was staring at me through the key hole.

Unbeknownst to me, during Thanksgiving my grandfather’s cancer had taken a new turn. He was suddenly confused and not himself. My grandmother took him home and didn’t tell me much of what was bothering him.

So we had our date. A day of hiking arround the hills by the ocean and then a movie (Love Actually). It was amazing but I was clear that I was not looking for a relationship. And he was only in the US for a few weeks visiting. At the end of the date he asked to take me out again Sunday night.

Sunday night came with disaster. My grandfather was suddenly in pain and couldn’t speak. He couldn’t remember how to sit down or stand up by himself. So I comforted my grandmother, called an ambulance and then called my husband to cancel our date. His first question was how I was getting to the hospital.

Me: Driving behind the ambulance I guess.
My husband: No, you can’t do this on you own. I’ll be there in 20 minutes.

He was an hour away technically. But 20 minutes later, breaking all speed laws, he was there.
I had no family to help, no parents to rely on. I had friends, but this man who met me 3 days before swooped in. Took me to the hospital, helped me with the doctors (his dad was a physician in Ireland and he knew his way around.) He stayed with me there, drove me home, tucked me into bed and slept on the couch. The next morning he made breakfast, went to the store to stock up and basically stepped in to look after my grandmother and I. I was a very independent, strong willed girl who was used to caring for others. I had just ended a serious relationship (caught my older handsome man cheating. *coughFrankcough*). I was not looking to be serious with anyone and absolutely not prepared for a gallant young man to jump in to protect and care for me.
I was immediately amazed. But not willing to call it a relationship. My grandfather came home for hospice and my husband practically moved onto the couch to look after me. Eventually my grandfather passed away and some of the extended family showed to help with the funeral.

A few weeks later my husband had to go back to Ireland. I was sad but not willing to admit how much I cared. He promised to come back. And after a few weeks returned. I had never felt anything so powerful in my life.

But decisions needed to be made. Would we try long distance and hope it worked out? He couldn’t legally live in the US. He had work and family in Ireland.

So after a couple of months I decided it was worth risking everything. I made sure my grandmother was alright, I quit my job, withdrew from college and bought a one way ticket to Ireland.

I won’t lie, it was not a simple happy ever after. Adapting to a completely different culture, being an outsider, having to rely on my husband when I was used to being very independent, was tough. But I renrolled in school, got a job and we eventually moved to our own place. There were fights, and home sickness. It was cold and I was not always welcome (there was more than one argument with his sister in gaelic where I was intentionally excluded from the conversation) but it was true love.

We’ve been married for 10 years now, together for 14, and live in the US.

It was a miracle that the day my grandfather started to leave my life, my husband was entering it. It was a miracle that in just a few months I found complete soul deep love. And a miracle that I was crazy enough to choose it, even with the terrifying choices that came with it.

So that’s the story of us. Nowhere near as amazing as the fictional world of Outlander. But I was blown away when I read the books and very greatful to see someone else share even small moments that I could relate to.

True love does exist. It can last for years and across continents. The passion can grow with age and the fire burn brighter with maturity. Knights in shinning armor do exist (and they are as stubborn and exhausting and wonderful as you think.)

(Sorry for typoes but I knew if I thought about it too long I would chicken out. So here it is, mess and all.)

Abeshiya relationship evolution

Can we talk about this? :D It will have spoilers so please be careful. :*


Yeah yeah we now…You don’t care for Ashiya. ;) Pfffffft! Sure. :D


Here some lil collection of super protective and caring Abeno. :D 

- Abeno worrying for Ashiya’s health:

- Worrying for Ashiya’s vision and  trying to make it back

-Asking if Ashiya doesn’t feel again bad by Fuzzy like at beginning:

- Protecting when someone wants to hit him

- Looking for when he gets lost

- Worrying (mildly speaking) when Ashiya talks with strangers ;)

- Not allowing to fire Ashiya. 

-Being angry when someone wants to know to much about the fact Ashiya is human. 

- And of course the most important, Abeno opposed to powerful Executive to save Ashiya (my hearttttttt sob)

He was so scared for his baby :( and also did everything to save him. 

(He is such knight in shinning armor for Ashiya, isn’t he? :D)

You’re Safe Now (Draco Malfoy x Reader)

Description: Draco x reader. On the train home for the summer. Draco finds is  girlfriend curled up and in a compartment all on her own. When she  tells Draco that’s her father hits her, what will he especially when her  father sees them kiss at the station              

Draco x reader. They are dating. The reader is being abused by her stepfather. He spots her shopping in hogsmead with him. He spots something wrong with the way she’s acting. The she spots Draco and bolts into his arms.

Warnings:  Abuse, sensitive topic, slight cussing (please add to this if it’s necessary, I don’t want to hurt anyone so give me the heads up if I’m missing anything)

(Author’s Note: I merged these two together so I hope you don’t mind. This can be a sensitive topic to some so please don’t read it if it will hurt you in anyway.)

There it is again, that anxious feeling that makes my stomach twist  inside as worry clogs my mind, leaving little space for much else.

I’m lying across the train compartment seat, curled up slightly as anxiety claws away at my insides.

“(Y/N)?” Draco asks, his voice full of concern as he steps into the compartment.

He takes a seat, laying my head on his lap making my heartbeat calm at a pleasantness of a familiar feeling.

“What’s wrong, Princess?” He asks, taking curls of my hair and wrapping it a around his fingers loosely.

“Just a little bit travel sick,”I lie.

“Are you sure?”He asks with a look of disbelief but I nod.

“Yeah, I’ll be fine soon,”

“Um okay…”he says, unconvinced.

I don’t remember falling asleep but when I wake up the train is coming to a slow stop and Draco is shaking me gently.

“(Y/N), we’re here,”He whispers and I slowly sit up right.

Out  the compartment window I can see all the parents smiling and waving as  the train finally comes to completely halt and I hear the doors open.

I  spot him instantly outside. His eyes look ahead with no interest in   them and his chin is stubbly. He’s wearing his usual too tight t-shirt   and jeans as he stand with my mother.

The fear that I had forgotten during my sleep now comes back at the sight of him.

“You  don’t look to good, are you sure you’re okay?”Draco asks, putting a   reassuring hand on my back but not even this can calm me down now that   that horrid man is here.

“Yeah, just a little dizzy.” I assure him “I’m going to say bye now because I have to go quickly,”

Draco looks at me confused but leans down and places a soft kiss on my lips.

“Okay Princess, I’ll write to you,”he says and for some reason I can feel tears brimming my eyes.

“Love you,”I say, hopping out of the compartment and grabbing my bags but I hear his reply from behind me.

“I love you too, don’t forget it,”

I  smile a little before leaving the train. Leaving my connection to all the things I love and stepping into  the arms of my worst nightmare.

“(Y/N)!” My Mum  cries as I drag my luggage and owl towards them. My mother’s smile  makes me forget my fear for a moment as I fall into her embrace.

“Hello,”I say with a smile as she pulls away.

“Oh I’ve missed you!” She squeals making me laugh.

“I’ve missed you to Mum,”

“Move it kid, we haven’t  got all day,” David, my stepfather, grunts, beginning to walk away from us.

My  stomach twists again at the sound of his voice and my mother sends me a  look of ‘sorry’ and I shake my head telling her it’s fine.

The ride home is silent. There is no questions of how my school year has been and I don’t as anything about their time when I was away either.

A few days into the holiday, my mother leaves to go back to work, leaving me with that man.

I  tiptoe down the stairs, cautious of the sleeping dragon who guards the  couch, or rather David who has fallen asleep while reading his paper in  the living room.

I sneak through the living  room without making him stir and arrive in the kitchen without making a   noise until I lean up to the cupboard and a glass comes hurtling to the work top.

Smashed glass glittering the counter and I can hear the  monster wake with a grunt.

“What was that?”he barks making me cringe back as he thuds into the kitchen.

“Sorry, I dropped a glass.”I explain as a panic fills thoughts as he steps closer to me with a angry glare.

“They cost money!”he spits “How are you supposed to pay for that?”

“I’ll pay for it!”I assure but he clenches his fists.

“Not  good enough! All you do when you get back is break things you stupid   little bitch,”He spits and I quiver back but his fist collides with my   jaw and I tumble over from the force.

I can tell that I’ll have a bruise.

“I  don’t know why your Mother bothers picking you up from the loony   school!” He roars, slamming his foot into my side making me yelp.

Sorry…”I whimper and he grunts before turning away again and stomping to the living room.

When  I hear heavy snores coming from the couch I drag my self upstairs and  collapse onto my bed. Sinking into myself in a mixture of wretched  sadness and total embarrassment.

Over the school year I have forget just how short tempered David is.

All  this pain over a glass makes me feel embarrassed for the tears that   threaten to fall. I’m a witch that can cast spells and make potions but a  simple shattered glass has made me misrable.

                                                                                                                                                                                  I suppose It’s the  shock of reality again, the shock of remembering what always happens  during the summer break, the shock of realisation that it didn’t  disappear by magic during my absence from his presence.

As my heart rate quickens again from panic rising in my chest, I let  my mind wander to the thing I love the most to clam me down.

I think of Draco.

I  think of his perfect blonde hair that turns wavy when wet and how it   compliments his grey eyes. I think of the way our kisses linger when we say goodnight, not wanting to let go.

I think of how horribly I miss him  right now as I lay in bed, forcing back my tears.

A  few days later the bruise that coated my jaw fades but is quickly   replaced by a new one after my owl flew into the kitchen and spilled his  coffee. I had jumped  in front of the poor bird before he tried to grab  it.

Two weeks pass and I have a growing collection of dark purple bruises along my arms and side. All for my silly mistakes.

My desire to see Draco grows with each new mark on my body.

As  far as my mother is aware David is just grumpy, she seems not to notice  what is happening everyday when she leaves for work and inside it hurts  me to think she doesn’t care but I know she just doesn’t know, which  hurts more a little.

“Come on Freak, you Mum   says we need to go to your freak village to get you books or some crap, ”  David announces as I enter the room.  

What’s mum thinking?

Why is he even agreeing to go?

I  don’t ask him, I’m to afraid of the consequences. Instead I clamber   upstairs and grab my money and a jacket before I rush down stairs to   join David who looks ahead with little interest.

When  we arrive at Hogsmeade David doesn’t stop talking about how many “freaks”  are here and I begin to realise just how long a day this will be with  him following me around.

David doesn’t shut up, making rude comments in everything as we pass through shops.

“Your  mum is right, you fit right in here, with the rest of the mutants,”he comments and I can feel anger boiling in me and I can tell I will snap if I have to listen to another stupid remark.

As we leave the book store I feel anger bubbling in the pit of my stomach as David scoffs at my books.

“Must you comment on everything you see?”I snap and he turn on me with a mixture and anger and amusement.

“What are  you going to do? Turn me into a frog?”

“I’ll sure as hell try,”I growl, a surge of confidence rushes through my veins.

“Watch  your tongue Freak, I can make your life hell,” he spits and I can feel  he’s not bluffing and I begin to come down from my sudden confidence   high and shrink away from him as he moves closer to me with a deathly   glare.

“I-I-I um…”I stutter, suddenly  realising what my outburst will mean when I arrive home and I start  panic again, the same tears brimming my eyes.

“Don’t  cry you foolish girl!”he hisses, bringing his hand down towards my  cheek but before it touches my skin I see a flash of blonde.

“Draco?”I shout, ducking out of Davids way and running eagerly towards Draco.

“(Y/N)?”he asks as I latch onto him.

He pulls back and looks in my eyes.

“What’s wrong?”

Suddenly  I can’t hold it back anymore and the tears I’ve held in for so long,   that have been constantly threatening to fall since my return from   Hogwarts come pouring out my eyes and cascade down my blushing cheeks.

“My st-tepdad,”I explain through sobs, ignoring the strange looks I’m getting from people passing by.

“Listen, Princess I need you to calm down, what did he do?”he says gently but then his fingers trace over my bruised jaw.

"Sorry…”I sniff, embarrassment taking a hold of me.

“You  don’t need to apologise, I can figure the rest out now.”He says pushing  me behind him and storming towards a confused David, fists clenched as  he goes.

Then there is a smack when his fist collides with Davids face and I go running towards him.

“Stop Draco! He’s not worth it!”I shout as I pull Draco back.

“Yeah but he deserves it!”He says lunging forward again but I push him back with all my strength.

"No leave it,”I warn and he stops, his breathing slowly going back to normal.

“Some knight in shinning armor he is,”David comments.

This  time I swing at him with all my might and ignore the wincing pain that  hits my fist as it smacks across David’s face and I turn around again,  falling straight into Draco’s arms who wraps his arm around me   protectively.

“Never speak or touch to her again,”Draco spits, putting an arm round my shoulder and leading me away from a red faced David and confused crowd of people.

Later I’m curled up on Draco’s bed in the manor as Draco goes to find me an old t-shirt.

“(Y/N), you should have told me,”Draco says as he flings me one of his t-shirts.

“I know, it’s just… hard,”I explain as I pull his shirt on, it acts as I nightie on me.

“I  could’ve helped,”he says, sitting next to me and letting me lie my head on his chest, listening to his steady heart beat. “You shouldn’t have  had to go through that,”

“I don’t know why mum married him,”

“I’m sure she has her reasons,”

"I’m scared and weak,”I mutter and he rests his chin on my head.

“You aren’t weak,”he says softly “You are so strong and brave,”

“I’m not,”I mumble and he sighs. Putting and hand under my chin, he turns me slowly to face him.

“To  keep that to yourself shows strength, even if slightly stupid. He must  have hurt you so much and you never once complained until today when. But I wish you had told someone, anyone that could have  helped because to know you were suffering all this time hurts me.”

“I’m sorry,”I say and he shakes his head before his lips touch mine gently.

“Don’t apologise, you’re safe now,”

“I love you,”

“I love you too, Princess,”

It’s silent for a moment after that until I hear Draco laughing.

“What?”I ask, confused by this a bit.

“That was some punch,”he laughs and I giggle.

“It felt amazing,”

He laugh before kissing me on the forehead.

“Good night, (Y/N).”

“Good night, Draco,”

We soon drift into a pleasant sleep and for the first time since leaving Hogwarts I feel at home again.

( Author’s Note: Sorry this one isn’t too good, It was rushed a little)


Dear ‘Superhero’,

I know you’ll never read this but I need to get it off my chest.
After you threw me out of your life on April 3rd, 2016, I thought about you everyday for months. You used to show up a lot in my dreams at night. I could feel your absence in every aspect of my life. I spent a lot of days being immensely sad. I was hollow and empty as the spaces between stars. I waited every moment of the next few months waiting for you to text me. Everywhere I went, I would hope you would show up. It was the worst heartbreak of my life and I thought I would never be happy or fall in love again.
I was wrong.
It’s been one year, one month and four days now and I couldn’t be happier. Sure, still my parents fight and life has its ups and downs but my heart is content and in peace. It’s like breathing fresh air after being locked up in a room for five years. The five years of my life in which I loved you way too much to see how toxic you were in my life. The five years of my life in which I spent every moment in your name. The five years of my life in which I thought that if you walked out of my life, I would die. But it’s been one year, one month and four days today and I’m still here and I’m thankful that you’re gone.
I loved you so much that I started hating myself. I thought I would never stop loving you. I thought I would never love anyone again. Look at me now, I’m in love — with myself. I love who I am, I love reading, I love coffee, I love my pet bunnies, I love going to my college, I love creating art, I love my baby brother, I love rain and so many other things and people — that are not you, that will never be you again.
The text I have been waiting for for months finally came through from you on Friday but it’s too late. It no longer matters to me. You no longer matter to me. I’m truly grateful that you’re no longer a part of my life. But I’ll be honest: I miss you sometimes. I know you would be proud of me and my current self and how much improvement I made only if you could see. I hope life treats you better now and you’re much kinder to everyone, especially yourself. And I pray you never treat another girl the way you treated me.
You’re too weak to be my superhero. You can’t even save yourself. And the only thing I needed to be saved from was you. You are not my knight in shinning armor; you are the douchebag wrapped in aluminum foil.
I forgive you but still here’s a big fuck you to you for ruining five years of my life.

The girl who’s no longer your bunny.

anonymous asked:

Hc for overprotective Jungkook because his boyfriend Jimin is such an angel <3

//at school everyone knows jimin is the one you have to go to if you want help with your homework.

//jimin is indeed an angel. he doesn’t seem to mind when people approach him asking for help. he smiles kindly, allows them to sit beside him and explains things casually.

//the problem with jimin is that he doesn’t know how to say no, or differentiate between someone who truly needs help and someone who is taking advantage of his kindness. so when people cross the line and ask him to do their homework with some shitty excuse he seems to not have it on him to say no.

//and then it’s where jungkook comes around. people know that if you mess with jimin you are about to pay the consequences by jungkook’s hand.

//whenever jimin is sitting with someone to help with homework jungkook sits there with them. he usually glares at the strange but just listens as jimin explains things. he doesn’t mind not having jimin’s attention, after all he looks the cutest when concentrated with his glasses sliding down the slope of his nose, but he hates when others take advantage of his caring boyfriend.

//if jungkook senses the other isn’t listening or allowing jimin do the whole work he steps up, says something to make the other feel uncomfortable until they feel the need to flee, leaving behind a pouty jimin (bc “i didn’t finish my explanation”) and a satisfied jungkook (bc “they can go fuck themselves, hyung”)

//those who were at first forcing jimin to do their homework now run away at the sight of him. not because jimin would refuse, but because jungkook is right behind him shooting draggers at them (maybe jungkook also threatened and told them to just….fuck off)

//there are times that people ask jimin for money to buy food at the canteen. jimin isn’t rich, but the others always promise to give the money back and jimin gives in because if he were the one to need the money during a period of staravion he would love to have someone kind to help.

//the problem is no one ever returns the money….or they didn’t. when jungkook discovered it he went to those opportunists to ask for jimin’s money, and you can’t say no to a glaring jungkook (for real, don’t or you gonna have nightrmares until you die)

//jungkook drives jimin home every day on his shitty second-hand car. when his hand isn’t on the steering wheel or the gear stick it’s on jimin’s thigh or tangled with jimin’s fingers. jungkook always feels the need to have jimin close.

//”you know, you don’t have to glare at everyone who approaches me”
“i know…but everyone tries to take advantage of you and i feel the need to protect you.”
“are you my knight on shinning armor, gguk?”
“uh….yeah, i guess…?”
“i love you so much, you dummy”
“i love you too…”

Tokioto’s relationship evolution

Because of the fact how many around Otoya is happening I thought it will be good moments to see how Tokiya and Otoya relationship changed by all this years. It is really amazing to see how these two got so close ahhhhhh. ahjkahakhaka

Look it started like that:

season 1

-They weren’t really close and Tokiya saw Otoya more like annoying or bother…And Otoya’s cutie charm… didn’t even work at him…!!!!!! (how possible?!) 

- Look how cold he was towards baby puppy…

Even Otoya himself sees this.. 

- But even then in the end of season it is Otoya who try to reach for Tokiya and understand him and also Tokiya tries to contact with his roommate and explain everything…

season 2

- We don’t see them that often but can notice they are muvch closer

I mean Otoya’s reacts like that for Tokiya:

- And when Otoya invited him for his little festival in his orphanage Tokiya tsun says he will not come… but…

of course he arrived. :D With all his talk how Otoya should say him when he has some worries

plus maaaaaan he gave him such look //////////// melt :D (it is man in love ////)

season 3 

-O.k the most significant the fact that for Otoya tokiya is.. personification of… word cool. :D So he tries copy him. Plus also it is very visible that Tokiya is less annoyed by dorky behavior of Otoya :D and for him it become kind of natural. :D and he got kind of patient. :D Awwwwww. :D 

And season 4…

which season 4 is now like really Tokioto fest :D happy :D (and it is still not the end) 

It started with:

-Otoya was all worried about his duet song with Eichi and… Tokiya was the one who support him as first. He was not annoyed or cold…

He was genuinely supporting him. So warm. :D 

- Look also how amazingly Tokiya talks about OToya…

And most importantly what reaction of Otoya it gives (oh Otoya you are so obvious, plus ahjahjak Otoya blushed already few time for Toki /////, just saying) 

- and then there is all Otoya’s arc… which gives us totally new face of Tokiya, so truly caring and worried an dhjahajhak such precious protective boyfriend… 

- He is sooooo sensitive and observant towards every word or behavior of Otoya… 

- And he is really scared when he thinks something could happened to his precious sunshine…

- He wnet even to Eichi to get to know what really happened… And for me it is really soooooo meaningful that in this ep it is Tokiya who tries to make Otoya back and save him… He is his the most close person. Even it their relationship started kind of cold they grown so close from that moment it become something natural. Ahhh. 

- really Tokiya’s eyes in ep 10 were so ajahakjhakjhaj so full of feels, fear, worries… so real. Like totally different person than cold Tokiya we saw at beginning. 

- He even made his little investigation to get to know about Otoya and understand him. 

-And really he is so so so concerned and do soooooooooooo many for his little sunshine, it is really beautiful… 

- He really wants to reach Otoya’s hand how it was shown in symbolic way in Starish song for Otoya….

And I really believe he will. Go, go Tokiya you are Otoya’s knight in shinning armor he is waiting for you cutie. Look how far you went? You can overcome everything. :D 

Sticks and Stones

Pairing: ZenxMC

Au: High school

“Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me…..what a lie” You sigh, walking home from high school.

“Hey! Loser! Wait” You turn your head to see a familiar face, of course, how could you forget the face of your own personal bully? She walked towards you, wearing her skirt too short, her shirt revealing away too much of her skin, and her high heels which obviously weren’t in uniform, “What have you got their nerd,” She asked with a cruel tone, snatching your favorite book from you. She flicked through the pages of poems and frowned, “How can you read this shit by choice? It’s so dull and boring!”

“M-maybe I enjoy reading poems..” You whispered barely audible.

“What was that? Did you talk back to me?” She dropped the and stood on it. You were mortified, your favorite book which was always in best condition had been ruined.

“Hey! Leave her alone!” You turned around to see behind you the new student, who wasn’t looking happy.

“Why should you care Pretty Boy “She sneers.

“Shes a fellow classmate. Why shouldn’t I stick up for her?” He asks walking closer.

“Duh! Shes a nerd. An ugly one too” You bit hard on your lip.

“Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me…” You whimpered

“See! She’s mumbling on about some weird poem!” She placed her hands on her hips, “She deserves everything she gets”

“Well then, that must mean that she deserves someone sticking up for her!” He took another step towards her, but that was all it took for her to back away.

“Damn you Pretty Boy! This is none of your business!” She screamed.

Zen smiled, “Well now it is”

With a huff and a twirl around, she stormed off, leaving you and Zen alone. You leaned down and picked up your favorite book which wasn’t in a good condition. You sighed and put it in your bag, “You need a tissue to wipe it down or anything?” Looking up, you were surprised to see Zen, who had a record for being a bad boy, offering to help you.

“Uh….no…I think its too far gone for that” You forced a smile at him for his kind gesture, “But why did you help me?”

“You’re a fellow classmate” Zen looked away, his face going red, “You do the same if it was me’

“I wouldn’t”

Zen looked at you shocked, “W-Why not?”

“Well, I couldn’t….could I?” Looking down at yourself, you sighed, “I’m weak and small and would only last a second in a fight”

Zen didn’t reply at first, he just stared at you, unsure what to say. Finally, he spoke up, “Then beat them with words!”


“Like if they say ‘Come at me bro’ or something you ould just be like-“

“I’m not your ‘bro’ if I’m anything I’m your enemy?” You finished.

“Close…..with a little help from me you’ll be unstoppable!!” Zen grinned, which led to you laughing, “Whats so funny?”

“Your smile, its nice”

“Yours is nice too,” He said his face a bit red.

“That wasn’t weird was it,” You said awkwardly.

“A little” He chuckled.

“Really Zen?” You questioned.

‘Okay, yeah it was pretty weird”

“Hey!” You were meant to like ‘no no! It’s ok MC!” You pointed out.

“Sorry?” He laughed, “And let me tell you something your really small for a 13-year-old”

“I’m sixteen” You corrected clearly annoyed.


“Shut up!”

 “you’re so small and delicate… a princess!” He said his eyes shinning, “And I was your knight in shinning armor”

“Oh god..” You sighed.

“Your white knight-“

“Stop it!” You yelled.

“Ok then……Princess” He smirked.

If looks could kill he would be dead, “What why are you looking at me like that!”

“I already have a hundred ways I could kill you” You said in a monotone voice.

“Is one of them reading me poetry to death?” He laughed.

I’m leaving now” You turned around.

“Come on Princess it was just a joke!” He ran after you.

“Nope. Bye Zen!” You say still walking.

“Come onnnnnnn” He says chasing after you.

You smile a little, maybe keeping this chase going for a while could be fun. You start to speed up a little, “Ill talk to you if you can catch me!” You laugh.

“A princess running away from her prince? How interesting” He says before he starts running along with you.

After a few minutes hes finally caught up to you and he grabs your bag making you fall onto him, “Careful princess” He props you upright still in his arms, “Or youll get hurt”

Your face flushed a deep red and you try to look away, you never noticed how….handsome he was, “Y-yeah I’ll definitely watch out”

“Your really pretty y’know” He starts.

“You shouldn’t be seen with me it will ruin your reputation,” You say looking away.

“I don’t care about that shit,” He says, “But I do care about you”

You turn your head back at him, “You just met me!”

“Does that matter? Time cant measure love”


“Does he….love me?” You think.

“L-Love?” You stutter.

He takes his hand and brushes your hair, now a tangled mess, out of your face and turns your face towards his. You start to panic, you know what hes about to do…you’ve never been kissed before. Your lips collide and you tense up but slowly relax as it felt soft and amazing. When you too parted he just looked at you, “Does that answer your question?”


today’s shipping spree is called: girls who are taller than the boys but neither side seems to have a problem with it, let’s begin!!

  • Greg Universe and Rose Quartz: the newest couple on this list. It is fairly safe to asume that Greg has a thing for really big women, and he found himself the biggest one and married her. Rose herself finds humanity fascinating, but it takes a special person to turn fascination into romantic love. Bit of a bittersweet couple but the two were so happy together that it warms your heart just to think about them.
  • Ash and Misty: not the oldest couple on the list but the one I have shipped for the longest time (I was like 5 and did not know what I was getting into), but damn are they funny and damn are they good for each other. Screw you Pokemon anime why do I still have hope…
  • Krillin and 18: out of every couple here this is the one that most likely came out of nowhere, no a one time kiss on the cheek is not the greatest built up ever but they are from Dargon Ball so wathever. But I still find adorable how little they changed because of their relationship, their personalities that is, their full on lives only got better over time.
  • Tea and Yugi: yes regular Yugi and not Atem (if you don’t know that name then… spoiler?), I just like Tea and the regular Yugi better than Tea and Atem since they just feel more natural to me and more in the same page; it isn’t just the right people but also the right time that makes a relationship work.
  • Hiei and Mukuro: I know that a certain other Hiei pairing is more popular but I love how these two are when around each other. They don’t hold back when fighting, they know each other’s pasts and neither one is scared of just how damaged (internaly and externaly) the other is, they just accept it and let it be.
  • Felix and Calhoun: no a female character does not stop being a badass cause she marries a dude and a dude does not have to be a regular badass to be one. sometimes you just need to see someone else’s perspective to really understand them and that is pretty much the hidden message of the movie, everyone is complex in different ways.
  • Buzz and Jessie: someone desided that shipping cowboy and cowgirl was too old school and went for the cowgirl and the space man, and it works!! they are from such different times, concepts and even companies; but they both know what it is like for life to no longer have meaning, or at least not the one it had before, and while very much aware of life being hard, they are unwilling to make it through it without each other.
  • Numbuh 3 and Numbuh 4: hilarious, brilliant and oh so innocent yet so surprisingly mature. Wally and Kuki have such different interest that the other can barely stand what the other likes and the fact they willingly put each other above all of those (while both are very pationed people) is admirable, and always a joy to watch.
  • Mario and Peach: most iconic video game couple of all time wherever we like it or not, and I do like it. while both suffer from Nintendo not wanting to change their formula (or changing it very little) they are still really adorable and it does say something about Peach’s character how little she minds the fact Mario is no Prince nor regular Knight in Shinning Armor, he is just a dude (with awesome atletics) and she finds him charming all the same.
  • Roger and Jessica Rabbit: I ALMOST FORGOT THESE TWO AND THAT BRINGS ME SHAME!! but they sure manage to pull off one of the strangest looking couples ever while being so devoted to each other that doubting them becomes sacrilegious.

so there you have it, I know that people love big heigh differences in couples and I think that this should aply to couples outside of the norm. Also notice that I stuck to A- pairing I ship and B- that are animated (video games are a form of animation).

thanks for reading and have a good day/night/evening!

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hi could i request a headcanon of the rfa taking care of mc while they dealing with a cold

Hiya anon! Thank you so much for sending in our first request.(*^o^*) Mod DK and I were so excited to see this! We’re not 100% sure what we’re doing yet but we’re giving it a shot.

(No one asked for them but V and Saeran are under the cut.)

Zen -    

  • There was one time where you caught a cold and Zen had no idea what to do.
  • Since his body recovers at inhuman speed he’s gotten over the cold in like 2 hours.
  • He frantically messaged everyone at 3am asking what he should do because, “ GUYS YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND MC IS DYING.”
  • Someone help this poor boy.
  • After getting some useful advice from the other members, i.e. Jaehee, he went out and almost bought all the medicine he could find at the pharmacy.
  • After raiding the store he busted through the front door exclaiming that “ZEN THE KNIGHT IS HERE TO SAVE HIS PRINCESS!”
  • He was actually really sweet and caring though.
  • He clung to you like a Koala bear, constantly cuddling you and giving sweet kisses making sure that you were always comfortable.
  • During the nights where you would have nightmares induced from the fever he would gently sing to you and play with your hair until you went back to bed.
  • After you recovered he forced you to start eating better, take multivitamins, and work out with him.
  • His reasoning was that although he enjoyed playing the part of your knight in shinning armor he never wants to see you in pain ever again .
  • Now who would be able to get mad at that? Although you hated it, you haven’t been sick.

Yoosung -

  • You had once gotten sick from someone when buying groceries.
  • This boy has a 6th sense for this kind of thing and noticed the signs that you were sick before you did.
  • Because Yoosung has a little sister he is used to taking care of people and is a natural when it comes to nursing you back to health.
  • He called his mother the day you were sick and asked for her famous chicken noodle soup recipe and made it for you that night.
  • Yoosung is constantly there for anything you need, it was kinda freaky.
  • He’d be minding his own business, playing LOLOL, and before you even spoke up he would be by your side handing you more tissues or getting you something to drink.
  • You swear he has super powers.
  • Because you didn’t want him to get sick you insisted that he wore a face mask whenever he was around you
  • He still ended up giving you small kisses whenever he got a chance because he couldn’t help it, you are so damn adorable.

Jahee -

  • Mama Jaehee to the rescue
  • The first time you even sneezed she was by your side tissues in hand checking your temperature.
  • She wore a face mask all the time because she could not afford to get sick, not with her work piling up since Jumin decided to open up a new cat toy business.
  • Every surface of the house was lysoled and every four hours on the dot you were given your medicine.
  • Does not matter if she was at work or not she would call you and stay on the phone till you took your medicine.
  • When at home she was always mothering you, making sure you drank enough liquids, slept a lot, and changed the cooling pad on your head.
  • In order to cheer you up she would bake your favorite cookies and bring you the coffee she knew you adored.
  • “Coffee cures everything” she said with a completely straight face, to this day you still cannot tell if she was joking or not.
  • She wasn’t joking.
  • When you couldn’t sleep at night she would stay up with you no matter how tired she was and you two would talk till morning about your future plans and dreams for the coffee shop.
  • After you fell asleep she gave you a small kiss and told you to get better soon.
  • Jaehee is careful but efficient, within two days you were completely healed and you still have no idea how that happened exactly.

707 -

  • One day you had to call into work because you were feeling under the weather and could not leave the bed without passing out.
  • Seven understandably freaks the fuck out.
  • He first gets really angsty beating himself up for not noticing that you were sick until it was too late.
  • The minute you start having coughing fits all these negative thoughts fly out of his head and he is by your side in an instant.
  • The next thing you know you are covered from head to toes with band-aids looking like a poorly concealed mummy with a runny nose.
  • Since he has looked after himself for a while he has no idea what to do because, “The famous 707, defender of justice, never gets sick.”
  • His first solution was to feed you Honey Buddha Chips and let you drink PH D. Pepper because this heavenly combination can cure even the sickest people.
  • Everything is not going according to Keikaku
  • Authors Note: Keikaku means plan
  • When that obviously doesn’t help and the shock wears off that you were not instantly cured, instincts kicked in from when he had to nurse Saeran back to health when they were kids.
  • He does a 180 degree change and is actually feeding you soup and giving you tea with lemon and honey.
  • He refused to leave your side no matter what. Anything you asked he would get it for you in a minute.
  • He moved his computer to your side and worked while you were sleeping and gave you small kisses even though you got “mad” every time he did.
  • Before bed he would stop work and you would talk for hours about your future wedding at the space station.

-Mod DK

Jumin -

  • If you even so much as cough this boy is on the phone with the doctor.
  • He researches exactly what to do for a sick person.
  • Rich boy always had someone taking care of him when he was sick.
  • Jumin’s probably the type to send home sick people from work.
  • Get your g e r m s out of his workplace.
  • It’s a whole different story when you catch a cold h̶e̶ ̶i̶s̶ ̶g̶l̶u̶e̶d̶ ̶t̶o̶ ̶y̶o̶u̶r̶ ̶s̶i̶d̶e̶.
  • “Jaehee, cancel all of my meetings, MC just sneezed.”
  • He’s totally not worried about getting sick if it’s you he catches it from.
  • Sends the chef home and makes chicken noodle soup ,by himself, just for you.
  • It is surprisingly delicious soup.
  • Always has a hot cup of tea ready for you.
  • He makes the best tea.
  • Will draw you a bath and wash your hair for you to help you feel better.
  • Cuddles you forever.
  • checks your temp like three times an hour.

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Alikou for the ship meme?

Someone asked me about my OTP! Thank you <3

who cooks normally?: Kougyoku. She enjoys cooking unusual meals for Alibaba and the latter enjoys eating them

how often do they fight?: Seldom. But when they do, they feel very guilty afterwards and try to make up for this.

what do they do when they’re away from each other?: Kougyoku works for her Empire, the only thing that can keep her busy and not thinking of Ali. As for Alibaba, he spends his days crying because he misses his lover and telling everyone who is willing to hear (aka poor Aladdin) about Kougyoku’s great points.

nicknames for each other?: They have many endearing nicknames for each other. Some of them they keep them for their private time while others they share them even in public.

who is more likely to pay for dinner?: Alibaba wants to be the knight in a shinning armor and pay for his princess’ meal but he tends to forget to bring his wallet. So Kougyoku pays instead.

who steals the covers at night?: Neither. Sharing means caring, and those two enjoy sharing their covers when it’s cold at night.

what would they get each other for gifts?: They bring each other various presents. But the gifts that Kougyoku enjoys the most is flowers.

who remembers things?: Kougyoku has a better memory. Alibaba once forgot their anniversary and he spend the night on the couch (Kougyoku didn’t let him come to their bed). After that incident his memory improved a lot.

who cusses more?: Sometimes, Alibaba cusses and he feels embarrassed. Kougyoku on her end is curious to find out what the word that Alibaba said means.

what would they do if the other one was hurt?: Both are very protective of each other. Especially Kougyoku, she would kill anyone who hurt Alibaba.

who kissed who first?: Alibaba kissed Kougyoku after he bestowed a flower crown on her head.

who made the first move?: Kougyoku because she grew bored to wait for Alibaba to make the first move.

who started the relationship?: Again Kougyoku.

I got through the third episode of “Anne with an E” on Netflix and while I’m going to finish it I am so disappointed in it. I feel like they have missed the entire point of Anne’s character while also messing with Marilla and Mathews characters and the entire nature of the people of Avonlea.

The beauty of Anne of Green Gables is in Anne’s growth from a scatterbrained, imaginative, hot tempered, stubborn little girl into an accomplished young woman. That’s the heart of the story and the drama is all created by her missteps and the misunderstandings between her and Marilla. But this adaptation I guess needed more?

It needed quiet steady Matthew to become a desperate knight in shinning armor galloping like Poldark over the surf. It needed Marilla to be shunned by the previously non-existent feminists of Avonlea. It needed all the kids to hate Anne and all the community to be prejudiced to the point of openly talking about her at a picnic. It didn’t need that stuff but since they took out all the actual everyday drama they had to add something.

And while they were at it they decided to change the entire basis of the rift between Gilbert and Anne and thus eliminate Anne’s biggest bit of character growth. She hates Gilbert Blythe and spends years competing against him all because of her character flaws. They could have been friends but her hot temper and resentment and then her pride keep her from forgiving him. In this version she hates him because her friends tell her she must and for good measure they also made him the only nice person in Avonlea, who saves her from a cruel bully and uses his popularity to make her popular. Sure it makes Gilbert look good but it takes away from Anne and her established ability to make herself well liked wherever she goes despite her strangeness. Gilbert pulls her hair and calls her carrots because he wants her attention, because she is the pretty new girl and he is used to people paying attention to him.

I get that you have to make changes between a book and a movie but when those changes are made at the expense of the characters, their motivations, and the true nature of their relationships with others, then it’s no longer the same story. And it’s a shame because the actors are amazing and this had real potential.