knight in shinning armor

Abeshiya relationship evolution

Can we talk about this? :D It will have spoilers so please be careful. :*


Yeah yeah we now…You don’t care for Ashiya. ;) Pfffffft! Sure. :D


Here some lil collection of super protective and caring Abeno. :D 

- Abeno worrying for Ashiya’s health:

- Worrying for Ashiya’s vision and  trying to make it back

-Asking if Ashiya doesn’t feel again bad by Fuzzy like at beginning:

- Protecting when someone wants to hit him

- Looking for when he gets lost

- Worrying (mildly speaking) when Ashiya talks with strangers ;)

- Not allowing to fire Ashiya. 

-Being angry when someone wants to know to much about the fact Ashiya is human. 

- And of course the most important, Abeno opposed to powerful Executive to save Ashiya (my hearttttttt sob)

He was so scared for his baby :( and also did everything to save him. 

(He is such knight in shinning armor for Ashiya, isn’t he? :D)

Knight In Shinning Armor||John Murphy

“No! I don’t want my wristband off! No stop! Please!” Y/N shouted as a stranger forcefully grabbed her arm. Not even 12 hours on Earth and people already didn’t like her. Everyone was shouting ‘Whatever the hell we want’ after Bellamy gave Wells a little speech and it was giving her a headache.

“Please! I’ll do whatever you want!” Y/N begged the boy. “Shut the hell up.” He yelled back, holding her arm as another boy jammed a metal stick in between her wristband and her wrist. Y/N looked forward seeing the blasing fire. But through the fire ,she saw John Murphy. “You can tell them to stop John! Please.” She whispered that last part looking him in the eye.

Y/N and John Murphy were best friends on the Ark, before she got arrested. He had to help her. It was his duty to protect his friend, his love.

“Whatever the hell we want.” Bellamy continued shouting with the rest of the 100.

Murphy looked at her with sympathy. He didn’t want to see his best friend hurt.

He walked around the fire and stood infront of the guy who was about to take her wristband off. “Come on man. Just listen to the poor girl and let her go.”

The boy smirked. “Oh look who’s going soft for poor little Y/N.” He said about the move the metal stick to tear off her wristband. Murphy grabbed the stick and pulled it out of the boys grip. He held it like a baseball bat, ready to swing at the disgusting boy.

One blow to the stomach.
One to the calfs.
One the stomach again.

He almost swung at his head when he felt a hand on his forcep.

“Murphy,” Y/N said out of breathe from begging, on the ground. “He isn’t worth it.” She said, finally standing up and looking at the boy.

The boy holding her down liked at Murphy scared. “Look, I - I’m sorry man I-,” He started but was cut off by Murphy.

“Do this to her again,” John said, shoving his chest. “and you’ll regret being born.” Murphy threatened, walking towards the drop ship with Y/N.

“Lets get your cuts checked out.” He said,softening up as he looked at Y/N, sitting her down. She had a few minor cuts on her arms from trying to break free of the guys back there.

“My hero.” She giggled as he smirked.


“Excuse me?” Elijah said, jaw clenching slightly. “Y/N is sired to me” Klaus repeated smugly. “She was dying and I, being her knight in shinning armor turned her” he grinned. “You could have just fed her your blood and allow her to heal, not turn her into one of us without consent” Elijah argued. “I was going to brother, but she was nearly dead. It was either allow her to die, or feed her my blood and let her turn. I think I chose the best option” Klaus smirked. “Besides, brother you’re not mad that she’s no longer human. You’re mad because she’s sired to me” he pointed out. Elijah pursed his lips as he glared at Klaus. “It means nothing” he shrugged. “Actually, quite the opposite” Klaus said, pointing at him as he held his glass of bourbon. “It means she feels the same way I feel for her” he smirked. “That doesn’t mean she can’t feel that way for me too” Elijah pointed out defensively. “I could always ask her to tell the truth about how she feels, if that would please you” Klaus taunted. “I don’t need your sirebond with her to find out how she feels about me. I can do that on my own if you wouldn’t mind” Elijah commented, civilized as if. “Be my guest” Klaus smirked deviously, holding up his glass to his brother.


Hello ! so another request for @whaticallimagines

I wasn’t sure where to put the reader so I just made it a DeanxReader and I tried to put some cute scenes with the boys and children because goals honestly

Word count: 668

Warnings: I think I said like one swear word so idk if that counts really

but anyways I hope that you like it!!!!


“We totally ganked that son of a bitch!” Dean hollered, clearly satisfied with his performance tonight. Although he saved you tonight, he wasn’t prepared to let this one go. Ever. “What do you say, Y/N, shouldn’t your knight and shinning armor get a kiss?”

Dean puckered his lips and you lightly slapped his hand away laughing.

“Hey guys,” Sam called out. “Over here.”

You and Dean immediately stopped goofing around and followed Sam into a small alley. Sam was crouched down in front of two children: one boy and one girl.

The girl’s arms were wrapped around her little brother in a protective manner and her baby blue eyes displayed complete fear and sadness.

“You don’t have to be afraid.” Sam spoke quietly. “We’re not going to hurt you. Actually, we want to help you, but first, you have to tell us what’s wrong.”

“Our parents a-are dead. Th-This thing killed them. It looked like my dad, but it wasn’t because it killed him too.” The girl spoke softly as tears welled up in her eyes.

“Shapeshifter.” Dean muttered under his breath in anger. It always killed him to see people in trouble, especially little kids even though he would never admit it.

“Can you tell me your name?” You bent down to their level. “I’m Y/N. Y/N Y/L/N.”

The girl sniffled and hid behind her long, black hair. “My name is Evelyn.”

“How old are you, Evelyn.” You asked her.

“Fourteen.” She spoke quietly.

“And is this your brother?” Dean asked softly, coming to sit beside you and Sam.

She nodded once again. “This is Jimmy. He’s six.”

“It’s nice to meet you both.” Dean gave them a warm welcome. “My name is Dean Winchester. My brother, my girlfriend, and I are going to take care of you and make sure you get everything you need.”

He stepped closer and held out his arms. Evelyn immediately ran into Dean’s arms as Jimmy ran into mine.

“I promise.” You heard Dean quietly whisper to the fragile girl in his arms. “I’m going to track this shapeshifter down and kill it. You don’t need to be afraid.”

Your heart swelled as you heard your boyfriend talk to Evelyn and you knew, right then and there, that he would be the perfect father.

“Come on, everyone.” Sam smiled and stood up. “Let’s get back home to the bunker.”

You picked Jimmy up and carried him over to Dean’s Impala before getting in the backseat with Jimmy on your left and Evelyn on your right.

For once Dean left the music off in the car, giving the heartbroken children a chance to fall asleep. As soon as you were sure the kids were asleep, you spoke up.

“What are we going to do?” You asked softly.

“Raise them as our own.” Dean was the first to speak, making a final decision for everyone.

Sam nodded his head in agreement. “There’s no way we’re putting those kids in an orphanage. They’re the newest members of the Winchester family.”

Dean smiled and looked back at you through the rear view mirror. “They’ll have a great mother to look after them.”

You gave him a small smile back. “And two great fathers.”

“No way,” Dean deadpanned. “I’m the father. Sam can be the weird uncle.”

“What?” Sam lightly hit his brother on the arm. “If anything would be the weird uncle with your porn stash and everything.”

“What? No!” Dean looked over at his brother offended. “Y/N, which one of us would be the father?”

You thought about for a moment before answering with a small smirk. “Neither. Cas would be the father.”

“Cas doesn’t know how to brush his teeth.” Dean argued back.

“That’s okay.” You gave them both a cheeky smile. “Their creepy uncles can teach them.”

“Jerk.” Sam said at the same time Dean said. “Bitch.”

You laughed lightly and wrapped your arms tighter around the two newest members of your small family.

Here comes your man

Imagine you take a shower in Happy’s dorm, so when he hugs you, you smell like a man, and he gets jealous. 

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Working at TM was so fun you sometimes forgot it was supposed to be your job. You were a mechanic at your hometown, and currently, apart from Gemma on the office the only woman working there. 

Born and raised in Charming, growing up a tomboy, you loved riding your bikes around with Opie and Jax, going to Gemma’s Sunday dinner and getting your title along with everyone else. Two months after you graduated, Clay called you, asking you to work for him at TM. You immediately said yes. 

Later on, you met your old man, Happy Lowman. Both of you clicked right away, you being attracted due to all of his mistery and lovely persona, him being dragged towards you by how you still let your tomboy show and how you didn’t needed a knight in shinning armor to come at your rescue. You’ve been together as a couple for 3 years and were currently engaged. 

That afternoon was a particular hot one, making you put down the top of your grey suit, showing your white tank top now stained with oil and dirt from the bike you were working on, along with Chibs. You got up, taking off your gloves and lighting up a cigarette for your break. Chibs was coming back from the bar, holding two beers on his hand, handing you one when he got to the picnic table. You nodded and smiled at him, toasting to a good life and sipped on your beer. Happy was on the run along with Jax and Bobby, and he promised to be back at night for you guys date night. Tonight you were going to Little Annie’s Steak House, down at main street. You’ve been begging Happy to take you there since the night of the inauguration and tonight was the night. 

“Don’t worry, lass.” The Scotsman said, drinking from his beer and smirking, teasing you. “I’m sure Hap loves an oily and dirty babe on the spot.” You frowned when you noticed he was right. Happy was going to be at TM soon and you couldn’t show up at the Steak house looking the way you were. 

“Oh shit.” You bit your thumb nail and chugged down the rest of your beer. “Happy’s dorm is open, right?”

“Of course not.” Chib scoffed. “You really think your old man would leave his room open?” You sighed, running your hands on your face, only smearing the oil around your cheeks. “Gemma must have the key, though. She’s at the office.” You smiled and kissed the grey hair man scarred cheek. 

“Thank you!” you said, running around to the office to get the keys of Happy’s room. 

Once you were there, you got rid of your grey suit, white tank top and heavy work black boots, leaving you in the white lace lingerie you loved so much. You folded your clothes and placed them on the sink, closing the bathroom door and letting the warm water pour out. You loved how the shower smelled so manly. Aftershave, plain soap, and cologne. Just like Happy. You worked on yourself, getting you all bubbly, and most important clean. 

After a relaxing hot shower, you stepped out in your panties, not bothering to wear a bra. You slipped on your baggy olive green pants and got into your converse, one of Happy’s old SAMCRO white t-shirt over you and you were almost ready to go. Standing in front of the mirror, you started to work on your hair, styling for it to look cute. Adding a light make up and you were ready to go, but stepped back with a smile as you saw your old man walk into his room with a bloody white t-shirt. 

You were used to this by now. You’ve became an expert in removing blood off clothes but Happy always managed to make you worry. You stared at him.


“Nah, little girl. Never.” He said removing his shirt and throwing it away into the bin. You bit your lips at the sight of his eight pack and those crazy v lines that drived you crazy.  You walked over to him, wrapping your arms around his torso, looking up at him, delighted with the view. He smirked down at you, licking hips lips. “Hey, you.” 

“Hey yourself.” You said pressing hard against him. He grabbed your ass cheeks, lifting you up, you taking the hint and wrapping your legs around his waist. He pinned you against the wall, kissing around your neck and, open mouth kisses, his ears being filled with your sharp breaths. “Hap…” you groaned, your nipples already poking out of the white shirt. You sucked in a breath when he got off you, obviously stopping and looking at you, eyebrows furrowed. You looked back at him, confusing in your eyes as he put you down

“What’s wrong?” You asked, your hands going to his cheek, only to be pulled down by him. “Hap!”

“Where is he?” He said lifting his eyebrow and grabbing his gun out of his waist. He started to pace around the room, lifting everything, turning all the things upside down. “Where the fuck is he?” 

“What the fuck are you talking about?” you said following him around the room. “You really think i would cheat on you?” catching the hint you leaned against the wall you were making out 5 minutes ago. “On your fucking clubhouse?” 

“You smell like a fucking men.” He said. “I want to know who he is, where he is and if he has any last words.” Happy stated as he looked around the room and out of the window. You rolled your eyes, a smirk on your face. “Now what’s so fucking funny? Lover boy’s gonna suffer a painful and slow death.” 

“Crazy old man” You said pointing at your clothes on the ground. “I took a shower in your bathroom, idiot.” You said, shaking your head. “I smell like a man, because i took a bath and i used all your shit, paranoid freak.” 

Realization hitted Happy Lowman like a ton of bricks. He scrunched up his nose and put the gun back in his waist, looking at you with a calm face now, as you smirked at him, arms crossed. 

“Okay, i freaked out.” He admitted. You nodded and smiled at him, finding it cute how he was so worried about loosing you. You licked your lips out of habit and walked over to him, pulling him down until your lips were in front of each other. 

“I would be an idiot if i cheated on you, old man.” He nodded, smirking down at you again, running his hands inside your t-shirt. 

“I’m an idiot for believing you would” He said, pecking your lips, slowly deepening the kiss. “On my defense…” he said in between hot kisses. “I love you too much, the mere thought of another man laying hands on you drives me fucking insane…” 

“That’s a good thing.” You said grabbing both of his hands and pulling him towards you. “You’re only one laying hands on me.” You smirked lusty at him as you got rid of the shirt on your body. He licked his lips, nodding, loving the view. 

“Damn right, little girl.” 


I LOVE the idea of Knight!Raven. Just imagine her being badass and being Apple’s knight and shinning armor. I heard similar headcanons, like Daring and Raven switching destinies (Daring being the evil king (queen) and Raven being Apple’s “prince”) and another one (actually an fanfic) where everyone at EAH thinks that Raven is Apple’s prince because she woke her up from her deep slumber (she gives her CPR). Raven denies it while Apple starts to believe it. I wish Knight!Raven had more supporters and fan art. If I could draw for shit, I would do it myself XD But what about you guys? Does anyone else like this headcanon? Even if you don’t ship Rapple, do you still like Knight!Raven? 

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Three jocks Balthazar, Gabriel and Lucifer all just are the biggest bullies in their school, but when a cute, shy and geek girl name Deanna Winchester and the girls are picking on her because of her clothes, the three jocks goes up to her and just rescue her like she was the damsel in distress. The girls were shocked and complained that they should protecting them and not that geek, but the three jocks were too busy making sure the cutie Deanna gets to her class safely.

Kansas High was ruled by three bullies named Balthazar, Gabriel, and Lucifer. Now, let’s get one thing out of the way, the three of them were not your stereotypical jocks that made fun of nerds because they were the schools pride and joy. Nope. They were the ones that made jocks that thought they were high and might feel like absolute shit, but they weren’t knights in shinning armors that the gods have sent down to protect school misfits. In short, they picked on anyone.

Or that’s what everybody thought.

The three’s attention was stolen one day when they were walking down a hallway and a girl was shoved roughly out of the girls bathroom. Books and binders spiraled across the floor as they fell out of the girls arms. She landed on her butt and almost fell on her back but her arm stuck out, catching herself.

Balthazar, Gabriel, and Lucifer recognized her from a few of their past classes. Deanna, the blonde with emerald eyes that always sat in the front taking notes.

Lilith, Ruby, and Bela looked down at Deanna with smirks. Deanna avoided their eyes and went to pick up her textbook, but a foot kicked it out of reach and almost hit her. They snickered.

“What’s your problem?” Deanna asked. She picked up her stuff and stood up.

“Our ‘problem’,” Lilith stepped into Deanna’s face, her smirk still wide and so easily punch-able, “is that a certain bitch doesn’t know to stay out of the girls bathroom dressed like that.”

Deanna’s clothing was from goodwill, but that didn’t seem to be the problem. The problem was that Deanna had a little brother, the problem was that their dad made little to no money. So, saving her dad the money of clothing for Sammy when he gets older, Deanna wore men’s clothing that was little baggy. That was the problem, the fact that she wore men’s clothing.

“At least she doesn’t look like someone copy and pasted her.”

They turned their heads to see Gabriel, Balthazar, and Lucifer standing close. The cheerleaders swallowed a little and frowned.

“If it isn’t the three outcasts,” Ruby commented harshly. “I thought there was no better or worse people in your eyes.”

“So, why are you defending her?” Bela chimed in.

Lucifer, who was standing the farthest away, was in their faces in two strides. His blue were nothing like his gentle smile, they were furious and anger and made the girls knees weak. “Listen hear, you have no right to question us. You three have personalities as bland as rice cake, and the only thing I could ever come pair you to without insulting anyone is the end slice of a bread, do you know why?”

The girls shook their heads no.

“Because, like the end slice, everybody touches you but no one will ever want you,” Lucifer told them in the sweetest voice possible, which didn’t fit with the words at all.

Deanna blinked before being escorted by Gabriel and Balthazar down the hall, followed closely by Lucifer. She almost wished she could see Lilith, Ruby, and Bela’s faces.

river’s confession

so while i was watching the christmas ep.; i noticed how river actually TALKED about the Doctor and not in some hero worship way

if you notice, you see what river had gone through after ‘let’s kill hitler’ (maybe even earlier when she was still a kid and had grown up with amy and rory because of the stories that amy would’ve told her). she was counting on him in some way to rescue her. like a shinning knight in armor (fairy tale). 

but we all KNOW that he doesn’t really show up on time. and that’s a hard truth that river had to learn because he IS fallible because he can’t always be there.

so this is river’s own confession: i love him but i had to learn that he’s not always going to be there when i need him. i’ve done things that have hurt me physically and emotionally but i still love him and will forgive him.

after the Doctor hears all of this; there’s only one thing that he can say to ask for her forgiveness:

Catch Their Eye!

If you really want to catch the eye of an Aries be unattainable to a certain extent.

If you really want to catch the eye of a Taurus show them how put together, confident, and willing you are.

If you really want to catch the eye of a Gemini you have to be a little bit of everything with a whirlwind persona.

If you really want to catch the eye of a Cancer be their knight in shinning armor/superwoman who only they can take care of and know.

If you really want to catch the eye of a Leo you have to be the boss, the alpha, the winner, the star… or at least their star.

If you really want to catch the eye of a Virgo appear to be perfect…. to keep them show that no one can be perfect, even them.

If you really want to catch the eye of a Libra show real kindness and prove that you are their other half.

If you really want to catch the eye of a Scorpio you have to appear to be deep or someone worth exploring.

If you really want to catch the eye of a Sagittarius be cute and a bit wild, be someone who always sparks their imagination.

If you really want to catch the eye of  a Capricorn stand by who you are and be persistent in getting to know them.                                                     

If you really want to catch the eye of an Aquarius be different, maybe a little dangerous, and don’t fear the unknown.

If you really want to catch the eye of a Pisces be comfortable in your own skin and be someone they can give all their love to.


“Jaejoong? Well, your Jaejoongie is right here…
But it’s strange; he keeps begging me not to call you.
Aren’t you the one he loves?
His Knight in Shinning Armor?”

“Don’t worry, Jaejoong-ah.
Our Story is not over yet;
In fact, the last chapter has not even begun.”

“For You” - A Yunjae Drama Part 7/?


Previous Parts: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, & 6

Just a filler-chapter, cause I wanted to show Yunho getting all fired up and ready to go save his Jae… Sorry, I promise it’ll get more interesting soon. ^///^

My gifs/edits.


God bless Kim Seokjin for blessing us with his talented and beautiful self. I love you Jin TT_TT None of us deserve you tbh T_T you precious, precious soul. p.s: remeber, you’re not old, everyone else is just a fetus <3 ily shoulder-hyung <3