knight in shinging armor

Songfic Masterlist

everything stays  by simonsokay

baz and penelope try to surprise simon at christmas and on his birthday, but simon is the one who ends up surprising them. a story about the slow process of recovery and some thoughts on the nature of hope.

Happier by snowkatze

Sometimes you have to let go of the things you love to save them. That’s why Baz broke up with Simon. But maybe he isn’t as fine as he pretends to be. And maybe Simon isn’t either.

Here’s to the Fools Who Dream by snowkatze

We all dream every now and then. The human mind likes to wander beyond the sky and beyond what is, into a world where everything feels lighter than the heaviness of our reality.

My Knight in Shinging Armor by snowkatze

He finds it hard to trust someone,
He’s heard the words cause they’ve all been sung.

Only Cowards Run Away by snowkatze

Oh here I go again

Baz wakes up in the morning, earlier than Simon. He turns around to watch him sleep and his heart aches with love. He is aware that this doesn’t do any good and brings him nothing but pain. He should stop it, that would be for the best. For Simon’s sake and for his own.

Save Myself by snowkatze

It felt like magic, the first time it happened. It made click and suddenly everything changed. Chaos became logic. Logic became chaos.


Damon: Hello there, beautiful, how was school?

Y/N: Woah, just like my own knight in shinging armor, comes to pick me after school on his white horse. In your case leather jacket and Camaro but I’m pleased anyways.

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