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Bloodborne Lady Evelyn concept art. The one on the right is my design of her in full Cainhurst Armor unique to her and the one on the left is her Angel of Death outfit (Hunter Attire).

One of my favorite character’s to draw, I enjoyed every moment of creating her. Inspiration of the armor design came from the fallen Cainhurst knights scattered about deep in the chalice dungeons.

Enjoy this lovely woman! For the honor of Cainhurst!



Think of this as a tribute not only to my favorite DC characters, but also to the return of Gotham, loved last nights episode and I’m just glad I this came out so good!

Long time coming, drew these guys MONTHS ago and had some anxiety problems before I could start outlining and coloring, but hey, I survived and look what I accomplished!! :D

- Inmate and Street Kid
- Formal Attire
- Mad City
- The Hero and The Villain


Knight Attire 02 by Pshaman

Rupphirebomb day 4: Alternate designs

Here’s Ruby and Sapphire dressed as two other red and blue characters who I ship: Camus and Miklotov, the former captains of the Red Knights and the Blue Knights respectively from Suikoden 2! These two share quite a few parallels with Ruby and Sapphire including the fact that they both defected from an unjust regime and end up fighting in a rebellion together.

Also, I just thought Ruby and Sapphire would look cool in knight attire.

#643. Meta knight and Kirby are the same species, his real name is just Knight. He gained his attire and abilities from the same way Kirby powers up, but as an adult, he can keep the ability forever. The ability is called “meta” so he became “Meta Knight”. Also, he is Kirby's uncle, but Kirby knows none of this. The only ones who know are Palutena from her psychic powers, Rosalina because Palutena gossiped to her, and the other kids (Ness, Toon Link and Villager) because since learning abilities from Paula, Ness has been getting visions and such as well, and he learned it in a vision. Also, Dedede has a very strong suspicion that they’re related somehow and confronts Knight about it all the time, but he refuses to admit it.
Fic: Shine With All The Untold (1/?)

Title: Shine With All The Untold
Rating: T (for now, will probably be NC-17 later)
Summary: Belle’s father invites Sir Rumpelstiltskin, the ogreslayer, to lodge in their manor during his journey home. Belle expects yet another dull, self-impressed brute with a sword: the man she discovers is something else entirely. Set in the Author’s AU at the end of season 4.

A/N: this is the Sir Rumpelstiltskin fic I’ve been teasing. Based off what we know of the finale right now, so basically treat it as a non-canon AU.

Previous instalments

Belle had become disenchanted by war stories long ago.

It was an unfortunate by-product of being the daughter of a man who’s entire life had been spent in armour: Sir Maurice had done nothing but fight and defend since he was old enough to hold a sword. It was all he knew, and thus all he talked about. It had grown ever worse once Belle’s mother had died, too, for suddenly any story of peacetime was clouded with the memory of what had been lost.

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Tomorrow Was Forever

As children tomorrow was forever
we’d accomplish a great many things
nothing could stop us, we’d become
poets, pirates or maybe even kings

Noble knights attired in our armor
nary an adventure we wouldn’t dare
we’d vanquish every dragon to win
the heart of the lovely maiden fair 

There could then be no stopping us
great empires as sycamores we’d fell 
and long into the misty distant future
of our exploits would the elders tell

Today so terribly much has changed 
the fire burns yet the nights are cold
and only one great question remains 
why did the gods ever let us grow old 


Ever After High Dragon Games

I primarily collect just the signature dolls from the Ever After High series, however this new Dragon Games is probably the first time I will be buying the whole series. The armor, the details.. they are amazing. Heres to hoping there will be full sized dragons for each of these (Apple is the lucky one to come along with one) as well as the male characters in Knights Attire complete with swords and shields. Cmon Mattel make it Happen! 

‘Suge’ Knight to stand trial on murder, attempted murder charges

Los Angeles Times: Marion “Suge” Knight will stand trial on murder and attempted murder charges in connection with a fatal hit-and-run incident, a judge ruled.

The ruling came after the surviving alleged victim recanted parts of his statements to authorities. Knight’s attorney argues he acted in self-defense.

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Photo: Former rap mogul Marion “Suge” Knight, in orange jail attire, appears with attorney Matthew Fletcher in Los Angeles criminal court April 8. (Irfan Khan / Los Angeles Times)