knight anoles

The cats have delivered three more lizards, all from different species.

I have a question. How much do these goddamn things bang that there are so many stable populations in our backyard? I swear, every day the backyard loses one to six lizards, and yet there is an infinite supply. Some of them are babies, and some are fully grown!

We regularly encounter (read: pry out of cat mouths) the little brown anoles with the dewlaps, the curlytails, the stripey slinky racerunners, and the greenbutt giant ameivas. The big dinosaur knight anoles and small iguanas come by occasionally, and the pink and brindled night geckos are usually fine because the cats don’t go out at night.

How are these things getting into our yard? Why are they getting into our yard? Why is the lizard population not shrinking?

My Pets

Just compiling a list of my pets, since I get asked about how many/what I have. I’ll update it accordingly.


EGG!! WE HAVE AN EGG! The Cuban knight anoles laid an EGG today so I’m going to try my darndest to incubate it. When it hatches I’ll raise it to a sellable size and we will sell it at work.

I’ve got an uth in a Styrofoam container connected to a thermostat and a thermo/hygrometer in there. I’m letting it heat up now and stabilizing it before I add the egg. I’ll also be switching it to the hatchrite in a second, the moss was just what we had on hand.

I hope it hatches, and I hope she lays some more! I’m so excited. Unfortunately Cuban anoles are rarely captive bred, which makes NO sense to me because they are incredible animals and do breed in captivity. So if we can offer a handful if captive bred ones that would be great.


I’ve had lots of questions about how I fit so many animals, or how things are kept. So I decided to take some pictures to share!

This is my bedroom, I have tanks in the kitchen and living room, as well as the pond+some mice+ turkey jerky (ball python) downstairs but they were not included.

Feel free to share your pet space too, if you want!

List of things under the cut!

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