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[Halloween] Going To a Haunted House With Them (BTS)

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Author: Taebaby

NAMJOON: Obviously, he wouldn’t really be scared of anything, but he would get hit with a few jump-scares and have a bit of fun

YOONGI: Low-key, sometimes I think Yoongi is in a coma or something. He wouldn’t even blink if someone broke through a brick wall and swung an ax a centimeter from his face. Light some fireworks though- that’ll get em

HOSEOK:  No lie, he’d actually be kinda scared. The role of knight and damsel-in-distress would be flipped completely and he’d end up hanging on to you to keep his shaky knees up

SEOKJIN:  This boy, he would be scared but he’d die before he admitted it, shit. You’d prob be able to tell though, but you wouldn’t call him out on it, instead humoring him, telling him how brave he is

JIMIN: This precious sugar bun, he would be totally scared, but he;d be honest about it at least. And you’d be able to deal with the high pitch screams because of how cute it was, bless his soul

TAEHYUNG: No chill with this boy. You couldn’t tell he was screaming because he was actually scared or if he was screaming because it was a fun fuckin thing to do. Either way, he’d have loads of fun

JUNGKOOK: Damn kid would as unfazed as ever. He’d walk in without sunglasses and come out with em because damn it feels good to be a gangsta

Olivarry Week 2016 | Day One | Fairy Tale AU

Oliver hadn’t stopped cursing himself since the moment he’d donned his armor and mounted up, riding off to some glorious sunset that ended in an enchanted tower and, of course, a waiting princess.

That’s what the fairy tales all said, anyway, if the many books he’d read to Thea growing up were any indication. It was all pretty straightforward: a knight in shining armor, a damsel in distress, and a monster of some kind to overcome. The dragon defeated, the princess saved, the knight bestowed with honor and glory and love. That’s how it always went.

Bullshit, the lot of them.

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“Hey Sammy?” You asked and he turned to look at you with a raised eyebrow “You know that suits you annoyingly well” you noted. He looked confused until you nodded to the large sword in his hand. “I must have been a knight in a previous life” he chuckled and raised it pretending to be the knight you knew he was inside. “What previous life, you can’t have one if no one will let you die” you pointed out and he shrugged changing the subject. “So if I’m a knight, what does that make you?” he asked and you grinned bouncing on your toes a little. 

“You noble steed?” you asked and he grinned standing up and letting the weapon fall to his side. “No, you have to be the damsel in distress, then I can come and save you” he grinned and strode across the room to pull you into his arms. “I wouldn’t think so, distress? Me? Two words that never go together” you muttered and he rolled his eyes. “I have saved your ass more times that I can count on both hands” he pointed out and your smirked 

“Like wise, lets call it even then. We can both be damsels?” you offered 

“Who’s the knight then?” Sam asked and your snorted a laugh looking at Sam’s older brother, Dean, who was trying his very best to not look. “No, coz then it get’s weird” he pointed out and you sigh giving in. 

“Fine, you can be the knight, I’ll the damsel, he can be the nobel steed. After all what would you do with out him?” you grinned. 

“Fine” Sam smirked back “but if that’s the case, then I get to do this” he said and leaned down form his great height to press his lips against yours. 

Ok being the trash that I am I’m always a slut for princess/knight aus and ok Shallura where it’s the well known ‘beautiful girl trapped in a tower’ thing so Shiro sets out on a mission to save the girl. (May or may not run into ANOTHER knight after the damsel *cough*Lance*cough) He faces all sorts of perils trying to get to her, and finally reaches the tower, only to see a girl standing outside of it looking extremely pleased with herself and he’s just like “are you here to save the girl in the tower???” And she just stares at him for a moment before she starts laughing and is like, “I am the girl in the tower lol and yes, I suppose I did just save myself.”

And then they have all sorts of adventures that mainly consist of Shiro being the damsel more often than Allura and Shiro wondering what he’s gotten himself into


Scarlet held a heavy smirk as she waited in the trees for her next victim. She could tell today would be a good one. The air had something mysterious in it. Had a stranger entered the woods? She grew excited as she thought of all the possibilities.

A brave knight? Royalty? A damsel in distress?

All would be wonderful events, all things to keep her busy while she awaited night to fall, anxiously of course. This was how she got by through life; making sure she was distracted.

As she saw someone start making their way through the trail, she decided to make her eerie presence known.

“Hello, Stranger.”

Jealousy and the White Woman

It occurs to me that one of the reasons that so many non women of color have a problem with this wonderful romance is jealousy.

I kept thinking that at the heart of all this is was racism, but that’s not all there is to it.

Rick Grimes is the protagonist, the lead, the boss. He’s the flawed knight in shining armor and growing up the knight always ends up with the princess. But princess don’t look like Michonne do they? Even warrior princess are whitewashed.

But not this warrior princess. She’s powerful, fearless, brave and BLACK. She has the map of Africa on her face.

And I can imagine for many non-women of color this situation is off putting. Women’s roles as a whole are limited and white women have a hold as the love interest in most stories. That’s their thing! So when poor Jessie was introduced it was obvious that this would be the Knights damsel in distress. Except she wasn’t.

We all look for representation and in Jessie many non women of color saw themselves. And that allowed them to live out THEIR fantasies. But when it was over and Rick realizes that his partner and best friend was the one he wanted that fantasy was blown up. Rick doesn’t need a damsel in distress, Lori wasn’t even someone who needed to be rescued.

This romance between Rick and Michonne still boggles MY mind and I saw them together in season 3! But it makes all the sense in the world to people with sense! So I imagine that when a non woman of color sees a dark skinned black woman taking what they deem as their place, there is a feeling of jealousy. What is this new threat? She’s supposed to be his partner and a caretaker for his children not his lover.

For women of color to see a black women respected and loved the way Rick loves Michonne is a thing of beauty. And one that we cherish. Who knows when we will see it again?

at one point in my short life, i was single for over a year. to me, that was probably the worst and most unsuccessful time simply because i was looking for love and affection in a man. i wanted someone to cater to my every need, and fill a void and heal loss and trauma in my life. i went around looking for a savior. i was looking for a knight to save the damsel that was in distress. i was looking for someone to pick the weeds of my garden so that i would be able to flourish and grow. i was looking for intimacy and security. i prayed and prayed that my Father would send someone my way so that i was able to be saved. i wanted a man to take me out of this mess i was in. i wanted a man to make me feel like the pain and abuse in my past didn’t happen, and erase any memory of it. God had a different plan. He brought someone into my life that did not save me, but pointed me to the Savior, my Savior. don’t go into relationships thinking that your significant other will save you. they will not. look to Christ. He has already saved you on that hill. that act of love and sacrifice is enough to fulfill every one of your needs.