knight and damsel

I lost myself
After I gave you my all.
I gave you my heart and
When I did,
It became your duty to protect it,
Not break it.
I was a damsel in distress
And you were supposed to be
My knight in shining armour.
You weren’t chivalrous,
You broke your oath.
You were always
So fond of your sword
And you acted gallantly
Swearing on your sword
To protect me with all you had,
But it was that sword…
That sword that you used
To stab my heart.
I gave you my heart.
I gave you my all,
But you waited
Until I was most vulnerable
To strike.
I gave you my heart
But you returned it
Broken beyond repair.
I lost you.
You lost me.
I fear I will never find love.
Not because I’m unlovable,
But because I learned
How much damage one can do
No matter how knightly
They may seem.
I now realise
That you wore your amour
To hide the villain behind
The valiant “hero.”
—  Fears can kill #1 // S.T.

Even half out of his mind Cas will still instinctively fight the scariest being on the planet to protect Dean.

Originally posted by mishacolins

Originally posted by mishacolins

*Sobbingly compares this to every classical romance story ever about a knight protecting his damsel in his last stand after being cut down and broken, still trying to protect her.*
  • raphael, harshly: valentine tried to *kill* you or have you already forgotten?
  • simon: but he didn't.
  • raphael: you're not safe here; you belong with your clan
  • simon: i literally just settled in here and now you wanna play nice?? why do you do this? why now? you don't even need me
  • raphael, softer: please
  • simon: *raphael's hand on his cheek* fuck

Mark Bryant Moodboard

  • Aries: The warrior, the commander, the general, the fighter, the dragon-slayer, the challenger, the individualist, the child, the fighter, the thrill-seeker, the reckless, the impatient, the first, the pioneer, the bold, the brave, the fearless, the voyager, the entrepreneur, the stunt person, the dare devil, the competitor, the experimentalist.
  • Taurus: The empress, the earth mother, the preservationist, the hedonist, the sensualist, the materialist, the greedy, the grounded one, the realist, the good samaritan, the solid citizen, the bon vivant, the Honest Abe, the confidant, the protector, the adherent, the thoughtful one, the bully, the gentle giant, the dependable one, the musician, the peaceful one, the epicurean.
  • Gemini: The jester, the fool, the student, the thief, the comedian, the light-hearted, the one with the Peter Pan complex, the playful one, the one who never takes anything seriously, the imp, the trickster, the messenger, the gossip, the herald, the journalist, the practical joker, the sarcastic one, the class clown, the communicator, the talk-show host, the doppelganger.
  • Cancer: The girl/boy-next-door, the protective one, the helper, the giver, the intuitive, the witch, the wizard, the nurturer, the maternal figure, the caretaker, the defender, the fairy godmother, the kind one, the supportive one, the counselor, the angel, the giver, the enchantress, the siren, the mother, the crone, Mother Nature, the loyalist, the companion.
  • Leo: The hero, the noble, the generous, the ace, the chosen one, the hooker with a heart of gold, the dramatist, the performer, the creator, the star, the show-stopper, the narcissist, the praise-seeker, the braggart, the champion, the diva, the king and queen, the guiding light, the actor/actress, the headliner, the entertainer.
  • Virgo: The detective, the scholar, the observer, the thinker, the inquisitive, the critic, the intellectual, the bookworm, the author, the contemplative, the investigator, the perfectionist, the expert, the scientist, the research, the planner, the adviser, the mastermind, the scribe, the analyst, the nurse, the medicine man, the selfless.
  • Libra: The sweetheart, the darling, the charmer, the idealist, the romantic, the flirt, the sensualist, the enthusiast, the partner, the diplomat, the schmoozer, the pretty woman, prince charming, the star-crossed lover, the femme fatale, the flirt, the people-pleaser, the judge, the mediator, the peacemaker, the debater, the advocate, the just ruler, the lawful good.
  • Scorpio: The magician, the spy, the vampire, the bad boy/girl, the shaman, the healer, the transformer, the psychologist, the criminal, the obsessive, the passionate, the mysterious, the broody one, the anti hero, the reluctant monster, the seducer, the temptress, the survivor, the one with a tragic backstory, the manipulator, the alchemist.
  • Sagittarius: The sage, the philosopher, the academic, the teacher, the professor, the explorer, the adventurer, the preacher, the mentor and guide, the seeker, the wanderer, the traveler, the untameable, the happy-go-lucky character, the globetrotter, the fortune-hunter, the gambler.
  • Capricorn: The good kid, the role model, the CEO, the mob boss, the aristocrat, the manager, the captain, the responsible one, the rags-to-riches story, the determined, the achiever, the successor, the pragmatist, Father Time, the Grim Reaper, the authority figure, the emperor, the guardian, the laborer, the master.
  • Aquarius: The liberator, the outlaw, the maniac, the alien, the visionary, the catalyst, the inventor, the genius, the innovator, the eccentric, the pirate, the true believer, the creative, the wild man, the misfit, the lovable rogue, the rebellious spirit, the rule-breaker, the devil's advocate, the mad scientist.
  • Pisces: The mystic, the wise elder, the psychic, the oracle, the blind seer, the martyr, the dreamer, the saint, the sinner, the savior, the sufferer, the empath, the knight in shining armor, the damsel in distress, the escapist, the innocent, the shape-shifter, the starving artist, the storyteller, the spiritualist, the old soul, the last.

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I'd really love it if one of you amazing mods wrote a shrunkyclunks one, or one where Bucky goes against the social norms of being an Alpha to please Steve more. Thanks :D

I hear your shrunkyclunks or nonconventional relationship and raise you shrunkyclunks AND nonconventional relationship. :) - Mod Jay

Bucky Barnes had always been stereotyped, he was big and bulky and alpha, and all of those brought assumptions. Other alphas assumed that he’d want to jostle and compete with them for standing and dominance, omegas and betas assumed that he’d want to be the dominant partner and either treated him accordingly or avoided him altogether. It wasn’t like Bucky couldn’t play the part, playing up his chivalry to show his dates a good time, or using his natural intimidation to get jackasses at the bar to leave other people alone.

But it felt like he was missing something, from his relationships and from his life. It made him feel unsettled or untethered the world. He went through the motions, working his engineering job at Starktech Industries and the occasional date, just vaguely depressed and detached from it all. He really had no idea what he was waiting for until all 6 ft 2 inches of it dropped into his lap.


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how do you feel about bull as a dragon or dorian as a dragon (or both!) and what sort of hijinks would you think they'd get up to? is the reputation of being a dragon a surprise sprung upon everyone in the inquisition? also anything else related to either of them being dragons?

here’s….. “anything else related to either of them being dragons”: bull as a traditional high fantasy, gold-hoarding, village-terrorizing dragon

He eats a lot of people. it’s par for the course. Fair maidens, dashing knights of all genders, the occasional sorcerer, but their beards are always really wispy…

And THEN. One day, from the mystical North, where the Iron Bull has never again ventured since leaving his home, comes –[dramatic pause]– The Necromancer.

This douche sets up in the castle Bull had just been about to make his new lair, and stuffs it full of reanimated minions! He starts kidnapping villagers from the Bull’s kingdoms! Demanding tribute from the Bull’s terrified subjects!

Bull decides to go and give this puny human a piece of his mind. He’s a (moderately accomplished) shapeshifter, so he goes in a nice, intimidating, almost human skin.

The Necromancer is not intimidated. He thinks the Bull’s not-dragon body is hot. After some roaring and dramatic unfurling of wings, he also think’s the Bull’s actual-dragon body is hot. Can’t they share these these terrorized villages? he asks. Surely dragons don’t need that many sorcerers. Wouldn’t he rather just have knights and damsels? Also, would he care for some cocoa?

People wind up just moving out of the area instead of dealing with the pair of them. Except for the innkeeper, who does a roaring trade with the Heroes who come to slay them. The second night is always free, she tells them. She’s never had to make good on the offer.

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Heres a fun thing for the current prompts and your favorite ship. Pikelan.

Bless you friend, truly blessed you

- who’s the werewolf and who’s the hunter: Pike is the world renowned hunter, working in the name of her goddess to rid the world of the lycanthropic plague, only to meet the world’s most useless werewolf, Scanlan Shorthalt, who would seem more vicious and scary if he didn’t trip over himself all the time when turned and flirt insesantly with her when human, badly I must add.
- who’s the mermaid and who’s the fisherman: Mermaid Pike who notices Scanlan, the fisherman who hates what he does but does it so he can support himself and his daughter, and decides to tease him and play games in order to brighten his mood. And, of course, he immediately falls in love as soon as he lays eyes on her, and comes to love his job as it means he gets to see her more. And the more he comes and they play and talk, the more Pike falls in love.
- who’s the witch and who’s the familiar: Pike comes from a long line of powerful witches, but she doesn’t want anything to do with the dark practices, wanting instead to devote herself to her goddess and being good. Which would be easier if it weren’t for her talkative and flirtatious, feline familiar Scanlan, who keeps managing to get her into trouble.
- who’s the barista and who’s the coffee addict: Pike is clearly the barista, favorite of many regulars for her bright and friendly personality and sweet beauty and is using the money to fund her nightime wrestling gigs, and Scanlan is a suffering music teacher who’s completely addicted to coffee and hopelessly in love with her
- who’s the professor and who’s the TA: Scanlan who is the flirtatious and lecherous old English professor, who is really cool but not a really effective teacher, falls head over heels in love with his new assistant, Pike, who is an incredible and responsible young woman who picks up his slack and always seems over stressed, and so he decides to step up his game and become a better teacher for her sake
- who’s the knight and who’s the prince(ss): Holy knight Pike and ‘damsel in distress’ princess Scanlan, I got nothing else, this is all you need
- who’s the teacher and who’s the single parent: Pike is the over worked but very caring highschool religious studies teacher who is worried about moody and antisocial Kaylie Shorthalt and calls her father in to figure out ways to help her, and ends up falling for this ridiculous man and his dad life story
- who’s the writer and who’s the editor: Scanlan is a world famous romance novelist and Pike is his new editor. Things are pretty normal at first, until he starts giving her little notes in his writing, which she finds endearing, and then he even starts writing romantic scenes with their names.

[Halloween] Going To a Haunted House With Them (BTS)

Requested by a lovely anon <3

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Author: Taebaby

NAMJOON: Obviously, he wouldn’t really be scared of anything, but he would get hit with a few jump-scares and have a bit of fun

YOONGI: Low-key, sometimes I think Yoongi is in a coma or something. He wouldn’t even blink if someone broke through a brick wall and swung an ax a centimeter from his face. Light some fireworks though- that’ll get em

HOSEOK:  No lie, he’d actually be kinda scared. The role of knight and damsel-in-distress would be flipped completely and he’d end up hanging on to you to keep his shaky knees up

SEOKJIN:  This boy, he would be scared but he’d die before he admitted it, shit. You’d prob be able to tell though, but you wouldn’t call him out on it, instead humoring him, telling him how brave he is

JIMIN: This precious sugar bun, he would be totally scared, but he;d be honest about it at least. And you’d be able to deal with the high pitch screams because of how cute it was, bless his soul

TAEHYUNG: No chill with this boy. You couldn’t tell he was screaming because he was actually scared or if he was screaming because it was a fun fuckin thing to do. Either way, he’d have loads of fun

JUNGKOOK: Damn kid would as unfazed as ever. He’d walk in without sunglasses and come out with em because damn it feels good to be a gangsta

Fuck this show for trying to paint James as an evil villain coming between the true love of the twinkbot knight and the “damsel” in distress. Oh and now they’re trying to imply he’s the killer? For one thing even if that was James’ shadow, he was probably just looking for a spare set of keys or something. No way is my James Nightingale a murderer. 


Favorite character meme
[2/4] relationships: Paul Ballard