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visually impaired Blaine

Born for Her, Destined for You

Blaine had barely uttered his first cry when he was paired with the girl who would be his queen. He’s been raised to expect it his entire life, and when he takes the throne at eighteen the chemistry between them seems natural, something Blaine would be content with for the rest of his life. Until he meets the confident and beautiful Kurt, who turns everything he thought he wanted upside down. A tricky proposition brings them closer, but as feelings grow stronger they find that desires and morals conflict.

Rated M for sexual content. 


MY FIRST BABB !! i feel so lucky for have been paired with the amaZING writer that @style-of-blaine-anderson is!  it made my job so much easier and fun :’D!!! GO READ THE FIC NOWNOWNOW! I KNOW YOU’LL LOVE IT <3 

PS: wait for the sequel!!!

(Based on this post) The time that Blaine talked in his sleep uwu

Kurt started to notice it when they were curled up on the couch in his living room, and Blaine had fallen asleep tucked underneath a thin blanket and Kurt’s chin. Resting his cheek against the armrest, he drew his fingers gently along Blaine’s arm as he listened to his father in the kitchen rummaging through the drawers. Some of Blaine’s curls spilled onto Kurt’s forearm, buried beneath the warmth of Blaine’s head and wisps of breath as the arm draped over Blaine’s back felt the rise and fall of the boy’s chest.

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I’ve had this idea wandering around my head for a while now. I really wanted to do Kurt with antlers, and it transformed into this stag/fertility spirit of the forest. I like to imagine knight Blaine coming upon him bathing in the misty dawn light.

The idea was inspired very loosely on Riah’s forest god from  The Knight and the Oak Tree (I just love old pagan forest spirits and gods), as well as Endofadream’s deer makeup tutorial which reminded me how much I love deer markings. 

(I added a closeup because I’m rather pleased with the face detail)

Tales and Stories

Summary: Blaine was not meant to be a knight and facing off dragons was never something he wanted to do.

Prompt: Blaine is ‘taken’ by a dragon. Really the dragon (Kurt) saw him hurt and brought him to his cave to care for him and Blaine ended up staying. Blaine’s family find him and are very confused by what they find. Bonus if Kurt’s treasure is books.

Warnings: Injuries


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drabble; blaine as a medieval knight

The dragon stalked in on him, vicious and seething, it’s long green tail trashing behind him. Kurt was trapped; his back pressed against a tree as the creature slowly creeped in on him. He could only stand there helplessly and await his inevitable death. The dragon’s yellow slits of eyes were fixated on him and it sneered, baring long, startlingly white teeth. It was close now and Kurt brazed himself, expecting the stab of pain from sharp teeth sinking into flesh or the agonizing feeling of being burned alive…

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Swept Off My Feet

Advent Prompt #4: I was dragged to this Renaissance Faire by my friend. This isn’t really a thing I do but you are all dressed up and apparently an actor here and won’t stop referring to me as My Lord and it really shouldn’t be as hot as it is. Klaine AU 1.9K [AO3] Special thanks to @savvymavvy for serving as my consultant on all things Renn Faire. Read Previous Advent fics on: AO3 | Tumblr

Rachel (4:45 PM): 911 EMERGENCY RED ALERT

Rachel (4:48 PM): Kurt, I know you are home watching documentaries about the Royal Family. We share a Netflix account, remember? I can see what you’re watching from the app on my phone. TEXT ME BACK

Kurt sighs heavily, knowing that he’s busted. It’s not that he’s unwilling to be there for his roommate; it’s just that Rachel’s “emergencies” usually take the form of her trying to fix him up with a cute guy at work or needing an audience while she workshops various audition songs and monologues… for six straight hours. He picks up his phone and types out a quick reply text.

Kurt (4:51 PM): I seem to remember telling you not to text me 911 unless something or someone was on fire.

Rachel (4:51 PM): Kurt, I’m working at Renn Faire, there are open flames everywhere ;)

Kurt (4:52 PM): …and did one of those flames catch you on fire?

Rachel (4:52 PM): Well, no…

Kurt (4:52 PM): Then what’s the emergency?

Rachel (4:53 PM): I forgot the period appropriate corset that I got custom-made for my role as Lady Sybil. DISASTER. My costume doesn’t fit properly without it. Thankfully I got here two hours early to start on my hair and makeup and brush up on my improv skills with some of the other actors. Can you bring it to me, pretty please? I’m at the actors’s entrance to Tuxedo Park.

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anonymous asked:

Klaine - 38

38-“You fainted…straight into my arms. You know, if you wanted my attention you didn’t have to go to such extremes.”

Kurt blinks until the dark spots vanish from his vision.

“You okay there?”

Still blinking, Kurt realizes that something–someone–is holding him up in a practically perfect dip.

That that someone has strong arms, gentle hands and a soft voice.

Meh, could have been worse, all things considered.

“Aaarf,” is all he manages to let out when the dizziness returns at full blast.

“Easy,” his Knight in Soft armor says, before bringing a straw close to his mouth. “Drink up, it’s milk chocolate.”

Kurt sips a couple of times, his vision clearing up.

Oh my.

Could have been much worse indeed.

“What happened,” he says, voice still slurring, and honest to God, it’s the last time he lets Santana drag him along the latest dietary trend.

Fast and pineapple juice, really.

“You fainted,” the man says with a layer of concern in his voice, “straight into my arms.” He pauses, and Kurt keeps on sipping the chocolate drink while looking at him. A sort of smirk, but more gentle, appears on the man’s face. “You know, if you wanted my attention, you didn’t have to go to such extremes.”

The man has one hand on Kurt’s back, his thumb rubbing small circles between his shoulder blades.

Incredibly soothing.

“Good to know,” Kurt says before taking a final slurp of the drink that dissipated the last of his dizziness. “May I thank you with a proper lunch?”

The man’s eyes widen before he grins at Kurt. “You may.”

They carefully stand up and straighten up. “I’m Blaine,” Kurt’s Knight says, holding up one hand.


“Now, lunch?” Blaine asks, offering his arm to Kurt.

Kurt might swoon again, and this time, he won’t have an excuse.