im bored here's edgyblood's kits' warrior names

murderkit –> murdersong

doomkit –> doomheart

knifekit –> knifetail

poisonkit –> poisonfrog

gunkit –> gunpelt

starkit –> starnight (poppynose)

starnight became a runaway princess who ran with her gf almondrose, they’ve known each other since they were kits and fell in love when they were senior apprentices. changed her name to poppy to try and blend, found shelter in skyclan and currently resides there happily as poppynose with almondrose at her side

edgyblood and her family have no idea that she’s still alive and probably mourn her to this day

murdersong doesn’t really miss her as much though considering she got to take over the heiress role her sister had, though she wishes she could’ve taken the role on her own account rather than by default

doomheart was closest to starnight and practically raised her (he and murdersong were the first litter). he doesn’t understand why she left

knifetail exists. he has no feelings

poisonfrog was also fairly close to starnight but was the only one who knew about her love for almondrose so she is the only one who knows most of the reason why she left

gunpelt is both blind and deaf and probably doesn’t even know who starkit was


Camo EOD tanto sorted for a US LEO .

6MM thick 01 tool steel American tanto style tip with camo laminate G-10 scales and torx chain ring bolts .

The customer requested I add a matching fire steel loop to the kryptek Highlander sheath with one of my slimline army sized fire-steels and a long malice clip for pack carry .

 My original intention had been for small of the back scout carry with 2 Blade tech IWB loops which I could then run a Tactical Tailor Molle mag pouch off to carry key survival / SERE kit in .

 Kit contents include an @oscardelta mini Gotube with Photon Freedom micro , @topsknivesofficial folding hacksaw ,cyflect pimped APALS Britestrike strobe , baddest bee fire fuses with tinder paper circles and fire-steel toggle , a spool of nano cord with mono filament test fishing line core , GITD SERE compass and a mini  Leatherman tool .

 Custom knives , sheaths and gear from


Mandrake Ghost .

Kryptek Mandrake kydex carry for a new ghost green G-10 kiridashi .

I love the way the orange G-10  colour liners creep out through the thinned g-10 scales of the 6mm thick 01 tool steel kiridashi with carbon fiber tubes .

Available now to over 18′s , please contact at the email below .

 Custom knives , sheaths and gear from


Kryptek Highlander kydex via @knifekits made up for my stonewashed  6mm 01 tool steel EOD camo tanto .

Sheath can be horizontal / vertical belt carry via tek lok or MOLLE via  molle lok hardware.

 Available now only to over 18′s, please contact at the email below  .

Custom knives , sheaths and gear from


Thuya file sheathed .

Standard black kydex pocket or belt carried sheath for my thuya burled handled old Sheffield made file knife with cf pins / tube .

 Available now to over 18′s , please contact at the email below .

Custom knives, sheaths and gear from