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that simon pushing jace up a wall makes me feel a type of way. i'm gonna be sad if they don't include the scene where simon bites jace (but it's how he became a daylighter so they have to include it)

yeah I hope they include that scene because Jace straight up says he’d die for Simon afterwards like these are my sons right here and i just need a few jimon scenes in later seasons

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👄+ now you go kiss Destiny

muse-directed | closed > @destiny-be-damned

Send me a URL + 👄 and my muse will kiss them

The tension in Bakura’s hands eased, the shivering in his shoulders slowly giving way to a numb stillness. He looked at Atem with a blank look, less cautious and more drained. Running his tongue along his teeth, Bakura finally breathed out. Had he been holding his breath? It tasted like a sigh, rattled in his throat.

Resigned, Bakura looked away. “This is it, right?” His voice was faint, dying away quietly.

Almost collapsing against Atem for a moment, Bakura kissed him again - once more - not sharp, or even brief - it was just a moment, dull like a blunted knife. He let go of Atem, pulling back and immediately withdrawing into himself, folding away like an injured animal.


I can’t get over this performance of Knife Going In. This version…it’s too much for me. So much emotion…


“knife going in” - tegan and sara
directed & animated by kristine thune

this is another one of the animations i did for tegan and sara. it may seem a bit strange, but makes sense in my mind! if you’ve seen un chien andalou or anything by david lynch you are more than prepared to watch this video.


Tegan and Sara Medley (Sara forgets the words to Knife Going In)