Oil Brush Settings in ArtRage 4

The oil paint is probably the tool that ArtRage is best known for. It’s definitely one of the most fun painting tools in the program, and according to almost every review we’ve read, we have the most realistic oil paints in any of the digital art program on the market.

General Tips:

  • The default ArtRage canvas is well suited to just jumping in with the oils, but it’s often worth experimenting with different canvases.
  • Turn on Real Color Blending (Tools > Color Options in ArtRage 4) for the best color mixing effects.
  • The oils are generally not a very delicate tool. If you’re trying to actually draw, use a different tool.
  • If you find the oils are a bit too heavy and uncontrollable for you, try reducing the loading and pressure and increasing the thinners.
  • The Palette Knife and the Paint Tube both offer different ways to apply oil paint, so it’s worth experimenting with them at the same time.

About the Tool Settings

Stroke effects

  • Pressure
  • Rotation

Brush shape

  • Aspect
  • Square Head
  • Stiffness

Paint properties

  • Thinners
  • Loading
  • Insta Dry
  • Autoclean

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