knife with runes on


Scout - This blade can be found in my etsy shop! The glass vial has some laborite beads in it to ward off evil spirits, the cork on the vial has the Algiz rune as a ward from evil. 

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Glass vial can be found here:

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OKAY this is obviously a huge spoiler for the trespasser dlc but i had to draw it

i’ve seen some cool spirit/magic hand headcanons but i REALLY want dagna to make a cool rune-infused mechanical arm for the inquisitor! especially for cadash inquisitors! if anyone’s going to be making functional metal prostheses, it’s gonna be the dwarves! 

it can be used without any attachments as a day-to-day arm and then you can fit personalized rune fist/knife attachments on it for battle. you can switch out the attachments if you want different runes!

dagna probably also makes a lighter version (think furiosa) for everyday use since a giant metal thing is probably really heavy but the heavier version would be more sturdy/useful in a battle!

blackwall also probably carves the inquisitor some simple wooden hands for when she wants a lighter limb! maybe some intricate/ornate wooden versions for formal occasions?

i was super inspired by fma and the equalist gloves from korra if you couldn’t tell already!!!


These blade are available in my etsy shop. Order now to receive them for the holidays!!

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The runes are being carved!! Next will be heat treatment then hand sanding then!! Handle mounting and carving. If you are interested in any of these they are available except the “light” blade that one is spoken for. Message me here or visit my etsy shop or website with questions. Thanks all!!


A bit of today’s and yesterday work. I will be making more of the smaller knives…all of these blades are available except the hatchet with the handle. If you’re interested message me here or watch my etsy shop for when I post them.

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Thanks everyone!!