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I had so much fun making Chara! I just love the little picture of Chara doing the spoiler thing XD So I mad a thing! Hope you like it! :)

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According to Cass: Mini Witch Kits & Travel Altars


A mini witch kit or travel altar is exactly what it sounds like. It is a collection of small supplies put into a small container for the purpose of carrying them around, or easy hiding and storage.


As a secret witch, I use it instead of a large altar to do spell work in. It’s easily hidden and most of the time I just carry it around with me to classes. Lots of witches choose to use a mini witch kit to go away with them on holiday, others may use a travel kit in a dorm if they don’t have much space. Some witches want something to carry around with them for on the go spellwork.

At this point, you’re probably asking well why not a big altar? The answers are as varied as the witches who use them. I like a mini kit to carry with me, Sam likes one so they don’t purchase as many things, Ripple keeps one because he’s in a dorm and has no space, and the answers are endless. Mini altars can be used for so many things, nearly everyone has a use for one even if it’s just a pad of paper and a pen.


Mini doesn’t mean super tiny. I keep my altar in an Altoids tin, it’s packed but it serves my purpose. Other witches use shoe boxes which are a bit less conspicuous or decorative boxes, I’ve even seen picnic baskets as a mini altar! You aren’t limited to boxes though, you can keep them in a makeup pouch, or a jar, or even a spare pencil case.


Honestly, the options are ENDLESS. I don’t like liquids because I’m scared they will spill but here’s a quick list. In your mini altar you can include: crystals, herbs, vials of things, mini spell bottles, powders(properly sealed of course), bells, feathers, sigils, tea lights/candles, birthday candles, tea bags, matches, mini besoms/brooms, sticks, paper, pens, pendulums, pendulum boards, mini ouija boards and planchette, coins, jewelry, pocket knife, scissors, salt, journals, essential oils, castanets, keys, mini wands, runes, small bones, ribbon, dice, mini tarot cards, thread, items to represent the elements, and items to represent your deities.


Now we get to the fun part if you’re including things like bones, and feathers, and previously animal bits, please make sure you have obtained these legally. It is illegal in some areas to possess certain bones and certain feathers. Please make sure your herbs and organic materials are dried properly, they will rot and they will stink. On that note, please take care that light and heat sensitive items are stored properly (I’m looking at you, matches.) If you include a knife, be sure you are of proper age and are legally carrying it in your area.


In my lil’ altar I have:

  • Some small pieces of paper - for sigils or paper crafting/origami magic
  • White yarn - for knot magic
  • Thread in a few colors - for color correspondences in knot magic, and tying to candles for color correspondences
  • Matches - for the candle
  • Salt - for cleansing (and salting fries)
  • A jar of lavender buds
  • A school productivity spell jar (tutorial coming soon)
  • Candle - for candle magic
  • Striker - for matches
  • Clear Quartz - for cleansing, and channeling energy

Check ya later!
SassMaster, a Very Prickly Cactus, and Super Fox
Find them @thestudiouswitch


Scout - This blade can be found in my etsy shop! The glass vial has some laborite beads in it to ward off evil spirits, the cork on the vial has the Algiz rune as a ward from evil. 

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Thanks everyone! 

Ivar Headcanons- Ivar in a Relationship

Not to be confused with “Ivar as a lover” (wink wink) which I plan to do eventually.

Ivar does not know how to be in any sort of relationship. He has never assumed he would have the chance. What woman would want to be with a cripple? Who could exist that would take his heart tenderly in her hands and cherish it? He has taken his desire to be loved and pushed it deep, deep down; locked it up and thrown away the key. He has encased his heart in ice, unworthy to be warmed by any flame of passion.

So when he finally meets someone who truly wants to love him, and that he truly wants to love in return, he does not know what to do.

It is difficult, at first. Everything he wants to say to you comes out wrong. He does not want to treat you like he treats the world, with harshness, sarcasm and bitterness. But he cannot change in the blink of an eye. In the fledging stage of your courtship, there are many times where he causes your eyes to fill with tears with his callous words. It makes him hate himself even more then he already does. He curses his lonely childhood, his twisted legs, the gods for giving him false hope. Yet, you still come back to him, as if you can see there is something soft beneath his hard exterior.

Slowly, he begins to learn. He grows more and more comfortable with you, and his edges begin to soften. His words become kinder, his touches become gentler, his heart begins to unthaw. He has always seen it as a weakness, to show emotion. But with you it does not feel like weakness. With you, it feels like strength, and he feels better for it. He finds himself telling you things he would never share with anyone. It is scary and new and somewhat of a relief. Now he does not have to carry so much weight, he does not have to bottle things up so tight.

Despite this, he will never be a man of many words, or of romantic, flowery language. But he can be a man of action. The words “I love you” stick to the roof of his mouth, but he braids your hair for you after you wash it. He sharpens your knife and repairs your armour. He crafts protection runes to keep you safe in battle. He keeps you warm at night and worships your body with his over and over and over again. Even with his insecurities about his abilities to please you, he finds that physical love comes much easier to him. He has always been skilled with his hands and a quick study. With time and careful practice the rest falls into place, and he gives himself to lovemaking with the fervour and passion he gives in battle.

He learns to love and receive love in return. He cherishes you like he would a precious treasure from a successful raid. His icy heart melts and melts against the flame of your love, and he burns with the joy of it.

But regardless of all these changes, he is still Ivar the Boneless. He rages, he hurts, he gets insanely jealous and throws petty fits. Odin help the man that sends you even the slightest flirtatious look. He snarls and spits and screams “Mine!” He sometimes forgets you are a person and not a possession. It leads to many nights full of screaming and hurtful words and objects being thrown. He needs to always be in control, and you struggle with him for balance. He still clings to his old beliefs that he is not deserving of love, that you will leave him when someone better comes along. You can ease that belief, but some scars will never truly fade.

Loving him is not easy like breathing, or fair and sweet like a summer’s day. It is like being caught in the riptide, not knowing whether you will make it to shore or drown in the salty sea. It is beautifully and deadly, like a shining silver swords ready to pierce your very heart. You carry a great weight when you hold his heart in your hands, and he knows you will cry as often as you will smile.

But he is desperately grateful that you try.

Happy Monday, sister wives! ❤️

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I just finished reading the codex and it says that inanimate objects won't react to runes. But Clary drew an angelic rune on a knife to kill demons. So if you draw one on a rock and throw it at a demon will the demon die? Sorry for another question!

This is what the Codex says:

“"Some Marks are applied to the bodies of Shadowhunters, and some are applied to physical objects. It is usually not dangerous to draw a body Mark on an inanimate object—a rock that has been given the Voyance rune will remain the same inanimate rock it was before. Applying object Marks to a Shadowhunter is somewhat more dangerous, as they will apply to the person’s body as a physical object. This is occasionally useful. Note that Marks intended for inanimate objects, like all Marks, cannot be placed on mundanes or Downworlders, as the usual risks of madness, death, or becoming Forsaken still apply.“

I’m sorry the Codex was confusing; we’ll attempt to clarify this point in the next edition. There are runes that work on inanimate objects, like the open rune, the locking rune, and so on. Then there are runes that aren’t meant for inanimate objects, like the voyance rune and the parabatai rune, and they won’t do much of anything if you put them on an inanimate object.
Clary was able to put an angelic power rune on a knife and use it to harm demons because of her exceptional abilities with runes. Doing so wouldn’t work for an ordinary Shadowhunter. I mean, I guess if you put a rune on a rock and managed to throw it in such a way that the rune itself made contact with the demon, the demon might sustain a minor rune burn. But it certainly wouldn’t kill them.
This question highlights the reason adamas and seraph blades are so important—Shadowhunters simply don’t have many ways to harm demons without them.

The Keeper of Names

Do you remember who I am?
That’s a shame.
We have met many times. And each time, I talk with you about the same thing.

There is a staff member that is a silent ally to the students of Elsewhere University.

There is a staff member who, once they learn of the staff member’s existence, is feared by the staff and professors before promptly being forgotten.

There is a staff member who is, above all else, coveted by the Gentry of Elsewhere University.

The official title is Administrator of University Affairs and Services. The official duties include maintaining the registrar of students and employment records of the staff, outreach to the local community, and coordinating campus events. The official job description has many flowery words about “record maintenance” and “interdepartmental coordination between Admissions and Human Resources.”

The official job description says nothing of the runes carved into flesh with an iron knife and bandaged with a poultice of salt and crushed blooms of Solomon’s Seal for the protection of the body.
The official job description says nothing of the blood pact sealed with the Librarians for protection of the mind.
Because they are the Keeper of Names. And the official job description says nothing of how it means sacrificing your own Name, for the protection of the soul. For the protection of all.

The position itself used to be two separate roles - Academic Affairs and University Services, before being combined after a particularly clever Noble learned the Name of the Director of University Services and used it to leverage the Name of the Director of Academic Affairs and Admissions. The Noble used this knowledge to steal the names of several students and staff members, sparking a Quest for their return. Following the conclusion of the Quest, the University Administration felt it prudent to take measures to ensure this wielding of Names against staff could never happen again.

How do I know all this about the Keeper?

A better question:
Do you remember who I am?
That’s a shame.


Inconsolable (Part 1)

Anon: hi, can I get 68 and 74 with Liam and can it be angsty as anything, thank you!

A/N: No, thank you for requesting! This one is very long, I got kind of carried away., So I split it into two parts. P.S. angst is a specialty of mine.. If you don’t like it or wanted something else feel free to tell me!

(Oops, I deleted this prompt list, and have had all of the requests just sitting there, so I’m so sorry everyone, but I already this one done, so yolo.)


68. “I don’t need help! I just want the pain to stop!”

74. “I can’t take the loneliness anymore.”

Warnings: mentions and brief descriptions of blood and death, major character death, minuscule blink and you’ll miss it depression.

Word count: hella long- 20k both parts oml.


She wasn’t like them.

Y/N has seen them cope with the loss of a significant other; Scott, Isaac, Lydia- all in the same day, they lost the person who mattered most to them. They felt that primal terrible grief that swallowed them whole, and the shredded agony in their hearts where something had been savagely ripped out, leaving a void that wouldn’t- couldn’t- be filled. They survived the crushing despair, the same despair you were living through now, and the one you will always feel, because according to them, as time passes it’ll be easier to cope with.

But she wasn’t like them.

She can’t live without him.

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The schools on their first day at Ravenwood?

(I’m gonna pick one of my ideas of how they are chosen for the school then their first day, so yeah! Thanks for requesting! I’m super duper sorry this took ages, but I hope you enjoy anyway!)

Magic creatures of every age, race, and what-have-you gather on September First in the Wizard City Commons for this wonderful event. Many children (and those who decide to begin the path of magic at a later age) of the Spiral will go through the ceremony to determine the school of magic that has chosen them. Then, they will settle in the dorms of Ravenwood and live there for the rest of their education, granted someone doesn’t try to take over the spiral again.

(A Read More because yes, I seriously wrote four paragraphs for each school. 28 paragraphs. Over 2000 words. What the heck. Grab some popcorn, this’ll take a while.)

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Fast Cash Oil

This is one of my favorite spells because it is easy and versatile. It only takes a few minutes to whip up and can be used for all kinds of things (fun ideas follow the spell). I prefer to cast this spell on a Wednesday or a Thursday. Wednesday, ruled by Mercury, is good for fast cash, but Thursday is associated with wealth and fortune. And for that matter, Sunday is also associated with financial matters. It is best performed when the moon is waxing or full.

  • 1/8 c. almond oil
  • Frankincense essential oil
  • Patchouli essential oil
  • Rosemary essential oil
  • Powdered cinnamon (real cinnamon, not cassia)

Combine the oils in a jar or a bottle. I leave it to the user to figure out how much of each ingredient should be added. Use your intuition and what you have available. The three oils I recommend here are three magical people will likely have on hand. Swirl the combined oils until they are warm. Add the cinnamon.  

Some uses:

  • Use it to dress a candle. Take a green candle (or a white candle) and, using a hot needle or a ritual knife, carve the rune Fehu and the currency sign for your country ($, £, €, etc) into the candle. Dress the candle from the ends inward to the middle. Burn it until it goes out. When it has burned out, bury the remains on your property, put the wax in a sachet, or stuff it in your wallet/bag. Keep it on your property.
  • Use the oil to anoint your pulse points. It will draw money to you. I attended a seminar a few years ago where a spiritual advisor recommended that we chant “I’m rich, I’m rich, I’m rich, I’m rich,” every morning until we physically felt warm. She recommended we put a lot of energy into it. Chant “I’m rich, I’m rich” while applying the oil. It smells great, by the way – better than many kinds of perfume or cologne and better than most magical oils. It’s a very gender-neutral smell if that’s, like, a thing for you. 🙄 
  • Use it to dress sachets for money, for a new job, and so on.
  • Wear some before a job interview. This works so well and it has a nice, calming scent to boot.
  • This is my favorite use. Use it to dress money. Before spending money, dress the money with the oil and command the money to return. It will come back to you. It’s not fairy glamour, but let’s just say it’s glamour…ous.
Love, Hope, and Misery: Chapter 6

Alec looked down at the large scar over his chest. It was huge and pink, healed by Magnus’ capable hands but it would never go away and he knew it. He was lucky it hadn’t gone through any of his runes, although his other wound had. 

He glanced down at the bandages still covering the knife wound around his iratz rune. Izzy had stitched it and Magnus had used some spell to ease the pain but the scar would forever stay and the rune could never be used again. 

He wasn’t exactly sure why, but the knife the seelie had used, and the way she’d cut him, made the rune useless. Now that his permanent iratz rune had been destroyed, he couldn’t create another that would stay for more than a few hours. 

Izzy was trying to figure out what she’d done to cause such a strange reaction, but for now everyone had agreed that Alec could not get hurt again, and that, he’d have to heal the slow, mundane way. 

Alec pulled his shirt down on his chest carefully, trying not to jostle his broken ribs too much. He was still badly bruised from Izzy’s CPR, as well as his brief fight with the seelie before he was drugged. 

But he was feeling much better than he had before, and Izzy deemed him healthy enough to leave the medical wing, so he was going straight home to Magnus’ apartment. 

The warlock came in then, holding a glass of thick green sludge and a handful of pills, with a black hoodie wedged under his arm. 

“Here, drink this and take these." 

Alec grimaced at the concoction in the glass as he took the small handful of pills. 

"What is that? Is that alive?" 

Magnus made a face and pressed the drink into his boyfriend’s hand. "Of course not, I killed it first. Would you just drink it, please? It’s to promote healing and calm the mind. And those pills are from Izzy, they’re antibiotics." 

Alec groaned in annoyance but did as he was told, suppressing the urge to roll his eyes as Magnus pressed a hand to his forehead. 

"I don’t have a fever, Mags." 

"Calm down, I’m just making sure. Put this on and then we’ll get going." 

Alec took the hoodie offered to him and accepted Magnus’ help putting it on. He was still weak and healing, but that didn’t mean he couldn’t do anything himself. 

He went to get off the bed, only to have Magnus stop him with a hand to the chest. 

"Are you sure you’re ready? Maybe you should just for a little longer." 

Alec groaned, throwing his head back. "Magnus! I’m fine! We’re just going home so I can go back to bed, it’s not like I’m going on a hunt or anything." 

Magnus raised an eyebrow. "That’s right, you aren’t going on a hunt and you won’t be for a long time. You’re going to stay with me forever and never go back to those dangerous missions." 

Alec was about to protest when the warlock placed his hands-on Alec’s cheeks, being careful of the graze still healing over his jaw.

"You can’t so no to me Alexander, you love me too much." 

Alec laughed as magnus used his kitten look, that ‘up through the eyelashes’ with a little pout, look that Alec could never resist.

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Breaking the Ties that Bind us

For @ivydryad , who asked for help breaking a bloodbond, this spell can be used for any type of bond that needs to be broken, however

What you’ll need:

🔥 two candles, one in a colour that symbolises you, one in the colour that symbolises the person you are bonded with

🔥 a red ribbon, symbolising the (blood)bond

🔥 scissors or a ritual knife

What to do:

  • (Optional) personalise the candles, carve names, symbols, runes or words into the candles and visualise them being you and the person you want to break free of.
  • Tie the two candles together with the ribbon, focussing on the bond that now still exists between you. If you have any personal material, like a lock of hair or piece of clothing, tie it to the candle as well.
  • Light the candles.
  • Take the scissors or knife and say this spell as you cut the ribbon: “I now break this bond, in this life and those beyond. From this moment on we are apart, by mind, body and heart. You are you and I am me. I am free, I am free, I am free.”
  • Move the candles a little bit apart and let burn for a while.
  • Toss the red ribbon, you don’t need it anymore.
  • Over the course of a couple of days light the candles and set them a bit further away from each other each time. You can repeat the spell if you like.
  • You can either let both candles burn all the way down, setting them further apart each time, or you can, when it feels right, toss the candle that symbolises the person you have a bond with and let your personal candle burn down.

Some other thoughts:

🌙 If you still have anything from the original bonding (spells), cleanse and destroy it.

🌙 Remember that in seven years ALL of your cells will have regenerated. In seven years all of your blood and all of your cells will be new. You will no longer be the person who entered the bond to begin with. It will no longer hold power over you.

🌙 If it is a bloodbond, consider using herbs that cleanse the blood. Things like garlic, nettle, dandelion and basil. Use them in cooking or, in the case of nettle and dandelion, tea. (Discuss the use of herbs and altermative medicine always with a medical professional)


OKAY this is obviously a huge spoiler for the trespasser dlc but i had to draw it

i’ve seen some cool spirit/magic hand headcanons but i REALLY want dagna to make a cool rune-infused mechanical arm for the inquisitor! especially for cadash inquisitors! if anyone’s going to be making functional metal prostheses, it’s gonna be the dwarves! 

it can be used without any attachments as a day-to-day arm and then you can fit personalized rune fist/knife attachments on it for battle. you can switch out the attachments if you want different runes!

dagna probably also makes a lighter version (think furiosa) for everyday use since a giant metal thing is probably really heavy but the heavier version would be more sturdy/useful in a battle!

blackwall also probably carves the inquisitor some simple wooden hands for when she wants a lighter limb! maybe some intricate/ornate wooden versions for formal occasions?

i was super inspired by fma and the equalist gloves from korra if you couldn’t tell already!!!

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Hello! There's an issue In my room.My pocket knife went missing then my runes.I'm a secret witch and have barely any access to witchy supplies,I think this is the work of either something wanting to harm me or fae folk. I'm cleansing tommorow any advice?

I think you could very well be right.

You may want to both cleanse and ward, or at least keep all your witchy belongings in a magically protected area. You can place some iron (or steel–most paper clips are made of steel) in the area, tie it with read string, seal it with some protection sigils and runes.