knife storming

Aesthetic for a Mastermind Makoto who was in a relationship with Komaeda! - Mod Ibuki!


Rules: Choose a book or character for each prompt and post a photo of your finished bookstack! MAKE SURE YOU USE THE TAG #conquering kingdoms and Don’t forget to tag more people to do it. BONUS POINTS IF ALL THE AUTHORS ARE WOMEN!!!

I was tagged by @buttermybooks and @kat-from-minasmorgul! thanks ladies!

  • Conquer a kingdom (which kingdom you want to rule) - Westeros!
  • Toss an enemy into the dungeon (arch nemesis) - Sauron
  • Secure a sidekick (partner in crime) - Manon, of course
  • Wield a power (what power would you use to help take over the world) - does having a mental link with a dragon considered to be a power?
  • Off with their head (who do you wish would disappear and never come back) - fucking Aaron

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