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I’d like to introduce you all yo my new original gijinka OC: 1000 Degree Knife Chan.

“The only reason I’m so hot… is because of you senpai…”

Concerning Dark Objects and How to Make Them

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These are inspired by the series The Originals. Davina and Kol started making these cursed objects and I liked the concept so now it’s a real witchy thing! I don’t if anyone came up with these yet, but I’ve never seen them around so here ya go!

What are Dark Objects?

Dark objects are basically active enchanted items. Items which you have linked a spell to, and is activated by a trigger set in place by the caster.

Components of a Dark Object:

The Focus: The Focus is the item itself, so a necklace, a ring, or something like that. I personally really like using jewelry as Foci, but that’s just my aesthetic. You could literally use anything, I’ve used a spoon before.

The Source: The Source is the source of power that fuels the item. The simplest one would be to infuse the object with all the energy needed for the spell. You can play with the source to turn it into more of a trigger.

The Trigger: The Trigger is what, well, triggers the spell. I like using a movement, or a small rhyme, as it’s pretty easy, but you could make it so it’s activated when the object is broken, or when a certain person does a certain thing.

The Link: Related to the trigger, this component is optional. It allows to make the use of this item reserved to a certain person.

The Glyph: This is more of a personal thing, but I like to use a glyph with different geometry in it to relate to the spell itself. It helps to redirect the energy into the object, and to govern the energies better. Circles are used to indicate the flow of energy, and to contain energy. Squares are used to represent the four elements, as each corner represents one direction. Lines are used to link different components to each other (more on that in another post). Triangles are used to implement structure and strength to the enchantment. Spirals are used to direct the energy of the Purpose 

The Purpose: Basically the herbs and objects you would use for the spell if you weren’t going to use it as a cursed object. I don’t reccomend poppets, or other types of representative magic, due to the fact that it could make a monkey’S paw effect take action, but anything else is good.

How to make a Dark Object:

Making these can take a little bit of planning, of course, but I personally think they’re worth it.

First you want to pick a Focus. I reccomend something related to the spell, and easy to carry with you. Then, decide on the spell you want to put into the Object. Gather your Purpose and make sure you have everything you need. Then you want to design the glyph, if you’re going to use one. I reccomend using one of my chalk recipes depending on what you want to do. You should also decide on what you want your trigger to be. I reccomend a rhyme, rubbing the object, destroying it, or doing a certain movement. You also want to set up anything that you’ll be able to draw power from, like candles, crystal elixirs, music, whatever helps you raise energy. 

Trace your glyph out, and set everything up. Place your Purpose on the assigned spots of the glyph, or just throw them in a box. If you’re going to use the glyph, make sure the Purpose is placeed at the end of a spiral going towards the Focus or lines going towards it. If using a glyph, your candles should be used as Purpose, to send power to the Focus. Now, it’s time to start casting.

Write out a contract stating the trigger, and the overall intention of the spell using whichever alphabet you prefer. I like using Ogham or runes, but you can also use regular script. If using a Link, wrap it up in the contract, or smear your blood or the person’s blood unto the word. or phrase stating the trigger. If the Source isn’t physical or premeditated, state what it will be when you need to use the object, for example feelings, or entropic energy. Burn the contract and mix the ashes with water or a brew related to the spell. Anoint the object with the mixture. Now you want to raise energy and direct it into the object. Visualize the object sucking in all the energy of the purpose and the Source, if used. Chant the intention of use of the object, preferably rhyming, and visualizethe use of the object. Act as if you were casting a regular spell, but isntead of sending it into the world, send it into the object so it may act as a vessel.

Using the Dark Object:

You want to carry the object with you for when you use it, obviously. Use your trigger and state the target of the spell. Once cast, the object will probably feel different. Less charged, or lighter even. Once the object has been used, you can reenchant it with the same spell you used, or cleanse it in salt and moonlight for an entire night and use a different spell on it.

Depending on what Source you link to the dark object, for example your feelings, you could probably cast the spell as many times as the Source is powerful enough.

Ideas for Dark Objects:

A pendant used to suddenly make you extremely attractive to all around you.

A bracelet used during a test to remember the answers.

A ring to bring intense luck when gambling.

An earring rubbed to curse that one person who wronged you isntantly.

A knife with storms as Source used to cut the clouds and make the sun shine.

The possibilities are endless! Have fun with it :)

Sandcastles (1): Tom Holland x Black Reader

Lemonade Oneshot:

Pray You Catch Me

Hold Up

Don’t Hurt Yourself


*6 Inch

Love Drought

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As you two argued you felt like there was nothing left that could be done. Your happy marriage wasn’t as nearly as great as it was years ago. You had thought that by now things would’ve been fantastic but everything was crumbling. The perfect fantasies you two built together were falling a part. 

We built sandcastles that washed away



You pressed your palms firmly on the marble counter, you were in such a rage that you threw your fine chine and glasses in every direction. “I HATE YOU! I HATE YOU!” You screamed twisting off your wedding ring and chucking it at him. You took a knife and stormed toward all of the pictures of you two together. You stabbed every picture of him smiling. “Y/N!” He screamed. 

He watched, fearing that you would hurt yourself but he knew how much hurt he caused so he let you get it all out. 

Dishes smashed on my counter from our last encounter
Pictures snatched out the frame
Bitch, I scratched out your name and your face

After you calmed down you slide down the wall and sobbed, clutching your stomach. “I hate you. I hate you.” You repeated. You finally got up, carefully maneuvering around the chunks of glass that now decorated the floor. You dug in your closet for the packet that you were hoping you could throw away. 

He was sitting at the table with his head in his hands. You slammed the packet down in front of him, “I already signed. You do your part and you can screw that bitch and whoever else you want all day.” You picked up you wedding ring and threw it beside the divorce papers. “I’m done.” With that you were out the door. 

He sat there in shock, staring at the legal document. He cried and cried for what felt like days but had only been hours. “No!” He yelled but you were already gone. 

I made you cry when I walked away

And your heart is broken ‘cause I walked away
Show me your scars and I won’t walk away

Part 2 of Sandcastles coming up. 

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Oh sixer one time my sister (oldest child, 27) brought over homemade bath bombs and I put my finger in the foam to swirl it around cause it looked pretty and my other sister (middle child, 25) dared me to lick my finger and she'd give me five bucks so that's the story of how I ate a little bit of bath bomb foam for $5. Worth it, no regrets. ✨

It wasn’t for $5 but instead for pride, but I climbed about 20 feet up a wall to stick googley eyes on a cardboard wall hanging and almost fell to the ground climbing back down.

tag dump 1. since they’re broken anyway. ¯\_( ՞ ︿ ՞ )_/¯

Reblog if you've read or are reading The Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan and concluded by Brandon Sanderson

Just tryin’ to find some good fan art on here, and find the community.

How I summarize each WoT book in my head (spoilers)
  • Eye of the World: Fellowship of the Ring with more women
  • The Great Hunt: Hurin sniffs stuff, Babies learn to channel, Mat blows horn, Rand fights Ishy
  • The Dragon Reborn: Stone of Tear, also Faile
  • The Shadow Rising: Elayne and Rand k-i-s-s-i-n-g, Mat gets hanged, Moiraine gets nekkid
  • The Fires of Heaven: Sex Igloo, MOIRAINE NO
  • Lord of Chaos: Egwene Amyrlin, ASHA'MAN KILL, still cryin bout Moiraine
  • Crown of Swords: LAN AND NYN, and Illian or something, still cryin'
  • Path of Daggers: Bowl of Winds, Seanchan
  • Winter's Heart: Min/Elayne/Avi Bond, SAIDIN
  • Crossroads of Twilight: ???????
  • Knife of Dreams: Perrin and Faile PLoD FINALLY OVER, OH NO RAND'S HAND, still cryin' bout Moiraine
  • The Gathering Storm: *cryin* EGWENE! RAND NO D: RAND YES :D
  • A Memory of Light: *cries all fluid out of body*


Rules: Choose a book or character for each prompt and post a photo of your finished bookstack! MAKE SURE YOU USE THE TAG #conquering kingdoms and Don’t forget to tag more people to do it. BONUS POINTS IF ALL THE AUTHORS ARE WOMEN!!!

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  • Conquer a kingdom (which kingdom you want to rule) - Westeros!
  • Toss an enemy into the dungeon (arch nemesis) - Sauron
  • Secure a sidekick (partner in crime) - Manon, of course
  • Wield a power (what power would you use to help take over the world) - does having a mental link with a dragon considered to be a power?
  • Off with their head (who do you wish would disappear and never come back) - fucking Aaron

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Ha, I remember this one episode of Adventure Time where there was a knife storm and they were stuck in the treehouse to discover the limits of their imaginations when there was literally nothing else to do

Well lets just made spaghetti and hot chocolate instead of that i kind of not what to be attacked by indivisible monsters

Almost: A Moriel Fic

This is for Moriel Smut Week hosted by @acotarshipweek. Day 1 prompt’s is “I’m sorry.” It got really angsty and it’s a bit of a tease, but I hope the fic comes across alright!

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Summary: Morrigan is stirred from sleep in the middle of a depressing, cold night with a nagging feeling in the pit of her stomach. Finding the darkness calling to her, she spots Azriel on his return from a mission in a less than okay state. When the demons come calling ready to eat Azriel alive with guilt and fear, Morrigan finds him and together they find comfort while imagining the love that could almost exist between them… if they only dared. Set Pre-ACOTAR.


A howl whips through the room in a vicious frenzy, sending the open doors to Morrigan’s balcony clanging as they rattle on their hinges. As her body starts at the commotion, she thinks vaguely in her sleep-addled state that she should have shut the doors before she went to bed.

Morrigan has never slept easy in a closed up room. Too many years trapped under a mountain feeling the dirt and stone cake beneath her fingernails while her soul tried to claw free left her with a craving for open air that she can never quite seem to satisfy.

When Rhys brought her to Velaris, that had been her one demand, the one privilege she would ask for as third - that her rooms be large and spacious with a wide balcony almost as expansive as the interior itself and doors to match. There were times she left those doors closed. During the day as she dressed or bathed, it wasn’t such a bother to have them shut and admire the way the sunlight streaming in reflected off the glass. She could still see out over the entire city, so she’d leave them be.

Night was what gave her trouble. When the sun fell and the darkness would creep in, Morrigan would crawl into bed, squeezing herself between the sheets before closing her eyes. It took all of a minute before she was out of bed again that first night in the House of Wind and flying for the balcony doors. The doors could remain shut or her eyes could, but never both. While she slept and all manner of nightmare and monstrosities would visit her mind to torment her, there was no way of knowing what those doors might do whilst shut. What if she needed out? Or even more pressing on her mind, what if someone needed in?

There is a darkness collapsing in on her, blanketing her vision when she first blinks her eyes open. It squeezes, pressing on her chest and throat tightly, as she squints for the palest traces of moonlight to see by. This darkness is not so wholly unfamiliar, she realizes. It wraps about her, but doesn’t scare. It lingers on her skin, but only to kiss, not to cripple. And just when she sits up in bed, her eyes finally adjusted to the lack of light about her, the darkness vanishes entirely as though it had been sent to fetch her and would now return home to its master.

Some nights are like that. Morrigan most hates the nights where the darkness blinds and terrifies her upon waking to the point that her nightmares are fashioned into reality and she must once again claw her way to the surface and break free. She does not fall back asleep on those nights. Often she leaves the House of Wind entirely and relief does not come easily.

Tonight she is grateful the darkness is kinder on her, though it leaves a lingering trace of heaviness in the pit of her stomach that gnaws away at her calm. Something feels… not quite right.

Absentmindedly, she runs a hand over her stomach as though she could physically touch the sinking feeling clawing at her gut. Her nightgown is thin enough that she can trace the scars through the fabric where her family abandoned her to the worst demons of this world so many centuries ago before she was made queen over them all.

Before he had saved her.

His name is what pulls her back to the moment of this night, flashing through her like lightning between the clouds, there one minute and gone the next. But the residual thunder that follows never quite leaves her ears, leaves her heart aching with each beat as her body counts down to the next strike of that wildness that burns inside keeping her alive - for his sake.


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