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Freedom of speech is a very great thing that Americans have. We can complain and protest our president all we want without fear of being punished. But please, young people, do not under any circumstances make a threat on President Trump’s life. I don’t care how awful he is (and he is awful). If you genuinely threaten the president and the FBI (or other government department) finds out will come to your house and it will not be pleasant. And that isn’t a Trump thing either, Internet threats often do get taken seriously. So don’t do it. I am warning you because you may not already know.


Little mouse on a PNW-themed pocket knife. Thank you so much, Jocelyn! This was so so so so fun. More like this always. 

The 2Ps at the mall
  • 2P!America: flirting with girls + getting their numbers probably
  • 2P!China: accepts dares like going up to random strangers and asking to take pictures in the photo-booth together; ends up asking them on a date most likely
  • 2P!England: screams in delight at the shiny glowing carousel and calls dibs on the pink pony for the next ride
  • 2P!France: looks for someplace quiet, ends up in a coffee shop, sits down and uses their Wi-Fi until the person he came with wants to leave
  • 2P!Russia: walks into Barnes & Noble and isn't seen for the rest of the day
  • 2P!Italy: is looking for a new suit but gets distracted by the knife/ sword shop because hOLY SHIT THEY EVEN HAVE VIDEO GAME REPLICAS
  • 2P!Germany: is at the theater and ends up illegally movie-hopping all day without getting caught because badass like that
  • 2P!Japan: gets asked by a solicitor to sample a massage chair and ends up actually buying it
  • 2P!Canada: gets a coffee and saunters into a joke shop full of sarcastic T-shirts/ pranks/ souvenirs and walks out with an offensive bumper sticker as a present for Allen
  • 2P!Romano: the only one actually shopping; walks out of the mall with arm-loads of bags from Gucci, Prada, Versace, and Dolce & Gabbana
  • 2P!Austria: fanboys over the vintage Guns & Roses records in the CD store for hours
  • 2P!Prussia: spends the majority of his time at the arcade and wins enough tickets to get like a lava lamp or something
Voltron Headcannon

I have such high shipping levels for this series take my heart away from me please
One day the paladins realize they needed something human that alteans never needed (like deodorant or something) so Lance points out that there was an earth store in the mall that might have it, but everyone is basically not allowed in there.
Except Shiro and Allura.
They plan to just go in and out but something happens that results in crazy shenanigans. They take to long and the rest of the paladins and Coran go in to help. They all have something that happens to them like maybe Hunk gets enslaved at the cafeteria again and Keith gets threatened by the knife shop guy.
Shiro and Allura get back to the castle with the product and some other stuff that might be needed later but freak the fuck out when everyone’s missing. They go on like this until Pidge finally sends a message to the castle and upon seeing that Shiro and Allura are already at the castle is like “What the quiznak do you mean you’re in the castle?! We just came out looking for you??” Whilst an absolute shitstorm is happening behind Pidge.
Shiro and Allura sigh, dissapointed in their children, while getting out of the castle to save their asses.
In the end they get the human thing and Shiro and Alurra are now also banned from the mall.
Wanted to write this as a fan fiction but I gotta get my ass in gear and finish some shit, might write a fanfic on this later however. Who knows. Edit: I made the Fic. Can’t link cuz I’m on mobile but just look at the tag “Mall chase” on my blog

actual-denial  asked:

stab, if youre back in town can you swing by the knife shop on the way to my moms and pick up some shit-razors, i forgot to buy some yesterday and shes fucking angry, says she'll take away our sega priviliges fuck

Hahha o wow pathetic, gonna hand this one off !

Jill’s Drabble Masterlist

Castiel X Reader

Castiel X Reader ( Fluff. Bungee jumping, fear of heights, rain.-Dating 101)

John Winchester X Reader

John Winchester X Reader (fluffy. a kiss, a knife, and shopping)

Dean X Reader (Fluff. Frozen, Christmas morning, bananas)

Dean X Reader (fluff. Blue, Sick, Dancing)

Dean X Reader (puppy, cheeseburger, and safe)

Dean X Reader (smut. I missed you)

Dean X Reader ( Anger. Laser tag, churros, water guns)

Dean X Reader (fluffy/implied smut, gardening, garden hose)

Dean X Reader (fluff- crutches, spoon, frame)

Dean X Reader (fluff. Rum, Snuggles, Game of Thrones)

Dean X Reader X Sam (friends. chillings, driving in baby)

Samandriel X Reader

Neville X Reader

10k X Reader

Gabriel X Reader

Gabriel X Reader (green, naps)

Gabriel X Reader (movie date, green, fluffy)

Michael (angst and a Spongebob Squarepants stuffed toy)

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