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Who’s Your Daddy

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Summary: Negan punishes you in the best way.

Pairing: Negan x Anna

Warning: Swearing, Smut, Spanking, Daddy Kink, Violence

You’ve been dating Negan for a couple months now, and surprisingly, living with Negan and sharing your mind and body with a ‘psychopath’ wasn’t as bad as you were expecting. When you first arrived at Sanctuary almost a year ago Negan had five wives, which he eventually left for you after you continued to tell him you wouldn’t sleep with him while he was with other women. You never actually expected him to give up five women for one, but when he knocked on your door in the middle of the night to confess his love for you, you were unbelievably happy he did so. Negan acted completely different when you were around, and didn’t give a fuck who saw. He’d hug and kiss you in public, call you pet names like “baby”, “sweetheart”, “Anna banana” and so forth. Nobody in Sanctuary really cared about Negan and your relationship but Negan did one thing his men couldn’t stand. You were never in trouble no matter what; Negan wouldn’t dare to harm you, even if you absolutely fucked up, or talked back. But Negan had no problem keeping his men and everyone else that resided in Sanctuary in line and making sure they knew who was boss.

One night when Negan had finished taking a walk and was heading back to your room, he overheard a group of his men whispering amongst themselves, Negan hid around the corner and listened. He heard his men complaining about how he was always putting you first and letting you do whatever the fuck you wanted. “We should just overthrow him” snickered one of his men, named Jack “show him what a real boss acts like, maybe burn his and his precious fucking pets faces off, see how he likes it”. Nobody else agreed with him, even though they were pissed at Negan they wouldn’t dare to do anything along those lines, Negan could be an asshole, but he was a good leader. “Don’t let Negan hear you talking like that” chuckled another one of Negan’s men, “I don’t give a fuck” Jack replied.

A few minutes later the men, unaware on Negan’s presence left and headed in for the night. As Jack was turning the corner Negan put his hand over his mouth and dragged Jack along with him. Negan brought Jack behind a building and slammed him up against the wall “you want me fucking gone? Want to put a motherfucking hot iron to me and Anna’s faces?” Negan slammed Jack into the wall again and spat as he talked, anger boiling inside of him “I..uh” Jack stuttered barely able to speak “what? You had quite a bit to fucking say before you cunt, now you choose not to talk?, you really and I mean REALLY fucked up” Negan then pulled the knife he kept tucked into his belt out and dragged it deeply across Jack’s throat. Blood poured out as Jack’s lifeless body feel to the ground. Negan took a deep breath, then bent down and wiped the blood off of his knife onto Jack’s shirt before tucking it back into his belt and walking off. He went up to two of his men who were about to enter their building “Jack’s corpse is laying behind that building over there, do me a fucking solid and bring that good for nothing piece of fucking shit out of Sanctuary, give the walkers a little snack”. The men looked at each other then back at Negan and gave a “yes, sir” before quickly walking off to dispose of Jack’s body.

The next morning, Negan knew that he still had to take care of his other men and you. He wanted his men to respect him, but he still didn’t want to harm you. He told his men to meet him out by the gate to go out on a run and he also told you to do the same, you’ve been asking him to let you go out on a run one day and it seemed like he was finally letting you tag along. You and a great number of Negan’s men were standing around at the gate when Negan finally strided over carrying Lucille over his shoulder, he walked up to you and loudly said “I changed my mind your not coming after all, go help out in the kitchen, where you belong” he then started walking past you. “Excuse me!?” you shouted back. Negan smirked, his plan was working, he knew you wouldn’t let him talk to you like that. “You heard me doll, fuck…off”, your blood started to boil at his words and you walked up to him and gave him a smack across his beautiful face. Right when your hand came down, you regretted what you did and knew this time you went too far. Negan tightly grabbed your arm with his free hand and began dragging you into your room, “wait for me boys, I need to teach this disrespectful little bitch a lesson, shouldn’t be long”. Negan’s men looked at each other in shock.

Negan pushed you into your room before slamming the door behind him, “pull your pants and panties off and lay across my fucking desk” he said lowly. “Negan please, I’m sorry” you whimpered back, “DO IT!” he yelled. You quickly pulled your pants and panties down together and laid across Negan’s wooden desk, Negan chuckled to himself and licked his lips, the sight of your bare ass and pussy bent over his desk was already getting him hard, he then unbuckled his leather belt and pulled it off. “I’ll go easy on you this time baby, five smacks should do the trick..but you have to yell really fucking loud for daddy, I want my men to fucking hear it, and if you don’t I’m going to start over again until you it?” you nodded your head quickly grabbing onto the edges of the table and closing your eyes. Before you could even take another breath you felt the sting off leather against your bare ass and you yelled out as loud as you could. “That’s it you dirty fucking girl” Negan said enthusiastically before lashing the belt against your ass a second time as you let out another scream. Negan gave two more quick lashes one to each ass cheek and again you screamed, you felt tears welling up in your eyes, this was the first time a man has spanked you and even though it hurt like a bitch you felt your wetness drip down your leg. “Last one darling, you ready?” Negan asked, enjoying this a little too much, “yes” you whimpered, “huh? What was that?” Negan said leaning in closer to you, “yes!” you said again loudly, “yes what!?” Negan shouted, ”yes, daddy” you loudly purred back. Negan grinned before pulling his arm back as far as he could and then putting all his strength into the last smack. This time you let out the loudest scream you possibly could as you felt your ass burn as welts began to form.

Negan gently rubbed your ass with one hand “good girl” he said gently, you let out a moan as you felt Negan’s other hand slip between your legs “fuck baby, your soaked” he hissed. You let out a giggle before turning around to look at Negan. He cupped your face with his hands “stay home and relax for the rest of the day sweetheart, you deserve it, and when I get back I want you on the bed naked, waiting for me, daddies gonna take care of you” you nodded before giving Negan a soft kiss. Negan put his belt back on and slicked his hair back before picking Lucille up and heading for the door, “bye daddy, be safe” you called out, “see you tonight Anna banana, I love you” Negan replied giving you a wink, “I love you too” you said back with a smile as Negan walked out and back towards his men who kneeled down when they saw him coming. Negan smirked knowing they heard everything “get up you fuckers; we’ve got work to do”.

Ups and Downs but Mostly Downs

Request: If batsis (bruce blood daughter) had depression and self harm -anon
Same request from @robinlover11620

A/N: I have been getting a lot of requests for batsis with depression and self harm so I decide to do it today. DO NOT hurt yourself in any way shape or form. If you are going through something talk to someone you can trust because someone out there cares about you. Sorry if it is bad. I would like feedback.

Warning: This has a lot of angst in this. Curse word. Mentioned of abuse and rape. You might cry I got really sad after writing this myself.

Y/M/F/N - your mother’s first name Y/M/L/N - your mother’s last name

Word Count: 2345

Everybody has their up and downs in life. For some people it can happen when they are teenagers when they are being bully for their looks, but then glow up later in life. It can also happen in adulthood when they can’t pay for their mortgage and then later become homeless, but then they win the lottery and get there life back together. But this never happen to you, your life never the had ups, it was always downs.

It first started when you were born in a hospital just outside of Gotham. You were a perfectly healthy baby girl. But that is not how it happen, you were born in the street of Gotham, and you were not a perfectly healthily girl. You were born three months too early, and left there to die by your drug addict mother. She was high when she had you, but she knew that she did not what to keep you. She didn’t have time to rinse you and she just didn’t want to. At the last minute she realize that if somebody found you, and ran you through the system. She was in the system because of crimes she committed when she was younger, and she did not what you trace back to her, so she did the only thing she can think of, marking you. She had a generally idea who the father was, Bruce Wayne. Did I mention she was high? Well she was. She pull out her knife and began to carve into you, while you were screaming your head off because of the pain. When she was done carving into your right shoulder it read “Waye” she forgot the N. After it she drop the knife and left.

Then right after that, a kind person found you and took you to the hospital, and adopted you later. Oh if only that was true. A bunch of thugs found you and thought they can make a quick buck by selling you to somebody, and they did. But you did go to a hospital, sort of, you were sold to people that sold babies to rich families who could not have babies. They have a setup where you stayed until you got bought. The only problem was that you were never bought. No one wanted a baby that was premature and still needed a ventilator. After 3 months they throw you out and leave you on the foster care doorstep.

After a few months, a man came and adopted you and you got to live in a mansion with a butler and brothers and sisters that loved you. Well that is what you dream of right after you got your daily beating and raped by the man of the house. You were 8 when it started to happen. When you were found you didn’t have a name. All you had next to you was some trash and the knife that belong to your mother. The people at the foster care center made up the name Y/N for you, and since you hand the words “Waye” on your shoulder that became your name, Y/N Waye. You bounce around foster care from foster care, and it also happen to you every time. You will get beat, raped or both. After awhile you got tired of it and ran away. You lived on the street, and you got by. You would steal from stores or people’s houses. You ran with this crew on kids that was leaded by a teen name Jason Todd, he was fifteen years old. He was seven years older than you. He was nice to you and took care of you, he was like a brother to you. He knew about your past and you knew about his. He was your only friend that you had.

One night he wanted to get some extra money, so he went off stealing tires off of cars. You wanted to go with him, but he said no because it was too dangerous for you, so he told you to go wait in our secret hiding spot. You did exactly what he said to do, you waited in that spot for three whole days. He never came back to get you. You thought that he didn’t want you anymore and left you just like your mother did. You were so mad you started to go on a rampage. You went into an alleyway that was outside of your hideout and started to punch and kick the brick wall until your hands were bleeding. After a while, you decided to grab the lead pipe next to you, and start swinging. Then you hit a mirror that was laying there. It broke into pieces, and you just looked down at the pieces and picked one up. Then you rolled up your sleeve, you looked down and see the cigarette burns that one of your foster moms gave. You went above it and started to cut. That was the first night you cut yourself.

A few years later you were thirteen you are finally a teenager, and one day a group of four boys found you in a alleyway because you were being mugged. After that they took you in and became apart of the family. That is what you saw on a tv show once when you broke into someone’s house because you were hungry. You were not like the normal thirteen year old girl. You were a short, underweighted girl who has to cut herself to feel something. You have been feeling a bit off lately. Even though your stomach is growling you can’t come to eat, you were sad all the time, and just loss interest in living. You are just the short skinny girl that has to cover her body with long baggy clothes because of the self harm and beatings you got in the system, that was left by your mother and best friend/brother.

You had started to get the same thought that every orphan kid thought of. Why did they leave me? All you had to remember of your parents was a knife with your mother’s name on it and a scar on your arm that said “Waye.” After a few days looking on the computer at the library, you found a website that would tell you where you can found your lost parents. First you typed in Waye, and nothing came up. Then you looked at the knife that had your mother’s name on it, Y/M/F/N Y/M/L/N. You typed the name into the computer, and came up with all of her information about her. There was a picture of her, and you look just like her. You look farther into the website and you found her address, she lived in downtown. It was only a bus ride away. After sitting at the library computer section for thirty minutes, you decided to go and see her. You hopped on the bus that went downtown. It was about a ten minutes bus ride until you reach the stop. You got out and walk to the address that you had written down. After a twenty minute walk, you ended up in a nice neighborhood with townhouses. You had it all planed out on the bus ride and the walk on to the house on what you are going to say to her, but once you reach the door you froze. You were lost for words. She was a middle-class woman with a nice house, why didn’t she want you? You were just about to knock on the door, the door flew open. “Oh hello. My I help you young lady.” The man said to you. “Oh I am here to see Y/M/F/N Y/M/L/N.” you said in a quiet voice. “Ok. Honey there is someone at the door to see you!” The man yell into the house. “Ok. I am coming.” A woman with the sweetest voice answer. “Ross and you go and check on Rose before she breaks something” she said to the man who is Ross, he just nodded and walk off. “Hello. Do I know you?” She said to you. You froze again, you couldn’t move or talk at all. “Are you ok sweetie?” She said touching your shoulder. When she touch your shoulder you felt loved and safe. “I am your daughter.” You said in a low voice. She took her hand away quickly and grab your upper arm, and took you to her garage. “What are you doing here?!” She yell at you once you enter the garage. “What do you mean ‘what are you doing here’? You are my mother and I just wanted to know you and why you left me to die.” You said with a crack in your voice. “I don’t have another daughter. My daughter is sitting in the living room right now playing with my loving husband.” She said getting angry. “But I have proof look.” You said while pulling out the knife and moving your shirt out of the way to see your shoulder. “See look this is yours, and look you wrote this on me for some reason.” I said while pointing. “The reason why I wrote that on your arm was so that you would not find me!” She said getting even more mad. “But why I was just a kid.” You said while your eyes started to water. “Are you kidding me?! I was twenty two years old! I did not have time to raise a kid! I was too busy partying, doing drugs, and fucking anything that had legs!” She was yelling at this point. “Well since you’re better now, can you take care of me.” You said with a pleading voice. “Are you serious?! You are literally the reminder of what I was, and that was trash. I went to rehab, and I have been clean ever since. I do not need that near my daughter or my husband. You need to leave right now.” She said with a serious tone. “But I -” you were cut short when she decided to slap you across the face. It didn’t really hurt you. You were use to it by now. You ran out of the garage and didn’t look back.

You were crying your eyes out. You just wanted it to be over already. You ran into this warehouse that look abandon. You found a rock on the ground and throw it at the window. You got a piece of glass and started to cut yourself, really deep. It was the deepest you have every cut yourself, and it was also the fastest you ever blacked out. Once you woke up, you were tied to a chair. You looked around the room to see who did this to you. All you saw was a man with green hair and white skin, he kinda looked like a clown. “Who are you, where am I, and why am I here?” You said quietly, you were still lightheaded from the blood loss. “Well well well, look who is finally awake. Well my name is the Joker, we are at my warehouse that you broke into, and I am kinda using you as bait for the Batman.” He said with a grin on his face. “What do you mean your warehouse this place is abandon and what kind of name is Joker?” You said with a questioning face. “What do you mean this is my home away from home, and kid there are worse names out there like ‘penguin’ and ‘condiment man’.” He said mocking the names. “Well at least you have a home I live on the streets with no one.” You said with a sad face. “Hey. Stop making that face and put a smile on that frown.” He said while touching your face. You tried to move your face, but he grabbed it again. “Don’t move or I will cut you more than you already have on you.” He said putting a knife to your face.

“Put the knife knife down Joker. You don’t need to hurt her.” A man with a weird deep voice said. “Batsy you came, and since you ask nicely I will put the knife down.” He said right before he stabbed the knife in you right thigh. “AWWW!” That was the only thing you could say. Batman came closer but the Joker said no. “Remember we had a deal. You give me the money and I will not hurt the girl, but I do not SEE the MONEY!” He said while holding my chin with a death grip. “Here is your money right here Joker.” Batman said while walking over and grabbing a bag behind a box. “Here take it.” Batman said. “See. Now was these hard.” The Joker said while opening the bag. Once the Joker open it a gas came out of it, and the Joker felt right to sleep.

Batman came over to untie you and get you up, but once you tried to walk you fell down. Batman caught you, but you could not feel your legs. You didn’t know if it was the stab wound or the about of blood you lost while you were cutting yourself. “I need to take you somewhere where we can patch those cuts up. Now the hospital is too far, but I know a place. Is it ok if I take you there?” Batman said to you. All you did was nod, but then everything went black.

You started to wake up, but your eyelids were so heavy you could not open them, but you could hear voices. “Are you 100% sure.” A man who sounded like he was in his 30s or 40s said. “Yes I am sir. The blood test came back positive, that is your daughter laying on that table.” A older man with a British accent said.

“Who is my father” you said while trying to get up.

So should I do a part 2?

Two Ghosts

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A Kim Taehyung Vampire AU

Rating: M (mature themes, death, blood, sexual themes in the next chapter)

Status Ongoing, part 2 coming soon

Kim Taehyung has been your mortal enemy ever since you were fifteen. He wasn’t always such a monster, but he entered a downward spirl after death had started to surround him. He was a vampire - everyone already thought he was an evil being, so why not make their nightmares come true? Encountering you after you quit vampire hunting may have been his greatest stroke of luck yet - his one and only chance to end it all.

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General Danvers ‘The Heat’ au, from a discussion with @alittlelesspain

Astra as Shannon, the detective, and Alex as Sarah, the FBI Special Agent. Alura as Astra’s despairing Captain. Hank as Alex’s superior officer.

So, Alex and Astra are forced to work together in an attempt to take down the local drug cartel. The plot is pretty much the same, except its gay.

But basically, think of specific scenes.

Astra, the leather jacket wearing, Rosa Diaz aesthetic detective, meeting Alex, with her proper suits and dead straight short hair, and thinking, I am not working with this incredibly attractive incredibly irritating looking woman. Going on the ‘where are the captain’s balls’ rant when Alura explains that they have to work together. Alura sitting there with her head in her hand while Astra prowls around the office looking for her balls, and when its finally over, she stands up, puts her hands on her sister’s shoulders, and says, ‘are you done now? Is it over? Do you feel better?’

Astra grumbles and lets her sister hug her and agrees to work with Alex, but threatens that she might end up destroying those stupid suits.

Alex, in turn, seeing this tall, athletic, beautiful detective with a scowl like thunder, seeing her methods and her attitude, and turning to Hank to say, ‘I can’t work with her’. Hank asks if its because she’s unprofessional or because Alex finds her attractive. Alex turns bright red. ‘Me? Why would you say that?! Maybe you’re attracted to her, hA!’ ‘I am a married gay man, Agent Danvers’.

On their way to stake out a night club, a car beeps, and Alex sees a small, well dressed woman turn in her seat, her fingers splayed in a V over her mouth, her tongue stuck through, and Astra flips her off as she goes past. ‘Who was that?’ Alex asks, thinking that perhaps it was Astra’s girlfriend. Astra grumbles. ‘Our DA, Lucy Lane. And my sister’s girlfriend’. Astra tells Alex that unless she wants to watch Alura freak out in the middle of the precinct because she’s shy and wants to keep things professional in the work space, she should refrain from mentioning her relationship with Lucy. (‘How dARE yOU detectIVE iN-Ze I AM yOUr suPeRIOr ofFICER!!!’ ‘Sister you’ve been going out for two years’ ‘mE slEEP wiTH a LAWYER??’ Alura learnt a lot from her mentor, Captain Holt)

At the club, Astra fits in easily, and takes it upon herself to ‘fix’ Alex’s look so that she fits in. Alex being flustered and irritated in equal measure when Astra takes a knife to her favourite shirt, rips her pants off, insults her spanks and ruffles her hair so that its no longer straight. Foreshadowing.

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Bad Habit

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Part 7

(Pietro Maximoff x Reader)

You should have waited.

Words: 2328  Warnings: Mentions of blood, violence,

An: Not sure about this part so let me know what you think 😜 Got a Bucky/Walking dead Au coming up on thurs/fri too x

Tags: @goal-mine, @aweways,  @iamtheoneocares,  @wellfuckbuck, @sevenhelens

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Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5  Part 6   Part 7   Part 8

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“Steve, I’ve found Pietro.” You call over the coms, your hands shaking and stomach lurching every time Pietro throws himself into the glass, blue strands of energy bursting around the cell from each impact.

At least you hoped it was still Pietro.

“We’re on our way, stay put.” Steve answered, his voice crackling through the interference.

With hesitant steps you approach the cell, watching as he keeps blurring in and out of focus, attempting to gauge his state of mind. Pietro’s hair is longer, greasy and stringy, his usual platinum blond dulled by dirt and blood. The more he stops the more you can see he’s covered in it, the dark red dried into his skin and ragged clothes.

Your happiness at finding him alive was starting to fade and you struggle to find your breath, fighting away the thoughts that something was wrong, very wrong.

“What did they do to you?” You whisper, unsure if he knows you’re there.

Pietro barrels into the glass with his shoulder and you had no idea how was it holding him, he seemed stronger, faster - if that was even possible.

“Please y/n let me out.” His voice was hoarse, you expected that, however the rage he was trying to hide as his hands gripped onto the glass, unable to keep control of his movements, that had you fighting the urge to back away.

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I got this request from @amanda13parker this is actually a plot she had in her mind and asked me to write and I was more than happy to do this. The character and plot was her, I literally just filled in words, thank you for letting me do this for you, love 🖤

I never wanted to be here, but I am and as the time passes I think I sort of like it, like him. I’m a scientist, was, I don’t know, maybe I’m a mad scientist now.
I used to try and create cures in a white lab and now I’m under The Jokers house in a basement creating deadly viruses.
I’ve come to find out, I’m good at both.

He came after me a few times and I rejected him, not in my best interest, the man doesn’t take no for an answer. The next time he came down to the lab he killed everyone there, except me. He had his men blindfold me and drag me to a van, it was freezing outside, I remember that much.
He didn’t do much torturing though, he knew I needed to remember everything, I needed to know what I was doing and I needed my focus. In a sense I’m a prisoner but I wouldn’t leave given the option.
I live here, upstairs in the room next to his, which at times is not that quiet and I’ve had nights where thinking of him, him and me, I’m not so quiet either.
The Joker, Mr. J is what he prefers from me, has made passes at me, at least that’s what it seems like. Even though he’s like that with just about everyone.
When he comes into the lab I don’t let him touch anything and he respects that but he has to have his hands on something and that’s usually my waist.
He stands behind me as I’m in a full white lab coat and he sets his hands lightly on my waist, I can feel the cool temperature of his hands through the coat and through my slip underneath.
Since I realized I might have something for this green haired man I never go a day without something black or something lace underneath my coat with a white slip over it. When he touches me the sensation is times ten just knowing I’m ready for him at any time, but I would never tell him that.

“What do we have here.” The sound of his cane and heavy feet startle me and I almost drop one of the glass tubes.

“Just some lab work Mr. J. Just a casual Friday.” I smirk but keep my eyes focused on my work.

He runs his hands above my work, being careful to not touch anything, I watch him from the corner of my eye till he makes his way behind me.
‘Again, he’s going to do this again. It’s such a tease and I get so frustrated.’ I’m yelling at him in my mind. I know what he’s capable of and I know what I’m capable of.
He’s got his ways without me but he’s also got a lot of ways with me.
He’s hands rest on my waist again, the feeling sending a chill through my body. A breath leaves my lips as he leans over my shoulder, I can smell him, I can almost taste him.

“What if we switch up casual Friday doll.” His voice is a low whisper in my ear and I can’t help but press my thighs together.

“What, uh did you have in mind Mr. J?” I swallow hard after the words come out.

He lets a hum out in my ear and his hands move up my waist, my hands hold onto the metal table I’m working on. He doesn’t say a word as he presses his hips towards me and I can feel how hard he is.
It’s usually a touch and go with him, this is different. My knee gives out as he presses against me and he catches me by grabbing me tighter.

“When was the last time?” He purrs.

I know what he’s asking but I’m finding it hard to find my voice, I swallow hard again and let out a deep breath as he presses his knee between my legs behind me.

“With someone, before I came here.” Which was over two years ago, a shaky breath leaves my lips as his knee slips further up.

He grabs my lab coat and lifts it enough so his knee can fit between my legs, he puts his hands on he metal table next to mine and he lifts his knee.

“You’re fucking soaked.” He groans in my ear.

He takes one hand off the table and moves my hair from my shoulder and gently kisses the skin there, he grazes his metal grill against my neck and bites my shoulder softly. My knuckles are white from holding onto the table so hard, my stomach is already swirling.
He lifts his knee so it’s pressing against my center and his hands go back next to mine as he grinds his knee up into me, I can feel his hard dick pressed up against me each time he moves up.

“F-fuck.” The word barley comes out, my mouth hung open from the feeling, its overwhelming.

I begin slowly moving my hips against him and I let out a moan, my knees feel weak already, my heart is pounding and I’m already close to my climax.
He presses his lips to my ear and growls, he holds himself pressed against me and flexes his dick and I let out a slight whimper. I grind on his leg, my hips pushing further back like I need more of him, I have no rhythm and no form because I’m already so close to coming on his leg, I can feel the jean fabric against my thighs and his heavy breathing in my ear.
I can’t take it any longer and I let out a loud moan as my body moves with each wave of ecstasy that rushes over me, my breathing rigid. My legs are weak and I’m holding myself up mostly by my arms as my hips slowly rock on his leg, letting me enjoy each and every small and big wave that comes through.
My head falls forward as his knee leaves from between my legs, I can feel myself dripping down my thighs and I let out a deep breath.

“We’re not done baby girl.” He grabs my wrist and tosses me against the wall in the basement, my head hitting the wall first.

“What that he’ll, Mr. J!” My legs still weak as I fall the the ground, my hand dabs the part of my head that was hit and my fingers have blood on them.

I go to stand up, using the wall as support but I’m brought back down as he kicks my legs out from under me, I let out a small scream as I fall again, the spot where his foot hit is throbbing, tears are making their way up but I fight them down. He comes over and laughs, that infamous cackling laugh in my face and grabs my hair pulling me to my feet.

“I’ve been wanting to fuck you for so long.” He growls and he presses my chest up against the wall. His hand moving from my hair to the center of my back.

My mind is so torn, the last time he hit me was in the beginning when I was leaning the rules, I must of done something wrong but I’m not paying attention to that right now, I’ve been wanting this, him, for a long time now.
He pulls my lab coat off by grabbing the collar from behind and ripping it down, the buttons don’t stand a chance.
He presses his dick up against me again and I moan, wanting him, needing him.
His hand reaching around my throat as his other hand unfastens his pants, I feel him, his warm dick against the back of my thigh.

“Whats this? Were you waiting for me?” He rolls his head back and pulls a knife out from His shirt and cuts my slip, the tip of his knife leaving a red trail down my spine.

Another deep breath and slight moan comes from my lips, I hear the knife get dropped and he tears the lace underwear off from the back and drops them by the knife.
I pressed his tip though my slit by pressing my hips back, and I’m digging my nails into the basement wall in anticipation.
The anticipation doesn’t last long as he moves behind me and thrust his hips hard and I let out a scream, he doesn’t wait for me to adjust to pick up his pace, his hand in my hair extending my neck as far as it will go back.
After a few seconds I do finally adjust to him, I can hear how wet I am with his every thrust that only seems to get harder. My screams and groans turn into loud moans of need for more. He’s relentless, the sound of his hips hitting my ass grow louder, and my nails are cracking as I dig them harder into the wall.

“Don’t come you fucking slut! I hear you at night, I know exactly how long you can last.” He pulls my head back by my hair till my back is arched and my head is resting on his shoulder.

A wave is already going through me from his words, the hair on my arms is standing up and I let out another scream, this time it’s his name. He doesn’t hesitate, he goes faster, I’m trying to keep my footing but my hips against the wall is my only support. My stomach is rolling and my mind is going hazy as my eyes close and my hips get pressed harder into the wall.
I hear him shuffle in his shirt and he pulls out a smaller knife, he digs this one into my exposed shoulder and carved a J in it, slowly.
It’s a combination of screams and groans, the pain adding to the fire I feel in my body, I can smell the blood from my shoulder and realize it is deeper than I thought.
He growls and licks the new carved letter and it stings and I cry out while he laughs behind me and only goes harder.
My mind trying to make sense of everything, the mixed pain in my shoulder and swirling in my stomach, the way he threw me and the words he’s said have my whole body in shambles. I don’t have to say a word and I feel him slow down as his dick twitches inside me, the sensations taking me far over my climax, I take it as a sign and I clench around him, wanting to bring my head forward but I can’t, I moan his name again and again as I reach my climax and come back down slowly.

He steps back from me and I stumble to the ground, my head spinning and my stomach still giving off a flexing feeling.

“You’re so easy.” He laughs, adjusting himself in his pants, “But you’re so fucking good.” He groans and palms himself.

He walks out of the basement and leaves me on the floor. I lean my head against the wall and waist a few minutes before getting up, I put on what’s left of my lab coat and find some safety pins to hold it together the best I can.
I go back to working, knowing some of these chemicals can’t be left out too long before they start effecting me.
I clean up the lab slowly, my legs take a few minutes to adjust and my knees still give out once or twice but I finally walk up the stairs and look around before running into my bedroom. I hear Mr. J next door, I can’t make out the words but he sounds upset. I rinse off in the shower connected to my room and change into a small black dress for dinner.
Mr. J requires me to dress up for dinner, even if he’s not here and eat every night at the dining room table, I hate it, but I do it .
I slip on a pair of red heels and walk down to the dinner table, I sit and wait, wondering if he will even be here tonight.
The cane gives him away first, I hear him walking down and he takes a seat next to me. After what happened, I can’t help but give him a smirk and I blush red.

“Don’t.” His hand comes across my face and then he grabs my chin tight and makes me look at him, my eyes watering, “Don’t think you’re anything special sweetheart.” He pushes my face away.

I put my hand to my face and a few tears fall down my cheek but I catch myself and sit up straight, “Just kill me Mr. J, if you’ve got nothing else for me, if I’m nothing to you after all this time,” I stand up and slam the glass plate against the table, smashing it into pieces between my hands, “Then do it.” I lean in close to his face and spit.

I grab a piece of the broken plate and walk back into my bedroom. I suppress the tears and push them back down to boil.
Mr. J and I have had two years together, we have had a lot of late nights together, he’s told me things and I don’t think he meant to but he did and he never took them back. He’s never had to threaten me to keep quiet, he knows I’m devoted to him, to my work.
His sexual passes were slim but the passes of him caring about me were there.
He’s been protective of me, killing guards because they try getting a little too close, making sure I’m well taken care of, he has a hard time asking if I need anything so instead he gets me everything. He’s taken me out, his hand never leaving my back, his eyes never leaving me.
I’ve helped him sober up after many drunk nights where he’s spilled secrets I’d take with me to my grave, he’s more complex than he leads on to be.
I know he can’t say he loves me, I don’t know if I would even call it love from his end but it’s something. I know he feels something.

I curl up in my bed, laying on top of the blankets and holding the piece of plate under the pillow. My eyes are heavy and I let them close.

“I can’t live without loving you.”

Those are the words I woke up to, Mr. J’s arm around me and his head resting on the pillow behind me. I let out a sigh and put my hand over his.

“You don’t need to say anything else.” I keep my voice a whisper.

“I do though.” His words are soft but I feel the head of his pistol against the back of my head.

I can’t help but let a few tears fall, he can’t live without loving me, so he would rather live without someone to love.
He’s so much sicker than people think.

“Just let me go.” I whisper, wanting out of his arms.

“I am.” His voice is lower.

“You’re such a selfish motherfucker.” I let a few more tears fall and take a deep breath as I hear him cock the gun.

“I love you Amanda.” The gun goes off.

It’s silent, until his own screams echoing though the house, my blood spread across his face and the bedroom. He kisses the J he carved into my shoulder hours ago. Pulling my lifeless body closer to him he whispers 'sorry’ over again and again.
He won’t ever admit to making a mistake but he understands the saying “You don’t know what you have till it’s gone.” on a deeper level now.
And Gotham will suffer from his guilty conscience till his last breath.

Gotham Imagine 2

A request from the lovely @allisanya for reader meeting Jerome during his circus days and you see his dark side. I really hope you like it ^-^

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You had been with the circus for about a year now, working as a makeup artist. By far your favorite part of the job was hanging out with Jerome backstage. The two of you had a similar sense of humor and became good friends fast. You were never too far away from one another. 

One night after a particularly good show, the two of you walk outside, hand in hand, smiling as he hummed you a tune. In the crowd you spot a familiar mop of multicolored hair. It belongs to your ex, Frank and it appears as though he spotted you. You clutch Jerome’s arm and gesture twords your ex, who was approaching you. “That’s Frank, puddin. We need to get outta here.” Jerome kisses your forehead “Don’t worry Y/n, I’ve got this.” He leads you through the twists and turns of the circus to your trailer. 

Before you get there you’re stopped by your ex-boyfriend. Jerome immediately puts himself between you and the lanky young man. “Nice to see you Y/n sweetheart” Frank smirks. He eyes Jerome, “You’ve certainly lowered your standards” “Fuck off” You hiss back at him. “You’re so cute when you’re angry baby.” he says. Jerome’s expression changes from protective to livid. “She’s not your baby.” he says, emphasizing every syllable. “I don’t have to listen to some ginger freak” Frank spits as he takes a swing at Jerome. 

Without missing a beat Jerome knocks him to the ground and laughs hysterically. “Darlin, would you hand me your purse real quick” He asks in a voice like buttercream. You hand it to him and he pulls out your small pink pocketknife. “I suppose this’ll do, thank you cupcake.” he says, sweet as anything. You’re not scared, you trust him and in a way you’re enjoying seeing Frank get what he deserves. Jerome flicks open the knife and goes for Frank’s neck, still laughing.

 After he’s properly mutilated, Jerome steps back and wipes your knife off on his shirt and hands it to you sheepishly. “Sorry Y/n, I just don’t want anyone talking to you like that.” He says. “You’re a precious flower, that idiot deserved even worse.” He reaches for your hand and you pull him into an embrace, kissing him all over. “I love you puddin” you manage to say, grinning. He grins back at you, blood dripping from his nose where Frank had punched him. “I love you too darlin.” 

Blood Money BTS | part 2

Pairing: unknown

Summary: When everything goes wrong one fateful night you find yourself suddenly a member of the notorious gang Bangtan in less than 24 hours. You just wanted a quiet night with your beloved cat Apple Pie and a netflix marathon.

part one | part 2 | (part 3 next week 9:00pm Central Timezone!)

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Breathing in you tried to calm your nerves, they wouldn’t stop staring at you and it was starting to get uncomfortable.  

Taking out your phone you wanted to check the time, but before you could even turn it on a boy snatched it from your hands and smashed it so badly it was unusable.

“hEY!” you said angrily,  glaring at him “What was that for?” you snapped, before he looked you straight in the eyes, and promptly threw your phone out the window. Into the river. leaning you got one last glance at your phone getting carried away by the water. Eye twitching, you clenched your fists. Looking, no staring daggers at Jimin he smirked.

“What? You could’ve called the cops or something.” he shrugged, only making you angrier, much much angrier. Unbuckling your seat belt you shoved a sleeping Hoseok off your shoulder, at least you think that’s his name. Then, you stomped right on over to the asshole that threw your phone out the window, before straddling him in silence. “Is this all sweetheart?” he jeered, knowing he made you angry. He knew you wouldn’t do anything, you were too scared. “What? You too scared?” he kept taking jabs at you, you clenched your jaw so hard your teeth just might break. Grabbing the back of his neck you got real close to his face.

“I fucking hate you, I had years worth of work on that one cellphone, and you threw it in a fucking river.” you snarled, before pulling your arm back, and punching him right in the nose. The whole van was brought to an abrupt stop and the boy in the passenger seat turned back to see what the commotion was about. Then he saw you slap the poor boy so hard his head whipped to the side before you got up and sat back down in your rightful place. Everyone eyed you cautiously, before someone named Taehyung snickered. 

“Dude, I think she broke your nose.” he couldn’t keep the grin off his face, the pink haired boy leaned in and inspected it, before you all turned as Jungkook collapsed next to Hoseok, then everyone noticed the blood pouring out of him. You med skills kicking in you were next to him in a flash, already inspecting him. Gasping, you found a deep cut in his side and other injuries, going to help him you suddenly got yanked back by none other than the asshole you slapped.

“Don’t fucking touch him.” he snarled, staring at Jungkook, you gaped at him, the boy  was gonna die soon if not from the blood loss. 

“He’s gonna die!” you yelled, as he held you back.

“You’ll kill him!” he screamed, staring at Jungkook in shock. “You’ll kill Jungkook then leave like nothing happened, you’re just like every other woman out there!” Jaw locking you spotted a knife on the floor of the van. Reaching for it you threw Jimin off you and sat by Jungkook’s side, slipping the knife under his shirt, Jimin stared as you cut the this fabric. He grabbed your arms trying to stop you, “You’ll hurt him oh my god!” he wouldn’t stop screaming! 

“BOI back off before I punch you again!” you snarled, already ripping the shirt into bandages while looking for some sort of sterilizer. Sighing, you grabbed a vodka bottle and opened it, before you poured it over Jungkook’s wound warning him. “It’s gonna sting but you’ll be fine, okay?” you said, he nodded, hissing when the alcohol met the wound.

“YOU’RE HURT-” Jimin didn’t even finish the sentence because you smashed a beer bottle against his head, knocking him out and effectively shutting up the yelling. You carefully wiped the wound and bandaged it, before looking up at the other five guys staring at you.

“What, I’m an Intern at the hospital.” you said shrugging. Shaking his head he sped away to the hideout.

The minute you the van stopped you were already ordering the boys to find something while Taehyung-who you confirmed was his name-helped you get the poor boy inside. 

“I need rubbing alcohol, bandages a needle and thread along with gauze and the first aid kit.” you ordered, walking quickly through the house and shoving all the papers and a cup onto the ground shattering it. Setting Jungkook down you wet a rag and carefully removed the bandages, staring at the wound it was about an inch and a half deep, it’d definitely need stitches. You carefully cleaned his face cuts before finally attacking the gash. Taking the rubbing alcohol from pink boy you dumped it onto the wound, Jungkook had passed out from blood loss or pain. You threaded a needle before pausing as the door opened to reveal Hoseok and Namjoon carrying a still unconscious asshole into the living room. Closing your eyes you calmed down, before starting to stitch up the idiot. It had been about an hour and a half when the asshole-you learned Jimin was his name-finally woke up. Groaning he looked around, before pausing. 

“Dude what the hell happened?” he asked, before Jin snickered, about to tell the boy about how he got beat up by you when you walked in, sending a groggy sleepy Jungkook to rest.

“Hey, dumbass get in here I need to look at the damage.” you said before disappearing. 

He froze, before groaning.“Do I have to?” he whined to Jin, “Why is she even here anyways?”

“Be glad, if she wasn’t then our golden boy wouldn’t be breathing. He’d be dead.” he snapped, before lightly pushing Jimin into the makeshift first aid room. 

“Sit down, I need to look at your nose.” you said quietly before wiping the blood away. Jimin thought you’d be rough with him because of how he treated you, so he was surprised when you were so gentle to him. Once he was fixed up you shooed him away and cleaned up. Soon the kitchen was clean and operational again so you walked into the living room. Everyone looked at you, before Namjoon cleared his throat. 

“Y/N,” he paused, as you grabbed your bag, dress still somehow intact.

“I’m leaving, Jungkook should rest for a couple of weeks, don’t let him move around.” you said, “Jimin be careful with your nose, you can take the bandages off in a month.” you then proceeded to the door, ready to leave this mess. Hoseok yanked you backwards and threw you into a chair, before Namjoon continued.

“You can’t leave.” he said staring at you. 

“excuse-what?!.” you said, confused “I’m not gonna tell anyone i swear but I have a shift at the hospital tomorrow so…”

“No, you know too much, you’re staying. You’re joining the gang Y/N.” he replied, “If not you die.” he shrugged, “you choice darling.” they left alone sitting in the living room.

“Can I at least go back and grab my belongings?” you muttered before sighing.

You wandered around for a while till you found Namjoon who you assumed was the leader of this so called gang. “Hey, can I talk to you?”

“Sure, what?” he said turning around, 

“I’m not gonna tell anyone I promise-” you started

“You can’t leave sorry honey.” He cut you off before turning around to scribble more incomprehensible notes on a worn notebook.

“Can I at least go to my shift for the hospital, if I don’t I’ll get kicked out of college. This means a lot to me,” 

“No.” he responded curtly.

“One of you can even drive me there and pick me up but I need to go!” you pleaded, yet he still shook his head. Anger spiking you grabbed his chair and whipped him around to face you. “Listen you pompous jerk, If I don’t go not only will someone call my apartment and find me gone, but the next time one of your little gang buddies get’s injured I won’t be there to save him. You’re lucky I even knew how to patch Jungkook up so I advise you,” Staring him down you snarled, “Let. Me. Go, Now.” he narrowed his eyes.

“Don’t order me around like that, things won’t go your way sweetie.” he sneered. 

“You can’t keep me here. I’m going whether you like it or not, I’ll be back once my 48 hour shift is over.” you growled before slamming the door open to reveal six boys eavesdropping. “Excuse me I have a shift to catch.” you said before walking past them and past the clean kitchen.

“Don’t let her escape!” Namjoon roared, sending everyone into action. Jungkook being the first to grab you, luckily your mom made you take self defense classes. You grabbed a small knife on the counter and pointed it right at his wound.“If any of you try to stop me, I won’t hesitate to reopen his wound.” you said quietly, making everyone freeze in their steps. “Jimin, go start the car, we’re going back to my apartment to change my clothes then you’ll drop me off at the hospital.” you said, he didn’t move, “Now.” then you applied minimal pressure making Jungkook hiss in pain. Now that got Jimin moving. “I told you,” you stared at Namjoon, “I am going to the hospital I worked hard to get a spot to be an intern and nothing’s going to stop me. Not even a famous Gang leader.” He stared right back at you, everyone could see the tension and struggle for power. Then, you hit Jungkook strategically with the blunt end of the knife making him cry out in pain red blossoming at his wound before shoving him forward. Jin reaching out to catch him, by the time Jungkook was upright you were gone already in the car.

“What makes you think I’ll drive you anywhere?” Jimin spat glaring at you.

“If you don’t you’ll never know how to help your precious Jungkook.” you shrugged before telling him where to go. He groaned hitting his head against the steering wheel before driving off. After taking a well deserved shower and shedding the tattered dress and destroyed heels you changed into a plain shirt and leggings before slipping on sneakers and a hoodie. Grabbing your bag Jimin drove you to the hospital, “the day after tomorrow at 3am, come pick me up, that’s when my shift ends.” 

“Wait how do I help Jungkook?” he asked, grabbing your wrist.

“Undo the bandages, clean the area around the stitches with a warm cloth then rebandage him but not too tightly. Make sure not to actually touch the stitches, I didn’t have anesthesia so it’s going to be very painful if you irritate them. When I get back I’ll check to make sure you did everything right.” then just like that you were gone disappearing into the hospital. Sighing Jimin drove back and entered a quiet house. 

“Did she really go to the hospital?” Namjoon asked, everyone sat in the living room and he didn’t look very happy.

“Yes, she told me to pick her up two days from now at three in the morning.” Jimin paused, “She also told me how to help Jungkook.” then he led the youngest back the kitchen and did exactly what you told him not wanting to hurt the boy. 

“Why does she seem unbothered by us kidnapping her?” Namjoon wondered, 

“Um actually, about that…” Seokjin started, looking embarrassed. “She’s well, she’s my younger sister.” Everyone gaped at him, disbelief showing on their faces.

“WHAT?!?!” Taehyung screeched, before laughing. “Damn, no wonder she knew how to throw a punch.”

“Yea…” Seokjin just sighed, “She recognized me which is probably why she doesn’t care much, then again she’s usually pretty chill about a lot of things. I even broke her favorite mug once and she just shrugged it off, saying it was an accident.” he paused, pondering on a lot of things. “She’s probably not as bothered as you guys think.” he then shrugged before walking to his room. 

For the next two days they stayed put, not wanting to go out and get hurt when you weren’t there to patch them up so they just lazed around the house. And by laze around I mean they worked out in the underground area. It was secret, where all their temporary rooms were with everything they needed. A kitchen, training room, small library and one vacant room that would become yours. 

Namjoon set his targets on a big corporation that they would take to get ransom money. It could be huge, so it required lots of planning. If he overlooked even the tiniest detail they’d all have a one way ticket to hell, except maybe you. You’d probably just go to jail but still. No one, and I mean no one wanted that.

So what do you guys think? Send your thoughts here!