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Shadowhunter, have you ever seen a Seelie knight fight? I wouldn’t be so cocky about your prowess if I were you.

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I just read tha angsty Christmas request and I LOVE angst, but I also love good endings so... Maybe like a sequel where few weeks later, MC goes to see them and tell them she left her s/o because she realized she fell for them (for RFA + V + Saeran) ? Fluffly the time x)

(Combined for similarity!)

A/N: hI GUYS HERE’S THE HAPPY ENDING TO THE CHRISTMAS ANGST I WROTE A WHILE BACK (and thank u 404 for helping me wit dis <3) low key didn’t wanna write it because I’m a hoe for angst but here it is babes ~Admin 626

404 IS A HOE FOR FLUFF SO I MADE SURE THIS REQUEST GOT DONE (626 can’t tell me no) ~Admin 404

- When you realized you loved Zen, it hit you so hard you ran out of breath actually you probably out of breath because you were running but whatever
- But you felt so guilty because you had a boyfriend??? Like how you were gonna break it to him?
- Turns out your boyfriend was cheating on you anyway (but at least he was decent enough to tell you)
- and you cried and you cried and you didn’t know you could stop (maybe you didn’t love the guy but you still thought the time you spent with him was precious_
- but Zen was with you the entire time, he literally never left you
- he stayed overnight at your place with you, comforted you when you needed it, gave your space when you needed it
- They say no one can be perfect but Zen is pulling it off pretty well
- But it all got better in time, it took awhile, but you were okay
- and now you’re ready for zen ;;;)))
- but you needed to tell him you loved him with flare
- you couldn’t give Zen a normal confession, nah, you needed to be over the top
- your solution???
- you rope  the rest of the RFA into this bc they’re friends so they have to duh
- So of course, when the fireworks are going off the first night of your trip,  and you guys are in front of Cinderella’s castle, the RFA spells out “BE MINE?” while you’re on one with flowers
- and Zen has to choke back sobs bECAUSE HOLY SHIT WHAT
- he picks you up, spins you around, and kisses you!
- he’s not crying you’re crying lEAVE HIM ALONE
- you two end up going to a hotel room because you two really need the time to talk and make out <3

- she’s absolutely livid when she finds out about your boyfriend cheating on you
- who the hell did he think he was? You’re utterly amazing and anyone would be lucky to have you
- it takes Saeyoung and Saeran to hold her back otherwise she was going to go over to his place and hit that guy so hard omg
- this is really the first time anyone has seen Jaehee lose her cool like this???
- but you calmed her down, you told her that you figured out you didn’t really love him anyway, the cheating still hurt but you’d be okay
- her heart totally didn’t do a flip when you said you didn’t love him
- But she obviously gave you the space you needed, you needed to recover and honestly, she could wait for you forever anyway
- she tried to help you as much as she could though
- she’d bake you little cakes on tough days, make you coffee on days when you’re especially tired
- on your days off you’d actually just help out at her coffee-shop because you wanted to help her <3
- one day, when the shop is closed and you two are cleaning up, you decide to play some music to make the cleaning go faster
- and omfg all the songs that came on had to be sappy songs
- You absolutely lose it when “I See the Light” comes on because that’s exactly how you feel about Jaehee
- You dropped the cups you were holding and Jaehee rushes over to make sure you’re okay
- and you just kiss her, you don’t care if she doesn’t love you, she needs to know how you feel
- and you absolutely die when you feel her kiss you back
- when you pull away she has the dopiest look on her face and she’s so adorable omg
- and she faints

- when he finds out your boyfriend cheated on you, he actually cries for you
- you actually end up comforting him instead
- You guys have a heart to heart and there’s so many tears but you confess that while it does hurt that he cheated on you, you realized you were in love with someone else
- Yoosung freaks out a little bECAUSE IS IT HIM
- of course he gives you your space, he wont push you to tell him who it is
- so he spends his time comforting you the only way he knows how, teaching you to play LOLOL!!!
- and it turns out, you’re really great at it???
- you spend the weekends gaming with him!!!
- and Fridays become Froyo day for you two because um, froyo is amazing
- one day when you two are having froyo, you see a little bit on his cheek and you can’t help yourself
- you wipe it off with your finger and then taste it
- Yoosung is dying of a nosebleed wTF JUST HAPPENED
- but you totally act normal, you’re dying on the inside but he can’t tell so it’s a-okay
-he doesn’t sleep that night
- omfg the next day though, you’re playing a level Yoosung created in Super Mario Maker (y’all know where this is going)
- Suddenly the blocks start spelling out your name??
- what is this sorcery
- you’re lowkey crying but you grab that boy and u mAKEOUT WITH HIM SO HARD
- he’s crying too
- TONS of snuggling that night omg, he won’t let go <3

- he doesn’t know what to do when he finds out? Because on one hand he’s a gentle dude but on the other hand he wants to rip that guy’s head off
- but he keeps his cool somehow because he realizes he needs you
- one of your friends told you that someone punched your ex boyfriend but no one knows who it was because he won’t tell
- to cheer you up, he starts taking you out on his photography trips! He thinks the change in scenery probably helps you
- you’re too embarrassed to tell him you just really like spending time with him
- but soon this becomes a regular thing for you and sometimes he actually uses you as a model!
- “I prefer you for my pictures because you have an amazing smile”
- you can’t sleep that night because holy crap did he actually say that to you???
- as a treat for him taking you out all the time, you decide to take him to the movie theater <3
- you don’t tell him what movie though bECAUSE HAHA YOU HAVE A PLAN!
- you take him to an “old” movie theater (AKA it’s new but it mimics the style of old movie theaters when they used to have what movies were playing over the ticket booth)
- you ask him what he wants to see and he’s confused cause like??? You invited him out, how do u not know what you wanna watch wtf
- “Just look V”
- haha get it cause he can’t see
- just kidding in this headcanon he can see

- when he looks up to see what movies are playing,  he actually reads “Will you be my boyfriend? - MC”
- he’s dead omg
- you did not just do this
- this is so sweet
- he just turns to you and gives you a quick kiss
- “I would be honored to be your boyfriend”
- you guys end up making out through the movie cause y’all are hoes

-He may have told you he couldn’t be your friend anymore, but??
-He’s a civil person, he will still talk to you in the group chat
-But inside, it’s KILLING him that he can’t talk to you one on one
-Or invite you to dinner, or ask you to come over to play with Elizabeth
-He noticed your messages sounded… sad, like you were upset
-So he asked if anything was wrong, he’s still a gentleman
-Your boyfriend??? Cheated on you??? YOU????
-He’s wonders if he’s even more pissed off about it than you are
-Honestly considers hiring hitmen jumin dont do that
-Throws the idea of not being your friend straight out the window
-Asks you to come over, he’s read that petting cats helps deal with sadness and he’s offering up some Prime Elizabeth Petting(™)
-You tried to stay collected and calm but the moment he put his hand on your shoulder, you lost it and started bawling
-It had been a while since you found out, but it all just finally boiled over, and you just couldn’t stop
-Obviously Jumin freaks out because??? How the hell does he comfort???? What do????
- MC, do you want me to dry your tears with a 100 dollar bill?? Will that help???
-He finally turn your whole body to face him, which obviously surprised the hell out of you
-”MC, I’m not very good at comforting others, but I’ll always do my best when it comes to you. You deserve much better than what your ex gave you, and I can give it to you.”
-Suddenly, realization hit you like a truck. ‘Holy shit Jumin likes me and I like him too and wow okay this is happening’
-You were brought back to the world when he asked if you were alright, and if you had heard him
-”Yeah, I um, I did. Jumin, I just want to say that I really like you and I-”
-But you were cut off?? With a sudden taste of wine??? Jumin Han’s lips, everyone. Soft and amazing
-”I’ll take care of you better than he ever did, I promise you, MC”

-He’s very good at hiding the fact that he likes you in the first place so it isn’t too hard for him to continue
-Or so he thought???
-He had to keep holding himself back, and it always killed him
-He was always looking out for you, he was like your own little guardian angel
-So unfortunately, he knew about your boyfriend cheating on you before you did and he didn’t know if he should tell you or not…
-He finally worked up the courage to go to your house, in person, and Expose(™) your boyfriend but when you opened the door you were already a crying mess
-Caught completely off guard, the only thing he could think to do was hug you extremely tight and hold you
-The two of you stood in the doorway until you were finally able to breath, and your tears at least slowed down
-Without another word, he took your hand and walked you to his car
-No idea where you were going, what you were doing, or how long you’d be gone, but at this point you didn’t care
-You were happy as long as you were with him
-You started to realize a while back that he was your best friend, and you couldn’t get him out of your head
-Why did it take you so long to realize that you were practically in love with this dorky redhead? No idea, but you knew it now and that’s all that mattered, right?
-He was very good at distracting you. He’d turn on your favourite songs (he made you your own playlist) and sing at the top of his lungs, trying to make you laugh
-You also laughed when he put the top of his car down and immediately swallowed a bug (and he complained for about an hour afterwards)
-Finally, after nightfall, he parked in a nice, open area, where the two of you could just chill out, talk, enjoy fresh air, and (surprise not) see the stars
-The two of you got to talking about the last movie you two saw together, and you couldn’t take it anymore
-”I loved the part about the-” “I love you”
-Jesus CHRIST he’s more red than his HAIR he practically glows in the dark
-At a loss for words actually??? He just kinda holds you hand and looks away but you know that he shares your feelings based on his gesture alone
-No words were said about it but once you were comfortable and ready, he took the next step and the two of you shared a kiss <3

-Yo, fuck your boyfriend tho, he hates him anyway??
-He doesn’t think anyone, even himself, is good enough for you
-But when you didn’t answer his texts one day he was really concerned??
-Like, MC??? Are you okay??? What’s happening??? Tell me?? WhO AM I FIGHTING??
-So, Saeran being Saeran, just walks straight into your house
-When he saw you crying on his couch he immediately turned around and went for the door
-”Saeran, where *hiccup* are you going?” “Killing your boyfriend”
-You talked him down from going out and assassinating your (now ex) boyfriend
-When you told him that you caught him cheating, he attempted to get up again and head for your ex
-He wasn’t sure really what to do? You’re leaking from your face and he’s so fucking lost
-*Insert gif with someone patting the other person with a broom*
-But if you even ATTEMPT to blame yourself he slides into the room like
-He finally just kind of shoves your head onto his shoulder and he runs his fingers through your hair
-Without thinking, he kissed the top of your head, and immediately froze when he realized what he did
-You look up at him to see that he’s mortified. He mutters to himself, saying how much he cannot believe he did that
-He looked you in the eyes, slight glare on his face
-”Yeah I mean, I guess I like you… like actually like you…. Stop looking at me like that! I’m gonna take it back if you don’t get away from me” he says, as he pushes your face away when you smile at him
-The rest of the night he just kind of holds you closer than he normally would, trying to show you that he does care about you, and wants to be there for you in a better light than your ex
- still wants to stab your ex though

Chaos Walking characters
  • looks like a cinnamon roll but could actually kill you: viola, lee, corrinne
  • looks like they could kill you but is actually a cinnamon roll: cillian, the return, simone
  • looks like a cinnamon roll and is actually a cinnamon roll: todd, ben, maddy, bradley, wilf
  • looks like they could kill you and would actually kill you: mistress coyle, mayor prentiss
  • sinnamon roll: davy prentiss
voltron season 3 episode predictions
  • shiro falls out of the ceiling tiles and into allura’s arms, along with 15 armed rebels and a couple of vegetables from earth. the entire episode is just him screaming, allura screaming, the paladins screaming, and the black lion kicking them all out. they never really figure out how exactly shiro got into the ceiling tiles but shiro says it has something to do with the vegtables.
  • the reunion episode between matt holt and shiro is just a complicationed dance routine with sam and pidge looking on in a mixture of shame and contempt. it has been months since they last saw each other. how do they know this. the entire dance is just the whole episode.
  • lotor is just a tiny alien in a huge mech suit, and once the paladins figure that out they put him in a glass jar and now hes a decortive item in the castle. the joke is that youre supposed to move it every time you see him to freak out someone. this ends badly as keith once woke up with it shoved down his shirt, and all of lance’s creams got replaced by several bad duplications of the jar. pidge is a master at this game as they can crawl through vents and place the jar of screaming prince lotor anywhere undetetced. 
  • shiro’s makeup bag gets replaced by alien substances and winds up geting posioned because he used some crushed berries as eyeliner, and the episode is him runnin though the castle, arm activated and destroying a couple of walls looking for his damned eyeliner. allura helps.
  • hunk and pidge are working on shiros arm (which needed maintenance or something) and they discover it can be turned into any body part. they accidently turn it into a foot and cant change it back so its just shiro walking around the castle like normal only its a foot.
  • the cow, which had wandered off on its own in the castle, gets an entire episode thats just from the cow’s point of view. it raids the kitchen at night and loves the food goo. it crawls though the vents and often scares the heck out of pidge. it has a collection of stuff it stole, like several of keiths knifes, lances moisturizer, a rolling stones album, several pens and socks, an entire altean ballgown, and coran’s ponytail bands. prince lotor in a jar eventually winds up in it but no one cares.
  • lance does DOFA deez nuts on allura at least once. the episode consists of pidge and lance memeing the other paladins. 
  • at one point someone adopts an alien cat. it hates hunk but loves keith. keith hates it and hunk loves it.
  • “every time you kill zarkon, theres a tinier zarkon that you can kill eaiser behind it. after you kill the last one, you become a god.” “lance put the redbull coffee down and put your shirt back on before i throw you into the pool.”
  • hunk swears, and everyone just stares. they suspect that hes a galra in disguise and try to anbush him while hes making cookies.
  • the paladins get into another time loop only when they get out of it, shiro and matt are 10 year olds, hunk lance and keith are maybe 4, and pidge is an infant. the episode is just allura, coran, and samuel holt just taking care of the children with their giant robot cats that also seemed to revert to kittens. lotor in a jar makes an appearence but its just him screaming for a couple minutes.

“Perhaps it was easier to believe that she did not love us, and we had each other. Now, you have Victoria and she will never leave you. Do you know how much I envy you? And how I will miss you?” 

Worse than a stormtroopers...

I started playing Werewolves: The Apocalypse with some friends online, it is me (a kitsune medical assassin) and Regal(a giant simba bastet)and we are infiltrating a pentex facility for video proof to stop a gang war between the local glasswalkers and vampires. We are caught as we find the video by 4 black spiral dancer Guards, one in Crinos(Goltragg) and the other 3 Guards wielding m16s with silver bullets, during the battle, this happens

DM: Okay, Goltragg(big Boss for encounter) is prone and injured on his back after being thrown to the ground and being stabbed in the chest, now its the first Guards turn to attack. His gun is pointed at you Ren(Me) since you are the one driving said knife into him. *Rolls to hit, -3 Successes* Oh my

Me OOC: Oh shit

Dm: Okay… The guard fires his gun, the shot misses and hits the ceiling, but he also drops his gun, being startled by the gun fire. The gun hits the floor on the butt and the fires upwards, all 3 bullets fired hit the guard in head and instantly kill him, despite how heavily armor he is.

Me In:…




Everyone OOC: *laughing uncontrollably *

Me: He’s worse than the stormtrooper from the holiday special!

Another 3 Things you shouldn't do in Italy

DON’T take a tourist gondola ride in Venice unless you’re prepared to pay EURO 80-100 per gondola for a 40 min ride. These are official rates so don’t get taken for a ride by shady gondoliers who charge random prices. On a budget, try hopping a Traghetto, one of the water taxis used by locals to cross the Canale Grande. The ride will be shorter, but the boats are similar except that tickets will cost around 5 EURO. 

DON’T expect the “Italian” food served in other countries to actually be served in Italy. Italian food is VERY regional. It’s also seasonal. Try local specialties, e.g. Genoa for pesto; Naples for pizza; Bologna for Bolognese sauce and filled pastas like ravioli, tortellini, lasagna; Milan for risotto and Ossobucco alla Milanese; Rome for Spaghetti alla Carbonara, Spaghetti all'amatriciana, and lamb. Gnocchi, bresaola, polenta dishes, and Tiramisù are found all over the country, but they’re native to North Italian regions like Lombardy and the Veneto. Prosciutto/Parma ham is most commonly associated with central and northern Italy. Oh and Americans, NO PEPPERONI PIZZA (lol).

DON’T tip, no matter what they tell you abroad. Tipping is not obligatory or common in Italy and can be an insult. However, tourist-savvy service people may have heard that other nationalities (especially Americans!) are genetically programmed to tip everything from waiters to performing rabbits, so the cheekier ones might try to work you for some spare change. Unless they gave you the best service in the history of the planet, resist. People earn a living wage so there’s absolutely no need to tip.

DON’T ask your waiter for Parmesan to put on your seafood pasta unless you want to see a grown man cry. One of the holiest commandments of traditional Italian culinary etiquette is that cheese and seafood never, ever mix. Only very recently have certain cheese/seafood pairings cropped up - i.e. ricotta with sea bass, gorgonzola with clams - but this is considered very avantgarde;a purist won’t touch such dishes. Also, for the love of Saint Peter, don’t let an Italian see you cutting spaghetti with a fork and knife or roll it on a spoon.

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Asahi dates reader and he went into a date with his friends and they dared him to shave his beard and cut his hair. So when he came back home she’s like who are you and what are you doing here? A funny one shot. Can u like imagine tho 😂

Anon, you genius.

Another short-ish one (you guys seeing a pattern here?). It’s because I wrote it in the metro on the way to school shhh…

Hope you enjoy! This was really fun to write and reader-chan is extra as fuck haha

Countdown to Greek Gods: 2 left!

-Admin Jen

“Have you been neglecting your hair and beard again?” Suga asked, tugging on a strand of Asahi’s hair that now reached mid back. “I know you hate it when people think you’re a delinquent, but by this point they’ll think you were a hobo.”

“W-Would they really?” Asahi asked nervously. “I mean you’re right about me neglecting them. I haven’t had the time to do anything about it because I’ve been so busy, but I didn’t think it looked that bad.”

“It doesn’t look bad,” Suga reassured him. “It’s just that it’s a little… scruffy. Which is totally fine if you’re into that look but knowing you… not really.”

“Remember when you were in your first year of high school and no one mistook you for anything because your hair was shorter and you had no beard,” Daichi pointed out. “Hey, Asahi, I dare you to go back to that look.”

Suga snickered. “Daichi!” he halfheartedly reprimanded.

“I think you looked cute back then,” Kiyoko pitched in.

Asahi blinked. “You’re serious?” he asked, curiously looking each of his friends in the eyes.

“Why not?” Suga replied lightheartedly. “What’s the worst that could happen? Besides, it’ll feel good to get all that hair off of you, for once.”

Asahi nodded nervously. “Right? What’s the worst that could happen?”

“P-Please put the knife down.”

Well, apparently the worst was that.

“Who are you and how did you get in here?” the woman asked, pointing her kitchen knife at him threateningly, little speckles of vegetables scattered on it.

“It's—It’s me,” Asahi stuttered, raising his hands in panic. “It’s Asahi!”

“Asahi?” A look of recognition dawned upon her face. “Oh my God,” she said under her breath, putting her knife down on the cutting board. Asahi sighed in relief, tears in his eyes.

“Th-That was scary,” he muttered, putting his head in his hands. “You’re scary. Why am I dating you?”

“Asahiiii!” she exclaimed, her voice filled with regret. “I’m sorry! Please forgive me!” She threw herself at him, wrapping her arms around his waist and squeezing hard. “I didn’t mean to point that knife at you, I swear!”

“Sounded to me like you did,” Asahi replied, shaking. “Did you have to use a knife?”

“It was the nearest available weapon,” she answered sheepishly, her voice muffled by his chest.

“…Can we throw that knife away?”

She nodded.


She finally looked up and took a good look at him. “You look good like this too,” she told him, stroking his cleanly shaven face. “Cute.”

“Thank you.”

A beat.

“I’m sorry.”

“I forgive you.”



She pulled him down and planted a quick kiss on his lips.

“I love you,” she told him, and then escaped into the living room in embarrassment.

Asahi smiled.

For all that it was worth, it was a good day.


On this day in music history: October 5, 1959 - “Mack The Knife” by Bobby Darin hits #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 for 9 weeks (non-consecutive), also peaking at #6 on the R&B singles chart on November 23, 1959. Written by Kurt Weill, Berthold Brecht and Marc Blitzstein, it is the biggest hit for the singer and actor born Walden Robert Cassoto. A cover of the standard from the Kurt Weill - Berthold Brecht musical “The Threepenny Opera”, Darin is inspired to record it after hearing Louis Armstrong’s version of the song. The track is recorded at Fulton Sound Studios in New York City on December 19, 1958 with Atlantic Records co-founder and chairman Ahmet Ertegun producing. Initially he is resistant to it being released as a single after American Bandstand host Dick Clark dissuades him from putting it out, feeling that the show tune will alienate his rock & roll fans. Darin himself is also not sure of the records chances at first, but has a change of heart. Atco issues as the first single from “That’s All” in early August of 1959, and becomes an instant smash. Entering the Hot 100 at #59 on August 24, 1959, it rockets to the top of the chart just six weeks later. After six consecutive weeks at the top, it drops to #2 for a week behind The Fleetwoods “Mr. Blue”, then regains the top spot for three more weeks. The single earns Darin two Grammy Awards including Best New Artist and Best Vocal Performance By A Male. Bobby Darin’s recording of “Mack The Knife” is also inducted into the Grammy Hall Of Fame in 1999, two years after Armstrong’s 1955 recording. “Mack The Knife” is certified Gold in the US by the RIAA.

Diabolik Lovees fandom vs real

Fandom Reiji: salty mom, pigeon ,cries to sleep due to his siblings, sO LIGHT EM UP UP UP on FIREEEEE.🔥🔥🔥

real reiji: neRD .

Fandom Shuu: perverted shoe. LaZY LifE 🎻🎻🎻🎼🎼🎶🎶🎼

Real shuu: morns over childhood friend, scared of betrayel ,mozart fanboy.🎻 💤💤💤💤

Fandom ayato: idiot , boastful dork ,loves basketball and female …uh that.

Real ayato: actually thinks, superiority complex, arrogant but caring. Loves female ….uh that.

Fandom laito: pervert.

Real laito: pervert.

Fandom kanato: bipolar kid, love of life teddy, hate on everyone, raw salt, house of wax. DoLLs.

Real ka- who am i kidding he is that way.

Fandom subaru: tsunbunny, nice, cinnamon roll, a car and a bunny, anger managment problem anD WALL- CHAN. 🐰🐰🐰🐰🐰🐰🐰🐰🐰🐰🌻🌻🌸🌸

Real subaru: heavy meTAL BROKE MY *FLIPS WALLS*
HEART.  ⚡⚡⚡

Fandom ruki: 👌👀👌👀👌👀👌👀👌👀 good shit go౦ԁ sHit👌 thats ✔ some good👌👌shit right👌👌there👌👌👌 right✔there ✔✔if i do ƽaү so my self 💯 i say so 💯 thats what im talking about right there right there (chorus: ʳᶦᵍʰᵗ ᵗʰᵉʳᵉ) mMMMMᎷМ💯 👌👌 👌НO0ОଠOOOOOОଠଠOoooᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒ👌 👌👌 👌 💯 👌 👀 👀 👀 👌👌Good shit. Christian grey.

Real ruki: nERD. Mom friend. Old man soul. Soup. I will make you proud father.📖👔🎓.

Fandom kou: two faced mean neko loving idol boy. Tinkerbell.

Real kou: regina george. 💄💄

Fandom yuma: Farmer. Dork.🍅🍅🍅

Real yuma: cannibal.

Fandom azusa: sweet sunshine child. Masochist knife loving child. Cinnamon roll. Teddy killer thug life🔪🔪🔪🔫🔫🔫💣💣💣

Real azusa: you have heard of sunshine child now get ready for


Fandom Kino: drugs 24/7. Game loving trash. Kill dem vamps yea. Dat boi. 👽👽👽

Real Kino: ?????👤👤????⁉⁉⁉

Fandom shin: Notice me carla -senpai !!! whO LET THE DOGS OUT WOOF WOOF.

Real shin: i will defeat my brother *looks up at the sky and wipes a tear*

Fandom carla:$enpai didnt notice🔚🚫⚠⚠ ❎❎🚫❌❌💢💢. No really shin sTOp.

Real carla:

inside *i hope shin ate his breakfast* * ooHh is that a 19th century painting*👀👀👌👌👍.

Outside *puts shin in prison* that is what you get for breaking my antique.

Fandom yui: what.

Real yui: wat.

Just for fun 👌👌

The Wrong Side of Heaven Part Two (demon!bucky x reader)

Originally posted by veivirmorte

Summary: Bucky is a demon, sent to earth to kill a human. But when he meets her, he can’t exactly figure out why she was chosen to die.


Word Count: 1.1K

Warnings: blood ritual, some fluff, a few swears

The Wrong Side of Heaven Masterlist

Two weeks have gone by, and you and James have somehow developed a strong bond together, always joking about, laughing, giggling, sending each other texts during your breaks, going out on friend dates.

Bucky didn’t know where or how the friendship started, honestly. One day, he walked in to work, only to discover you had bought him breakfast and coffee and left your phone number on the coffee cup. So, naturally, he responded to you, buying a coffee and doughnut the next day. Thus sprout the friendship between you two. To say Bucky was excited about the progress was a complete understatement. He never expected you to respond to him in this way. But here you were, always happy and giddy around him.

One day, as he walked next to you after work hours, he’d caught himself wondering why he was sent to watch you You seemed innocent enough, right? You had been a good worker, had amazing family members, as you’d told him. You traveled a bit in your childhood. You were an all around good citizen to the world.

So why had he been sent to collect her soul? Were you in some underground cult that only his elder knew about? Bucky wondered these questions quite a bit over the weeks, but never received an answer from his higher power. You lived a normal life. You lived that typical white picket life that many people strive to do.

So why? What was wrong in your case?

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When it Becomes too Much - Batfamily x Reader

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Requested by robinlover11620 - A batsis imagine where she deals with depression and self-harm. 

You could feel their stares as you tried to find the energy to punch the punching bag. They watched you from across the cave, judging you. In that moment, you hated them for it. Landing a hard punch on the bag, you found agitation eating away at your soul. The punch seemed to drain you.

After a long moment, you heard footsteps behind you followed by a warm hand coming to rest on your shoulder. “(Y/N), are you okay?” Dick asked softly, coming around to face you. 

You suppressed the urge to scream or burst into tears as you laid a punch onto the bag. “I’m fine,” you growled, blinking back the tears that wanted to fall down your cheeks. You hated yourself so much at that moment. 

Dick’s hand started to rub your back. “Why don’t you take a break?” Dick suggested, trying to guide you towards the Batcave stairs. “Alfred has some of your favorite cookies waiting.” 

You glared at him, emotion bursting from you. “I said I was fine,” you screamed, elbowing him in the stomach and flipping him over your shoulder. Dick slammed into the ground, groaning from the impact. 

“What the hell, (Y/N)?” Tim shouted, running to Dick’s side. He helped Dick sit up before glaring at you. 

“I’m fine, Tim,” Dick reassured, rubbing his head where it smacked against the floor. The guilt from your actions ate you alive. Tears started to well up in your eyes. Tim’s face soften at the sight.

Before either man could speak again, you ran towards the stairs of the Batcave, desperately wanting to escape. Bruce and Jason were in the study when you stepped out of the clock entrance. Jason was arguing with Bruce, preventing them from noticing the tears on your face. You felt Bruce’s eyes on you as you slipped out of the study.

You ran down the hallway, bumping passed Damian and Duke to enter the kitchen. Alfred was cooking something, calling out to you, but you ignored him and sprinted out of the back door. Tears clouded your vision as you ran through the garden and into the woods surrounding the manor.  

Eventually once you were deep into the woods, you came to a stop. Leaning onto your knees, you caught your breath before sinking to the ground. A sob escaped your lips, burying your face in your hands. Your emotions were racing a hundred miles a minute. 

Everything was falling apart. You didn’t want to eat and all you wanted was to sleep. Alfred wouldn’t let you sleep, making you enraged beyond your control. You were restless and exhausted at the same time. More tears slipped out your face.

Reaching into your pocket, you pulled out a small pocket knife. Slowly, you rolled up your sleeve, revealing the scars you had made on your wrist. You traced the scars before flipping out the blade. Just when you were about to lower the blade to your wrist to reopen one of the scar, a gasp stopped you.

Your eyes shot up in surprise to find Duke standing only a few feet away from you. Duke took in the sight of the knife and the scars on your wrists before springing into action. He tried to disarm you, but you moved away from him.

“(Y/N), put the knife down,” he ordered, holding his hands up in surrender. His eyes were on the knife as if willing for it to disappear from your grasp. 

More tears fell down your cheeks. You shook your head, sobbing. “You weren’t supposed to see. No one was supposed to see.” 

While you were distracted, Duke shifted closer to you. You flinched at his movement, accidentally cutting your arm deeper than you meant. Hissing from the pain, you looked down as the blood started dripping down your arm.  

Suddenly, the knife was gone from your hand. You were too distracted by the blood rising from the rather deep cut on your arm that you didn’t see Duke taking the knife from your hand. He folded the knife before hiding it into his pocket. Slipping off his over-shirt, Duke pressed it to the cut.

“Come on,” he ordered, pulling you to your feet. He kept the shirt pressed to your wound while dragging you back towards the manor. You followed best you could, lightheaded by the blood loss. 

“Please don’t tell anyone,” you begged as you walked. “I won’t do it again. Just please don’t tell anyone.” 

Duke stopped, turning to look you in the eye. You could see his hesitation, but there was resolve in his eyes. “I’m sorry, (Y/N), but things like this can’t be kept a secret.” With that, he pushed on. Stumbling behind him, you knew your family was never going to look at you the same way again.

Later, you were laying on a couch in Bruce’s study with your head in Dick’s lap. He was stroking your hair as Alfred cleaned up the cut on your arm. Duke had told them everything, and your secret was out. 

Bruce was on the phone, making an appointment for you to see a doctor. Tim was sitting by your feet on the couch, typing rapidly on his laptop. Every once and while, he would stop to give you a long look before going back to work. Damian and Jason left a long time ago, unable to handle the news. Duke sat in the corner of the room, watching you with a solemn expression. 

“I’m so sorry, (Y/N),” Dick whispered, wiping a rouge tear that fell down your cheek. “We should have known.” You didn’t say a word, saying blankly at the ceiling.

Alfred finished bandaging your cut, getting to his feet. He rubbed his eyes, gathering the medical supplies. “I’ll go make some tea,” he mumbled before leaving the room. More tears slipped down your face when you heard the door shut behind him. You could feel them rejecting you already for what you had done to yourself. 

Tim laid a hand on your foot at the sound of your tears, trying to comfort you. Dick pulled you up in his arms, hugging you to his chest. 

You didn’t know how long you sobbed into Dick’s chest. All you knew was you felt dead inside. 

When your tears dried, you were handed over to Bruce. Bruce leaned down to whisper into your ear.

“I love you so much, (Y/N).” He kissed your forehead as he carried you up to your room. “I’m so sorry you were in so much pain, and I didn’t notice.” Entering your room, Bruce laid you down on your bed before sitting on the edge of it. 

“Please don’t hate me,” you coughed, your eyes burning from crying so much.

Bruce was taken back. “(Y/N), why would you think of such a thing? Sweetheart, I may have hated that you got to the point of hurting yourself, but I don’t blame you. I don’t hate you, (Y/N).” He reached out to take your hand.

“I’m sorry,” you whispered, exhausted. “I always cause you trouble.” 

He turned over your hand, studying the scars on your wrist. Bruce closed his eyes, gathering his next words. “You are not a burden to me, (Y/N). If you are suffering, I’m going to help you because I’m your father. You don’t have to be sorry, Sweetheart.” He smiled when he saw how you were trying to stay awake. “Go asleep, Honey. I’ll be here when you wake.”

Peace filled you at his words as your eyes drifted closed. You knew you were far from better, but somehow the future seemed just a little bit brighter than before.