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“Perhaps it was easier to believe that she did not love us, and we had each other. Now, you have Victoria and she will never leave you. Do you know how much I envy you? And how I will miss you?” 

 riverdale  jughead :  sits  in  some  dark  corner  in  the  back  of  pops ,  slumped  w/  a  half  eaten  milkshake  while  writing  his  novel  like  “ moonlight  dripped  over  the  midnight  sky ,  the  town  residents  innocently  asleep  &  blissfully  unaware  of  the  horrors  taking  place  that  night “ 

 comic  jughead :  rolls  up  to  betty  &  archie  on  a  pair  of  heelys  w/  some  shades  on.   a  slushie  in  his  hand  &  a  burger  in  the  other.   “ whats up ,  heteros? “


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waxed canvas knife roll/chef’s roll by hawksanddoves

now, i will NEVER be a chef. i can totally be a wannabe fangirl of all of the big cooking shows from top chef to chopped, but i will never need this badass knife roll. however, if you know a chef or culinary student, this find’s for you! love it.

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Heck yes you're selling it, I thought you said there were no dragons, even just one dragon makes it worth it, also i am super excited for gay swordfighting elves with white hair. You have to tell me about the gay stuff that you do! Marry a beautiful elf girl! And chase dragons together!

look at me go, i should work in advertising (although to be fair all my slogans would just be “buy this thing it has gays”)

here is some good news: you can indeed marry a beautiful elf girl and chase dragons together! her name is merrill and this is a picture of her

supposedly there are more elfy lesbians in dragon age: inquisition, but i have not played that one yet so i can’t comment. i myself played as a wizard with some seriously ripped biceps and relentlessly pursued Sulky Gay White-Haired Sword Elf, which was a lot like trying to hug a really angry cat that keeps trying to scramble out of your arms and run away to freedom

it has been thirty eight days and Netflix asks me if I am him. & I have nothing to put his ashes in. & we found a half-smoked joint rolled out of a birthday card my mom had given him. & we could not find his knife roll. & a woman I did not meet until after he was gone calls herself his soulmate, then breaks a plate over another woman’s head for daring to have loved him longer. tell me again about the part where grief is not my name. I will tell you, my parents have not kissed on the lips since the nineties. I will tell you, there is so much I did not say out of respect for the living. I will tell you, one of the first rules of working in a kitchen is you never try to catch a falling knife. but lord, if we didn’t try anyhow. lord, if we aren’t a family of good intentions and cut off hands.

Wolf Boy- Theo Raeken

He was the wolf boy.

The boy who howled his lungs out to the moon every month.

The mystery no one could crack.

You were Liam’s twin, and that always seemed to pose a problem when trouble rolled through Beacon Hills. It seemed like you were always getting kidnapped, held for ransom, and just getting threatened on a daily basis. And honestly, it annoyed the crap out of you. Being Liam’s twin did not give anyone the right to use you against him, and you knew they only did it to get him riled up. And one day, you knew it was going to blow up in their face. His I.E.D was going to overpower them, and you waited for it.

And so, here you were, strapped down to a chair while a man wandered around you holding a pretty big knife. You just kept rolling your eyes, not really intimidated by his “threatening” nature. He wouldn’t hurt you, for fear of Liam and the pack wrecking his face. So you just laughed at his threatening remarks, throwing your head back while letting out a few snorts. “You seriously think your going to hurt me?” You laughed again, following your captor with your eyes. “You couldn’t even hurt a goddamn fly if it flew past you and whispered that you were a sorry, little, pathetic, not-to-mention ugly, bitch. Which you are.”

He turned to look at you, fury evident in his gaze. “What the fuck did you just say to me?” He hissed, his words barely sounding like words as they left his gritted mouth. He stalked closer to you, raising his hand before bringing it across your face, a stinging sensation meeting your cheek. You gasped, the blow sending you and the chair sprawling to the floor. Your felt tears poking at your eyes and you grunted, feeling your cheek tingling with a fresh bruise. You were a delicate human being, and it annoyed you that you couldn’t heal like Liam or the pack. It was frustrating, but that whole werewolf junk, wasn’t for you. You actually wanted to spend your time with friends and not spent chained up to support beams like your brother had gone through.

Whatever though, nothing was special about being a werewolf. Well, except for the idea that you could be super fast, super strong, and super sexy. And you wouldn’t be in this situation. You thought, tilting your head with a grunt escaping your lips. You and the chair were forced back up, and you shook your head. Shut up, brain. You responded mentally, watching the man pace around again. If it weren’t for the stinging mark on your cheek, you would have told him to sit his fake ass down, but to prevent another bruise from appearing on your face, you decided to keep quiet and just wait.

“You know, they’re going to find you.” You hummed, looking around before down at your lap.

“Shut up.” He snapped, turning to look at you again. “Unless you want a matching bruise on your other cheek.” You rolled your eyes, smirking when a loud roar pierced the air.

“You hurt my sister?!” And you laughed, throwing your head back when a head of sandy brown appeared in your vision. And commence the battle music, the embarrassment you felt for your captor as he got his ass beat, the pack rushing in and the rescue.

Except, it didn’t go down like. Liam ended up getting electrocuted into unconsciousness, your captor was pretty strong and managed to even knock out Scott, and you were basically left with red cheeks from how embarrassed you felt. You had talked your pack up, told your captor all about how he was in a world of hurt, and bam, now your pack is on the ground unable to fight.


You groaned loudly. “Can anything go right today?!” You screamed, practically jumping in your seat. “Ugh! Next you’re going to tell me that wolf boy or whatever is going to come in and save us.” You hissed, throwing a tantrum at the idea of your pack being beaten.

“Wolf boy? That’s seriously the name you gave to me.” That voice. That cocky attitude. That tone.

“You know what, the universe just needs to fuck off.” You grunted, looking at Theo as he rushed in. You just shut your eyes and groaned, listening to bones breaking and screams. Several minutes later, your arms were untied, and you were staring into the eyes of Theo Raeken. He just kept smiling at you and you stared back, not knowing what he wanted until he bit his lip. “No.” You said, folding your arms with an eye roll.

“Awe come one babe. Just one little kiss.” He whispered leaning in closer. You snorted, turning your head when he shot forward, his lips brushing your cheek. “Just a peck?” You muttered a ‘no’ again, and turned your head the other way, his lips brushing your other cheek. “A smooch?” He whispered and caught your cheeks.

“Are you kidding me?! You just keep using synonyms for “kiss”,  no I don’t want to kiss you!” You whispered back, trying to turn your nose up at him. He smiled, leaning in until your lips touched softly. As much as you wanted to deny it, you couldn’t deny that he kissed pretty good. You threaded your fingers through his hair, feeling his hands cup your cheeks tighter. Instantly you felt relief and you shuddered, pulling back when you ran out of breath.

He smiled at you, his blue orbs staring back into yours with a warmth that made you feel something. This was all too fast for you. You were only a sophomore and he was a senior, and the fact that someone your brother didn’t trust just kissed you, seemed to bother you even more. “Something’s wrong.” He said suddenly, picking up on the scent of distrust on you.

“Whoa, wolf boy.” You said, eying him with a grunt. “Liam doesn’t like you, which means, I don’t like you. So that means, back off.” You said cheekily, biting your lip with a smirk.

“Oh no sweetheart, you definitely like me.” He whispered, leaning down til he pressed his lips against your ear. “I can smell the arousal between your legs.” He whispered and you flushed bright red, your legs squeezing shut as a reaction to his accusation.

Damn him.

Damn the wolf boy and his pretty face.

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im officially starting a new thread

not just ordinary Hellys™ they also light up, i made them myself

*up the staircase is a room containing a bow, a sword, a staff, a guitar, a knife, and a rolling pin, All the items are very old and covered in a thick layer of dust. There are doors to the left and the right.*

woah cool, im taking this *zhey pick up the knife* and the directions say to go left, does anyone else want something first? -fluff

The Trials

An armored fist connected with a thunderous crack.  Before she could recover, a kick swept her feet out from under her, and she landed hard on her back, gasping for breath.

All in all, Zabeth needed to spend more time in the training arena.  She was no slouch at combat, but her masked opponent wasn’t even winded. She hadn’t expected the trials to knock her flat so fast.  At least she had kept a hold on the knife.  Coughing, she rolled away and made it as far as her hands and knees.

But the examiner didn’t approach her again.  Instead he asked, “Why do you oppose Zarkon?”

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Fic: More than Jealousy

A Chris Evans Oneshot

Dedicated to the two anons that requested a jealous!chris and a oneshot that included a happy ending to an argument. Thank you for the prompt!

Thanks for reading!! xx


His knuckles were ghostly white, his jaw set, housing the clenching of his teeth. The fury was there in his stormy eyes and furrowed brows that were pointed towards the road ahead, his entire stiff demeanor exhibiting the turbulence of the dark thoughts that were dominating any rational part of his brain that wanted to scream at him to get his shit together.

Natalia had never seen him so angry before.

The tense atmosphere in the cabin of the truck could be cut with a thick knife as the tires rolled down Route 24 North towards Boston, twenty miles over the speed limit.

Chris had yet to utter a single word for the past twenty minutes. Actually, he had yet to acknowledge her ever since announcing his eagerness to skip out of the party early. And that had only been because she had asked when she saw his sour mood, unaware it was directed at her.

But now that they were on the road, in complete deafening silence, she knew she was in trouble. For what, who knew?

“Can you please slow down?”

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Breakfast sushi
Sushi isn’t just for lunch or dinner. Granted, you won’t find any fish or wasabi here. I’m talking about replacing all those savory elements with fruit and all good things to start your day off right. I’m also getting rid of the rice and replacing that with a low carb, high fiber tortilla.
Listed below are just two sushi creations, but the possibilities are endless. Use what you have on hand and get creative!

banana & pear sushi:

1 tortilla
pear, cut into match sticks
2T pb2, prepared (powdered peanut butter)
1T oats (optional)
chia seeds

•Mix pb2 and oats together and spread onto the tortilla
•Place pear sticks on the bottom end of the tortilla.
•Lay the banana on top of the pear, straightening out the banana carefully.
•Start at the bottom and begin rolling the tortilla all the way up.
•Once rolled into a “sushi roll”, use a serrated knife and slice the roll in half.
•Then cut those halves in half, and again with those halves so you’ll end up with 8 pieces.
•Take the 2 ends off and eat those :)
•Place the 6 pieces flat side down and top with chia seeds.

blueberry coconut sushi

1 tortilla
2T pb2, prepared
1T oats
2t shredded coconut, separated (1t, 1t)
a sprinkling of chia seeds (<1/2t)
1T syrup

•Mix pb2 with oats and 1t coconut.
•Spread mixture onto tortilla.
•At the bottom end, lay the banana (straightening slightly)
•Roll up the “sushi roll” and cut into 8 pieces.
•If your ends are less than par, eat ’em :) and lay the 6 pieces flat.
•Top with remaining coconut, chia seeds and blueberries.
•Drizzle on some syrup and enjoy!

What Happens At Midnight: Chpt 1 - a bucky barnes fic

Here it is. The first fic I’ve written in 4 years. Based on a prompt from @sbcpsychmajor in which Bucky realizes he likes a girl so mUST AVOID HER.

I think I’ll make it a chaptered story if there is any interest :)

3,184 words - Chpt 1/?

Bucky Barnes/OFC

Rated PG-13 for language, romance (Rated M for later chapters)

Originally posted by morefelton


Scarcely lit by the open refrigerator door, cool kitchen tiles began to permeate the thin flannel where Bucky sat cross legged with his jar of peanut butter and bag of apples. The short blade in his hand cut off another large wedge which he dipped into the jar, licking each sticky finger after the bite. Through the noise of chewing he failed to hear the soft padding of bare feet entering the kitchen. It wasn’t until his company rounded the island that he scrambled to his feet, sending apples rolling and knife held firmly at his side.

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