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CH 3.2 -CONFLICTING idEALs: 01-06 –> 07-13

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This Update took time hehe~
BuT C’MON GUYs It WAS worth it, right?!
Sanssssssss tho! his new outfit is just so gud!

Keru: “i suck with backgrounds” -Not really lol i dont call this suck~

and ‘bout who Gaster was talking? Sans?  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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((By the power of a lack of inspiration! Songs shall repeat!))

Battle Theme: [x] Anti-Skullgirls Lab 8: Skullgirls [x]

Battle intro: “You…sure you wanna do this, Avery?”

Victory: “I think you need to sharpen your skills a bit.” ***

Defeat: "I think…I see…your point.” ***

Assist: “Hope you don’t mind if I cut in.” ***

Taunt: “Gonna poke your eye out, kid.” ***

Reacting to Taunt: “Oh, just cut it out!” ***

Tie: “You’re pretty strong for a little guy.”

Perfect Victory: “Even the sky ain’t the limit~“

***- Knife puns ahoy

Me during Bubbled
  • Ruby: *Flies onto Steven's bubble*
  • Me: Aww, rubies are pretty cute actually.
  • Steven: Hey.
  • Ruby: Ugh, damn Crystal Tricksters! I won't be tricked again.
  • Me: he he, she most likely will...
  • Ruby: *gets head smashed into a rock and cracks gem*
  • Steven: I have Rose's healing powers, I'll heal you! *heals ruby*
  • Ruby: Oh my diamond! You healed me!
  • Me: Yes! Maybe she'll become friends with Steven and join the Crystal Gems!
  • Ruby: *takes out knife*
  • Me: oH ShIt!