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About His less obvious side

Djehuty (Thoth) is always referred to as the God of Knowledge and Wisdom, as the one who brings Balance, Legislator, Divine Litigator and Scribe … Vizier of Ra.

This was not always his dominant side. Actually he has a warrior side to Him not obvious in late times anymore, because he eminently battles with words and knowledge - not so much with weapons anymore.

Concerning this less known side one epithet stuck with me:

cutter who came from Seth”, PT 665A, PT 665D and PT674 (this is one possible translation, Allen translates this part of the Pyramid Texts with “ knife-bearer from Seth”). I tend towards the less sophisticated translation, because it fits so well His early characteristics. Also the word knife can be a pun/wordplay concerning “to be sharp, to be perceptive”, which already shows the way in which He would develop over time.

He is a warrior God. An avenger. The strong arm of Wesir (Osiris) and Heru (Horus): The prosecution of the dead generally falls to Heru and Djehuty in mortuary texts, including the Pyramid texts.  In this early age Djehuty goes after evildoers and brings them to justice by delivering them to Wesir to be killed (PT 356, PT 372, PT 542  f. ex.). This is executed as execration, mutilating the body of the evildoer so he may not become alive in the Duat - those were executions to restore the balance. To restore Ma’at.

This is a peek on Djehuty as perceived in the Old Kingdom and to a limited extent also in later times. Lord of Terror, “der Gott, der sein Gemetzel angerichtet hat” (translated: the God who dished out his slaughter) these are only two of many epithets indicating his warrior aspect, which draws Him closer to Seth.

On this part though I will write sometime later this month.

Dua Djehuty!

Literature on this/Sources:
Čermák, Thoth in the Pyramid Texts
Stadler, Weiser und Wesir
Spiess, Der Aufstieg eines Gottes

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The schools on their first day at Ravenwood?

(I’m gonna pick one of my ideas of how they are chosen for the school then their first day, so yeah! Thanks for requesting! I’m super duper sorry this took ages, but I hope you enjoy anyway!)

Magic creatures of every age, race, and what-have-you gather on September First in the Wizard City Commons for this wonderful event. Many children (and those who decide to begin the path of magic at a later age) of the Spiral will go through the ceremony to determine the school of magic that has chosen them. Then, they will settle in the dorms of Ravenwood and live there for the rest of their education, granted someone doesn’t try to take over the spiral again.

(A Read More because yes, I seriously wrote four paragraphs for each school. 28 paragraphs. Over 2000 words. What the heck. Grab some popcorn, this’ll take a while.)

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