knife o o

*kicks the door down* hey you know what we should talk about the Keith Kick again. his legs are honestly a powerhouse please let his thighs be chunky 2k17.  

My friend brought a fucking knife to my roomwhen we hung out and kept playing with it and just pulling it out at random moments. I sat and doodled some shit while she played Sims 4 (we waited for a game to download on the ps4) and she just randomly pulled out the knife out of nowhere just holding it next to me. 

It was a really cool knife tho

♥♥♥ Sinja week day 3: Annoy | Satisfy

“dish time imma kill you fo real, Shittobaddo!”

When Ja’far sat on Sin’s lap,Sin thought that he finally got the drunk-horny version of Ja’far, but no, it was the usual drunk-assassin version. Good luck next time~♥

A little bit design change of Deathcario. :D

Speedpaint of this on youtube: (SADLY LOW RESOLUTION! THERE WAS A PROBLEM WITH OBS!)

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badendd-moved  asked:

🔪 Gets in real close and just oops there's uh.. There's a knife in there ain't there

🔪 got a point t’make, don’t’cha? | accepting!

                                                                               he probably deserved this.

          “ * r-really?

                   exasperation && bitter resignation shakes his voice, his knees seeming to FAIL him. he hits the floor with a loud clack of bone on tile. he really shouldn’t be this SURPRISED.

                                                        he’s choking up DUST.

                          stars, fuck, why?

                                                                             * h ow … many t imes…?

           lights peer up at this human, a hand gripping the handle of the blade with no real strength to do much than ANCHOR himself. the other, surprisingly, digs into the front of their shirt. it’s hard to see. it tastes like chalk, the pain  s e a r i n g             

                                                                                          (  * your soul is SHATTERING.  )

                           “ * yo u. .                   ”

                                                                                    why is he so surprised?

                                                    silence …

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