knife hacks

*seven’s sitting in his room with his knife and hacking*

MC - “Seven i’m back from he store.”

Seven - “Hey hun!! Did you get my chips and soda?”

MC - “Yeah, do you want them?”

Seven - “Yes please.”

*looks at the lays and cola in MC hand, grabs the knife, and hides in the corner with Elisabeth third*

MC - “I bought this so you are gonna eat and drink this!”

Seven - *hisses*


“mythical beast a question is like a pumpkin, once asked it waits patiently in the pumpkin patch until a small child comes and plucks it from the vine. the child then brings it home, cradling the pumpkin in his chubby little arms. then the child grabs a kitchen knife and hacks the top off the question pumpkin spilling its answer guts on the floor of the garage. today we’re here to help you sort through that viscous answer slime so you can get on with your day and stab a face into that pumpkin!” | GMM #780 [x]