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Ya’ll, this Not Today MV got me thinking.

Imagine Jungkook is the second born to the Jeon family who runs the Kingdom. Even though Jungkook has a elder brother his father has talked about giving the kingdom to Jungkook since Junghyun has shown signs of being corrupt king. But unfortunately King Jeon didn’t know people in his council wanted JungHyun to be king so before the King could change who the kingdom falls too he ends up getting killed. Junghyun came into power at 15 so he was easily manipulated by council men and they even convince him that Jungkook was going to kill him. So Junghyun set out an order to kill Jungkook whose 13.

Before Jungkook could get killed. His mother calls upon her most trusted maid, Kim Heyrin, to take her son and run. So Jungkook meets Seokjin and Taehyung who are Kim Heyrin’s children as they run away. Before Jungkook leaves his mother gives him a letter that was written by his father along with the royal sign that says Jungkook was given the right of king. And pleads that Jungkook will grow up to be strong so he can take back the kingdom.

The kingdom goes to shit with in years, The gap between rich and poor is huge, some parts of the kingdom has no clean water, and royal guards are extremely abusive. And Junghyun is going to war against other kingdoms.

Heyrin does her best raising Jungkook along with her boys. She gets help from her black smith brother who trains the boys in how to fight, how to handle weapons (swords, guns, knifes) and how to make them. Heyrin teaches their education. Jungkook knows he’ll need to clean up his brothers mess, and when word comes that his brother killed their mother, Jungkook’s anger only gets stronger.

One night Jungkook comes home and notices how the home feels off. Jungkook grabs one of the kitchen knifes and slowly creeps through the house till he hears the soft clink of a box opening. Jungkook heads to his room and sees a male with pink hair opening his window and spots the royal letter his mom gave him in the males back pocket. The male just smiles at him before he hops out the window onto the roof.

“No.” Jungkook gasps chasing the other male. Jungkook can’t lose that letter! It’s his ticket back to take back the kingdom! So Jungkook chases the other male along roof tops. The male was faster considering he was carrying a bag full of items. In the chase Jungkook loses him and curses. But when he gets home and tells Taehyung about it, the boy joins him on the search.

Jungkook does find the pink hair male again and about kills him, if it wasn’t for a purple-pink hair male that jump him from behind. Taehyung ends up jumping in and everyone is fighting till they hear a gun shot. Everyone stops seeing a black hair male walking down the ally pointing gun at them. And thats how Jungkook and Taehyung stumble into a rebel army against Junghyun.

Jungkook is brought to a purple hair male who seems like the leader and the leader holds up the royal letter and Jungkook asks for it back. But the leader, Namjoon, refuses to and opens the letter. Jungkook and Taehyung look at each other in fear as the male reads  it over. “You’re the second son? You’re suppose to be dead.” And Jungkook ends up joining the rebel army along with Taehyung. Seokjin joins a bit latter when he learns.

Jimin, the pink hair male that stole from him, smiles as Jungkook glares at him. Jimin just smiles walking up and stealing Jungkook’s wallet. “You better learn some move, little prince.” Jimin says tapping Jungkook’s lips with the wallet. Jungkook turns and slams Jimin against the wall and grabs his jaw. “Don’t mess with me, thief. I can easily make you my bitch.” Jimin just snorts before tripping and flipping Jungkook over. Jimin pins him to the ground and holds a small butterfly knife to his neck. Jimin just smiles, “whose the bitch now?” then kisses his nose before rolling off and walking away. 

And they whole thing. Jungkook and the rebels ruining supply runs to the castle, Jimin stealing maps, they make weapons, learn about secret tunnels, learning about the corrupt council, smut, violence, some character death, Jungkook leading a rebel army to take down his brother. All that jazz.

Yeah, thats what I got out of Not Today lol.

I’ll Be Good//John Murphy

Inspiration- “I’ll Be Good” by James Young.


(Y/N)’s P.O.V.

“Any sign of their trail?” Murphy asked loudly. “Shut up, Murphy.” you answered and tightened your grip on your knife, creeping forward to get a better look at the tracks on the ground in front of you.

“They’ve got to be around here somewhere.” you whispered to yourself. You had been on a hunt when the Grounders attacked and separated the two of you from the rest of the group.

“What’s that?” Murphy asked, pointing to a pile of leaves near a tree. “Don’t go near it.” you warned, immediately recognizing it as a trap. “You just know everything don’t you?” he mocked and went over to it.

As soon as he set foot on the ground near the trap, a long swung at you from a rope, and fast. You quickly jumped out of the way and landed on your right arm, hearing a crunch beneath you.

“Oh my God, (Y/N) are you okay?” Murphy panicked and hurried towards where you lay on the ground. He extended his arm to help you but you pushed him away. 

“Don’t touch me.” you barked and used your uninjured arm to support yourself so that you were sitting up. “I was just trying to help.” he said. He spoke with sincerity but backed off anyway, positioning himself against a tree a couple yards away from you. 

“It’s your fault I’m hurt anyway. I told you it was a trap, Murphy.” you said angrily. “I know and I’m sorry. My name is John by the way.” he added. “I don’t care. I just want to find the others so let’s go.” you continued. 

You focused your weight on your left arm and tried to get up but the pain from your right wouldn’t let you. Letting out a sigh, you gave up. “Here, let me help you.” Murphy offered and rushed to your side. 

“I can do it myself, John.” you spat. His name felt foreign off of your tongue and you ignored the fact that you kind of liked it. “Why do you hate me so much?” he asked seriously, scanning your features for a response. 

“You don’t get it do you? You threatened to kill Wells, who was my best friend by the way, you shot Raven, you tried to kill Bellamy and Jasper too, more than once. 

Oh yeah, you brought back a flu that could have killed all of us! Must I go on because believe me I could go all day.” “Enough.” he whispered and tears pooled in his eyes. “I’m sorry.” he said again. 

“Sorry doesn’t fix anything. Sorry doesn’t fix me.” you said, trying to conceal the tears that had also been forming in your eyes. 

“Look, (Y/N), I know that I have done some terrible things and I know that I have given you no reason to trust me when I say this but I’ve changed. I’m going to fix this, all of it, but right now I just need you to trust me okay?” he pleaded.

You took a deep breath and nodded. ‘He’s right.”  you thought.“Okay.” you said plainly and turned your attention back to your arm. 

“I think it’s fractured somewhere just below my elbow.” you stated, your body tensing as his warm fingers glided across your skin. “Does this hurt?” he asked, lightly tapping your elbow.

“No, wait YES.” you yelped as he tapped over just the right spot. “Okay, it’s definitely broken.” he stated and began ripping at his shirt. “What are you doing?” you asked. “I’m making you a sling for your arm.” he answered casually.

“Oh.“ you said surprised but patiently waited for him.

"A thank you would work.” he said as he gently wrapped your arm with the scraps from his shirt but you chose to ignore it. “Okay I think we should head north.” you instructed, lifting yourself up. 

Murphy offered you a hand and you reluctantly grabbed it for the extra support. “Again, I think I deserve a thank you.” he said with a smirk. “Let’s go.” you hurried him, trying to hide the smile that crept onto your face. 


John’s P.O.V.

The day had begun to fade into night and I could tell that (Y/N) was having trouble picking up the trail. I couldn’t tell if she was just tired or if she was beginning to give up. 

I decided to go with the option that didn’t mean getting us stranded out here. “I think we should call it a night before it gets too dark.” I suggested and she turned around to face me. 

“God she has the most beautiful eyes.” I thought and I wondered if she had ever noticed the way I way watched her around camp. I mean, I knew that I could never deserve her. 

All I had brought onto others was pain. Hell, pain, hate and envy are the ABCs of me but I was trying to change, to be good and I hoped she could see it. I was snapped out of my thoughts by her smile. 

“Why you getting tired already?” She teased and I was relived that she was in a better mood than earlier. “Yes I’m tired and I know you’ve got to be too.” I said honestly. 

“Look, we can rest and head out at first light. Sound like a plan?” I asked, setting down my pack and making myself comfortable. “Fine.” She huffed and did the same, setting her things down and lying about ten feet from me. 

I pulled out my blanket and noticed her frown. “She must not have one in her pack.” I thought and offered her mine but she rejected fast. “No thanks.” She said and I could tell she was trying to be nice but it reminded me of what I had done to make her hate me in the first place. 

“Okay then.” I said and rolled to the opposite side, nor being able to bring myself to face her. After what seemed like hours, my mind was still racing. “(Y/N), you awake?“ I whispered. When I didn’t hear a reply, I turned to face her.

She was so peaceful. "And beautiful.” my mind added and I couldn’t help the smile that formed on my face. Her eyes fluttered for a moment and she brought her knees up to chest and wrapped her arms around them, still in a deep sleep. 

Without skipping a beat, I rose from my spot on the ground and went to her, covering her with the bright orange blanket. I watched her ease into the warmth of the blanket and then something caught my eye. 

The forest that had earlier trapped us was transformed into a luminous sanctuary. The bright lights drew me in and I couldn’t help but admire it’s beauty. I left (Y/N)’s side and wandered through it, taking everything in. 

“John?” I heard a whisper from behind me. “(Y/N)?” I said turning to her once again. “I didn’t mean to wake you I-” “It’s beautiful.” She interjected and left her spot on the ground to catch up with me, wrapping the blanket around her shoulders as she walked. 

“It’s sure is.” I said at barely a whisper. A chill made its way down my back and I couldn’t help but shiver. The sun was rising but the air was still cool. “Here.” (Y/N) said, bringing me into her warmth. 

I tried to read her expression but when that was no use, I placed my hand on top of hers. She smiled and moved her face toward me. Our faces just inches apart, she placed her lips gently on mine. 

When we finally ended the kiss, she rested her head on my shoulder. “What was that for?” I asked with a smile. “I never did say thank you.” she whispered, a smile forming on her lips. 

Together, we sat waiting for the sun to rise, watching the brightness if the forest fade into sunlight. “I’ll be good.” I thought, “For her.”

anonymous asked:

this may sound random but I'm just really curious... RFA finding out MC used to be in a gang

(my friend buddy pal you have NO idea like omg this is my FAVOURITE SCENARIO EVER literally I COULD WRITE A 10K fanfic about this bc I love Gang!MC So. MUCH!)


  • MC never really considered telling him
  • sure, it was part of what MC had been in the past-
  • but damn
  • Yoosung is just, so pure and nice
  • maybe he’d feel put off by that?
  • it just seems like he has this image of MC
  • where he sees them as an innocent and precious being who came from the heavens to help
  • and something tells MC that being part of a gang isn’t something he’d ever fathom
  • they know that if Seven didn’t reveal it when he had the chance, it means they’re being given a chance but still
  • eventually, as their life advances, MC just forgets they never told Yoosung?
  • they’d been having such a normal relationship they just forgot?
  • and they probably wouldn’t have ever told him
  • until one day, MC and Yoosung are at the mall
  • there’s a creepy person trailing behind them, and MC suggests they leave
  • the creep follows them out the mall and MC acts on reflex when they see the creep’s hand reaching for Yoosung’s shoulder
  • Yoosung is in shock
  • MC just aprehended this person and is holding- a knife? MC flipped the creep over and is holding a knife to their throat?
  • MC had just followed their instincts and did to the man what they’d do back then when someone from a rival gang tried to attack
  • suddenly MC realizes they’re doing this in front of Yoosung
  • let go of the man, throw the knife elsewhere, take Yoosung’s hand and run
  • “Woah… Where did that come from, MC?”
  • MC bites their lip, but hey, what’s even the point of hiding it anymore?
  • “… Well, I was in a gang when I was younger. It was, er, just something I remembered from back then.”
  • Yoosung is… Well, he’s shocked
  • “Are you still there?”
  • “No, I left when I joined the RFA. Figured we had enough of a dangerous person with 707.”
  • MC is not in danger, so he’s really not angry or anything
  • Mostly surprised, and as long as MC promises to stay out of dangerous stuff like that, he’s seriously not worried


  • MC could see Jaehee not trusting them in the first days
  • I mean, she had her reasons not to, but it still felt a bit fishy to MC
  • for all Jaehee knew they were a normal person right??
  • but then MC realizes
  • that’s exactly why Jaehee doesn’t trust them
  • because they could be anyone
  • So, MC decides to just drop their personal information (besides, that hacker dude probably already has their info, no?)
  • When Jaehee connects, MC just drops a huge list
  • Full name, birth date, birth place, gender, family, education, past jobs, hobbies, height, etc.
  • Just thing after thing
  • “MC? Why are you telling me this?”
  • But MC is not done
  • “also to top it off I was in a gang. Not in it anymore, so please don’t worry. I’m not doing anything that could damage the RFA now”
  • Jaehee just assumes gang as in, y’know, some teens drinking liquor behind 7/11 and driving underage, egging houses and stuff
  • “… I’ll add all this to your file. Thank you, I suppose?”
  • from there on though, Jaehee does seem to trust MC more- I mean all the lowkey flirting in the chatroom probably happens due to MC’s blatant honesty the first day
  • In the party, Jaehee mentions how surprised they were to see MC was in a gang
  • “You didn’t seem like that kind of teenager to me, to join a gang and all. It’s amazing how time can change a person, right MC?.”
  • Teenager?
  • “Actually, I was in that gang up until I joined the RFA, and then I left.”
  • what
  • Jaehee realizes that was no small fry gang when MC explains a bit more
  • “Yeah… I guess it wasn’t the healthiest group, and all. I- I didn’t do anything too illegal, and my criminal record is clean though. I didn’t get caught doing anything and now I never will, so don’t worry Jaehee.”
  • um
  • she worries for like, half a week and then calms down because if MC smuggled weapons and now invites people to parties maybe they’re safe now


  • did someone mention Zen was in a motorcycle gang??
  • MC reads that and they’re pleasantly surprised
  • “ahaha wow same I used to be in a gang too!”
  • Zen also finds this amusing and starts telling his experiences in the gang
  • “Yeah the only parts that sucked was when your leader was mid-deal with another gang and you were guarding, and the police showed up so you had to run from them making sure they didn’t shoot ur boss ;;”
  • Zen is. Sure this is not what they did at his old gang
  • running away from police??
  • sure but they did that to avoid being given tickets for speeding and stuff
  • “what do you mean avoiding your boss being shot?!”
  • MC realizes hey maybe your gang was nearly a mafia and not everybody has that kinda experience
  • “oooooh wait nvm forget that”
  • Zen never really forgets
  • but MC never brings it up again so???
  • he’s just a bit scared MC would get into shady businesses again
  • luckily, MC can tell he’s worried when they meet him
  • If I did that, I’d make you look bad no? I don’t want to harm you, Zen. I’m out of that, mkay?”
  • reassuring words work miracles for him
  • so now when he’s telling his old gang stories MC always one-ups them with their actually dangerous real deal gang stories


  • being in a gang was… Well, not something MC was ashamed of
  • it did shape them a bit as a person
  • but also not something MC wanted to bring out about themselves
  • and since nobody ever asked they never said anything
  • still, after the party and once they’re in a secure relationship with Jumin, they’re still on that “ask no questions receive no answers” mindset
  • on a miscellaneous day MC is walking down the streets with Jumin- probably after MC insisted on walking around after a long day 
  • suddenly, out of an alley a suspicious looking individual comes towards MC
  • it’s a woman, dressed in short ripped shorts, wearing a fishnet shirt with a black bandeau underneath, a handkerchief covering her mouth, many strange tattoos, and a knife in her belt
  • Jumin’s bodyguards start getting ready to act up
  • Jumin slowly wraps his arm around MC in case the woman tries to do anything funny
  • but MC just slips out of his grasp
  • and walks towards the woman with a large smile??
  • “Boss! It’s been a long time!”
  • the woman smiles and bumps fists with MC
  • “MC! Darn, how have ya been? I was scared somethin’ had caught ya, dropping out so suddenly!”
  • Jumin is, with good reason, confused
  • MC talks a bit with this boss woman, asking things like “how was everything running without them”, “if any new members had joined”, and “if the police had stopped trying to track down the hideout”
  • eventually they say goodbye and MC returns to Jumin’s side
  • “MC… Who was that…?”
  • “Oh, the boss of a gang I used to be in.”
  • back at home, Jumin tries to ask more
  • MC replies truthfully to his questions because what’s the point in hiding it??
  • Jumin is a bit surprised MC would ever join such dangerous people
  • also, he increases the amount of bodyguards for MC because what if an old rival gang attacked them?? 


  • he knew it was a bit more intrusive than he should be, but he needed to make a background check on MC
  • he enters their old chatting app acount and find some rather interesting chat logs
  • messages such as
    • “can’t hang out today, the boss has a deal w another gang and I  have to help out”
    • “can you believe I get to teach newbies how to shoot this is amazing maybe I’ll be the next boss!”
    • “be careful, the police are searching for our hideout and they’ve been lurking near. wear something that covers ur face and don’t bring guns today because if they catch you with those u r in trouble”
  • clearly not just, normal standard texting with friends
  • he can figure out pretty easily what they mean
  • he decides to bring it up on a call out of sheer curiosity
  • “MC, what did you do before the RFA?”
  • “I used to be in a little gang thing back then, also a couple odd jobs…”
  • he insists on knowing the gang name
  • and when MC tells him, he quickly makes his research
  • ok maybe not that bad but the gang is not rainbows and sunshine
  • he’s actually worried MC left the gang and now they hold grudges to them?
  • leaving organised crime organisations is never easy
  • still, MC insists it was just a small little side thing
  • Seven knows it was much more than that but he can tell MC doesn’t want to creep the others out
  • when he comes over to Rika’s apartment to fix the whole fiasco with the hacker thing, he actually scares MC
  • they didn’t expect him to get there so fast
  • he’s shocked bc when MC senses danger their hands move on their own
  • where a gun holster would usually be
  • MC admits that they’d been pretty used to having their gun handy-dandy 
  • also when he starts with all that “stay away from me I’m dangerous” MC is like
  • boi
  • “listen up if it weren’t for the gang’s shady contacts I can assure my criminal record would be the worst and I’d probably be in jail so don’t even try to tell me that”
  • eventually he’s like… chill?
  • like it’s in the past sure ok maybe MC was in a gang but he’s a dangerous hacker so who is he to speak
Keep Her Safe (Part 3/4)

Pairing: Dean x Reader
Summary: After getting in a fight with Dean, the reader leaves the bunker and gets kidnapped by a demon who tortures her to get to Dean.  Dean’s pushed to his limits in order to get the reader back.
Reader Gender: Female
Word Count: 2,373
Warnings: canonical violence, blood, creeeeepy villian, angst
A/N: I promise the end will make sense later… Also, if you comment/message me/reblog a comment about the fic, there’s a 1000000% chance I’ll reply with a funny gif and nice words :)

Keep Her Safe Masterlist


Quickly, Sam spun the handle and heaved it open.  Nodding at his brother, Dean dropped into the hole.  He landed on his feet in a crouched position and looked up, his hand tight around the demon knife.

What he saw almost caused him to pass out.

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Storm (Peter Parker x Reader)

Summary: Both you and Peter are best friends- yet you don’t know about him being Spiderman, so once he saves you and gets you to safety 

Warning(s): Mentions of sexual assault, swearing, quite emotional.

A/N: This is my first Imagine on this blog:) Hope you enjoy and please put in requests here - Requests -

Word count: 1,364

A sigh dragged past your lips as you heard lightning strike against your eardrums and moments later little droplets turned into heavy splashes by your converse.

You pulled your Biology papers and books closer to your chest as you tried to shield them from the rain as you started to pick up your pace with your head slightly tilted down.

“Fuck..” You whispered to yourself as you felt the air get more cold, it was obvious that the storm was only starting- with more to come.

It’s times like this you wished you had agreed to stay at Peter’s place a little longer- May had even offered you to stay for tea but you had said no. Lately you was often over at the Parker household due to you and Peter being partners in a Biology project but you two often done homework together anyway.

Suddenly you was forced onto your butt, making you look up as your books and papers scattered into puddles. 

“S-sorry, I didn’t see where I was going..” You whispered as you looked up to see a male in around his later 20′s or early 30′s.

It was your fault though- you wasn’t really looking as to where you was walking but was more focused on keeping your books and notes all dry. Your palms reached out to whatever you could grab as you sighed sadly, most of the stuff you grabbed was probably ruined.

You glanced at the man, he never responded it was as if something clicked in his brain which caused his eyes to light up.

Before another word could pass your lips, he scooped up your tiny form in his tight grip, throwing you over his shoulder roughly. Whatever you had hold of was now dropped and panic flooded your body. He started running into a very small alleyway.

“HEY!” You screamed, lashing your legs and punching his back as hard as you could- even scratching for that matter.

“No one will be able to hear you~.” He whispered into your ear as he reached the end of the alleyway.


A grunt left your lips as your fragile body was thrown into the wall in front of him, your eyes turned wider than ever when he started to unbuckle his belt, you screamed again as loud as you could.

“Someone, ANYONE! HELP ME!” The man had you pinned to the wall now, and he somehow managed to tie your wrists to a water pipe going into one of the buildings with his belt. 

A stinging sensation made its way onto your cheek, he had slapped you.

“Shut the fuck up!” He hissed, digging into his jacket and pulling out a pocket knife. “Don’t think I won’t use this if you try to fucking yell out for help again, fucking understood?”

Tears flooded your cheeks along with the raindrops as you whimpered a small, ‘yes’ to the man. His hands roamed your body, stripping away your clothes and if he somehow struggled with so- he’d use the knife to cut away bits he could not take off.

Your screams must have been heard by someone because within seconds of him taking off your shirt and his hands roaming you he was flung back into the wall. Webs covered the mans hands and legs and the person before him was no other than Spiderman. 

This was actually the second time you’ve ever seen spiderman- the first time was just seeing him swinging from building to building, the second time being now- him actually saving you.

The knife dropped from the creeps grip, as Spiderman threw punches into the guys face over and over with a few to his gut as well.

“S-stop it man!” The man shrieked in pain, spitting out some blood to the side as fear was written all over his face.

“You don’t touch a woman without her consent, you fucking hear me?!” Spiderman boomed throughout the alleyway with his voice, punching him across the face to harm him even more.

“Y-yes!” He squeaked once again.

Spiderman then quickly shot some web around his face to keep him quiet and to blind his sight.

Sniffles left you, as you struggled against the belt keeping you in place. You were so close to being violated- in a way you did get violated.

The hero turned around, to look at you. Even though you couldn’t see his face, you could tell that his features must have softened at the sight of you.

Your hair was tangled, your mascara had smudged down your face due to your tears and you really looked broken.

The unknown male quickly undone the belt wrapped around your wrists and scooped you up.

“T-thankyou.. Spiderman..” You whispered, letting him actually pick you up.

“I’m going to take you home- okay?” Spiderman whispered to you, letting you nod.

You really did recognise his voice, but you didn’t want to question how he knew where you lived. So you let it happen.


Moments later after Spiderman swinging around the city with you in his grip safely, he got into your room through your window and set you down on your bed.

You watched him stand there, as you stood up and went to your closet and you found yourself an oversized grey tee shirt, placing it over your shirtless self only to turn around to see Spiderman unmask himself.

A small gasp left the back of your throat as you saw your best friend stood before you.

“P-…Peter…?” You whispered, edging yourself closer to him.

Peter didn’t even know how to respond to you, he stumbled on his words before sighing.

“I’m sorry..”

Your heart thumped in your throat as tears filled you eyes.

“For what Pete?”

“For not saving you quick enough- hell, even for keeping this secret from you!” His voice rose as tears also dripped down his cheeks, his voice slightly cracking from crying.

His hand ran through his hair as he stared into your eyes.

“To know that another man even touched you that way without your consent angers me and makes me feel ill (Y/N).” He seethed, walking to you.

“But you saved me before anything else could’ve happened- what if you didn’t show up? Something so much more worse would’ve happened.. I don’t know why you kept it from me but to be honest- I’m glad I found out this way..” A broken smile made its way onto your glossed lips as you wipe away his tears.

“But he touched you-”

“But you saved me from the worst of it Peter.”

Peter was about to say something else before he looked down, letting you wipe away his tears.

You both sat down on your bed, and suddenly he hugged you close to him.

“I promise, (Y/N), I will never let that happen to you ever again.”

Your (E/C) eyes glossed over as you let your head lay into his chest, before looking up.


“C-can I just finish what I have to say?” He looked down at you, and you nodded whilst biting your lip.

“Right.. (Y/N). You’re my best friend- and I’m sorry but I can’t keep it in any longer!” He paused, gulping.

“I love you, (Y/N). I’ve loved you ever since I first met you on the first day of school. You’ve always been my best friend and always tried to protect me from any of the bullies, you never once left me. Hell- even when Ben died you was there for me.”

Your heart thumped, tears letting loose now.

“I-I understand.. if you don’t love me back- but if you don’t I don’t want us to not be friends because of it-”

Then you cut his rambling off with your soft lips meeting his, closing your eyes into the kiss and wrapping your bruised arms around his neck. It took a few seconds for him to actually comprehend what was happening, for him to finally start kissing you back. After around 30 seconds you pulled away.

“I love you too, Parker.” You whispered as his hand met your cheek and he cradled it delicately.

“And I’ll protect you no matter what.”

You Can't Kill Me

He could feel it. In. His. Head. It was there, clawing away at his nerves, tearing apart any coherent thought that got through.

It had started last night. He’d woken from his dream screaming his throat raw, clawing at his sheets and gasping for air. No one had helped him. In that moment he’d been alone.

Well… almost alone.

Now he was outside, still in his pajamas, his feet bare. He stumbled about, fractured thoughts swirling around his brain. He was had to keep walking. If he kept moving than he could keep control of his body. It wouldn’t get him. But it was there. It had always been there. It had never left. It was in the dark recesses, waiting to pounce. Because he belonged to it. They were one being now, and he could never escape.

Suddenly he stopped. He recognized his surroundings. He knew where he was. The air in his lungs was ice-cold. He stood straight, rolling his head a bit to rid himself of the soreness in his neck.

“Divine move.” The words came from his lips, darkly amused- a scoff. “Funny. They’ve got no moves at all.” And then the thin, knife-like smile came creeping slowly over his bloodless face.

Lost in the Dark - Part 1

Lost in the Dark - Part 1

A/N: Told you guys this was my kind of “retirement”. I couldn’t help myself. I really couldn’t, especially after playing The Long Dark so much.

Fic Summary: Part 1 of 5. A post-apocalyptic world can be a lonely place, until a half-frozen lumberjack bursts through your cabin door and you find yourself with an unexpected new friend. Masterpost

Relationship: Lumberjack Ryan/Reader

Fic Rating: NC-17

Fic Warnings: Language, Sexual Content

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Reunions - Part One (Daryl Dixon)

*There will be a smutty part two at some point if anyone is interested in that*

**Stronger language used in this

Also Shoutout to UGA, neat little college in the Atlanta area, that I’m including in my fic bc go dawgs I think we’re pretty cool idk. Oops, ew my American side is showing

When most people imagined going to college they imagined crazy parties, stressing about finals, and beer pong. It was like that for awhile until the breakout happened. Not exactly finals but just as stressful.

Now you were trapped in Atlanta surrounded by flesh eating monsters and all alone. You’d been surviving by building hopping, a hunting knife your best friend had given to you as a “going away present” prior to school. He’d said it’d been to keep “creeps” away. Although you weren’t sure this was what he meant you were thankful for the gift none the less, it’d become essential for your survival.

Since the bombings you hadn’t seen much of anyone in the city which is why it came as a shock to you to find a man riding a horse into the city. He was making a ton of noise and it sure to drag some creeps to the area, put all your hard work to waste.

You ran out from the shop you were in. Jumping in front of the horse who skid to a halt.

“Hey dude, are you an idiot? Keep it down- Oh, shit.”

You saw the swarm that was behind him coming right towards you. No matter how many guns were in that bag it wouldn’t be enough to hold them off.

“Get off the horse, we need to hide. Now.” You all but ripped him off the horse throwing him in the direction of a nearby tank as the horse galloped off to an unknown fate. (a/n: I was gonna keep it canon then I was like “but the poor pretty innocent pony” so I like his fate be “undetermined”)

“You just ruined my way out of here!” The man screamed at you, not helping the situation at all.

“Yeah, I could say the same, now get down before you screw this up any more!”

He crawled under the tank with you following as the swarm of creeps closed in. Just when you thought this dude couldn’t get any stupider he fired his gun at the creeps, which only attracted more of them, he put his gun to his head, muttering something before springing into the tank, thankfully adding a little sense of security back into your life.

“Now can you quit making noise before you get us killed!” You snapped, irritated at this guys lack of care for the situation.

“Do you understand anything about this?”

To your surprise he shook his head.

“Uh, not really, I woke up in a deserted hospital, I learned a little on my way here, but I’m definitely not up to speed anymore. You always talk to Cops like that?”

You were confused for a moment before you took in his outfit, a slight blush spreading across your cheeks.

“I have friends who do, but nobody really has authority anymore, hate to be the one to tell you.”

He nodded in understanding before reaching for the soldiers gun, you waited with your knife ready in case the soldier wasn’t as ‘dead’ as he seemed.


You stuck your knife into the Creeps eye socket.

The Sheriff  jumped back in alarm at the sheer brutality of your actions and because he hadn’t noticed you had a weapon on you at all.

“Stealth, it comes in handy.” You noted before looking at the gun in his hand.

“I’m known to be a pretty good shot, you dropped your bag of weapons, do you mind letting me have that one?” You tried pointing to the gun.

“I don’t even know your name.” He pointed out, you just shrugged.

“I don’t know yours but I’ve saved your life and haven’t tried to kill you so I think that says something.” You were airing on the side of caution, cursing Merle Dixon for making you a bit uneasy around cops.

“Rick Grimes, I’ll give you the gun if you give me your name.”

“Y/F/N, Y/L/N, I was a college student at UGA before the Creeps showed up.”

He looked you over for signs of lying and then nodded, handing the gun over.

You went to thank him but the radio’s beeping drew both your attention.

“Hey, you alive in there?”

A younger sounding man’s voice asked over the radio as you and Rick scrambled to the radio.

“Hello? Hello?”

“There you are. You had me wondering.”

Rick spoke into the radio, as an almost hopeful feeling started filling you. There were others. Other people who’d survived the chaos you’d experienced, maybe you could survive this after all.

You’d gotten lost in thought but turned your attention back to the radio when he started giving instructions on how to escape. You gave him your weapons inventory and set the plan in motion, following his instructions and ending up in the alley where you very nearly stabbed the poor guy before having to run after him to who knows where, Rick shooting rounds off behind you.

The three of you climbed up a fire escape before running into a room where you were Rick was held at gun point, the woman holding it hesitant to flash it in your face but making it clear she would if necessary. The strangers all encouraged “Andrea” to drop the gun but she refused.

“We’re all dead because of this stupid asshole! I bet she’d agree!” She pointed the gun at you and you shrugged.

“I thought so for while but I’ve made it this far, and I’ve got more than a knife now so I can’t complain.”

She looked as if she might snap at you but a man talked her down, she released her grip on and started tearing up because apparently you were “all dead”, and it was naturally you and Rick’s fault.

The group explained their escape plan to Rick and you mockingly waved the knife to show that you were on their side with the need for silence (as much as you appreciated your new ally, your life was much more important at this point).

That was about the time that gun shots rang out from the roof and the name “Dixon” was uttered, you didn’t want to get your hopes up but crossed your fingers that just maybe the best and worst day ever were happening in one, because if you found Merle you could assure that Daryl couldn’t be too far apart.

A quick trip to roof revealed that the man in question was in fact Merle Dixon, someone you never thought you’d be happy to see.

“Hey! Y’all be more polite to a man with a gun! Only common sense!”

You had to laugh at the fact that even the zombie apocalypse couldn’t change Merle.

“Dixon, you know I ain’t ever polite to you, hasn’t changed since I was twelve!”

Merle did a double take.

“Y/N? Sweet cheeks! My baby brother’s done nothing but whine about your ass since this shit done started!” He gave you a hug that shocked the rest of the group for a number of reasons.

“You two know each other?” Andrea questioned pointing between you and Merle.

“Hell yeah Taco Bender, this is my baby brother’s sweet piece of ass best friend.” He patted you on the back.

“And this is my best friends older brother who is in fact, still a pig, I grew up with them, I was attending college when this all happened though, so we were separated.” The group seemed to take all this in, accepting it the best they could, it’d at least seemed to distract Merle from his rampage for a little bit.

It was decided that an escape plan was needed, the group worked to make and execute an escape plan, you taking Merle back to their camp in a separate vehicle as no one really seemed interested in doing so themselves.

The two of you caught up on the way back, mostly Merle telling you about Daryl and his’ adventure’s since the world “went nuts”.

You tried to keep the small talk but you were really itching to see Daryl. The last time you’d heard from him before the outbreak, he was headed on a hunting trip with his Uncle and Dad so you’d chosen to believe he was alright but beyond that you hadn’t let yourself wonder what had happened to him, but now that you knew he was alright you were just anxious to get there.

The camp was nice, there was other survivors, women and children, Rick had been reunited with his family which brought a smile to your face, all things considered the day actually seemed to be going pretty good. That was until you learned that Daryl was on a hunting trip and knowing him that meant he could be gone for any length of time.

You’d settled in, been given a little food and a tent, the most luxurious living you’d had in a while. You helped with chores (and taming Merle), which the group showed their gratitude for. You called it a night early, needing the sleep and hoping that Daryl would return in the morning. 

When you woke up Daryl still hadn’t returned so you made yourself useful helping with chores, until you heard the children’s screams.

You ran after the group, following until you saw a deer (that you couldn’t help but notice had bolts sticking out of it,) being eaten by what the new group called, “a Walker”.

The men all attempted to kill it playing whack-a-mole until Dale swiftly removed it’s head with an axe.
You laughed at their stupidity and drove your knife through it’s eye socket.

“You have to kill the brain, other wise it can still bite you.”

You all jumped as you heard a sound from the woods the men all getting in front of you in case it was another Walker. But it wasn’t a walker, it was Daryl, crossbow in hand and very displeased about the fate of his deer. 

“Son of a bitch. That’s my deer! Look at it, all gnawed on by this filthy, disease-bearing, motherless poxy bastard!” He kicked the body of the Walker letting his frustrations out as he yelled at the man who tried to get him to calm down. 

“Been tracking this deer for miles!” He yanked his bolts from the deer before noticing the Walker’s head that still had your knife sticking out of it.

“Least someone was smart enough to kill the brain.” You couldn’t help but smile a bit at the compliment, and the still unknowing Daryl.

He yanked the knife out next taking a closer look at the handle and you watched at the realization hit him, he mumbled your name before another surge of anger took over his actions.

“Where did this knife come from! Who killed this Walker? And where the hell did they get this!?” He waved the knife in the men’s faces before you stepped into his line of view behind him clearing your throat gently.

“Nice to see you too, Dar-” You barely had his name out before his arms were crushing you.

“I thought you were dead girl, they bomb the shit outta that fancy school town of yours, thought I’d never see you again.”

You laughed and shook your head.

“I might not be a Dixon but it’ll take more that to take me out, besides you taught me a thing or two. Now give me my knife back, it’s saved my life more than once.”

He grinned, partially because he was seeing you again and partially that he’d inadvertently played a part in keeping you alive.

“Now lets get back to camp and have some squirrel, I can’t say I really missed it but it’s better than what I’ve been eating.” You laughed as Daryl swung an arm around your shoulder silently vowing to never let you out of his sight again.