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Look! I animated a thing! :D <3

And its silly! >W< 

Seriously though, guys! Thank you so much for the support! I’ve been feeling pretty down lately which has kinda killed my motivation.. But I kicked myself in the butt today when I saw my follower count and I remembered I had a following that is looking forward to some silly animated gifs! I need to get back in gear! >3<;;

Enjoy a Frisk/Chara dance party in the meantime! :D

Thanks again guys! <3 Feel free to post music that matches up with this xD

The EDM DJs as Starbucks workers

deadmau5: begs the boss to add the double double and eventually quits and uses the money to build a Tim Horton’s empire

Dillon Francis: mispells people’s names on the cups on purpose and sneaks alcohol in the drinks

Zedd: actually knows the secret menu by heart

Madeon: switches the bread for baguettes

Skrillex: encourages people to pay it forward in the drive thru

Gareth McGrillen: the guy that yells out your order

Rob Swire: Usually steals coffee beans before he leaves and always gets away with it

Martin Garrix: invents the pizza frappucino

Porter Robinson: brings over Japanese drinks

Nicky Romeo: tried to convince boss to name drinks after football (soccer) stars

Calvin Harris: sneaks protein powder into people’s drinks

The Signs As Electronic Music

ARIES - Kill Everybody | Skrillex

TAURUS - Animals | Martin Garrix

GEMINI - Ghosts N’ Stuff | Deadmau5

CANCER - NRG (Skrillex, Kill The Noise, Milo & Otis Remix) | Duck Sauce

LEO - Try It Out | Skrillex & Alvin Risk

VIRGO - Don’t You Worry Child | Swedish House Mafia

LIBRA - Febreze (feat. 2 Chainz) | Skrillex & Diplo

SCORPIO - Centipede | Knife Party

SAGITTARIUS - I Can’t Take It | Dillon Francis

CAPRICORN - Wake Me Up | Avicii

AQUARIUS - Levels | Avicii

PISCES - EDM Death Machine | Knife Party