knife pimp


Copi-mod .

Completed Opinel n07 blade etched and stonewashed with copper higonokami style handle and rustic leather pocket slip for a Rad US client .

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Sawn off Baguette knife .

Cut down and pimped for CQB (close quarter baguette) use a rather horrid looking stainless serrated bread knife .

After carefully cutting and reshaping the blade it was etched and stonewashed , re sharped , handles dyed a tad darker and the brass pins aged to complete the new package .


Stone washed Kershaw OD-2 .

Following on from these 2 older posts

and then some work done pimping here

 I decided to go the whole hog and stone -wash my Kershaw flipper .

The knife was dismantled ,all metal parts were dark etched first and then individually stone washed with marbles in a tumble drier as was the sculpted back G-10 scale .

 I’m still planning on replacing the torx screws and the frame lock override circle for some antiqued bronze ones as soon as I can find some or get some made up .

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Opi no9 .

To match up the recent opi tanto I pimped up for the same customer . Etched and stonewashed high carbon blade , sculpted ,dyed and stonewashed beech wood handle with added brass lanyard hole .

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Pimped Opinel for a customer .

 I was recently asked to pimp up a stainless steel Opinel no6 for a good client .

He pretty much gave me free reign to customize as long as the blade was UK legal for EDC so had to be under 3 inch long and didn’t lock.

The blade has been removed , etched in FC and then stone washed as has the aluminum ferrule which has pitted nicely .

 The beech wood handle was flattened on the sides to lose the classic barrel shape and to make the handle a little more low profile and I then sculpted the sides with a Dremel .

 After sanding back the handle was dyed with black ash wood dye and then rubbed back with wire wool for a distressed effect to match up with the stone wash effect .

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Knife in the sky with ferric chloride .

Not quite as catchy as ’Lucy in the sky with diamonds ‘ but Ive started to pimp up that big TOPS Tahoma field knife . It was too large a blade for my normal dip tank so had to use a plastic tray outside hence the clouds in the picture .

At the customers request the black coating was removed , the blade then etched and stonewashed , I still have to sort the scales out but wanted to show the customer the WIP so far  .

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Pimped Opinel folding saw .

So this is the final part of the recent pimped Opinel Trio .

I’m not 100% happy how the stainless blade has turned out as it hasn’t taken an etch well  so isn’t as dark as the 2 knife blades  which is a shame .

The teeth were protected from the etch using nail varnish  and the beech wood handle was sanded ,sculpted and dyed in the same style as the 2 knives and has the same copper lanyard tube .

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Pimped Opinel no.8 .

 Following on from the N0.4 which I recently showed here is the larger locking version .

 Same Nessmuk inspired bull-nose tip which will hopefully offer better protection against possible tip loss as the steel in these blades is quite thin

The blade and locking ferrule were etched in FC  and the beech wood handle was flattened  ,sculpted and dyed with a copper lanyard ring added .

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Dark etched Ganzo.

These cheap folders are excellent for quick Mods and pimps , Ive simply etched the stainless blade in ferric and then stone washed the entire knife for a well worn toxic feel .

I had planned to take it apart but unfortunately wasn’t able to get one of the torx handle screws out so would have had to have drilled it out but didn’t have any spare screws in that size .

It still needs a sharpen and a kydex belt carry sheath making for it when I get the spare time .


Ready to pimp.

I bought these 3 Opinel’s yesterday from with the intention of pimping them up for re sale .

 Ive seen pics of the folding saw before but was quite surprised by the over all size of it in the flesh , the middle one is a No.8 locker and the smallest a No.4 non locking .

The only thing I can’t settle on is whether to pimp them as a set ie all 3 in the same style or to do them individually in contrasting styles?


A few pics up just to show the differences between the original No.6 and the recently pimped one I did .

 Removing the locking ring (for UK legal carry ) and flattening the sides of the beech wood handle has generally made for a much lower profile carry .

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Kryptek Typhoon Opi-mod.

Carbon steel stonewashed Opinel no4 blade in kryptek Typhoon kydex higonokami style handle for a UK SAR team member with Glow Inc blue epoxy in fill .

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