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HIYA! I thought I'd send through a quick prompt for the 100 s4 celebration countdown, if you get around to it :) Could you do Bellamy and Clarke sitting next to each other at some kind of sporting match, both passionately supporting opposite teams, please?? THANK YOU (and get hyped for s4) :)

A|N: Y’all, I have to preface this by saying that I know nothing about sports. When I was writing this, I literally turned to my friend and was like, “Give me two sports team names!” and here we are, so. Apologizing for any inaccuracies in advance!

also: I added a kiss cam in here because what is a sports game without a cute kiss cam moment??  


At this point, she’s pretty sure he’s doing it just to spite her.

“You’re kidding,” Clarke groans, when the enormous foam finger he’s toting smacks her right in the face. “Seriously, Bell? Up until last week, you had no idea who the Bulls were.”

He glances over at her, smug, before reaching over to knock her own Knicks hat out of place. “That’s a blatant lie, considering I’ve been an avid supporter of the Bulls since they kicked the Knicks ass in the last match.”

She rolls her eyes at that, swiping at the plate of nachos balanced delicately against his arm. “Actually, the Knicks won with a staggering 104 to 89 last match.”

“Ah,” he goes, faltering slightly. Then, as if taking strength from the fact that he’s surrounded by a thousand others dressed exactly like him, he continues, “Well, that was a fluke. So.”

“Oh, my god!” she hisses, letting her hands fall against her thighs with a loud smack. “Will you just stop, already? I said I was sorry!”

That pulls a scowl out of him, lips twisting into a stubborn pout. “No. Not until you take it back.”

It, she supposes, refers to the one time she had laughed (a little!) derisively when Bellamy had mentioned something along the lines of watching the occasional basketball match to unwind. The whole conversation had been a little hard to believe- considering she was pretty sure that he had only said it to impress a girl at the sports bar, and that she had actually witnessed him falling asleep during one of Miller’s many hockey matches.

Look, this is Bellamy they’re talking about, okay? She’s seen him actually get teary eyed over a documentary on the Byzantine empire. A bunch of sweaty guys dribbling a ball around is hardly going to hold his interest.

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Rucas - Kiss Cam Conundrum

So, I saw this post yesterday, and @jenn0bi tagged a couple very talented (way more talented than me) writers that they should write a one shot based on the gif-set with Rucas, but I got excited and wrote it. Hopefully this isn’t awful. Also this is an AU where Rucas still haven’t gotten together and they’re seniors in high school.

“Congratulations, Lucas Friar! You have just won three tickets to the Knicks game next weekend,” the radio host’s voice bellowed through the phone.

“Thank you so much, sir! I really appreciate it!” Lucas said with a smile. He had been calling the radio station for three hours in hopes of winning Knicks tickets. He even skipped school to make sure he didn’t miss any opportunities. Luckily, his hard work was worth it. Now the problem was having the courage to ask Riley to the game. He obviously knew she was a big fan from her rant back in the eighth grade. He’s been wishing ever since then that they could be together, but something always got in the way. It was either timing, conflicts with other people, or something else out of their control. Lucas thought the game would be the perfect chance to start the next step in their relationship.

“Hey, Riley!” Lucas said as he stepped through Riley’s bay window. They were seniors in high school and that habit still hadn’t gone away.

“Hey! I just saw your text and my excitement is at all-time high. What’s the big news?” Riley said as she skipped over to the bay window.

“Well, I really hope you don’t have any plans next weekend, because I just won some Knicks tickets!” Lucas shouted pulling out the tickets. He picked them up on the way over knowing the physical evidence would add to the effect of his announcement. But Riley didn’t give the reaction he was expecting. She was frowning.

“What’s wrong?” Lucas asked as worry came over his face. He was preparing himself for lots of screaming and jumping up and down, not frowning.

“I actually do have plans, Lucas. Charlie asked me to go get dinner with him. And I’ve hurt him so many times in the past. I don’t think I can cancel on him this time.” Riley said with a frown. Riley wanted to go to the game more than anything, but she couldn’t hurt Charlie. He was so sweet to her and she couldn’t put him down. Lucas knew this, so the next sentence left his mouth very reluctantly.

“He can come, too. I won three tickets.” Lucas said with a sigh. So much for starting the next step in their relationship.

“Really? Thank you so much, Lucas!” Riley shrieked and jumped into Lucas’ arms. Suddenly, inviting Charlie felt like it was worth it.

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Jason and Piper as models AU?

  • Jason is modeling to pay his way through college, as his dad cut him off when he wouldn’t be a business or political science major 
  • Piper has been modeling since she was 6 because it was something her and her mom did together 
  • they first meet at New York Fashion Week when they’re modeling for a mutual friend, Rachel Dare, and they hate each other 
  • both of them were in bad moods because of terrible encounters with their parents prior to the show so it was just never going to end well
  • Jason’s best friend Percy, who plays for the New York Knicks, teases him about missing his chance with the model whose picture he had up on his wall when they were 14 
  • they both get selected as the faces of up and coming designer Silena Beauregard’s new line and have to spend two weeks in Hawaii shooting ads 
  • the first night, Jason decides to clear the air and apologize for their first interaction and Piper does the same
  • the rest of the trip and photo shoots are endless fun and they spend all of their down time together 
  • Piper heads back to Los Angeles and Jason heads back to New York, though they keep in touch with texts and emails and the occasional flirty tweet 
  • Jason’s cousin Annabeth, Percy’s girlfriend since sophomore year of high school, invites him over for a dinner party celebrating the Knicks play off win and so he can meet her good friend that she wants to set him up with  
  • he really likes Piper and is reluctant to accept, but he’s never been able to say no to Annabeth 
  • so he goes to the dinner party and is very surprised to see Piper 
  • turns out she’s the friend he’s being set up with 
  • “So, Jason Grace, does this mean you’re finally gonna stop playing hard to get?" 
  • "I’m not sure what you mean, Ms. McLean. I’m terribly easy. Ask anyone." 
  • Percy appears out of nowhere and chimes in, “It’s true, I don’t wanna get into any details but just know that I can confirm that statement” 
  • Annabeth drags him away by the ear 
  • "Annabeth says you’re perfect for me,” Piper says confidently 
  • “She is the wise one in the family, so she must be right” Jason says, blushing
  • they just stand and consider each other for a long time after that 
  • Piper bites her lip and thinks she could get used to making him blush. It brings out his eyes, after all. 
  • Jason has to stop himself from reaching out and playing with the feather in her hair 
  • he’s sure there’ll be plenty of time for that later

With their backs up against a wall and time running out the Knicks stepped up and dismantled their rivals tonight, beating the Nets 110-81.

It was solid team effort as they shot a season high 60% and took a commanding hold of the game from the start. Leading the way to victory was J.R. Smith who finished with 24 points, 8 rebounds and 6 assists, while Melo added 23 points and 10 rebounds. Tim Hardaway Jr. also did his thing, not letting his sprained ankle stop him, as he contributed 17 points. 

Aside from this impressive win, with the Hawks losing to the Bulls tonight the Knicks have swooped in on Atlanta’s territory and are now tied for the 8th seed in the East. 

With no margin for error and only 6 games left, the Knicks must continue to play the season out with this kind of intensity if they hope to make it to the post-season, 

Image via @Knicklyn