Rucas - Kiss Cam Conundrum

So, I saw this post yesterday, and @jenn0bi tagged a couple very talented (way more talented than me) writers that they should write a one shot based on the gif-set with Rucas, but I got excited and wrote it. Hopefully this isn’t awful. Also this is an AU where Rucas still haven’t gotten together and they’re seniors in high school.

“Congratulations, Lucas Friar! You have just won three tickets to the Knicks game next weekend,” the radio host’s voice bellowed through the phone.

“Thank you so much, sir! I really appreciate it!” Lucas said with a smile. He had been calling the radio station for three hours in hopes of winning Knicks tickets. He even skipped school to make sure he didn’t miss any opportunities. Luckily, his hard work was worth it. Now the problem was having the courage to ask Riley to the game. He obviously knew she was a big fan from her rant back in the eighth grade. He’s been wishing ever since then that they could be together, but something always got in the way. It was either timing, conflicts with other people, or something else out of their control. Lucas thought the game would be the perfect chance to start the next step in their relationship.

“Hey, Riley!” Lucas said as he stepped through Riley’s bay window. They were seniors in high school and that habit still hadn’t gone away.

“Hey! I just saw your text and my excitement is at all-time high. What’s the big news?” Riley said as she skipped over to the bay window.

“Well, I really hope you don’t have any plans next weekend, because I just won some Knicks tickets!” Lucas shouted pulling out the tickets. He picked them up on the way over knowing the physical evidence would add to the effect of his announcement. But Riley didn’t give the reaction he was expecting. She was frowning.

“What’s wrong?” Lucas asked as worry came over his face. He was preparing himself for lots of screaming and jumping up and down, not frowning.

“I actually do have plans, Lucas. Charlie asked me to go get dinner with him. And I’ve hurt him so many times in the past. I don’t think I can cancel on him this time.” Riley said with a frown. Riley wanted to go to the game more than anything, but she couldn’t hurt Charlie. He was so sweet to her and she couldn’t put him down. Lucas knew this, so the next sentence left his mouth very reluctantly.

“He can come, too. I won three tickets.” Lucas said with a sigh. So much for starting the next step in their relationship.

“Really? Thank you so much, Lucas!” Riley shrieked and jumped into Lucas’ arms. Suddenly, inviting Charlie felt like it was worth it.

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The Knicks snap their 7 game losing streak tonight as they beat the Minnesota Timberwovles 118-106. Leading the way was none other than Carmelo Anthony who finished with 33 points, 5 rebounds and 5 assists. 

Welcome back to the winners circle, hopefully you’ll stay for a while!  

With their backs up against a wall and time running out the Knicks stepped up and dismantled their rivals tonight, beating the Nets 110-81.

It was solid team effort as they shot a season high 60% and took a commanding hold of the game from the start. Leading the way to victory was J.R. Smith who finished with 24 points, 8 rebounds and 6 assists, while Melo added 23 points and 10 rebounds. Tim Hardaway Jr. also did his thing, not letting his sprained ankle stop him, as he contributed 17 points. 

Aside from this impressive win, with the Hawks losing to the Bulls tonight the Knicks have swooped in on Atlanta’s territory and are now tied for the 8th seed in the East. 

With no margin for error and only 6 games left, the Knicks must continue to play the season out with this kind of intensity if they hope to make it to the post-season, 

Image via @Knicklyn

Angels In The Backcourt?

Ok, where is Roger Bomman aka Joseph Gordon-Levitt hiding? Clearly,  there has to be something magical happening in the Big Apple, because the Knicks have miraclously turned things around and have now won five games in a row. And not only are they winning, but they are doing so in convincing fashion, as they’ve won all of their past five games in double digits. Sure, they’ve been victorious over teams below .500, but hey, it’s a start!

Next up they face the tanking Bucks, so you have to think they will be up to six by the end of the week. However, the true test will come next Wednesday, when they take on the Pacers. If they are able to beat one of the best teams in the league, I think everyone will be eating their words.

The Knicks are rolling, is it time to believe the hype?

Image via @SportsCenter