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I’m just saying… I spent a good hour last night talking about all the Gaylor Swift theories to one of my datemate persons and:

1. Like, let the record show, they listened to me talk pretty much nonstop, listened to the IKYWT where she switches pronouns, let me show them picture after picture, masterpost after masterpost. They’re a fucking keeper is all I’m saying.

2. Totally believe TSwift is hella gay. 

3. Can’t believe anyone could possible think Gorgeous is about anything other than being in love with another chick. 

4. Can’t see how anyone can think the RFI music video is anything other than a reference to glass closeting. 

5. Freaked out over the Knicks date photos.

6. Said, and I quote, “Come on, Taylor Swift LOOKS like a lesbian.”

7. Said they actually like TSwift more now, knowing she’s super gay. 

In summation: if you think TSwift is 100% straight, you’re honestly just willfully ignoring all the signs at this point.

The List

When Killian comes across a list that Emma made when she was a teenager things get awkward but then soon take a sexy turn!

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Sorry that it took me so long to write this! I’ve had the craziest past two weeks. I struggle with chronic pain and it’s been on bitch of a week so focusing enough to write has been a struggle. I hope to have another story or update done this week! Let me know if you want me to continue with this story. I think it could be kind of fun to write another chapter! There sure is a lot of possibilities! This idea just kind of came to me. And I mean we all have a list… No? Just me? Okay… heheheh I hope you enjoy!

Chapter two!

Rated M

“I think this is the last of it. Is this really all you own?” Killian questioned with a rather large box in hand, kicking the door shut with his foot before swaggering back to Emma. He set it down on the dining room table amongst the other boxes while she smiled endearingly up at him from the floor where she was sorting some old childhood photos and knick knacks.

“Yup, this is it. Seven boxes is the rest of my life. It’s mostly clothes anyways,” The blonde explained, ripping the tape off another package. Emma had just gotten the rest of her belongings out of storage from when she lived in New York from the missing year. She had meant to do it a lot sooner, but between her family, being sheriff again, and the newest threat the Snow Queen, getting her old sweaters and silverware were the least of her worries. She thought she would have to drive back into the city to get her possessions but she was able to get her old neighbor to mail them to her instead, making her life a lot easier. Killian had generously offered to help her unpack and sort her things allowing them to spend some much needed quality time together.

They had been officially dating for just a few weeks and things were surprisingly going very well. He had broke down her walls and proved to her and her family that he was worthy of their trust. Even her father had taken a shine to her new boyfriend. Emma was pulled from her train of thought when her phone rang. She quickly reached for it on the kitchen table before picking it up.

“Sheriff Swan,” She answered officially. “Oh, that was fast. Thanks I’ll be there in two minutes,” Emma responded with a delighted smile upon her face.

“Who was that, love?” Killian asked as he tore open another box with his hook. He really did look for any excuse to use that thing.

“It was Granny. Our food is ready to be picked up. I’ll be right back,” She told slinging her purse around her shoulder before heading for the door.

“Are you sure you don’t want be to come with you?” He replied walking towards her.

“No it’s okay. I’ll just be gone a second,” Emma smiled with a sarcastic twinkle in her eye. Leaning in she placed a chaste kiss to his lips before making her way back to the door.

“I’ll miss you,” Killian voiced, calling to his Swan. She flashed him a saucy grin, rolling her eyes at him.

“I’ll miss you, too,” Emma laughed, closing the loft door with a soft thud. Once his girlfriend had left he went back to his task of opening boxes and sorting their contents. He lifted a particularly heavy one onto the table, tearing the flaps open. The package was filled with a variety of books and what appeared to be journals.

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Request: @lulura: Hi. I wanted to ask if that imagine/one-shot think is still available… And if so, can I ask about one-shot with Mulder? Like the reader is new FBI agent and is very shy and she’s assigned to work in X-files and she developed a crush on Mulder?

Word Count: 540

Warnings: None, unless if you’re unable to handle Mulder’s sheer adorableness

(A/N) Third one shot here on this blog. This one’s a shorter one, but I hope it satisfies you all well enough. Hopefully longer, more detailed ones will be seen in the future! Anyways, enjoy!

You clutched your paperwork in a death grip as the elevator made its descent to the basement. You had never had a partner before, and you began working on the field only recently. It didn’t help that you were shy, and, to make matters worse, your partner was to be the notorious “Spooky Mulder”.

You chewed on the inside of your cheek, recalling all the teasing that had occurred in reaction to the news of your new partner. The agents you had previously worked alongside with thought it most amusing that you were paired with the crazy alien guy.

The elevator dinged and the doors opened to reveal an empty hallway. You resisted the urge to head back up to your old office and stepped out onto the cement floor nervously. The doors closed behind you and you knew there was no turning back now.

Walking down the hallway with quick clicking steps, you finally reached Fox Mulder’s door. Taking a deep breath, you raised your knuckles and tapped twice on the wood.

The door swung open and there stood the famed agent. He was tall and beautifully sculpted, with dark hair and an intense gaze. He wore his button-down shirt with the sleeves rolled up, showing off his impressive arms. You stood there, dumbfounded, staring at the beautiful man before you. He too gazed upon you, mouth slightly agape.

“Hi,” you said awkwardly, not sure what else to do.

Fox Mulder finally broke into a smile, one so charming it gave you goosebumps. He extended his hand and you shook it… at least this strange agent was friendly.

“You must be my new partner, (Y/N) (L/N),” he stepped to the side of the doorway, allowing you to enter his office. “Cluttered” was what first came to mind. You took into the account the numerous photos and knick-knacks that featured supernatural and fantastical things.

You realized that you had been gawking at his office for quite some time and quickly glanced over to find the agent watching you with an amused quirk of the lip. You blushed and quickly broke eye contact, not wanting him to see how nervous you were.

“What are you thinking about?” he asked curiously.

You straightened your posture, hoping to gain some confidence. “You’re the psychologist, you tell me,” you replied, unable to hide the smirk that formed. You looked back at him to find that he was grinning again.

“Did Skinner tell you that?” he asked, crossing his arms over his chest and sitting on the edge of his desk.

“I looked you up,” you replied honestly, somehow feeling more and more comfortable with Fox Mulder with each second. You grinned madly at the absurdity of the conversation. He chuckled.

“Find anything interesting?”

“Nah, just that you’re Agent Fox Mulder, born on October 13th, 1961,” you replied.

He hummed and looked off at something in his office, clearly deep in thought. You continued to watch him, enraptured by his attractive build and charmed by his personality. You sighed internally, realizing how smitten you already were with the special agent.

Fox Mulder returned his quiet gaze to you, flashing another grin and your heart fluttered quickly.

Oh, you were so smitten with him.

Avengers - Moving in together

Loki; He wasn’t keen on the idea of moving to Earth but he felt living in Asgard would be difficult for the both of you. You accepted Tony’s offer of a floor in the tower, mostly because you knew you’d be safe there and that SHIELD would likely bug your new place if you lived anywhere else.

Bruce; You got a small cottage together, some garden space so Bruce could do some gardening while he wasn’t furiously working with Tony. It helps him unwind, and you love the home grown fruit and vegetables.

Tony; You moved into the tower, obviously. He let you pick any floor you want and you made him promise that nobody but only you two were allowed on that particular floor. He agreed and you began making your own little home in the tower. It took a while but you finally made it feel like a home. Decorating it yourself and putting all your framed family and friends pictures. Selfies of you taped to your mirror and special shelving to hold all of your things in the bathroom. You think Tony liked it too.

Steve; He just wanted a little apartment for you both, one bedroom, shared kitchen and living room. He wanted something cosy, that felt familiar and homey. You would’ve preferred more space but it was nice that you could watch TV without forgetting that you were cooking. And Steve really went out of his way to decorate so it looked and felt bigger than it was. Until any of your friends came over of course.

Thor; It had to be in the tower, so Thor could easily find it. It was closer to the ground floors so you could go to work, Tony set up a chauffeur to take you to work so you wouldn’t have to get a taxi to work every day. Thor bought some Asgardian décor for it, his mother gifted you some lovely bed sheets and he had a special table by the door for his hammer. It was a very important feature to him.

Clint; He’d always wanted to live in the countryside, somewhere private, away from the general public. Where you made your own food and were well-known by the few neighbours you had. Something intimate but spacey. A farm wasn’t your ideal but as long as he dealt with the actual farming and you could sunbathe what’s the problem.

Natasha; She didn’t want to. She liked your apartment being your apartment, and she felt she had nothing to contribute and hadn’t contributed anything in the past. So you took her on a memory tour of everything in the apartment that reminded you of her or that she bought you. You decided in the end that it hadn’t been just your apartment since you started dating.

Bucky; He spent ages choosing the perfect place. Your own apartment, with a fully fitted kitchen, a spacious living room and two bedrooms. One for you to share and one as a study room where you can go if you want to work quietly or just be alone for a while. He put what things he had in the apartment but it was pretty empty so you went on a big shopping spree to get knick-knacks and photo frames and a lemon zester, because why not? You’d never owned one before, why not now?

Phil; Being a top SHIELD agent had its perks, one of which was a cabin, pretty far away from civilisation. You don’t often actually spend time in your home but it’s your safe place, where you go to get away from work and spend some quality time together. Just to be in each others company and de-stress. Only Fury knows where it is and how to contact you while you’re there. It’s your private place. 

iceepsy  asked:

Also, any headcanons on what their rooms look like? I like the idea of Invi's room covered with plants. Including carnivorous plants. She names all of them.

@iceepsy i hadn’t thought about it but now that I have, I can not stop

  • I /LOVE/ the idea of Invi’s room being covered in plants.  it’s probably really sunny, got a bunch of windows on one side, but she has a darker corner for the plants that need shade.  I mean, sure, having the window open all the time invites bugs in, but she doesn’t mind, and honestly likes the fresh air better.  It always smells earthy in there.
  • But she manages to keep her room clean enough to hold a bunch of books–I bet she’s got a comfy reading corner.  and i bet the others visit her room, since it’s one of the most welcoming, and Invi kind of relaxes in there–she tries to have the door open most of the time
  • Ira’s room is probably a virtual library, kinda stuffy because he gets so involved in things that he’s just like “what do you mean it’s hot in here?” but I’m sure he has lots of knick-knacks, lots of magic items that just kind of lie around–and unlike in Master’s study, none of them are dangerous, to Luxu and Gula’s disappointment.
  • I bet he’s got a small bed, because his room is so crammed with books, but it’s super comfy.  I can’t see him having many pictures, but maybe one or two–of the foretellers, a group shot or two.  The rest of his wallspace is filled up by newspaper clippings and research he’s doing. (but i could use more suggestions for what his room is like, i can’t picture it that well)
  • Aced’s room–i want it to be almost utilitarian but then I realized, no, his bedroom is OVERFLOWING WITH THINGS, it’s his study/office for Ursus that is super bare. 
  • So i don’t think it’s messy, not necessarily–there’s order, there’s a place for everything; there’s just a lot of it.  Books, photos, knick-knacks like necklaces, souvenirs, and weapons.  I’m sure he’s got a small stash of knives and stuff, not that he uses them necessarily, but I bet he can use a lot of different weapons.  He’s got stuff everywhere–the bed, when he’s not sleeping on it, is where his clothes go.  he’s got spare masks in the closet.  extra cloaks.  a backup for everything (he hopes).
  • But the windows are always open, because he likes the breeze, I bet he used to have curtains but the flapping they made in the wind bugged him so he tore them down. and you can see really far–he likes to sit there and think, sometimes journal, but mostly just disconnect, watch the sky.  Ava sometimes joins him there, and he’ll move those cool-looking rocks to give her a place to sit.  
  • speaking of ava
  • AVA! her room must be bright.  like, impossibly bright.  lots of lamps, the curtains thrown wide open. the comfiest bed you’ve ever seen.  a lot of keepsakes, lots of letters and photos.
  • she’s got a lot of chairs in there, because she invites people in all the time.  a lot of impromptu meetings with her Keykids used to happen in there, but she decided eventually that it was too casual to do it there (I feel like she tried to become more mature, distance herself more from her Union members, after Master left, for a lot of reasons).  she’s probably got a small animal bed for all the strays she brings in to nurse back to health. mostly yellow, I’m thinking. she leaves her curtains open all night so that in the morning, her room lights up with the dawn
  • Gula’s room is probably up on a tower because he wanted to feel tall when he looked out the window.
  • His room is kinda dark, but that’s just because it’s his safe space.  he does open the curtains a lot, but just doesn’t keep the door open, kinda hides there when he wants to be alone.  he totally stole one of the really comfy chairs from the library and curls up there in his room a lot.
  • he’s got lots of magic books, even though he can’t read super quickly, and magic items–what’re they for, aced asks, probably weekly. you’ll see, Gula replies, in his I’m-not-planning-anything voice–and i bet there’s shiny stuff in the corners.  they’re probably his.  probably.
  • and luxu, my son!! okay so i do headcanon him as a pyromaniac but-BUT!–he keeps his room nice and neat.  no explosives allowed.  he keeps all those in another room because he doesn’t want anything to happen to his stuff.  I bet he has a ready-to-go bag with essentials, he’s so used to Master dragging him off in the middle of the night to not have one.  a good portion of fiction books, some history.
  • he doesn’t spend a whole lot of time in his room, unlike Gula, who lives in his, but he does go up there to relax–dude, he totally has some pretty flowers on the windowsill, he takes religious care of them, asks invi for advice on keeping them healthy.  probably meditates in there fairly often, ira joins him sometimes, invi, if she’s in the mood, will come too
  • and i was gonna end this there b/c it’s already long enough but then i thought!
  • Master of Masters!
  • his room is big.  and mysterious.
  • or so everybody thinks, til they get to know him, then they realize that that magical-looking-object is actually just his third attempt at a shrinkable gummi ship, and that creepy statue was actually just him accidentally turning a heartless to stone one time because it hurt ira, and that glowing stone is something he found on the street.  he can’t get it to stop glowing.  he doesn’t know why
  • that pink liquid tho? yeah, that’s actually a potion that will turn you into a mouse.  don’t touch it.
  • a really big bed with drapes, all royal looking, til you realize that the wall behind it is PLASTERED with photos of his apprentices
  • and to engage in a headcanon i’m sure i’ll write into a meta later, his room is SUPER messy.  all the time.  he loses track of things ALL the time, stuff is on the floor, dirty black coats hanging on the backs of chairs, books scattered on the desk, no semblance of order.  he won’t let Aced clean it tho.

THIS WAS AWESOME THANK YOU FOR ASKING ME YU, I LOVED THIS!  what are your other thoughts on their rooms?


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Pairing: Eric x Four
Prompt: “Do you write one-shots? Could you write one where Eric finds out Four and Tris are a thing during her initiationa and confronts one of them about it?”
Fandom: Divergent series
Word count: 5049
Warning: Language, Eric being a total dick (But do I really need to put a warning for that), slight dub con, cheating, minor angst, let me know if I missed anything :)

A/N: Ohhh it feels so good to write again. Thank you Anon for being patient with everything. I change the Prompt a little so I hope that’s okay. That’s about it, I have another Fouric request that will be out soon I promise so be excited for that. Other than that I hope you enjoy let me know what you think! - lola

 Four felt tense as he listened to Eric type across from him, how he managed to get stuck in this position was beyond him. It was a Friday night and he should have been done with  his shift hours ago. It was only after it had just ended and he was trying to clock out that Max and a few guards entered the room carrying about six boxes total of paperwork sent over by Erudite that needed to be filed before the next day. All of his coworkers that were still lingering in the control room were quick to make some half-ass excuse before making a mad dash out of the room, in the end, Four was the only one left to take on the load, he was pissed to say the very least.

He did everything in his power to try and get out of it and start his weekend but he was stuck with the job and that was final. Four managed to convince Max to at least provide him with someone else to help him file all the paperwork and enter in into the systems, a process that was more tedious that it sounded. He had no intentions of spending all night going through the papers and judging by how packed full the large boxes where there was no way he would finish at a semi-decent hour by himself. He expected the leader to call in one of his coworkers, but instead Max decided to make the whole ordeal even more miserable for him in the long run. In reality, Four would have probably been better off on his own.

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Right Within Your Heart

For the amazing Fernanda (@lilieswho). 

You requested a stereotypical au, so I figured what’s more stereotypical than fake dating, eh? Hope you enjoy!

“I need your help with something.”

Lily looks up from the book she was reading, setting it down next to her on the couch and glancing towards where James Potter stands by the entrance to the empty common room. It’s late - nearly 1am - and Lily is only still up because she was, well, waiting for him. They had some Head stuff to go over, and it probably could’ve waited until morning, but Lily liked the common room at night. The crackling fire, the moonlight gliding through the windows that seemed to make James’ eyes even brighter, it made her feel calm.

“What is it, James?” Lily straightens up as she sees him, his eyes wide and his teeth worrying at his lower lip. This doesn’t seem like his typical late night prank suggestions or ideas for crazy prefect events. “What’s going on?”

“I may or may not have told my parents we’re dating.”


He comes over to her, plopping in the chair across from her and running his hand through his hair. “It was an accident I promise.”

“How did you accidentally tell your parents we were in a relationship?” Lily exclaims leaning towards him.

“Well, two weeks ago, after we won that match against Slytherin, we had that huge party, right? I don’t know if you remember since you-”

“I remember the party, James. Just because you can’t handle your alcohol doesn’t mean the rest of us forget everything after one shot of firewhiskey as well.”

“I think it was more that one shot,” James says teasingly. Lily just glares at him. “Anyways, after that party, at around three in the morning, when it’s safe to say I was just a little bit pissed, I decided that it would be the perfect time to write back to my parents. In their last letter they had asked about you, because they know we’re Heads and all, and I guess, somehow, my intoxicated self wrote that we were dating.”

Lily just looked at him. She really had no idea what to say. Then she remembers what he originally said. She’s almost afraid to ask.

“So what do you need my help with?”

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Love Written In Ink

Love Written In Ink: Breaking Point (Chapter 5)

Link to Series

Summary: After breaking up with your boyfriend, you find yourself struggling to move on. But how can you, when both your lives are so intertwined? When a new captivating man enters your life, are the changes ahead for the better or worse?

Word Count: 2.5k+

Rating: M (Angst)

You were still half asleep when you woke up that morning. Your body felt so heavy and it was difficult to even open your eyes. You couldn’t even attempt to roll over on to your side. Suddenly, you felt an arm sling across your waist, bringing you closer to the pleasant warmth beside you. You sighed deeply before your shoulders were gently shook. Your eyes reluctantly fluttered open, hissing at the brightness of the room. However, you were momentarily distracted when a hand suddenly caressed your cheek tenderly. Your eyes followed along the length of the arm until you locked eyes with Jiho, who was laying beside you. He gave you a warm smile, but you noticed the concern in his eyes as he spoke.

“You feelin’ ok?” He asked, stroking your cheek with the pad of his thumb. You stared at him blanking for a few seconds. Too early to properly comprehend what was going on. You held the the top of his hand, sliding it down as you looked around the room. Something felt off. You were used to waking up and seeing Jiho, it’s become a common occurrence in your life. But as your eyes scanned the room, you finally realized why it all felt so wrong. The room was too heavily and messily decorated with a bunch of toys, photos, knick knacks and other personal items to be a hotel room.

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Shadow(xAurora) Headcanon

It’s late and I can’t sleep so I’ll tell you all more of the stories that I have in my head that I’ll never get around to drawing.

I have a headcanon that, since Shadow has never really had a place to call home other than when he was on Space Colony ARK with Maria, he never really settles down anywhere for too long. When he finally returns to Mobius after his travels, he eventually gets a small studio apartment but never fills it with furniture or knick knacks or photos or anything. It’s pretty much an empty apartment with maybe a bed and a fridge and that’s about it. 

It isn’t until after he meets Aurora and their relationship really develops that he starts to see her as his “home” and starts to kind of toy with the idea of staying rooted somewhere. So eventually, he buys some random thing (maybe it’s a really weird painting, or some really obscure sculpture or something) to put in his apartment. Aurora thinks it’s the ugliest piece of decor ever, but the fact that Shadow has consciously made an effort to make his place seem like home is a huge step that warms her heart and she makes sure he never gets rid of it.

anonymous asked:

RFA + V and Saeran thanksgiving with your family?

//okay so since it’s thanksgiving today i’m gonna try to do as much as i can, and then if i have time later, i’ll go back and add some more things in!! Also, Happy Thanksgiving!//


  • he’s actually so nervous
  • he goes through multiple outfit changes, and you help him decide on just a cozy sweater
  • “are they gonna ask me questions?”
  • “probably just to make conversation, yoosung. they want to get to know you, that’s all. just say that you’re studying in medicine to become a Vet, that’s all”
  • that does happen, but he relaxes because it’s not like he’s lying, and he gets really involved in the conversation just spitting out facts and how much he loves animals and it’s too cute
  • he brings you outside to play frisbee and kick around a ball with everyone else
  • he loves your dog because he’s so big and old, but very sweet (imagine a fluffy golden lab) and they seem to really like each other
  • compliments your dog?
  • he can cook because his mom always had him help out when he was younger, and your mom loves that too
  • she thinks he’s very sweet and thinks he’s good for you
  • he loves seeing the photos of you on the wall and your old bedroom and stuffs
  • kisses you and tells you that you’re the thing he’s most thankful for <333


  • your younger cousin watches a lot of plays and is also a theater kid, so she can’t stop talking it with Zen and asking him about what he does and what it’s like
  • she calls out to you while you’re helping to make dinner, “hey, MC! for christmas, can you bring me to one of his shows?”
  • afterward, when you ask her what she thinks of your boyfriend, she says she likes him because he talked to her like they were the same age and answered her questions honestly
  • he really likes your family and tells you that they’re extremely kind and welcoming, and he already feels like he fits in
  • wants to spend every thanksgiving with your family, because at his house, it was always so filled with tension and it was a generally unhappy day because everyone would be asking him about what he wanted to do with his life, but wouldn’t approve and put him down when they heard it
  • he loves your mother’s turkey. it’s great. it’s so warm… and sweet… and he says it reminds him of you <33


  • she’s kinda nervous because she was always asked about her love life at her own home
  • you tell her not to worry, because your family is very accepting and promises that they don’t care whether you’re dating a girl or a boy or whoever, only whether you’re happy, and you’re sure that you’re the happiest that you’ve ever been with her
  • she doesn’t really know how to act around kids, but your little cousins love her, and keep asking her questions
  • one of the older ones says, “what are taxes? and mortgages? and how do you write a check? you look smart, so i’m asking you, and i think it’s stupid that they don’t teach us that in school, instead we learn how to find the value of y that’s like divided by x to the thirteenth power and then multiplied by 7z??”
  • “uhhh”
  • she tries to explain it in a way that isn’t too bad
  • she makes drinks for your family! hot chocolate for the kids, and special coffees for everyone else (extra strong for your mom)
  • she’s happy with the mashed potatoes, because in the past, hers have always been really runny, but these were fluffy and delicious


  • is also kind of nervous because he feels that he’ll stick out like a sore thumb
  • you just tell him to downgrade to a sweater and to try not to talk all business
  • “my family wants to know how you’re doing, not your company”
  • they’ve also heard about you in the news sometimes, and they just want to get to know you, considering you’re their son in law
  • sees your younger cousins playing with cards and stuff
  • so he picks up the deck and wows the kids
  • your mom tells you that he seems very down to earth and sweet, and she says that your dad and pulled him aside when you weren’t looking and asked him about the classic “you’re gonna be good to my daughter, you hear?”
  • and his answer was “yes sir, i’ll be better than just good. she’s the love of my life, and I won’t let anything happen to her”


  • is also really nervous that your family won’t like him
  • “don’t worry, just tell them that you work for a computer software company, and that you help out with the RFA”
  • “it’s okay babe, they’ll love you. they know i’m pretty goofy, and i’m sure they’ll see that we fit together”
  • loves seeing your dad’s music collection, because he’s got hundreds of CDs and guitars and vintage posters
  • he sees your younger family members playing some video games and stuff, so he goes over and plays with them
  • “Woah, Saeyoung! How’d you do that!”
  • he’s really happy that he’s being called Saeyoung again, especially by your family, and that there’s not even a trace of malcontent there
  • he feels like he belongs, and he loves your little cozy home-y home, because there’s so much warmth and welcoming
  • gets to see your old bedroom
  • he laughs at your posters and all of your little knick knacks and photos of you as a kid
  • “Aww, MC! you were so adorable!”
  • he’s sneaking crescent rolls because “even though they come from a can, they are god’s gift to this world. maybe even equal to my honey buddhas…”


  • tries yo be confident and doesn’t want to bother you with his nervousness so he just hugs you and reassures himself that it’s going to be okay and he knows that you wouldn’t do bring him along if you knew it wouldn’t turn out okay
  • believe it or not, V can play piano
  • so when he sees your younger cousin struggling to play a piece, he sits next to them and helps them
  • your mom loves him!! he loves how he’s good with kids and so kind and down to earth, and she says that she can’t waits until he becomes a father, because he’d be a great one ^^
  • mOM !
  • he tries to help as much as he can, with setting the table and putting everything out
  • he’s really kind to everyone and if someone gets cut off in a conversation, he’ll ask them to continue and even if on one else is listening, he will
  • he gives his crescent roll to one of the kids who didn’t get to the basket soon enough
  • he’s so sweet and cuddly and he’s being fairly social to everyone and he steals some kisses to make you laugh when an aunt might say something kind of rude to you
  • V loves you and your family and!! he’s such a cutie 


  • is kinda apprehensive at first because he’s heard about thanksgiving horror stories
  • wants your family to like him, so he changes out of his normal attire into a cute navy blue sweater
  • “MC, what do I say when they ask about my family?? or my job? God, what if I do something wrong? What if they kick me out?”
  • “Saeran, I promise you that they won’t do that. They’re really kind and sweet, and I’ll be there to help you out. If my mom asks me to help out with dinner, just come with me and sit at the table. If she asks you any questions and you get stuck, I’ll help you. I told them that you’re shy, but I’m sure they’ll like you.”
  • He’s still kinda freaking out, so you just walk over to him and stand on the tips of your toes and put your hands on his shoulders and look him in the eyes
  • “Saeran,”
  • he looks like a lost puppy, and his tough emo demeanor is gone
  • “Listen. I promise that it will be okay. They’re sensible people, and they know their boundaries. It will be fine, don’t worry, please?”
  • He pulls you into a hug because he hates that he’s getting so upset over this one thing and he’s usually so sure of himself 
  • You rub his back and then you guys leave a few hours later
  • your mom loves him and thinks he’s adorable
  • you’re kinda worried your younger cousins think he’s cute too, but you brush it off because you know he wouldn’t leave you for a twelve year old
  • Saeran really likes your grandma’s stuffing, and he asks you if you could ask her to take some home
  • “grandma, Saeran is too awkward to ask, but would you mind us taking some to go?”
  • she smiles happily like she’s doing her job to feed everyone, and also throws in a few cookies for the both of you