knicks in london


#WeFoundLiam at the NBA London Knicks Game

Weekly Roundup: Jan. 11- Jan 18

Guess whose back, back again

…yes, I’ve decided instead of doing daily roundups i’ll be doing weekly roundups. I’ve got enough time to do them once a week. With that being said, the first few round ups will be a bit choppy as I’m still working on how I want to tag everything and how I’ll be structuring it. And I’m keeping it tagged under /daily+updates. I’ll be updating during the weekend. Some weeks they could be five days long some could be eight days long. Any suggestions are recommended Sit tight, I’ll eventually get it right. 

-Denise xx

Saturday: 01/11

  • Liam was at Funky Buddha with Friends (x)
  • Harry tweeted (x)

Sunday: 01/12

  • Zayn turned 21! (x)
  • Niall sent a birthday greeting video out to a friend (x/Gif x)

Monday: 01/13

  • Harry was spotted around and about in LA (x)

Tuesday: 01/14

  • Liam tweeted in regards to privacy (x)
  • Niall posted a selfie, “I’m relaxed” face (x)
  • Harry posts on instagram, “egg off” (x)
  • Niall tweets about Step Brothers (x)

Wednesday: 01/15

  • Niall confronts twitter on fake family twitters (x)
  • Harry says thanks (x)
  • Zayn says thank you for bday messages (x)

Thursday: 01/16

  • Harry spent the day with friends, Pixie and Alexa (x)
  • Liam and Sophia attended the Knicks Vs Nets game in London (x)
  • Sleepy Niall tweets (x)
  • Zayn tweets a tune (x)

Friday: 01/17

  • Harry attends an Eagles Concert (x)
  • Louis was spotted in Manchester (x)
  • Niall spotted at Heathrow Airport, tweets about his knee surgery (x)

Saturday: 01/18

  • Liam goes to Funky Buddha (x)
  • Harry attends Sundance in Utah (x)
  • Louis watches a Rovers game (x/x)
  • Niall tweets good morning (x)
  • Harry tweets about the movie (x)
  • Liam blows up twitter (x)

Sunday: 01/19

  • Niall’s spotted at a pub (x)
  • Liam’s spotted in London (x)
  • Niall tweets about the Winston’s (x)
  • Harry tweets congrats (x)
  • Harry and Kathy Griffin (x)


Released this week:

  • Toyota Vios (x)
  • Docomo Commercial (x)

At the New York Knicks vs. Milwaukee Bucks game in London - 15.01.2015 (x)