Two jumpers this evening … They just had to come out and say. You know what you know, you know what you feel, and no one can snatch that away. so wait a little longer, be strong a little longer. Let all of it linger just a little longer. Just a little bit. Keep dreaming, keep manifesting, hold on tight to it- you will not be let down - what you seek even if its miles and miles and miles away is seeking you. #thisisforyou #tarot #tarotguidance #theuniverse #knickoftime #kingofcups #strength #tarotinsight #stayinpocket #sunday #love #allofthis #this #sunandmoon #onelove

This ones for Jeremy Lin @JLin7. Picked him up on both my fantasy teams after his 25pt 7ast game against NJ because I had a feeling it wasn’t a one time thing. The dude has mad game!! I’m sure the people who were waiting to see if he would be consistent were pissed to find I had already picked him up hahah. Keep doing your thing man!! You took every advantage of your opportunity and deserve every bit of this #linsanity love! New York needs you, the NBA needs you, and you’ve risen to the occasion just in the #KnickOfTime keep doin it big! (Taken with instagram)