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sparkandsmile  asked:

Is Eiffel's desk ridiculously crowded with all kinds of junk, and if so, is he one of those people who can never find anything, or who can always find everything despite it being buried under three feet of trash?

It’s actually not that messy, largely due to the fact that, since there’s no gravity on the Hephaestus, if he just kept his workspace totally cluttered and messy eventually things would just start floating into his face. There’s definitely been mentions of him just leaving stuff floating at random places in the station - and I’m sure there’s a few weird knick-knacks taped down on his desk just ‘cause - but I think that necessity has forced him to be a more organized person. Relatively speaking.  

… then again, thinking about it, there’s probably a drawer somewhere in the Comms Room where he just sticks whatever he doesn’t need and doesn’t want to put back in its proper place. And by now it’s gotten so full that he has to open and close it really quickly because otherwise there would just be this cloud of junk that would come out and spread out all over the room. So really it’s the drawer of no return by this point. And one time Minkowski asked him for a notepad she’d lent him and he was like, “Sorry Commander, it’s in the black hole drawer,” and she was just like

 “I don’t even want to know.” 

“I think I’m the most underrated superstar that’s out there, but that doesn’t matter to me.”

“I know what I’m capable of doing. I know the grind and the hard work I put in to this." "I know how consistent I’ve been over my career. To do it day in and day out and night in and night out on a very consistent basis year in year out, I know what I can do and I know the work I’ve put in.”

“So as far as caring about if I’m underrated as a superstar, and getting the respect I deserve, I don’t worry about that. In due time if everything goes well, I will get it… I know what I can do, and I know what I’ve done on the basketball court. I know what I can get better at. But as far as you know, self-proclaiming me as being an underrated superstar, that’s out of my league.” [x]

summercomfort replied to your photo “Snow day means it’s time to work on World War 2 Captain America”

what are you using for the shield base?

In this photo it’s actually a spun aluminum shield I bought from a company in Florida called accurate metal spinning. I got the star, and the brackets and straps from the RPF, then painted and weathered it using automotive paint.

But if spending a couple hundred dollars on a metal shield isn’t your thing, I also made one out of those cheap halloween shields; A friend suggested I get three of them and glue them together for stability. 

It also meant I could use screws and that to attach the straps and brackets to the back two shields, since i knew the top one would cover it. I sanded them down and glued the whole thing together. Add a bit of weathering and; 

(Weathering was super easy, just cover the bullet knicks with painters tape, rub the whole thing down with black paint and do a poor job wiping it off.) Also Krylon metallic silver spray paint does amazing work. I made brackets out of plastic, and straps out of belts and there you go; 

Metal vs plastic (apologies for the blurry photo)

I didn’t mean for this to become a sort of tutorial, but I figure anyone looking for a good Cap shield would love an alternative to the $600-$900 shields floating about.