knick kack

Fly Me to the Moon || Open 

“ Fly me to the moon, Let me play among the stars,” Delbert danced around his classroom, Frank Sinatra’s voice echoing in the empty room and down the halls. The broom in his hands were no longer just a cleaning utensil, but now a microphone and ballroom partner all in one. “ Let me see what spring is like on A-Jupiter and Mars, “

Traditionally cleaning the classrooms was a janitors duty, but the doctor preferred to do the job himself. That way he could ensure that it was done properly and without any of his belongings being thrown away by mistake. — It had happened a time or two, after all. Papers that had made their way onto the floor accidentally being tossed into the bin like trash or small knick-kacks being misplaced while shelves or desks were being wiped down.

It was rather odd, but Delbert didn’t even mind cleaning up after his students. He’d simply put on some music and imagine that he was somewhere else, dancing his cares away. He imagined large parties, sophisticated people in fancy suits and gowns twirling this way and that. Or sometimes his mind would bring him to other times entirely, dreaming that he was in the 40s watching Sinatra preform live on stage.

“ Fill my heart with song and let me sing for ever more,” Delbert was much too far gone in his daydream to have noticed anyone watching him from the hall, the loud music easily masking the sound of any footsteps. —- As far as he knew, he had this wing of the building to himself. No one around to see him acting in such a childish manner.