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Shooting Stars and Airplanes (1/1)

AN:  I regret nothing.  While waiting in an airport, Alex has a conversation with two familiar faces that gets him thinking…

Alex Knightley sighed, stretching a little, as he attempted to find a comfortable position.  Why was it that the chairs in airports were so uncomfortable?  Everyone had layovers.  It would make a lot more sense to have squashy armchairs that could recline.  A little bored, he mentally calculated the price to upgrade those chairs and quickly came to the conclusion that while airports weren’t known for their luxury, they were cost efficient.

His flight had been delayed another hour.  He was getting increasingly more crabby as he glared at the announcement board with its hateful red letters.  He could really use a coffee but couldn’t seem to muster the motivation to hunt down a Starbucks.  Besides, his bag was heavy.

He’d attempted to stave of his growling stomach by purchasing a candy bar from the vending machine, but it was out of order.  Probably for the best.  A candy bar now with no coffee to supplement was just asking for a sugar crash.  

Knightley’s phone buzzed but he ignored it.  He had gotten good at ignoring his phone, shutting off the temptation, knowing that any careless texts or tweets would threaten his resolve.  Alex Knightley knew his limits.  If he read even one text from her, his resolve would crumble and he’d return to Highbury.  

God, he missed her.

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