knew she was familiar

I think your english is okay! I understood you!

I’m gonna do headcanons because I think it’ll be easier to expand upon this topic that way.


• When news comes in that you’re from the past, she’s ecstatic.
• She knew your name was familiar!
• She’s good at being professional, so it’ll be hard to tell that she’s shaking from excitement in your next meet up.
• Shyly asks about your past, and tries to make it sound causal.
• Will listen to you talk for hours.
• A really good listener.
• When you ask her to show you modern medicine and how it works, she gets really nervous.
• She almost forgets that she’s literally a world renowned doctor, who is more than qualified to do so.
• Your way of treatment is extremely outdated, but it’s interesting to see how you work and respond to things in a medical environment.
• That being said, your not allowed to handle anything beyond a few cuts and scrapes.
• She loves watching your eyes light up as she shows you new, advanced equipment.
• “I helped make that!?!”
• Is slowly showing you your impact on the industry, and it’s mind blowing.
• Lowkey had a book about you when she was younger.
• Highkey is your fangirl.

GMS Fanfiction - Jack/MC - Rescue

Dark Jack, anyone? I had fun with this one. I wonder what that says about me? XD

I’m going to be safe and put a slight trigger warning here and now. This fic mentions and strongly implies drugs being used for nefarious purposes. Nothing too heavy, I think, but I’d rather warn you guys now before anyone has a negative reaction to any elements used here. Regardless, I hope you guys have as much fun reading as I did writing!

The hard wall at her back was the one thing grounding her to reality as her head swam with sensation. She felt too hot here, wracked by an uncontrollable shiver while noise pounded in her head. The club hadn’t been this loud before, had it? Even through her shroud of clouds she knew that to be true.

“Well, well.” The familiar voice seemed to be everywhere, brushing over her prickling flesh like a physical touch. Eyes like fire burned into her, their crimson irises unearthly in the flaring of the strobes. Teeth flashed white through the chaos, though she could not tell if it was in a snarl or a smile. “A little rabbit, all alone and vulnerable.”

“J-Jack,” she croaked dryly, pain lancing down her throat as she swallowed. Her expression twisted. “H-hurts.”

His hand was cool as he stroked softly over her cheek. The contrast provided a brief respite, and she leaned into it. “Silly girl,” he crooned, lips feathering over the shell of her ear. She shivered violently. “You really should mind who handles your drinks.” She watched him cock his head as he watched her, like some great bird of prey who had spotted his next meal. “What do you say we get out of here, hm?”

His fingers grasped her wrist, and he tugged her along behind him as he moved for the door. They cut through a swath of bodies in motion, but Guinevere could not comprehend their erratic movements in the state she had found herself in.

It was raining outside the club, icy daggers of water hitting her and leaving a lingering sting that made her want to duck for cover. Jack’s grip on her did not allow her to do so, however, and so she was forced to go along with his direction.


Jack abruptly stopped as a too-loud voice echoed through the alley, the line of his shoulders rigid.

“What gives?” A middle-aged man stepped out of the club’s back entrance behind them, scowling unhappily. He gestured to Guinevere. “Those drugs were expensive, man. You can’t just swoop in after I went through all this trouble!”

Jack turned, hold slackening, and Guinevere shuddered as she saw his face. He was grinning, but there was no mirth there, no warmth, no amusement. Just an unfeeling lack of emotion that chilled her to the bone. He exuded danger, even as his body relaxed. “So you were the one to target my girlfriend here?”

The man paused, eyes widening. “I-”

Jack advanced on him, slowly, fluidly. His movements were precise and deliberate; the movements of a predator.

“Look- I didn’t know man!” The man stumbled backwards, until his back met the brick of the wall. He tensed, blatant alarm dawning on his face when he realized he had nowhere to go.

“Oh, I’m sure you didn’t.” A glacial pause. “But it’s too late to take it back now.”

A fork of lightning bloomed across the sky right as Jack reached him, searing painful light over Guinevere’s eyes. She squinted, and the harsh rumble of thunder drowned out the scream that struck the air and echoed.

She flinched as a cold hand touched her. He reeked of iron.

“Relax, little rabbit,” he murmured, gazing at her with a tenderness that spread an ache through her chest.

“Did you-”

She wasn’t given the chance to finish before he kissed her, his lips slick with rainwater. Immediately she was caught in the moment, melting into him like she had so many times before, unresisting when he drew her into a shockingly warm embrace.

“Let’s go,” he said softly, so close his chest grazed hers with every intake of breath. “Before we both catch a cold.”

He stepped back, lacing his fingers through hers as he led her away.



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Imagine being Gabby’s younger sister and her sending Severide to pick you up from university when your car breaks down, because she knows you’ve always had a huge crush on him.

——— Request for anon ———

You had been expecting Gabby, but as soon as you spotted that familiar mustang, you knew who she’d sent to pick you up in her stead, “Kelly.”

“Hey, Dawson,” Severide calls out of the rolled down passenger side window as he comes to a complete stop in front of you, that grin that could make you swoon shining brighter than ever. “Gabby was on shift.”

You smirk, popping open the door and sliding into the car alongside him, “And you aren’t?”

“Ah,” he begins, giving a shrug, “there was a break.”

ADA Barba Request / Beyond Husbandly Duties

Per the Ask found HERE, regarding: Barba’s wife (Reader) getting dragged into questioning, and Rafael comes in to assume position as her lawyer.

Please Note: I know this would never occur in a real legal world, but ya know what, that’s aiiiiiight.

Originally posted by raptorwhisperer

“What’s going on here?” Rafael nearly spilled his coffee upon sauntering into the room with the one way mirror. Nearly; instead, he managed to place it precariously on a nearby ledge for easy retrieval, which he was certain would be necessary.

Lieutenant Benson immediately raised her hands, well aware of the oddities surrounding the situation. “Barba, listen, we didn’t tell you because we were worried you’d overreact-”

His brows bounced, his jaw fell: of course he’d react to this. Over? Was there an overreaction to this sort of thing? YOU, his precious wife, sitting in the interrogation room, with the bulldog Rollins of all people- asking about alibis and how she knew a few vaguely familiar names- how was he supposed to react to this?

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But then as the first attacker came at me, this blinding flash of light filled the sky. It was so bright it turned night into day.
—  William Whele, quite possibly talking about Lucifer also known as the Son of Morning and the Lightbringer


Skylie had thought she’d heard odd sounds in the area. Cybertronians. The albino child was wary until she spotted a familiar insignia. Decepticons! Last she knew, ‘Cons were good guys. But she was in for an unpleasant surprise.

She had been wandering about, a few days after loosing her parents to Autobots. The Groundbridge had malfunctioned, and she didn’t recognize anything here. It was all strange to her. And many of her old habits were still strong.

The Vehicons, initially, were stunned to see a pale little human willingly approaching them. Smiling, even. That smile was wiped clean off her face when she found blasters being pointed her way, and one menacing servo yanking her off the ground! “How did you find this place, vermin?!” “What should we do with it?” “Kill it.”

Skylie screamed, terrified at this point. Why were they doing this?! 

Passionate Morning (NSFW - Tokugawa Ieyasu)

What is the best thing to do after ten p.m.? Write smut(or a novel) of course! Here you go, pervs~~~ 

(Admin Ana, Admin Mia)

The morning Ieyasu impregnated _____

The beautiful colors of the sunrise were painting the sky. Wind was pleasantly blowing through the brown hair sprinkled with red. She opened her eyes timidly not wanting to leave the soft bed yet. She couldn’t be late for her job in the kitchens. As she was about to get up, a strong pair of arms pulled her back in. She landed into a pair of familiar strong chest that she knew very well. She moved her head a little and saw a pair or red eyes watching her. Their breathes were steadily landing onto each other’s mouth. That husky scent of his breath make her mind go wild and crazy. She took a deep breath and timidly breathed out his name “Ieyasu…" 

“Don’t leave yet,” he whispered, brushing their lips together. “Ieyasu… I have to. I can’t be late,” she said sitting up. “Today you’re feeling sick.” She knew that Ieyasu made his decision and that there was no way it could change, but she still tried to to take a chance “Ieyasu I really can’t..”  but was soon cut off by a frowning Ieyasu. “Stupid woman, I’m the lord of this clan.” She sighed in defeat. Ieyasu pulled her body close to him, their bodies pressing hard together. He tousled her hair and whispered seductively “Don’t run away from me…”  and she lost the battle right there. There was no way she could argue with him when he did things like this. He captured her lips again, not even waiting for one second to push his tongue between her lips. Exploring her mouth and drawing moans from her while licking her upper lip made them both flush and needy for air. She moaned into the kiss “Mnnh Yasu…”. She tried to break the kiss desperate for breath, but he keep her chin in place and explored her mouth with more need and force. She clenched onto his white sleeping kimono for dear life and shut her eyes closed. After what seemed like an eternity, Ieyasu left her lips free. She took a deep breath. Both of them were panting hard, her saliva dripped down from the corner of her mouth. Ieyasu licked it clean, not wanting to waste any amount of it. 

While she was trying to catch her breath after the heated kiss, Ieyasu was trailing kisses all over her jaw, neck, shoulders…. _______ was so caught up in his loving kisses that she didn’t even notice her kimono slipping off. “Ieyasu.. mmmh… please…” she moaned as the said lord sucked on her round breasts. He endlessly tortured her now erected nipples. “Hm? Please what, ______ ?” He teased her, moving on to her stomach. “Ieyasu…Fuck me. Fuck me so bad I won’t be able to walk. Make me come countless times-” Her requests were cut off with a moan as Ieyasu removed her panties, nipping at her narrow hips. Her bold requests had sent electric vibrations into his body. He nipped at her thigh moving closer to her already wet pussy, but he kept ignore that place. He blew onto her wetness making it more hard for her to bear with it. Oh did he ever tell you how much he loved to tease this woman ? His woman. All of her only belonged to him. Ieyasu traced his finger on her mound. He slowly parted her lips open using his fingers. She arched her body and moaned in distress as she couldn’t bear with more of this torture. It was unbearable, she need his touch… now. She clenched a fistful oh his hair and moaned out his name “Unnngg Ieyasu… please love.. don’t tease me like this… please,”  she begged with all she had and that made him lose his sense “my.. what a little brazen thing you are” . His tongue attacked her pussy, licking and sucking that little bud. Then he took her clit into his mouth and gave that a long deep suck. She arched her back and pressed his mouth more into her wetness. After some simulation he left her wetness and hovered over her again, his hungry eyes taking all of her beauty, her juices dripping down his chin.

Hhe put his middle finger into her mouth and she obediently sucked it, he put another digit in. Sshe made them wet with her saliva. Ieyasu took his fingers out of her mouth, this time parting her legs using his knees, he settled himself between her legs, his eyes still not leaving her for a single moment. He slipped both of his fingers into her and watched her expressions. Pleasure took over her face as the long fingers moved inside her. “Ieyasu… oh god!” She threw her head back as he curled his fingers inside her. “Faster,” was the only thing she could say as her orgasm was nearing. “Hmm, what’s that? NO ‘please’ ?” He asked _____ , slowing the pace of his fingers. “No don’t…!” she whispered. “You know what is that I want you to say, right?” “Ieyasu move faster… please.” At that he fastened his pace again making her come all over his hands in a second. “Hmm? What’s this? Still sensitive from last night?” _______  blushed as she remembered the events of the previous night flashed in her head. “Well we’re going to replace those memories with the new ones.” A devilish smirk appeared on his face as he lied down on the bed. “But this time,” he paused, “you lead.“ 

She sat up on the bed and moved over to him. Straddling him she balanced herself on her one hand, the other one tracing dawn his jawline to his neck and then shoulder. She moved her face closed to him and took his lips for a deep yet gentle kiss. Her hand  made it’s way down him slipping the kimono off of his upper body and revealing his muscular chest, those hard and sexy abs. She left his lips and moved lower sucking and biting his skin, marking him as hers. She took a nipple into her mouth, tugging and playing with it, her other hand teasing the other one.He hissed at the contact.She took Ieyasu’s hisses as an encouragement. ______ moved lower kissing his hard abs, stomach and belly button. She took off the other half of his kimono . His cock was now free, standing up proudly. She swallowed hard. She moved her gaze back at his eyes and saw that he was looking at her with lust and curiosity in his eyes. “Go on, show me what you’ve got,”  he encouraged her. She sat between his legs and took his thick cock into her hand, slowly lowering her face. 

At first she licked the tip of it, testing the precum. She circled her tongue around his tip, liking the taste of it. Ieyasu moaned in anticipation “Uuhhh fuck _____….”  Taking that as his permission, she took his cock into her mouth slowly sucking it. Ieyasu grunted “ Uhh.. ohh your tongue is so fucking hot…damn you brazen woman… ” he slipped his hand into her hair and helped her moving her head up and down. She moaned at the feel of his hands into her hair and moved faster, bobbing her head up and down,  moving faster and sucking harder. His body jerked back as he threw his head on to the pillow, clenching her hair with more force that it almost hurt now, but she kept sucking his cock at the same pace. His body was shaking violently and from that she could say that he was near to his climax, so she took the whole cock into her mouth giving him a deep throat and trying to not gag. She started rubbing his balls, massaging them gently. Suddenly she heard a loud groan from him and her mouth filled up with his slightly salty cum. ‘God he tastes so good’  she thought, swallowing the last drop of him. 

“Fuck _____…” Ieyasu panted loudly. “Now you’re going to get it~” he smirked, switching their positions so he was on top of her. Her juices dripped down her legs, almost getting passing her knees. Ieyasu bent down and licked away the sweet aroma, slowly traveling to her wetness. Without any warning he pushed his tongue inside her. “Mmmhhh Ieyasu!” She shouted gripping his hair. His tongue skilfully explored her walls. Both of them knew it wouldn’t be long before she cummed for the second time of this day. _____ was struggling not to scream. He knew how to move, what to do to her… His hand teasingly climbed up her leg, circling her thigh and squeezing her butt, making a high-pitched moan escape her. The skilled finger then joined his tongue; pinching and teasing her clit. “Ieyasu… I’m-” a moan interrupted her as her sweet juices spilled into his mouth. After making sure he cleaned her up, she heard him murmur “Hm so I was right…” but before she had any time to ask him what he meant he placed his lips on hers, this time gently and slow, mismatching their previous pace. He opened his mouth so she could taste herself, satisfied moans escaping them both. “Ieyasu~” she said for a hundredth time this morning “Hm?” Words were not needed as her hand started stroking his almost painfully hard cock, a long moan escaping him. He grabbed her hands and put them around his neck as he slowly but confidently pushed into her. Moans escaped both of them as he started moving inside her. Both were covered in sweat and needy- which only added up more to the pleasure. _____’s nails raked down his back, his pace fastening by every second. He enjoyed the feeling of her walls clenching against him, like they were almost pleading him to go faster. His hands were exploring her body, stopping at her butt slightly pinching it. He wanted to feel her breasts; to torture her nipples. “_____… _____ wait,” he said as he pulled out of her, a sad whine coming from her. He sat up and placed her in his lap. “You know what to do… right love?” Words weren’t needed as she slid down onto his shaft, a loud moan escaping her as she felt his balls against her skin. 

She rode his cock up and down in a medium rhythm, the feeling’s so sensual and sensitive that made it painfully pleasurable almost unbearable for her. Her head became dizzy and her mind went blank as she balanced herself by holding onto him. Each time she moved down her clit made contact with his skin. Ieyasu groaned. “Aah.. fuck sweetheart.. fast… move faster,” He grabbed her hips and helped her to move faster and harder. The lewd noises of skin meeting with skin filled the room with along with their moans “Uuuhh… ahhh.. aahh Yasu.. ahh I…”  moans were endlessly escaping her. She was near to her 3rd climax of the day. To make it more unbearable Yasu started to circle her clit with his thumb adding more pleasure. His balls slapped her skin. She slid up and down in a crazy pace. His fingers were circling, tugging, pinching her clit vigorously. “Oohh God.. aahhh no i can’t… Ieyasu st-stop i can’t~”  she moaned his name like mantras, her walls were clenching around him, sucking his cock.  "Fu-fuck _____ you’re clenching so hard around me unnggh so ti-tight…“ he said. He kept up his simulation and with a last long slide she screamed his name “Ieyasu…! Aaaahhh uuuuhhhhh ohhhh god Y-Yasu…” His hands kept her in place, his hips kept moving and thrusting into her, and with one or two last thrust he joined her too.His hot sperm shots into her wall filling her. She collapsed onto his chest and he held her tightly into his arms.Their love juices were flooding out of her, dripping down by her thighs. Their breathes were ragged, heavy. Ieyasu moved his hand up and down on her back rubbing it gently, lovingly. He kissed her head and rolled over, laying her tired form down onto the bed. Tiny kisses were left on her forehead, eyelids, nose, cheeks and finally her lips. He looked at her tired eyes and smiled gently. “I love you,  love…”  She moved her hands and placed one on his shoulder and the other one on his cheek. “I love you more than my life, Yasu…”  She gave him one final kiss before letting herself fall into a deep peaceful sleep into his arms.


Uber A is the Charles we saw at the Dollhouse

It seems that’s been confirmed that Uber A is a male, and it makes sense! When the liars and Mona were at the dollhouse, we saw a men twice.

The first time was at the fake prom. It’s obviously a man, that body is not from Charlotte, the actress hasn’t that big shoulders/body.

We also saw him in front of Spencer and he was taller than her (which is not the same case with Charlotte, she’s not taller).

Spencer said she felt something familiar about him. Yes, she knew Cece but not that much to have familiar feelings with her.

The other time we saw him was when the girls set fire to Charles liar. He was at the other side of the glass. Again, manly body, taller…

A message from Mona. HE’S going to kill me. HE. Maybe Mona saw him while she was kidnapped so she knew it was actually a man.

BanG Dream! - Afterglow

What… is going on…?

I knew from the start that Afterglow was likely to be my second favorite band in the game, with both Misawa Sachika (Aoba Moca) and Hikasa Yoko (Udagawa Tomoe) being a part of this band… but then I checked the songs that they had made a cover for…

Butter-fly (Digimon Adventure’s OP) and Don’t Say “Lazy” (K-On!’s ED)!

Well then…

EDIT: I also just realized that Sakura Ayane (Mitake Ran), along with the two just mentioned, played a role in Toaru Majutsu no Index: Endymion no Kiseki… I knew that she sounded familiar!

Count On Me (A Camsten Fic)

It wasn’t unusual for Kirsten Clark to come to work and encounter Cameron Goodkin’s sunny disposition every morning. She was used to hearing his various terms of endearments followed by a cup piping hot coffee in the break room before she got into the stitch suit and they began the day. But it was never much more than that.

“Guys…?” she began when she saw Camille and Linus leaning against the door of the locker room. She stopped when they gave her harsh glares and Camille hushed her.

“What are you…is that singing?” she whispered, catching the ends of some familiar song she knew had been on Camille’s repeat playlist for months.

“It’s Cameron!” Linus fairly squeaked, his expression akin to a child finding free candy. Kirsten cocked her head in confusion.

“Cameron can sing?” she asked. Linus nodded and Camille grinned.

“Listen for yourself!” she urged. Kirsten took the bait and pressed her ear against the door and listened, finding herself beginning to smile.

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  Cass had been out for a day or two now and she was more than ecstatic,she made stops by her friends,her crush and now she realized she couldn’t go home. Her mother would never let her back, and though made the joking teen upset she refused to dwell on it. Just push deep down until it explodes and then act like nothing ever happened.  The Cassandra way, but now she had been roaming the streets for hours now alone hungry and  well just really hungry. Knowing she could ask her friends but she didn’t want to be a bother to her friends, if anything she would just walk around and find a spot for now. “Damnit!” Cass groaned as the rain started falling, this is what she felt like on the inside,like wet,cold,annoying mess. Walking a few blocs she made it to someone who she knew was up and hopefully home.. Climbing up the familiar stairs her stomach dropped as she rang the doorbell. 


Jessica’s eyes slowly fluttered open. The ran poured down, surrounding the car in a large puddle. Her eyes scanned around, realizing finally that her car was on it’s side, “Char?”She croaked, trying to push herself up, “Charlie!?” She head a small mumble of her name, making her heart swell, “Baby. Hold on. Momma’s coming.” Finally after getting her seatbelt to release she crawled through the busted windshield, searching for help. Obviously there was no luck. She crawled back inside, difficult with her growing four month baby bump. “Shhh. It’s okay Char. Hey. Shh. Let’s call Grey huh? Would that make you feel better? Shhh.” Somehow the man always knew how to calm her daughter. With shaking hands she dialed the familiar number, turning it on speaker.


Serena watched his eyes. His eyes began to flicker, lightening for just a moment—a tenth of a second—in to a familiar golden amber. She knew him then. She knew those eyes. They were jewels imprisoned behind burnt rock; glistening even behind their dark cases, waiting to be picked at and found and polished to take home. They held color that still fought to glow, like stars hidden behind thick clouds striking the earth with lightening; storms that fought to rid the world of stars and make men lose direction.

Serena did not need the stars to guide her. She loved him beyond the storms, and always would.

She reached out to touch him.

—  The Pursuit, Chapter 10
When she walked in the halls she always laughed a little too loudly and raised her voice to be heard over the crowd. She wasn’t an obnoxious girl, just a hurting one. Everywhere she went she witnessed small reminders of him. Sometimes she would pick his laugh out of the many that echoed off the noisy school walls. Other times she would catch a glimpse of his backpack, or familiar gray sweatshirt. And even when she knew that he was nowhere to be found, she found herself talking like her ears were clogged and laughing like the joke she had heard was the funniest one to ever exist. The attention seemed to be drawn to her, but she never got the attention of the only person who mattered to her. Him.
—  7:52pm thoughts // act out and get noticed