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a/n: in honor of me and probably everyone else always crying over this boy

genre: Flufffffff

Warning: possibly too fluffy?????? jkjk

Seungcheol knew from the moment he sat next to you in his god-awful morning class, that you were something entirely special. You were so quiet, so reserved, always sitting in the library by yourself. And little by little, Seungcheol made himself apart of your life.

It began with questions in class, to study sessions outside of class, to casual lunch meals, to sitting outside of the library where he could hold a conversation with you freely and without a librarian telling him to quiet down.

He noticed your closed off demeanor. You were always picky with your words, making sure to say what you thought would be okay to say, as if you were uncomfortable to tell him your true thoughts. Seungcheol watched you many times, as you were off in your own world for seconds to decide if what you were going to say was even worth for him to hear.

That’s when he knew he liked you.

When he realized it didn’t matter what it was you were debating to tell him. He wanted to know everything, every little detail, every little thought that came across your mind. He didn’t want you to debate anything. He wanted you to view him as someone you didn’t have to hide yourself from.

And he pushed himself to achieve that. He shoved, and broke, and withered down every barrier you had managed to build up. And through every wall he had torn, you stood shocked and bewildered at the man who held out his hand to help you to your feet.

A year, that’s how long it had taken the man to reach your core, and if he were honest, it wasn’t what he had expected.

If someone asked Seungcheol two years ago, something he would have never expected to see you do, it would be to see you cry over every children’s movie created.

Sure, when actual, real life, actors and actresses were playing out a heart wrenching scene that even had Jihoon crying, you wouldn’t bat an eye. In fact, you would criticize the directors for portraying the scene horribly. But the moment Seungcheol pops in Big Hero 6 for the fifth time, he’d end up thirty minutes in holding you as tears spilled over the death of Tadashi.

Never, in a million years, would Seungcheol have guessed that you were so soft-hearted for animated films. Actually, scratch that, Seungcheol would have never guessed that you were so soft-hearted for so many things.

He watched you tear up and soften over children, plants, cats, heck he even had to tell you continuously that you were to not bring home any more stray dogs you had found on the street.

“But Cheol!”

“No buts!”

You were suddenly like a child in his presence. Whining and pouting in front of him with your arms crossed. He found it undeniably adorable. The constant innocence in your eyes, the way you often dragged him into small cutely decorated stationary shops, promising you’d buy one thing only to come out with a bag full.

If someone had asked him now, if there was something you probably wouldn’t cry about, he’d probably say, himself. Through little arguments and days of silent treatments, he had never seen you cry over him. Not once did you ever shed a tear meant for him.

And never, in all his life, would he have expected it to happen.

“Are you crying?”

“No!” You shouted in defense as you rolled to your other side, giving Seungcheol a good view of your back in bed.

“Don’t.” Seungcheol turns you over with the strength of his arms, holding you in place with his body pressed closely to yours. Tears spilled from your eyes as you sniffled, “What’s wrong?” He asked sincerely, the tip of his nose barely brushing against yours, “You can tell me anything, what’s wrong?”

“Nothing’s wrong.” You laughed out the words.

“What’s making you cry then. Was it the movie? Was it what Seokmin said? I’ll hurt him for you.”

“It’s really nothing.” You laughed through your teeth once again, “Now can you please let me go so we can sleep.”

“No. Not until you tell me who or what is making you cry.” Seungcheol demanded, gripping onto you tighter to show that he wasn’t going to back down soon.

A moment of silence passes, and like two years ago, he watches you ponder in your head.

“It’s you.” The words leave your lips in a whisper.

His arms loosen, eyes falling, “Me? Did I do something wrong?”

“No! Oh god no!” You pressed a hand onto his cheek, assuring him clearly, “You didn’t do anything wrong.”

“Then why were you crying.”

He sees your eyes welling up once again, concern filling him immensely. Your voice croaked, your lips quivering harshly as you stared into his eyes, “I just love you so much and you make me so happy.”

Seungcheol couldn’t believe his ears. His face felt as if it would break from the way his lips curled, he spits out a toothy grin before breaking into chuckles, “That’s why you’re crying!”

“Shut up!” You bring your hands to your face, “I’m just feeling a lot of emotions okay!”

“You love me!” He teases.

“Shut up.”

Seungcheol leans up onto his elbows, looking down at you who was covering your face with your hands, “Come on. If it makes you feel better.” Seungcheol pauses, seeing you peek from through your fingers. His voice falls low, a more serious tone taking over as he gazes at you, “I love you too.”

He waits for a response. A second passes, then two, three, four, and right on five.

“God! I’m crying! Stop! Don’t look at me! Your face is making me cry!” You squirm under the sheets, fingers covering your eyes as you kick him.

“Fine fine fine.” You feel him fall back onto the bed, he shifts and when you peek through your fingers, you see his back facing towards you, “I’ll sleep like this so you don’t cry anymore.”

He feels hands sneak themselves around his mid, and he grins. Quickly he moves around, resting his chin on our head as he lets you bury your head into his chest. Your sniffles being covered with the fabric of his shirt.

“You’re such a softie.” He whispers.

enough to endure this

summary: The words on Shiro’s forearm are completely illegible. Predictably, Ulaz also cannot read the words on his own wrist.
A fill for @blackpaladinweek​, day five: isolation/companion. Please note that there is one semi-graphic description of an injury within this fic.


There are people whose soulmarks are in foreign languages, of course. It’s inevitable on a planet this diverse. His parents took him to a specialist when the words first appeared, seeking translation. Shiro remembers obediently holding his arm out in the dim light of the specialist’s lab. He remembers wincing as graveled hands took his forearm, as long fingers twisted his arm carefully around to peer at the - the letters. He remembers the specialist’s frown.

“Hmmm,” the specialist said, and that was the moment Shiro knew he was in trouble.

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i finished the first book of pjo the other day.. it was good. better than i expected

Draco: Look, Potter! I’m on this Google thing! I wonder what it says about me?

Harry: Oh?

Draco: Yes! The people love me! LOOK! They have pictures, and—

Harry: What?

Draco: Who.

Harry: What is it?

Draco: WHO. MADE. THIS. 

Harry: Draco, what’s wrong with it?

Draco: What’s wrong with it? WHAT’S WRONG WITH IT????? LOOK. 

Harry: What? What’s wrong? You look amazing!


Harry: I mean you were a Death Eater. I don’t—

Draco: *points aggressively*

Harry: …oh……

Draco: *dangerously* Ferret, briefly? 

Harry: *very solemn face*


Harry: *the corners of his mouth turn up*


Harry:  *lets one snicker escape*

Draco: As soon as I’ve finished murdering this Google, you’re next. 

Harry: *gives up and dies laughing* You can’t murder Goo—



a cuphead comic about a genuine 100% canon moment between the devil and king dice, inspired by a wonderful post from @incorrectdevildicequotes (which i can’t link to directly cuz it’ll break the tags, thanks tumblr!) and yea the moment i read it i knew i had to make a comic for it it was just too fuckin good. so have this .


Remake of this gifset because bless the new gif size limit.


in which Bellamy and Clarke don’t want to leave each other

when you remember how during the otra tour harry was yelling at everyone and they responded and when harry yelled louis’ name louis responded with “oii oiii!” and niall mouthed it so that means that harry and louis do that all the time in private, and also after louis yelled back they were both flustered and blushing and smiley