knew it wouldnt last

March 20


So last thursday I knew that I wouldnt be able to work out the next day so I really did push myself and did two 40 minute workouts!! It was great. 

Aside from that, I ate kinda poorly this weekend but did maintain my gallon a day.


I drank a gallon of water! I ate pretty healthily (banana breakfast, granola bars, black bean chili, and… but I did a full 60 minute cardio BOXING workout. It kicked my butt but I literally did the full hour! No breaks. No modifications (until the last 4 minutes). THEN I felt so good this evening that I just finished a 40 minute cardio ab workout from fitness blender.

I LOVE loving myself. I love putting as much energy into myself as I do others. Feeling good about myself makes me feel good about other things in my life and all I want to do is go further.

Freaking 60 minutes and 40 minutes. 100 minutes is the most that I’ve done in a day (I think). 

Yay. @supernaturalsaxophonist


The 100 | Begin Again



I dont hate all the morons who are talking shit about Jared Leto, i feel sorry for them. They clearly dont know what they’re talking about when it comes to Jared or the Joker. So here are some things you should know…….. 1)The Joker character wasnt born on the screen but in the comics.There have been many different versions of the Joker depending on who wrote the story and what story was being written and there are many different sides to The Joker. 2)There have been many people who have played The Joker on screen (over 20 apparently) over the years and they have played different versions of him. 3) When Heath was announced as the new Joker people went crazy and hated him. Then the movie came out and suddenly everyone forgot everything they said about him and decide he should be worshiped as some sort of movie god when he wasnt. Yes his Joker was brilliant but we all knew he wouldnt be the last person to play him! 4) Jared has been acting since his late teens. He has always been method and always done whatever he felt was necessary for the character, including losing weight or putting it on, dying his hair or going full on with the costume or makeup. 5) Yes Jared uses social media, so what? No one complains when the likes of Beyonce or Taylor or Katy Perry uses Twitter to push their product or gives us tmi about their lives! 6) Yes, Jared is also in a band, so what? Hes been playing instruments since he was 4/5 and loads of artists do multiple things in the business. Unlike 98% of bands who are signed, 30 Seconds to Mars do not depend on their record company to do everything, this is why ppl call Jared a troll. What they dont realise is, while Jared does all the promo for the band on social media himself, he doesnt go to greater lengths than a record company would. 7) JARED DOES NOT DO DRUGS SO HE WONT OVERDOSE!!! To all the assholes saying he should die, you cant be saying something like that to someone and then call them a crappy or bad person! Think it thru, duh! (an learn some human decency and manners while you’re at it!) 8) YOU HAVENT EVEN SEEN THE MOVIE YET!! DONT JUDGE IT WHEN YOU HAVENT SEEN IT!! Learn from the past mistakes, this is what happened with Heath, everyone judged his performance before the movie So, in conclusion…..

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