knew everything about spidey

A Kiss for a Princess pt1

“You broke off your engagement with your long-time boyfriend/girlfriend who you were supposed to bring home to meet your family so now you need me to pretend to be them AU”

[Not my gif. Prompt credit @dailyau & @aangisdead]

“Peter stop laughing!” You exclaimed. He couldn’t help himself, what you were asking was so ridiculous you were lucky had considered it for as long as he had. You both stood in the kitchen of your apartment. Your mouth was dry and you were tired of begging for his help. 

“I’m sorry, [Y/N] but you don’t think this is a little funny?” He chuckled again before taking a swig of the drink in his hand. It was like adding insult to your injuries.

“Give me that.” You reached out and swiped the bottle from his hand and took a large gulp. Peter Parker had been your best friend since freshman year of college. He was basically your brother. You knew everything about each other. “Listen Spidey,” you poked him in the chest. “I have covered for you, time after time while you’ve been out web-slinging. So you’re going to cover for me. You’re going to pretend to be Josh and you’re going to make my parents love you, so that they will stop thinking that I’m a major disappointment.” 

“You’re a fine arts major.” Peter snorted. “Aren’t you already like a major disappointment?”

“I hate you.” You announce before downing the last of his drink. 

“What time does our plane leave?” He called as you storm out of the room. 

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