knew aesthetic

What is a legacy? It’s planting seeds in a garden you never get to see.

Warmup sketch of best boy because I’m about to draw 879348729+ profiles and i can see already my fingers’ grave 

Ok but spare me, I will forever draw sideview Asra because I don’t think my heart can handle his frontview glory

Aesthetic Playlists

You needed directions, and somehow ended up on a little main street obscured by a tall forest. There were no signs for a town when you took the exit off the highway, and even when your found your way back, the town seemed to lurk in you peripheral when you glanced in the rear view mirror.

The small town you stopped in gives you this weird feeling of home even though you’ve never been here before. The diner feels warm, and you’re so overwhelmed with this unnameable feeling that you can feel your throat close up, but not quite enough to actually make you cry.

You are a powerful elemental, tired of allowing yourself to be as fragile as all the rest, of living like a ghost - you were from sea salt and damp earth, and now you can feel it coursing through your bones, pounding with your blood, shuddering in your breaths. These are your roots, dug into the cold dirt.

It’s been a long week, and you’re treating yourself to a night out with your friends! You feel pumped, like there’s lightning in your veins and a fight under your skin. (We pity the fool who tries to spoil your mood on a night like this because you will most definitely win.)

Driving down the highway somewhere between late night and early morning, and the radio starts to play songs that make you feel nostalgic. Some of them you’ve never even heard before, but they still feel so familiar that you can’t help but turn the radio up a little louder.