knees stand

There is no wrong place to pray. I pray at my desk, on my living room floor, on the couch beside my dogs, in my bed, beside my bed, in the bathroom, in the shower, in the car on my way to work, walking down the street, in the morning when I wake up, in the evenings before I fall asleep.

There is no wrong way to pray. I pray with my eyes, closed, with my eyes open, with my knees on the ground, standing up, sitting down, curled into a ball, holding my own hands, moving my hands around, raising my hands in the air, holding someone else’s hands. 

There is no wrong way to say a prayer. Some days I repeat myself over and over, some days I cry, some days I get angry, some days I tell Him everything, some days I can’t seem to tell Him anything, some days I use flowery language, some days I use foul language, some days I use hardly any language. Help me, I whisper. 

There is no wrong place to pray, there is no wrong way to pray, there is no wrong way to talk to our Creator, our Father, our best friend, our God.

Just Breathe

“Just Breathe”

Whenever the pain is too much to bear,
Whenever you’ve given all you can spare,
When the sights in front of you are too gory to see,
Remember to close your eyes and just breathe.

Whenever your smoke rises to high,
Whenever you think about wanting to die,
Whenever you lose and drop to your knees,
Stand up again and remember to breathe.

Whenever you feel like you’re becoming undone,
Whenever you feel like everyone is gone,
After you lost all the blood you can bleed,
Stitch yourself up again and remember to breathe.

Whenever you’re lost and and can’t find direction,
Whenever your shadow stops casting reflections,
Whatever egg shells you broke beneath your feet,
Buy a new carton and remember to breathe.

Whenever you feel like there’s nothing left,
Whenever you have days you want to forget,
Whenever you feel like screaming in sheets,
Lower your voice and remember to breathe.

Nothing is ever as bad as it seems,
And this sounds absurd coming from me,
With the life that I lead, but I’ve already seen,
Things aren’t as bad as long as you breathe.

Don’t Hurt Yourself (2) - L.H.

So…I don’t know if this is what you were all expecting from this but this is what happened. So, enjoy

No…there will not be a part 3

“Don’t do it, y/n” Morgan said standing in front of her cousin watching her pull her boots on. “You’re going to regret it.”

“And I’m going to regret it if I don’t. I was with him for five years. I need closure or I won’t move on,” she said simply as she zipped up the knee high boots before standing up. The tabloids had been having a field day for the past month when they found out y/n had moved out of the house she shared with her ex fiance, Luke Hemmings.

“I’m just saying, I know you…and I know how much you love him…I just don’t want you to make the mistake of getting back with his grimy ass,” she said sighing as y/n smiled softly.

“And if I do, you can pistol whip me with Greg’s crutches,” she said as her cousin laughed.

“Fair…alright…go on. I want you to call me on your way back though.” Y/n nodded as she got up grabbing the keys to her car before leaving to drive to the small cafe on the outskirts of LA, away from all the paparazzi and media. They both wanted this to be as low key as possible.

She pulled in immediately seeing the black Audi parked down the street, the blonde just getting out of the car with sunglasses perched on that perfect nose of his. He was wearing her favorite shirt: the black and white long sleeve flannel with the top two buttons open with his signature black skinny jeans and his black boots. He looked perfect, just as he always had…and she knew she was fucked in that single moment, instantly regretting that she hadn’t listened to Morgan.

“Hey,” he said softly as she slowly climbed out of the car, pulling her own sunglasses down so he couldn’t see how much control he already had over her. “You look great…as always.”

“Thanks,” she mumbled locking her car before heading inside, side by side with him, the tension heightened by the confined space they were in from the small cafe. “How are the guys?”

“Good…great…they uh..they miss you,” he said trying to find the right words to say as they made their way to the counter ordering their drinks, Luke pulling out his card before she could even fish out the five dollars in cash. “It’s on me.”

“I can pay for my own, Luke” she said sighing, looking up at him as he shrugged.

“Least I could do after everything I’ve put you through…” he mumbled as she nodded looking away. “I know sorry isn’t going to fix anything, because I royally fucked up…but I just..I really am sorry and there isn’t a second in the day that I don’t regret it…” She didn’t say anything, taking her ice latte before going to sit in the corner waiting for him. “Babe…”

“ You do not have the right to call me that..I’m not your babe. I’m not your baby, your baby girl, your love, your sweetheart…you lost every right to ever call me that…” she spat glaring at him as he blushed slightly biting down on his lip. “Was I not good enough…?”

He sighed sitting down across from her shaking his head. “No…you were perfect…you were absolutely everything a guy could want in a girl and whoever gets you will be lucky because you’re perfect…I just…I don’t know why I did it to be honest. I know you came for closure, but I just don’t know…” he said looking down. “What I do know is I took you for granted and I’m never gonna forgive myself.”

“We were together five years Luke..we were talking about raising a family…” she whispered, her voice cracking slightly as she thought about all the times they would just lay in bed, his fingers running through her hair as they talked about how many kids they wanted, four to be exact, and the name of each of their kids: Mason, Brendan, Brady, Liam, Kasey, Maddie, Ariana, and Lily…four boy names and four girl names…just in case. “How long?”

“Less than a month…five times if you want an exact number…” he whispered. “And no…you didn’t know her…I can tell you who if you want to know.” She shook her head stopping him from doing so.

“If I don’t know then I don’t want to know..” she sighed gnawing on her lip from nervousness. “Do you have feelings for her?”

“No…and I haven’t talked to her since you left…not that that probably helps” he said mumbling. “I…do you think I could ever get another chance?” She didn’t answer him immediately not sure if she should drop the bomb then and there or wait.

“I’m going to say no right now…” she said looking up at him as his face dropped. “But you can prove yourself to me when you’re helping me co parent our baby.” He didn’t say anything just staring at her, too many emotions flowing between the both of them in just that one moment.

“I…I’m gonna be a dad….”


“We’re going to be parents….”

“Well..I’m pretty sure that’s what happens when people have a baby,” she said rolling her eyes at him as a small smile graced his lips. “Don’t say anything yet though…you’re literally the only person that knows.”

“How far along?”

“Three months…I found out last week,” she said finishing her drink before standing up. “Thank you…for meeting up with me. I needed this,” she said throwing the cup away as he nodded doing the same.

“I’ll…see you soon” he said smiling softly at her not knowing what else to do since she probably didn’t want to be touched and a kiss was no longer appropriate, quickly turning to leave as she let out a deep sigh that she didn’t realize she was holding in. “Well…this is not how this was supposed to go..” she sighed…. “I can’t ever fucking say no to him.”

Ask Why

Different people learn in different ways. Some people can watch a technique, and grasp what’s going on. I am not so lucky. Even if I am shown, by having it done to me, or by being lead through the motions, I don’t tend to retain the movements well.

For me, a lot of learning martial arts (which are complex systems for winning Open Games) is about a simple question:

I’m so lazy that if I don’t have a reason to do something, I won’t do it. I need a reason to do things. Tell me to come up on my toes while round kicking? It’ll last for a few minutes until I get lazy. Teach me that coming on my toes allows me to pivot, so I can throw the hip through and kick with more power and less risk to my standing knee? I’ll probably keep doing that.

Beyond that, though, it’s a powerful tool to work out the system.

Why do we have the vier leger (four guards) in Liechtenauer longsword?

Because there’s four basic ways to attack with a sword - thrust above or below, cut above or below. This lets us focus on what kind of threat is immediate, not on further games of subcategorisation. In the middle? Relative to you, or just pick one to treat it as, as Norwood advises us.

Often, the source is nice enough to tell use why. Cut our Vorschlag with a passing step, so that we don’t cut short. Cut them with our hands together, so the pommel can counter-balance.

I don’t ever want to be doing something “because Liechtenauer says so”. I want to be doing it because it makes sense to, because it’s the best way to fence… and Liechtenauer says so and hopefully says why.

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Introducing a new birb friend! 
Meet Tangier, or Tang for short! Sun conure harpie from the high Stratos Islands!
Tang likes on walks on the beach, exotic fruits, and the color yellow.

He is also mostly deaf.

the only normal member in MX: Changkyun

Iron Balls

couples ballbusting game

You will need:

- Nothing


- Male partner stands, kneels, or is on all fours naked in front of female partner.

How to play:

- Female partner delivers her choice of a hit to the balls (kick, slap, punch, knee, etc) or a squeeze (no longer than ten seconds).

- If the male partner remains standing, add 10 seconds to the running total and repeat the first step.

- If the male partner drops to his knees (if standing) or the floor (if kneeling/all fours) he is finished. He is permitted to fuck the female partner for the amount of time he has accrued or receives a blowjob for the amount of time accrued.

Have fun!

a week in: chapter two, part one by albino_yeti

Rating: G
Ship: Matt Holt/Shiro
Word Count: 9030

Summary: Waking up with accidentally acquired baby laying on his chest, Shiro and Matt have to go to the store just before the storm hits to keep him alive for the next week.

He swings his legs over the side of the bed, knees cracking as he stands up, hands holding Lance tighter against him as he tries not to jostle him too much. But because the universe hates Shiro, he stumbles as he stands up, tripping over the forgotten pillow. He rights himself before he falls.

A soft, high-pitched noise escapes Lance’s mouth as a tired hand comes up to rest on Shiro’s chest. Shiro looks down to the baby, already heading towards his door. Lance lets out a wide, tired yawn, his other hand coming up to his eye, rubbing it with the back of his hand.

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by reddit user Cheeseanonioncrisps

We were never supposed to be two. There was only ever supposed to be one of us.

“I hate twins.” My mother once said to me when I was four, after seeing two identical little boys on the street. We were standing in an alleyway as she said it, I was crying because I fallen over when she bolted, still clutching my hand, and scraped my knee. She was still standing, but sort of hunched up, like it was only the fact that there wasn’t anywhere to sit that prevented her from curling up into the foetal position. Beside her, dribbling into the drain, was a puddle of the stuff she’d retched up once we were ‘safe’ in the alley.

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Weeds And Crushes

Originally posted by regulsblck

Pairing: Neville Longbottom x Reader

Warnings: just some cute nerdy fluff between the reader and Neville

[Y/N] - your name

Song inspiration:  Love At First Sight by The Brobecks

Word Count: 1156

A/N: I made up that plant lmao, credits to me. Also I wrote this pretty quick and am too tired to proof read, I’ll do that later

You were in your 4th year and everything was exciting in Hogwarts, since this year your school was hosting the Triwizard Tournament. It was mentioned in every conversation around the school, especially the fact that there was going to be a ball on Christmas. You swore you saw some girls crying over the fact that they did or did not have a date and it was months before December!

You were one of the few who did not have interest in partaking at the Ball. You didn’t care for dancing and besides, you knew no one was going to ask you anyway. You much more preferred the study of plants. That is why you were standing knee-deep in the murky water of the Black Lake, searching for new specimens. 

“Ah, there we go!” you said, as you pulled out a carcaseweed from the muddy bank of the lake. You had been trying to find one for a few days, scavenging the bank back and forth until now. You needed this plant to study its ability of choking its prey with its long, thick leaves in order to gain more credit from Professor Sprout. Packing it into a zip-lock bag, you set it on top of your coat lying next to a Willow tree on the bank. Just as you were reaching out to another plant, you heard a voice behind you.

“Woah, you found a carcaseweed then?” You whipped your head towards the voice and were met with Neville, Neville Longbottom. As much as you enjoyed Herbology, the subject did have its disadvantages. Well, rather the class did. The disadvantage was your crush, who happened to be standing right in front of you. His hand was latched on his bag, winding and twisting the handle. A sign of nervousness; you could tell. 

“Yeah, yeah I did. I searched for it for two days and it just happened to be on the shadiest area of the entire bank! Maybe that could be one explanation to why it’s such a killer…” You spoke, rambling a bit to hide the surprise and nervousness of your voice, although you were sure that it would shine through your blushed cheeks. You noticed that you said a bit too much, and lowered your head. “Sorry…”

Just then you heard shuffling and felt water splash onto your clothes. There he was, standing right next to you in the dark water. His trousers were rolled to his knees just like yours, and he sported a goofy grin with his snaggleteeth showing. 

“So, where’d you find that weed? I want one too,” he said and you laughed. The best thing about Neville was the love he had for Herbology. Just like you, he was nerd when it came to plants. Seeing you laugh made his grin widen and he let out a laugh too. The two of you bonded, as you showed him the place you found your plant and explained why you picked it.

“I just find it so fascinating how it just wraps around its victim and chokes it! And I thought muggle inventions were cool,” you said, giggling a bit. While you were talking, Neville had crouched and stuck his hand into the spot you found your plant from. He laughed along with you and agreed, until he gasped. 

“What the- Oh! Oh, [Y/N], I think it I found it!” Neville thrusted his hand and you saw specks of dark green surface at each thrust and you could definitely tell he’d found it. 

“Yup, it’s got me. It got me!” Neville shouted, trying to pull his hand out. You saw his wrist going red as the blood flow was stopping. This was typical for the plant; to wrap itself tightly to stop all blood flow and choke. You pulled out your wand from your pocket and cast a spell at the plant. At the exact same moment, Neville thrust hard and practically flew backwards into the lake. A moment later he resurfaced and wiped his face from the muddy water. “Oh my goodness!” He yelled and tried to shake the water out of his clothes. He reminded you of a wet dog and you started giggling. 

“What you laughing at?” he asked in a hurt voice but that just made you laugh harder. Soon you were doubled over holding your stomach. The sound of his giggles were heard a while after and at that moment it felt like you and him were the only ones in the world. All the while, his eyes never left your frame. Seeing you so carefree with him made him feel so incredibly happy. After you calmed down, you looked back at him, grinning. He answered you with sparkling eyes and a lopsided smile. 

You noticed he was soaking wet and fetched your coat from the bank. “Here,” you offered and he took it gladly. Climbing back onto the bank, you opened your bag to find clean socks and your shoes. Pulling them on, you turned to pack the rest of your stuff. Neville stood behind you, watching you go on with your packing. He hesitated, before speaking up.

“Hey, [Y/N], can I ask you a question?” His words surprised you a bit, before you lifted your bag on your shoulder and turned around to greet him with a smile.

“’Course, Neville.” You expected it to be something related to Herbology. Observing him, you noticed him gripping onto your coat tightly. His floppy hair clung to his head from the water as did his clothes. While you practically checked him out, you noticed his blushing cheeks and wondered what made him so nervous. Nevertheless, he looked so cute and made you want to kiss him. However, you were definitely not prepared for what was about to ask next. 

“Um, well, I was wondering if you wanted to go to the Ball with me? I know it’s months away but I kind of wanted to ask you before anyone else,” he asked, offering you a smile at his last words. You noticed his grip on your coat had tightened, showing his white knuckles. It was as if the wind was knocked out of you and it took you a while to react.

“Wait, wait, did you just ask me to the Ball with you?” You inquired, trying to process what was happening. You watched him slowly nod and it felt like you had been slapped by reality. 

“Yes, yes of course, Neville. Course I’ll go with you!” you shouted, leaping to hug him. You took him by surprise but you were too distracted by his soft frame and how good he smelled to notice.You felt him grip your sides and the both of you embraced each other under the willow tree. 

This time you didn’t judge others wanting a date for the Ball, because if this is what it felt like having a date, you really enjoyed it.