knees in the shirt

an inventory of negative space:

the pierced ears, the pierced nose, silver to fill
     the holes you punched yourself.
the white skin where bruises once laid like
     skipping stones.
the keyhole in your throat, where words bleed out
     before they can breathe.
the empty page, the hollow shirt cuff, the knees
     knocking together. the open palm,


My novel, All the Crooked Saints, comes out tomorrow (10/10), but since I’ll be talking about that tomorrow, I thought today I’d instead talk about books that you could also snag while you were wandering or clicking through a bookstore — these are books I’ve either loved, have just picked up, or are about to pick up myself.

Titles and first lines:

LESS, by Andrew Sean Greer.

From where I sit, the story of Arthur Less is not so bad. Look at him: seated primly on the hotel lobby’s plush round sofa, blue suit and white shirt, legs knee-crossed so that one polished loafer hangs free of its heel. The pose of a young man. His slim shadow is, in fact, still that of his younger self, but at nearly fifty he is like those bronze statues in public parks that, despite one lucky knee rubbed raw by schoolchildren, discolor beautifully until they match the trees. So has Arthur Less, once pink and gold with youth, faded like the sofa he sits on, tapping one finger on his knee and staring at the grandfather clock.

DISAPPEARED, by Francisco X. Stork.

On the morning of November 14, the day she was kidnapped, Linda Fuentes opened the door to my house, where my family was having breakfast. As usual, I wasn’t ready. 

ABSOLUTELY ON MUSIC, by Haruki Murakami & Seiji Ozawa.

Until we started the interviews in this book, I had never had a serious conversation with Seiji Ozawa about music. True, I lived in Boston from 1993 to 1995, while he was still music director of the Boston Symphony Orchestra, and I would often go to concerts he conducted, but I was just another anonymous fan in the audience.

WILD BEAUTY, by Anna-Marie McLemore.

Later, they would blame what happened on the little wooden horses. Estrella had found them when she was five, the set of them dust-frosted and forgotten on a high shelf. They had been small enough to fit in her hands, carved wooden wings sprouting from their backs.

LOVE MINUS EIGHTY, by Will McIntosh.

The woman across the aisle from Rob yammered on as the micro-T rose above street level, threading through the Perrydot Building, lit offices buzzing past in a colorful blur. He should have taken his Scamp. Public transport was simpler, but he always seemed to share a compartment with someone who didn’t have the courtesy to subvocalize.

MOONGLOW, by Michael Chabon.

This is how I heard the story. When Alger Hiss got out of prison, he had a hard time finding a job. He was a graduate of Harvard Law School, had clerked Oliver Wendell Holmes and helped charter the United Nations, yet he was also a convicted perjurer and notorious as a tool of international communism. He had published a memoir, but it was dull stuff and no one wanted to read it.


What’s surprised me most about seeing my sister dead is the lingering smirk on her face. Her pale lips are turned up ever so slightly, and someone has filled in her patchy eyebrows with a black pencil. The top half of her face is angry — like she’s ready to stab someone — and the bottom half is almost smug. This is not the Olga I knew.

THE STONE SKY, by N. K. Jemisin.

Time grows short, my love. Let’s end with the beginning of the world, shall we? Yes. We shall. It’s strange, though. My memories are like insects fossilized in amber. They are rarely intact, these frozen, long-lost lives. Usually there’s just a leg, some wing-scales, a bit of lower thorax—a whole that can only be inferred from fragments, and everything blurred together through jagged, dirty cracks.

THUNDERHEAD, by Neal Shusterman.

Peach velvet with embroidered baby-blue trim. Honorable Scythe Brahms loved his robe. True, the velvet became uncomfortably hot in the summer months, but it was something he had grown accustomed to in his sixty-three years as a scythe. He had recently turned the corner again, resetting his physical age back to a spry twenty-five — and now, in his third youth, he found his appetite for gleaning was stronger than ever.


Shelly Beukes stood at the bottom of the driveway, squinting up at our pink-sandstone ranch as if she had never seen it before. She wore a trench coat fit for Humphrey Bogart and carried a big cloth handbag printed with pineapples and tropical flowers. She could’ve been on her way to the supermarket, if there were one in walking distance, which there wasn’t. I had to look twice before I registered what was wrong with the picture: She had forgotten to put on her shoes, and her feet were filthy, almost black with grime.

anabellerosenai  asked:

Hello, could you write this for a Drarry drabble? Soulmate AU where you experience unfathomable, collapse, sob and heave, pain when your soulmate is about to die. Draco Malfoy has experienced this pain at least 3 times and keeps a journal for it. He has felt this pain the day after the dark lord was vanquished, (maybe near-death from abusive/neglectant relatives?), when Quirrel burnt to death, basilisk biting Harry, etc. Bonus if Draco loves his soulmate and worries every pain may be The Death.

((the infamous carrot prompt was easier than this…oh my god… here take it.  I give up. I’m so sorry if this isn’t what you were hoping.))

Entry 1- 1988
I don’t remember the first time so I can’t write it down. Mother and Father told me I was a baby and I got hurt and they didn’t know why. They took me to St. Mungo’s and a healer said I was fine.  My soulmate died. That is why I hurt so bad.  I thought I was going to die yesterday.  I am alive still. The healer said maybe my soulmate got recreated and bad luck made my soulmate die again so soon.  The healers want me to write it down.  Maybe if it ever happens again I can write that too.  They don’t think it will happen. I hope I can see them if they get recreated again.

Entry 2- 1992
Mother had the healer come see me at Hogwarts so I didn’t have to leave school.  She called it an “episode.” I had another “episode” she said.  It doesn’t sound as bad as it was.  I don’t remember it hurting so bad last time.  Last time I didn’t cry.  I think I cried because I was sad.  Not just because my chest hurt.  I couldn’t breathe for a minute.  I’m supposed to write down what it felt like.  It felt like when you smash your finger in a door but not just on your finger. On your whole body.  

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BTS REACTION to S/O trying to act cute but accidentally turns them on


Jin wasn’t giving you any attention as he talked to the members instead of you. You didn’t mind him bonding with them, but when it got to the point of him ignoring you? That’s when you started to mind. You pouted, planning to act cute just to get his attention. You knew he loved it when you tried to act cute. You gave him a small pout, your eyes wide as you sat on his lap. He was taken aback by your action, his focus no longer on the conversation in front of him. He wrapped his arms around you as you started to act cute, making small noises as you twisted in his lap. He grunted, quickly leaning towards you to grip your hips so they stopped moving around. He rested his head on your shoulder, and you gave him a confused look as you stopped trying to act cute. He bit your shoulder, making you gasp in surprise as you realized why he made you stop moving your hips.

“Your cute noises reminded me too much of last time I fucked you so good.. And your wiggling hips aren’t helping, baby.”

Originally posted by bwiseoks


You wanted to dress up as a cute school girl for halloween and wanted to show him your new outfit. He only nodded his head once, not really paying attention as he continued to work on a new track. You smiled widely, changing into the outfit. The skirt was a little short, and the shirt showed off a little bit of your stomach, but you didn’t think much of it as you put your hair up in a ponytail. You sighed, calling for Yoongi to turn around in his chair. He obilged, planning to only give you a quick glance before returning back to his work after he complimented you. But once he caught sight of you in that short skirt, he could only imagine what was underneath it all. Your knee high socks only topped it all off, making him shift in his seat slightly. You asked if he liked it, giving him a twirl as you smiled innocently. He groaned when he saw that the skirt lifted up more, showing your ass perfectly. He tapped his thigh, biting his lip as he tugged on the hem of your skirt, pulling you towards him.

“You look good, kitten. But I think you would look better riding me while I pull that ponytail of yours and fuck you senseless.”

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You stared at him with wide eyes, smiling innocently. At first, he thought nothing of it, just admiring how cute and pretty you looked. You grabbed the grapes from the counter, placing it between your lips and telling Namjoon to look. You sucked in the grape as it made a weird sucking noise as you laughed. You chewed the grape, still smiling innocently. But the sucking sound made him think of last nights events where you gave him a blowjob, and him cumming in your mouth while you moaned. You sweet giggles weren’t helping either as you stood there, about to grab another grape to make that sucking noise. It was supposed to be a cute moment, and you only then noticed that Joon wasn’t laughing at how ‘cute’ you were trying to be. You pouted, watching as his eyes darkened when you walked towards him and placed yourself on his knee whil looking at him. His arms immediately wrapped around you, resting his head on your shoulder before kissing your neck softly.

“Those sucking sounds you were making were just too good, kitten.”

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You were playing with Hoseok’s hair as he laid himself on your chest. He loved falling asleep in your arms while you held him and ran your fingers through his hair. He hummed softly in appreciation, and you smiled as you looked down at him. He looked so perfect; with closed eyes and pouty lips. Suddenly, though, you pulled at his hair too tightly when trying to cutely poke his nose with your other hand. He growled, his eyes immediately shooting open to look up at you. Your eyes went wide as you started to apologize, saying that you didn’t mean to tug that hard. He ignored your apologies as he leaned himself up so that he was hovering over you, kissing you sloppily. Your eyes went wide, before you started to hastily kiss him back. You pulled at his hair again, causing another low growl to escape his throat. He bit your bottom lip, making you gasp as he slid his tongue in your mouth, making sure you felt every aspect of him. He wanted to taste you, feel you. When you pulled at his hair, it seemed to tug at one of his strings. It reminded him of all the times he fucked you while you screamed his name, and pulled at his hair as he pounded into you.

“Fuck, baby.. You know what that does to me, Y/N..”

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You were pinching his cheeks, telling him on how cute he looked. He pouted for only a few seconds, before beginning to smile along with you. You were straddling his hips with his hands on your hips as you continued to pinch his cheeks cutely. The adorable expression on your face when you admired him was worth all of the torture, if he even considered this torture. He removed his hands from your hips to pinch your own cheeks, when you let out a squeal of surprise. The noise sounded too much like a moan of pleasure, and it made his ears perk up. Your eyes were as innocent as ever as you smiled at him. He didn’t want to ruin the cute moment, but the sound you made was just too fucking good for him not to do anything. He pulled your face down for a kiss, to which you moaned in his mouth again. This encouraged him to trail his hands down your body onto your hips, urging you to move.

“Shit, you’re so beautiful.. So pretty.”

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The both of you were in the kitchen, listening to music as you cooked together. You were humming a song, until your favorite song came on. You made a gasping noise as he looked at you with a smile on his face. He knew very well this was your favorite song by the way your eyes lit up and you started to sing the lyrics. He watched as you started to dance cutely, but only then did he notice how short his shirt actually was on you. His white shirt hung just above your knees, but the way you were moving your hips caused it to ride up to where he could see your black lace panties. He gulped in his throat, his gaze immediately turning dark. You hadn’t noticed until you finally looked over at him again, and that’s when you stopped your dancing. Just as you were about to say something, he turned off the stove before pushing your back against the counter and kissing you feverishly. He tugged at the hem of the shirt you were wearing, pulling it up just above your hips so that he could touch you, rubbing circles with the pad of his thumb.

“You look so good in my shirts, kitten..”

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He knew you were just trying to be cute. The way you mocked his dancing, being as extra as ever. At first, he laughed deeply at how adorable and cute you looked trying to imitate the way he danced. But then one of your favorite parts came on, making you roll your hips sensually. You still tried your best to stay innocent and cute so that he could laugh, but the movements only made a choke come out. He coughed, making you stop your movements as you laughed breathily. You chuckled, but he only bit his lip, staring up and down your body. You were wearing his favorite shorts and favorite top that he loved on you. You noticed his gaze change, making your gulp as you stood there in front of him. He tapped his thigh, suggesting for you to sit. You silently obliged, making him smirk. The second you straddled his hips, he was quick to attack your mouth with kisses.

“Fuck, that was too good, baby.. You looked so good, maybe even better than me.”

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The Virgin and The Sex God: Chapter Three- Dean x Reader

The Virgin and The Sex God: Chapter Three

Summary: Dean finds out you’re a virgin and begins to try to charm his way into your pants. Little does he know he’s about to fall in love.
Word Count: 2,100
Warnings: Sexual Content.  Language.

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I’m so addicted to all the things you do
When you’re rollin’ round with me in between the sheets
Oh the sounds you make, with every breath you take
It’s unlike anything, when you’re lovin’ me…
From Addicted by Saving Abel

So you were now completely convinced that Dean Winchester was a demon.  You sat across from him at a little diner eating your eggs while he shamelessly flirted with the waitress.  Every now and then he would shoot you a teasing look and you would just roll your eyes.  You had no desire to play into this little game and it was now your turn to be a little devil.  When Dean started to lean into the giggling waitress, you slipped your foot out of your sandal and dragged it across his inner thigh.  

The look on Dean’s face was absolutely priceless as you repeated the process. You watched as his jaw clenched and his eyes shot to yours.  Looking him straight in the eyes,  you did it several more times- each time getting closer to the crotch of his jeans.  

When your foot finally made contact there, you couldn’t help but smirk as a bulge the size of Texas was awaiting you.  Biting your lip to keep from either giggling or moaning, you weren’t sure which, you pressed your foot gently there.  You could see Dean visibly flinch when you gave his cock a long stroke through his jeans.

The waitress noticed the sudden change in demeanor at the table and left with a huff.  You giggled and gave Dean another long strong  stroke from his knee to his crotch.  He gave you a predatory look and you simply pulled an ‘I’m so innocent’ face.  

“What are you doing?”  He growled in the back of his throat.  His eyes focused intently on you.

You shrugged your shoulders in response before smiling at him.

“I don’t know what you mean…”  You said as you gave him another teasing stroke.  This time you increased the pressure as you inched your way up his impressive length.  The shudder that ran through Dean made the cockiness in you grow.  

You speed up the process as you smirked devilishly at him.  He sat with a clenched jaw and a glare that looked like it could cause a fire.  You bit back your own moan when you felt him twitch violently as your speed became steady.  Dean finally had enough and leaned over to whisper in your ear.  

“If you don’t stop, Y/N.  I’m going to yank you out of that chair and fuck you in front of all these people.”  He hissed against your ear.  You laughed innocently as though he had told you a joke.  

The people around you didn’t seem to take notice of the two of you.  You began to move your foot in circular motions but the a high pitched, ‘ahem’ caused you both to turn.  The waitress was there clutching the bill.  She glared at you before turning her best smile on for Dean.  

“Can I get you anything else, Sugar?”  She practically purred out.  There was a pregnant pause as you grounded your foot into his aching cock again.   He shot you at death glare before dismissing her away nicely.  

“Nah that would be all sweetheart.”  He said with a wink.  With that, you jerked your foot upward and swirled his cock around for good measure.  Dean flinched when the sensation ran through him.  His knees jerking up and hitting the table.  The waitress looked at you both like you were lunatics and shuffled away. 

Once Dean had paid, he pushed your foot out of his lap and dragged you out of your seat.  You squealed in protest as you flew to your feet but were giggling when you saw that Dean seemed to be walking a little funny.  You trailed behind him as he lead you over to the exit.  You turned to give a cheeky grin to the waitress before he dragged you out the door.  

Dean had never been more happy that he hadn’t found a close parking stop in his whole life.  In fact, he parked Baby behind that little diner and he was about to give you a piece of his mind. Though he really wanted to give you something else.  

“What the hell was that?”  He barked when you finally reached the car.  You just shrugged your shoulders and went to stand beside the passenger door.  Dean stalked over to you and put both his hands by your shoulders.  He leaned in closely and you felt yourself being pressed into the car.  You once again just shrugged in response- though you were laughing on the inside when you felt his hard on still raging.  

“Do you want to lose your virginity behind a diner?”  He grunted as he pressed his erection into your pelvis.  Your eyes widen at his words and you suddenly felt very aware of your own arousal.  You had been drunk on the power of teasing Dean, but when his erection bumped up against your clitoris you squealed.  

Dean was over you in a second as his lips crushed to yours.  His tongue swiping over your bottom lip and you gasped into the kiss when his hands moved to squeeze your waist.  He took advantage of this and plunged his tongue into your mouth.  You moaned a he ravished your mouth and his hands began to work their way up and down your sides.  

The sound of a door hitting a wall caught your attention and you averted your gaze to the racket.  Your eyes shot open when you realized that the waitress from earlier was now standing at the back entrance of the diner.   You felt glad that her eyes were glued to her phone when you felt Dean’s hand begin to roam under your shirt.  Your hands went to push him away as you broke the kiss.  

“Dean, stop. We can’t do this here.  We’re in public.”  You hissed lowly.  

You couldn’t help but see the way Dean’s eyes lite up with your words.  He pulled back to give you a smirk. 

“So…  You do like me enough.  Don’t you.?”  He said with that annoying little chuckle of his.  Your eyes narrowed when the familiar words jogged your memory.  That was right.  You were in the middle of a war and you had let the enemy crossover into your territory.   Sneering up at him, you snorted at his words.  

“Yeah.  Cause I’m the one with a raging hard on between my thighs.  If anything I think you like me, Winchester.”  

“Yeah.  What of it?”  He said with a cheeky smirk.  Your eyebrows furrowed together at his response.  

“Wait… WHAT?”  You screeched.  Dean was laughing again as he started for his side of the car.  Your jaw had hit the ground as the meaning of his words finally made it to the higher part of your brain.  Dean Winchester liked you?   He liked you? No way in hell that man actually liked you.  

He liked teasing you sure, but why the hell would he be interested in you like that?    You frowned when you realized that this was probably just part of his game.   A game that he sure as hell wasn’t going to win now.   You glared over at him and shot him a warning look.

“Just so you know, Winchester.  This isn’t going to end pretty for you.”  You hissed before climbing into the passenger seat.  

 Dean’s chuckled died in his throat once your door was closed.  His own insecurities creeping into him.  He teased you and made you angry because he wasn’t sure how to tell you the truth.  He did like you.  In fact, he had increasingly strong feelings for you. It was just that you were different from most of the women he had ever been with.  

There was just something about you that got to him and not just on a sexual level.  It was on a very intimate and emotional level.   Mumbling a few choose cuss words under his breath, he slipped himself into the seat and turned the engine over.  Glancing at you, he couldn’t help but think how cute you were when your eyes lite up with fire.  Putting the car into drive, he took off towards the motel.


Later that night, you were getting ready for one more night at the bar.  You had blanched when Dean told you he was headed to the there.  The same bar where all of this had began.  You had shook away your nerves of returning there and offered to come with him.  He had eagerly agreed and you were sure he was cooking something up for you.  So you were cooking up something for him.  

You glanced at yourself in the mirror and blushed at the thought of wearing your outfit in public.  It had been a necessary investment a while back for one of your cases and you were glad you kept it.  You wore a little black and white checkered  flared shirt that hit you well above the knee and a simple black crop top.  You also had on black stockings that came up over your knees with a pair of ankle boots.    You pulled your hair back and topped it off with a little eyeliner and mascara.  

Mostly you wore jeans and lots of layers, but tonight you were going to teach Dean Winchester just what he was missing.  You looked yourself over one more time in the mirror before nodding in a approval.  Swallowing back the growing insecurities, you threw your shoulders back and sashayed towards your duffel bag.  You needed to show Dean that you weren’t going to be messed with like this.   

Bending down, you began to rummage through your bag in search of your favorite necklace.  You were so engrossed in looking through your trainwreck of a bag, that you didn’t hear the knock at the adjoining door or when it opened.  

Dean’s heart felt like it fell through his butt when his eyes landed on your perky ass.  The skirt you were wearing didn’t leave much to the imagination as you leaned over the bed.

 Your red satin panties peeked out and he could see the triangle of your covered sex.  A noise between a grunt and a groan exited from him as your thighs parted.  He was going to end up with blue balls for a months if he didn’t get some soon.  

The sounding of a groan caught your attention when you realized that Dean was standing behind you.  You smirked triumphantly knowing that your outfit was doing its job. You spread you legs a little farther apart and the noise he made was almost too funny for you.  Biting the inside of your cheek to keep from laughing, you slowly rose up and turned to look at him.  

“Oh hey, Dean.  Didn’t hear you come in…  Are you ready to go?”  You asked with a smile.  Dean gave you a look like he was trying to play it cool.

“Uhhh.  Is that what you’re wearing out?”  He asked trying to sound inconspicuus.  When he asked, he motioned towards your skirt.  You glanced down and then back up at him.  

“Yeah…  Why?  Don’t you like it?”  You asked as you gave him a little turn.  You giggled inwardly when you saw the lust flash in Dean’s eyes.

“Uhhh.. Yeah.  You look sexy as hell.  It’s just we’re going to a bar….”

“And?”  You questioned cutting him off mid-way through his sentence.

“And there’s gonna be a whole lot of men there…”  

You smirked before he could even finish his thoughts.  Reaching up, you gently patted his shoulder.  

“Don’t worry, Dean.  I’m a big girl.  I can’t take care of myself.”  You said with a wink.  

“Yeah…  But that’s not what I’m worried about.”  He grumbled.   A flash of something glinted in his eyes and you understood immediately.   He didn’t want other men to see you dressed like this.

“Is Mr. Sex God worried that the poor Little Virgin might score tonight?”  You said with a chuckle.  

Dean was instantly frowning at your words.  He made quick work of the space between you both and he reached out to cup your face.  

“I’m the only one that should have that privilege.”  He muttered as he brought your chin up so that you were looking into his eyes.   Your heart felt like it was going to exploded as you locked eyes with him.  He held the most adoring look in his eyes and you felt yourself melt.  

Maybe Dean Winchester really did have a crush on the little virgin girl.  Your stomach twisted into a knot at the thought and you quickly pushed it to the side.  This was a war not a romance.   Gently pushing away from him, you grabbed your purse and motioned that you were ready to go.  

AN:  Please note that I am taking the next few days off from writing.  I will be back Thursday.  I have meetings all the week after school and won’t have a chance to write until then.  I just want to thank everyone for their support for this story.  Trust me when I say so much smutty fluff will be happening in this story.  :)  Feedback is always appreciated! 

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BTS Reaction - wearing their shirt because they ruined yours

You wanted to go out after you met them that day, but ofc they ruined your shirt and you had no other choice but to wear their shirt instead, but they found you more than hot..


He was shook as he saw what he had done. Again. Namjoon had ruined your shirt the second time this month and knew what you’d suggest as your eyes drifted over the big strain on your boobs.

“My shirt?”, Namjoon’s eyes slowly darkened as he lifted his. Pulling it over his head he saw you standing their in nothing but a bra, his hands throwing the cloth on the floor. You were breathtaking, the problem could wait even though he knew how hot you were in one of his clothes. “I guess you have to take care of something else beside your shirt now.”


Eating together before you had to go to meet your friends he wanted to hastily bring the soup, tripping and drowning your dress. Shook he immediately suggested to give you his shirt accompanied with the shorts you had brought for the night. His shirt reached over your knees, softly playing around them.

“Why is your outfit turning me on?”, he’d say and turn you around as he witnessed you in his way too big t-shirt. “Don’t you think lunch can wait?”


“I’m sorry, babe!”, Hoseok panicked as he saw your expression, your feet coming to a halt. “Wait here!” Rushing in his room, fishing for the best shirt that might fit your body he ran back, pulling your ruined one over your head in an attempt to help you as fast as possible as you were on your way to your parents..but after the cloth fell to the ground he saw your flushed cheeks, his hands letting go of the one he brought you to touch your warm, bare sides. “You can’t go, y/n. Not now.”


Yoongi was low-key annoyed as he tripped over your bag, the semi hot coffee he had forgotten spilling over you. “Damn, y/n, why is your bag standing in the way?” “You wanted to go? Now you can’t, not like that.” He was pulling out an old shirt from the shelf, handing it to you and as you changed his eyes started to fill with another emotion besides annoyance. The wide material made you look vulnerable and cute, a sight he witnessed mostly during sex. His fingers locked the door and as he saw your confused expression he leaned down to push you on the floor. “Leave it on, got it?”


Tae and you had some fun while having dinner and he accidentally spilled the cream over your blouse. Wide eyed he reached for a tissue, but it was no use, the shirt ruined although you had plans afterwards. He saw no other choice but to strip off his own shirt, handing you the way too big buttoned one. And while you closed it in the front he could still see through the gap down your breasts, the material not even covering them completely. “Y/n? How about you get yourself some dessert first?”, unzipping his pants he motioned down his lap.


Sweaterpaws. His own hoodies too big for his body he lent you one after he had ruined your blouse, the length of it too much for Jimin. “You look to fucking cute, princess.” With reddened cheeks he saw you pulling down the hem, the skirt you had underneath not showing anymore and at that point he didn’t find you cute. His hoodie with no damn pants. Without another word he couldn’t help himself how fast you were able to turn his head, his ring covered fingers tracing over your bare leg. “You should wear my clothes more often..without such useless pants, skirts or whatever..”


“My shirt?”, Jungkook’s doe eyes shot wide as you requested to wear his shirt, no more time till you had to go and because he was the one straining it with milk, his elbow spilling it over you. Nodding at him, he slowly undressed, his lean body showing while you yourself changed into it. It was way too long, too damn big for your small figure, and he knew we was screwed. His member betrayed him as he witnessed your previously confident demand being erased by the way you looked in his shirt, his possessiveness taking over. With a swift movement he lifted you up, “You won’t go anywhere, not before I had you, y/n.”

turnerlands  asked:

can you do a reaction of BTS asking for you to do a "private show" (strip and dance) for them? thanks💙


No ordinary love - Sade

Namjoon enters your apartment plunged in the dim light, putting his keys in the pocket of his pants. He sighs as he puts his bag on the floor, pulling off his shoes and placing them next to the door. This intense rehearsal day in the dance studio has completely demoralized him. He wasn’t good at all & didn’t stop being reprimanded for his lack of attention and all his mistakes while he worked so hard… As soon as he sent you a text to tell you how bad his day was, you ordered him to come to your house to spend a night away from all this pressure. Namjoon agreed, though it may be hard to put him in a good mood after this bad day.

He’s about to call your name when he sees you in the hallway. You lean against the wall, pressing your legs lightly against each other. Namjoon can barely see you but the simple sight of your curves makes him smile softly, loving the way you keep surprising him again and again. He can’t clearly see what you’re wearing but damn, it looks cute as Hell. He recognizes Sade’s voice and walks to you, pulling off his coat and dropping it in the middle of the corridor. When he’s in front of you, you pull him by his sweatshirt and drag him inside your room. Namjoon lets himself be trained and be seated on your bed, his eyes on your cleavage, his fingers grazing the transparent tulle.

“Let me take care of you, baby…”

Namjoon closes his eyes as your hand strokes his cheek, your thumb ending on his fleshy lips. You sit on his lap and, beginning to move your body sensually, remove the barrette from your hair. As they fall on your shoulders, an absolutely divine smell makes Namjoon groan softly. His hands slips on your thighs, going up to your cotton panties, your soft skin suddenly pouring liquid fire right in his lower stomach. You grind on him, sliding the straps of your babydoll on your shoulders. Namjoon moves his hands to your boobs, pressing them firmly and making you both sigh. Namjoon seeks your lips but you refuse to let him kiss you, forcing him to wait for you to be completely naked to finally taste your lips.

Namjoon throws your babydoll through the bedroom and bites his lips as you bend down to remove your panties. His hand goes between your thighs and you smirk, thinking that he really has no patience when you’re naked. None, even if he has to play the game. He draws you back on him, moaning against your ear, feeling the pressure of your bare pussy just above his clothed hardness and whispering in your ear :

“Bed… Now…”


Body - MINO (MOBB)

Taehyung runs a hand through his hair and gives you an amused look as he sits down on the bed :

“When you said you prepared a private show for me, I was not expecting you to wear my shirt…”

You laugh softly as you get closer to him, your hand grazing his knee as you face him. Tae pulls on the shirt you’re wearing and pouts, looking like he’s a little disappointed :

“You’re always wearing my shirts… I’m used to see you like that, now…

- Yeah ? Put some music on, babe… »

Tae leans back to grab his phone in his pocket and plays a random song which happens to perfectly fit with the moment. You put your fingers on the top of your shirt and start to undo the buttons, your hips rocking from side to side, a mischievous smile on your red lips. Tae looks at you without saying anything, leaning slightly on one of his elbows, his eyes strolling from your thighs to your fingers. This little spoiled baby seems like he’s not turned on anymore but it encourages you to make him wait even longer before he gets the real surprise. The confident, almost detached smile of Tae makes you want to laugh when you think about the reaction he’s going to have in a few seconds.

When you go a little further between his legs and spreads the sides of the shirt so he has a perfect view of the glittering lingerie that you’re wearing, Tae’s mouth falls on the ground. He opens his eyes in surprise as he lets out a small grunt. He straightens up slowly, leaning to your body and noticing how shiny your skin is. You smile, satisfied with your new sparkling body lotion and glad he loves it.

As you dance lasciviously against him, your hands passing over his shoulders and stroking his hair, Tae has trouble processing what’s actually happening between his thighs. He looks so lost, so eager to touch you and yet unable to move. You drop the shirt at your feet and climbs on his lap, your fingers clenching on his hair as you lean to brush his mouth with yours, giving his lower lip a little kitten lick. He moans, his deep voice making you shiver as if it was the first time you heard it. Tae finally puts his hands on your thighs, pressing your ass as he tries to kiss you, but you move back with a naughty smile. You remove the braces of your diamond bra, pressing your arms against each other to bring out the curves of your breasts. Taehyung can’t take his eyes off you, and you have to pass your thumb on the corner of his lip to wipe his saliva off. He looks up to you and your breath is cut when you see how wide his pupils are.

He will not let you finish your private show.

He will not even let you take off your sparkling lingerie.


Mirror - Hyun A

When he received your text telling him you’ve got a surprise for him, Seokjin didn’t expect that kind of surprise. He doesn’t feel very comfortable sitting in the middle of your bedroom barely lit by candles, waiting for you to finally show up. He shakes his leg nervously, staring at the door that still doesn’t open. He knows that it’s been only two minutes since you left him here but it seems much longer…

When the door opens, Jin swallows hard and looks at you with big eyes. You put the music on and swing your phone on the bed, raising your eyebrows up and down and making him snorts. Did you guess he was going to be nervous so you wanted to make him laugh ? Jin doesn’t know and now he just doesn’t care, unable to think straight as he sees the long red robe floating around your legs as you walk towards him. He sees your black fishnet stockings that ends in the middle of your thighs and exhales very slowly, already gathering all his strength to try to keep calm. You get closer until your hands are resting on his shoulders as you get between his legs, smiling when you see how much he seems to struggle to look up at your eyes. He can’t look at anything else that your boobs : the bra you’re wearing is laced in the middle and push up your breasts in an almost too tempting way. This set of red hot lingerie is enough to make the blood rushes down there.

With a soft hand, you slide the robe that falls to your feet. This time, you hear Jin’s hoarse voice : “Wow…”. This simple little word is enough to make you blush, your fingers caressing his neck briefly while you look at him with an amused smile. His hands barely rest on your thighs as if he was afraid a simple touch could make you disappear. You begin to swing your body in rhythm, rolling your hips sensually while stroking his hair. Jin sighs, leaning down to kiss the hot skin just above your belly button before looking up at you. You smile, sitting on his lap and still dancing slowly, can’t help but giggle when Jin whispers against your lips, his hands passing on the fabric of your stockings : “How did I get so lucky…”

You put your hands behind his neck, grasping his hair without hurting him, and starts to grind on him with a slowness that makes him growl against your mouth. He closes his eyes, his mouth grazing your collarbone, his breath getting heavier as he feels your heat on his crotch. Jin puts his hands on your sides before firmly grabbing your breasts with his big, strong hands, making you moan under the surprise. Still stroking his neck, you watch him pull one of the strings that keeps your bra in place. He puts his long fingers between the knots to undo them slowly & releases your boobs from their textile jail. You sigh, feeling so beautiful through his eyes full of love, full of tenderness. He looks at your breasts like they were the most tempting thing in the entire world, biting his plumped lips as he finishes to take your bra off. You smile as you start to dance again, ready to drive Seokjin crazy until he can’t take it anymore.


Water - Dumbfoundead

“Wait for me here, I have something special for you…”

Hoseok sits on the bed, helped by the pressure of your hands on his shoulders. You’re still wearing your white bathrobe, but Hoseok guesses that something is hiding beneath, and his impatience makes him giggle. He doesn’t let go of your arms and asks you what’s going on, smiling and pouting playfully, even trying to put his hands under your bathrobe. You gently push him away and put a finger on his lips, ordering him to shut up and wait for you. Hoseok pouts adorably but gets more comfortable on the bed, spreading his arms behind him to lean on it.

A few minutes later, you put the music from your phone on the bluetooth speaker and slowly open the door, your heart starting to beat faster. When Hoseok sees you coming forward and rolling your hips like a fucking model (and wearing the most beautiful set of lingerie he has ever seen in his life), he can’t hold back a strong curse that he lets out of his smirking mouth. You pass one hand in your hair, letting the other slide against your breasts. Sunshine Hobi has disappeared to give way to his dark side, full of lust and vices, the part of him that could make you come just with his eyes. This kind of look that he has on you right now, as you slide the pink kimono from your shoulders, mouthing “dadeulmogmalla” in synch with the song. Hoseok bites his lip, his eyes on the interlaced lace « body » and then down on the black thong that moves with the flow imposed by your hips. Hoseok slides a finger on your thigh and pulls on the suspender, slamming the strap on your burning skin. You smile, your hands passing behind his neck while your dance moves becomes more lascivious, more arched, more… Suggestive.

Hoseok pulls you against him, his fingers sliding on your waist as you take the ribbon that’s hanging between your breasts. With an amused smile, you put it on your boyfriend’s mouth who takes the ribbon between his teeth, a mischievous smile still on his face. While continuing to dance sensually, you step back a little and allow Hobi to pull on the ribbon to undo the knot that you voluntarily left loose. Hoseok passes a finger between your breasts and gently moves it down your skin, taking the ribbon with him so it can be detached from all its links. He can’t help but mouths the lyrics of the song, smiling so suggestively that you already know you will not sleep much tonight.

You remove the top lingerie piece and turns around, sliding against Hoseok so he can feel all the reliefs of the garters, pressing your ass against his crotch while you dance. Hoseok sighs heavily, his hands sliding on your thighs to press you even more against him, moving his hips in rhythm with yours. You feel his hot breath against your ear as he whispers the daring words and bite your lip, swinging your head back and closing your eyes, feeling the tingling of your arousal between your thighs. Hoseok undoes the ties of your garter belt, sighing louder as the friction of your ass against his clothed erection causes slight peaks of pleasure. Hoseok wants more, Hoseok doesn’t want to wait : He slips a hand into your thong and bites your neck when your wetness instantly coats his fingers.

As you expected, he totally takes control. It’s no longer you who dances lasciviously on him, it’s Hoseok who makes you dance, who presses his hand against your hip to force your back to arch more with each movement, who whispers dirty lyrics in your ear while his fingers presses your clit every time your ass roll on his crotch. He’s too cramped in his too tight pants but it doesn’t matter : the game is just beginning.


TP4 - Flatbush zombies

Yoongi just got back from the studio and was expecting to find you in his bed with your laptop open on your lap while you wait for him patiently. Instead of this cute scenery, he walks into his bedroom with no lights on while the music plays from his speaker. He drops his bag to the ground when he finally sees you getting closer to him, barely illuminated by the moonlight. His eyes wanders on your body, his breath cut by the beauty of the black lingerie set that you’re wearing. He watches you come closer and roll your hips sensually, your hands sliding on your thighs while a smirk appears on your lips. Yoongi lets out a small snort, his tongue running inside his cheek, his eyes unable to leave your breasts which looks extremely tasty.

Once you’re in front of him, you grab him by the collar of his sweatshirt and pull him towards you while making few steps towards the chair that you placed in the center of the room. Yoongi lets himself go, a little amused smile rising on his pretty lips. Once standing in front of the chair, you put your hands on his broad shoulders and gently presses to make him sit, shivering slightly when you feel his fingers touching your thighs as he sits. He settles himself comfortably, his legs apart and ready to welcome you, his hand landing over his crotch and his eyes going up your legs, stopping for a few seconds on your boobs and then finish on your burning eyes.

You hold your need to jump on him (he’s asking for it) and begin to dance sensually, smiling when your hands goes through your hair. Yoongi still has a ghost of a smile on his lips, but it’s especially his eyes that shows you how much he loves what he sees. You put your hands behind your back and take off your bra, letting it fall to your feet. Yoongi licks his lips and beckons you to get closer. With a naughty smile, you put a hand on his shoulder and pass a leg over his thigh, making him believe that you intend to sit and play the game he wants to play. Instead, you start to move suggestively, your lips parted and your tongue on your upper lip as Yoongi grunts with desire. His hands grips your thighs and you suggest him to detach the fasteners of your garter belt. Yoongi bites his lip and does as you just said, his long pale fingers caressing the fabric of your stockings.

You go back between his legs, standing in front of him, so close Yoongi must hold himself from leaning a few inches forward just to kiss the top of your belly. Your hips swinging in rhythm, you slide your panties along your legs with a slowness that drives him crazy. When you drop it on the floor, Yoongi tears it off of your hands and grabs your ass, the fabric of your panties still crushed between his fingers. You sigh against his mouth, your hands sliding against his neck as you press yourself against him.

Needless to say, the rest of your lingerie set was quickly torn off and you didn’t even bother to go to bed.


What You Need - The Weeknd

Jimin swings his head back, his eyes rolling behind his skull when he sees you walking towards him in this cute set of lingerie. He needs a few seconds to convince himself this is really happening in front of his eyes. He puts his elbows on his thighs, looking up to watch you getting closer, still not believing you’re really going to do it but smiling hard anyway. You smile too, playing the provocative girl and at the same time being too cute for Jimin’s heart.

“Wah, Jagiya… I’m drooling…”

With big, amazed eyes, he looks at you as you start dancing, your hips rolling and swinging to the rhythm of the music, sometimes playing with the knots of your stockings, sometimes with the pale pink straps above your breasts. He strongly bites his lip when you turn and drop the little lace shorts that you’re wearing over your white lace body. You slide against him and grind without shame, your hands resting on his knees and making sure to press your ass directly on his erection.

Jimin, never ceasing to smile, runs his hands on your thighs to caress the fabric of your garter belt. The peachy smell on your skin makes him moan softly in your neck and when his eyes leans on your cleavage and all these sexy pink straps, Jimin grunts against your ear :

“Strip for me…”

Slowly, you spread your hair to the side so Jimin can undo the buttons of your lace body. Once done, you stand up and, still between his thighs, begin to undress without ceasing to dance lasciviously. Jimin loves the way you strip for him, his hand sliding against your thigh and moving up along your side, wondering if he’s gonna be able to let you finish ‘till the end.

When there are only stockings left on your body and as Jimin can’t handle the distance between your two burning bodies no more, he pulls you against him and lets you climb on his lap, moaning when you deliberately rub your bare pussy against his hardness.

“Such a naughty princess…”


Lollipop Porn - Crazy Town

It’s 2pm and Jungkook is sitting on his bed, wobbling slightly from left to right while he can’t help but smile like an idiot. He’s pretty drunk but not enough to be unaware of what’s happening. You asked him to wait here without moving & your babyboy always does as you wish. He puts a random playlist on and hums the lyrics, his eyes wandering through the room as he can’t think about anything else but what’s taking you so long.

When you come back and open the door with a mischievous smile, Jungkook lets out a cute (and stupid) giggle. You’re almost naked and it makes him blush so bad (even if he saw you naked a billion times, he still can’t handle it). You walk towards him, still drunk from your night out but so confident (and horny af) nothing can stop you. Jungkook looks at you from head to toe, obviously very fond of this type of lingerie.

You get closer and straddle his thigh, rolling your hips and thighs exactly the way he loves. Jungkook looks up at you, biting his lip hard, another adorable little chuckle escaping from his parted lips, his eyes shining like thousand stars. You undo the black straps below your boobs and begins to lower your straps while getting on his lap. You already feel his erection tightening his black pants and bite your lip, increasing your hip movements to drive him a little crazier.


Jungkook rests his head against your neck, his fingers digging into your hips as he holds back his moans every time you press your heat on his. You wrap your arms around his shoulders, making him sigh when he feels your bare breasts against his thin t-shirt.

Suddenly, you turn and slide your thong along your butt, deliberately arching your back to make him drool. He can’t help but lean forward to bite your ass once you get rid of this useless piece of fabric, wanting to pass his hand between your thighs but knowing well he’s not allowed yet. He waits for you to turn around, moaning against your mouth as your hot dance starts to make him dizzy.

But when he feels his underwear getting wet in the front and can’t take it anymore, he shyly dares to whisper in your ear :

“Can I taste you ?”

To ease the tension

Even without there being a mission, it had been a long day. Jesse McCree didn’t mind helping out around Gibraltar, but it seemed like for this day in particular, everyone needed something. From helping to fix a fuel line on one of their service trucks, to running drills with the newer recruits, to hell, even helping Hana decide on what to wear for a livestream. He had chosen the soft grey sweater she held up, said it complimented her softer face, which made the young girl smile before thanking him and then booting him out the door.

As the hours grew dim, the cowboy found himself wandering back to his room, rubbing his shoulder at the built up tension. Jesse hated to admit it but age was catching up to him in some areas.

//At least ya still got your purty locks// he thought as he ran his prosthetic through them, glad that the later years hadn’t cause a receding hairline. McCree entered his room, kicked off his ever present boots and flopped on the bed. He had been grateful he used some cash to upgrade to a full size with a memory topper because it aided on his sorer days.

He felt himself slowly start to sink comfortably into the mattress just as a swift but even knock came from the door.

“Just ain’t no rest for the wicked.” He grumbled, groaning at just how much his body seemed to protest movement. There had been a mission earlier in the week where Jesse was knocked harder than desired into a brick wall by a rogue Omnic, and he wondered if maybe that was the lingering cause of his pain. Mulling it over, he opened the door to reveal one Hanzo Shimada. The archer had forgone his usual attire, dressed in simple black joggers and a grey long sleeved shirt. His hair always up and neat.

Jesse leaned into the frame of the door and smiled gently down at the shorter man. “Howdy Hanzo. What can I do for ya?” He drawled.

“Genji requested I come fetch you for some training game he organized.” The older Shimada explained flatly. The brothers time spent in Overwatch was one of redemption and healing, bit by bit bringing the eldest out of his shell but it was noticeable how Hanzo doated on whatever the youngest desired.

“Now that sounds like a fun idea but it’s been a busy day for this old broncho. Maybe another time.”

It was an honest but polite refusal and McCree expected the archer to simply nod and leave as per usual, but instead he stood there, staring intently.

“I noticed your being injured during our last mission. Is that why? Have you not sought proper treatment?” Hanzo inquired, surprising the gunslinger with his concerned tone.

Jesse shook his head, leaning to rub his shoulder again, trying to stretch out the stiffness. “Nah I’m alright, just tension and I worked on a few things so my body ain’t takin’ that all too well. But I appreciate your concern there darlin’ ”

Hanzo scoffed slightly and seemed to battle with an idea before pushing past Jesse to enter the room. “Whoa now, whatcha-” he started but was cut off by Hanzo’s command to shut the door, to which he complied.

“Do you have some form of lotion or something?” Came the next question, to which Jesse raised an eyebrow.

“Uh..yeah I got some…somewhere?” He thought outloud, not truly remembering everything that was contained in his room. Jesse strode over to the bed, rummaging through his side table before finding a small bottle of lavender lotion. He had almost forgotten about it, for it was a gift from Ana that he had stuffed away. He had always enjoyed the scent though. Turning, he tossed it the archers way.

“You can borrow it. Now if ya don’t mind..” he trailed off, laying back down on his stomach, stuffing his head into the pillows. “I’m really worn out Hanners and I wanna rest.”

He waited to hear the door open and close, and was honestly ready to pass out when he felt a dip in the bed. Jesse turned his head to see Hanzo kneeling there.

“Sometimes I truly fear if you have taken one too many blows to the head McCree.” The eldest Shimada stated with light annoyance. Jesse wanted to protest but the archer continued. “I had requested lotion to offer my assistance in easing your tension. Now remove your shirt.”

Jesse stared,blinking a few times before sitting back on his knees to pull his shirt up over his head. For being almost in his forties, it wasn’t like the cowboy wasn’t attractive. Muscles were chisled into his features, with only a small amount of fat lining them. A defined v curved into his waist, as a gentle trail of hair lead from his chest to his waistline. Scars littered the tan skin and Hanzo spent a soft second staring at his left arm where skin ended and metal began. “I appreciate the offer partner, but if you wanted to get me naked, you coulda just asked.” The cowboy flirted, waggling his eyebrows.

Hanzo huffed and literally shoved the cowboys head back down onto the pillows. Jesse chuckled but the laughter died in his throat when the archer straddle his legs, resting on his ass. The position went straight south, and he shamelessly thought of those lingering desires he had for his teammate. Not that something such as that would happen. McCree knew well enough that Hanzo found him to be ridiculous, spurs and all.

The archer opened the bottle, lathered the lotion between his hands, and started a deep but gentle press into the tanned flesh of Jesse’s back. It earned Hanzo a satisfied groan. His teammates fingers made quick work on rubbing out the tightness in the cowboys shoulders,between the blades and down his waist. It felt like heaven.

“You are quite tense McCree. You should possibly seek a realignment for your spine.” Hanzo offered softly.

“Ya I may just do that. Damn darlin, sure got magic with those fingers. Must be all that fancy bow work.” He complimented, another groan slipping from his lips.

“Yes, must be.”

Something about the reply struck a cord within the gunslinger. Why was Hanzo doing this for him? Yeah they were friends, but this type of contact toed the line in his head. As the hands working away at his muscles started to travel to his waist, the cowboy felt a familiar twitch.

//Keep your head in straight there Jesse. This is Hanzo Shimada, not some floozy.// he thought, although the last time he engaged in such frivolities was many moons ago. It wasn’t a secret to his closest friends that he swung the other way but Jesse didn’t exactly walk around proclaiming it. Yet when he first met Genji’s older brother, he couldn’t deny how beautiful he found the man to be.

Fingers hooked into the sweats he wore, pulling them and his boxers down, revealing his bare ass, surprising the gunslinger.

“Hanzo now what in the hell are ya doing?” He asked, embarrassed and confused.

He felt Hanzo shift downwards, then hands kneading his rear muscle with newly lotioned hands. “This muscle is quite often neglected, and it carries a lot of tension, just as does your back. I offered to help ease your pain McCree and I don’t, as I have heard you say, ‘half ass’ my work.”

The comment surprised Jesse but he couldn’t help but agree how great it felt to feel the archers hands there. His half hardened cock twitched against the bed and he prayed Hanzo wouldn’t notice, for this situation was embarrassing enough. Another press of fingers, this time closer to the space between his cheeks and a soft moan echoed into the room. Jesse blushed, wishing the Reaper could just take him now. Hanzo’s hands halted and McCree expected him to stop, noting how the sound recently voiced was different from before. Instead, he felt firm a grip at his hips, and yelped as those strong hands pulled him up to be more on his knees, his bottoms being pulled off the rest of the way.

Jesse’s mind flooded with questions and sinful ideas, but no, this wasn’t anything. The archer was simply helping to ease him, or at least so he thought until he felt a soft kiss to his lower back. “Hanzo…?” He questioned.

“You are quite the fool gunslinger, letting yourself get into such a knot.” The archer purred, actually purred, as he placed another kiss lower, and McCree’s dick couldn’t help but throb at the words. This was becoming much more than a back rub. A tongue swirled around until trailing to that puckered entrance at his backside. Again Jesse yelped at the surprising sensation, but sunk his head down, his ass up, debating if he was simply dreaming that the archers mouth was lapping away. A tattooed arm slunk between his legs to softly grip the hardened flesh, and started to gently pump him. Jesse felt his body slowly coming undone.

“Ah..f-fuck Darlin’..what are you doing to me?” He moaned, unable to hold back anymore. Hanzo merely hummed continuing his ministrations. When the archer drew back his mouth, his one hand stayed between the cowboys legs, as the other dipped fingers into the lotion. Soon a lean digit circled him before pushing inside. A gluttoral sound escaped McCree. It felt so amazing, and it was literally a dream come true. If the archer really had anything going for him, he knew exactly how to work McCree up. Soon a second digit joined inside him, twisiting and spreading him.

“You are quite compliant Jesse. I like this side of you.” Hanzo commented, him calling the gunslinger by his first name sending goosebumps across his skin. The fingers crooked and hit a spot, causing Jesse moan louder. “Han…shit…s'good.”

He heard the archer chuckle, before pulling out the fingers. Jesse’s whimpered at the loss, especially when Hanzo took away the hand stroking him. He didn’t want to ask for more, because the older brother had already gave him more than he ever thought would happen. His head stayed planted into the pillows, unable to exactly look at his friend as he felt movement off the bed. Turning his head tentatively, the gunslingers mouth fell open as he watched Hanzo strip before him. The archer was defined in all the right ways and it only solidified how attracted to him he was. Eyes wandered south, following the line of his hips to the space between the milky thighs. Hanzo was perfect.

Before he could stop himself, Jesse crooned, “You are a beautiful sight there Hanzo.”

The other man paused and actually blushed, shaking his head at the compliment. He crawled back into the bed behind Jesse, grabbing the lotion. McCree honestly tried so hard to not imagine what Hanzo was about to do, as he soon felt hands possessively grabbing his waist. All sounds muted as he felt the tip of Hanzo’s cock at his entrance.

“Would you like me to help further release your tension, and my own Jesse? For I will stop if it’s too much.”

McCree shook his head. “N-no..please…wanted ya for a while. If this is gonna help stem off some aches, then please Hanzo…” he begged shamelessly. Jesse couldn’t deny it, he wanted the archer to take him, just like all the ways he had in his dreams.

Hanzo slowly pushed into the tight entrance, relishing is how blissful it felt. For the first time since this started, the Shimada heir moaned, burying himself to the hilt. He paused, waiting for Jesse to adjust, reaching around again to stroke his partners neglected member. Jesse felt full, so damn deliciously full and he slowly rocked back against Hanzo’s hips.

“F-fuck me…HannyBee..” he begged. Hanzo leaned down to kiss the crook of his neck, and McCree could feel him smile against his skin. “As you wish dear gunslinger.”

The pace was quick, unforgiving, but everything the two of them wanted. Jesse felt his whole body ignite like fire. Each thrust had him moaning like a bitch in heat and he loved it. “Mm..yes Hanzo. S'good….you’re fucking heaven..”

A snap of hips pressed Hanzo even deeper inside and the gunslinger arched himself in response. “You are so tight Jesse. Such a good boy for me.” Hanzo cooed, and it made his teammate melt. Who knew the stuffy elder brother had such sugar words?

The familiar coil in his stomach churned as the perfect pace between thrust and stokes built up.

“Han…I’m…I ain’t gonna last much longer…”

Another kiss and then a soft bite to his neck. “Then come for me Jesse. Come and release all that stress you had tucked away. ”

That was all he needed, moaning louder and louder until he came explosively over Hanzo’s hand and his quilt. It felt so hot, causing his body to shiver. Hanzo fucked him through it, whispering sweet praises that McCree lapped up.

“Where do you..?” Came the half question and the cowboy knew what Hanzo had meant.

“In…inside is fine…fill me Hanzo..”

A deep sink of teeth into his shoulder caused Jesse to groan even more as he felt the archers pace become erratic. “Jesse…gods Jesse!!” he moaned between clenched teeth, releasing deep inside McCree’s tight ass.

Hanzo slumped against the tanned back, giving a few more gentle thrusts before stilling. The room filled with soft pants for air as Jesse tried to organize his thoughts. It had been a long day, he was offered a back rub from his honest to heavens crush, and then he was fucked sweeter than ever before.

He felt Hanzo withdrawal and he couldn’t help but sigh at the loss, but his hips fell to the bed. Surely the archer would leave now, and what could McCree even say to this?

But Hanzo didn’t leave, instead he crawled up beside him. “Move Jesse so we can get beneath the blanket.”

The cowboy complied, shuffling so they could both burrow beneath the covers. He laid on his side so he could face the archer. “Ya gonna stay then?”

Hanzo smiled and it took Jesse’s breath away. He was only further neglected from air as the elder Shimada leaned in to kiss him. It was gentle, but caring, and it made the cowboy melt.

“I am not so cruel of a partner to leave after such a good time Jesse. Besides…” he trailed off, snuggling up closer into the strong arms of the cowboy. “You are warm and I desire sleep.”

Jesse nodded and placed a tender kiss to that raven head. He wasn’t certain If this moment would lead anywhere but one thing was for sure, Hanzo had magic fingers and was just what he needed to ease away any tension. McCree kissed that head once more, running his hands softly down the pale back, as he felt Hanzo’s breath steady into sleep.

“Goodnight then Hanzo. Thank you.”

Full on Love part 2

Thor x plus size!reader

Warnings: Smut! NSFW

A/n: Can I just say Oh My God! Thank you, everyone, for all the notes and comments on part 1! I did not expect it!  I love you all! Also sorry about the long wait for part 2, it’s pretty smutty btw…  Enjoy!

Originally posted by imaginary-desires

In the kitchen, Thor and you were making breakfast as usual, but you couldn’t help but notice how handsy he was being. Thor had been extra touchy-feely with you lately. His hand would touch your shoulder every time he walked behind you, and his entire body would brush against yours as the two of you prepped things together.

“Hey, hun, could you pass me the measuring cup?”

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Do You Need Me?  Kai Anderson smut

Pairing - (OC)Kai Anderson/Reader

Warnings - Smut. Smutty smut smut.

Word Count - 1467

Summary - You feel out of place in the cult and Kai helps you feel better 😉

A/N - So, obviously this is a Kai smut, smth a lil different. I really like this new season of ahs and think Kai is a really cool character. Maybe it’s just me who thinks that lol. But anyway, enjoy mdudes!

Ever since you’d joined the cult, you’d been doubting yourself. You didn’t feel useful, you just felt like you were there, always on the sidelines. You never really got to kill anyone, and this upset you. Kai had promised your time would come, and he tried to assure you that you were valued, but it never really worked. You just felt like the ‘cute one’ in the group, the eye candy; you’d noticed RJ and Gary trying to flirt with you a few times. Everyone treated you like a little girl because you liked to wear short skirts and dresses. Beverly, Meadow and even Winter, despite being but a couple of years younger than her, almost mothered you. You wanted more than than to be treated like a little girl, more than to feel useless. You decided to confront Kai, to find out if the cult really needed you, if Kai really needed you.

He was talking to Beverly when you quietly slipped into his basement. You stood next to the TV, your hands behind your back and lightly swinging back and forth onto your top toes. Beverly noticed you and smiled, understanding that you wanted to talk to Kai. She nodded at you, finished her conversation with Kai and smiled at you while heading up the stairs.

“Kai, could I talk to you about something?” You asked, looking down at the floor, feeling slightly embarrassed about your situation.

“Of course my little lamb, what’s wrong?” He said gently turning to you from his chair and smiling at you kindly. He always called you his little lamb, and this just added to your feeling of uselessness, like you were just a baby, but at the same time, it turned you on slightly. He beckoned you over to sit with him at the table and you walked over and sat down opposite him delicately. “Does the cult really need me?” You asked, looking down at your hands in front of you on the table as you fiddled with them, not wanting to look at him. “What do you mean y/n? Of course we need you. Every single member of our group plays a large role, even if they don’t know it yet.” He said, taking your small hands in his large ones, causing you to look up at him through your long eyelashes. “I don’t know Kai, I feel useless. I never get to take part in the actual killing and stuff, and everyone else seems to do so much more than me. Please tell me what I can do Kai. I want to help!” You said, biting down on your bottom lip slightly, the beginnings of tears welling in your eyes. He noticed this and beckoned you over to come and sit on his lap so you went over. He often did this when he saw you were upset, and it comforted you, being so close to someone. “Please don’t cry, little lamb. Your time will-“ “My time will come. You always say that Kai and it never does.” You say to him, looking at him with sad eyes and pouty lips. Little did you know, but Kai loved to see you like this. He was conflicted. He hated to see his little lamb so upset, but you looked so sexy like this. “Do you really need me, Kai?” Caught up in his dirty thoughts, this question took him by surprise, and only added fuel to the fire of filth in his brain. To make things worse, he felt your ass shift against his semi hard cock when you tried to pull your incredibly short skirt down slightly to cover your thighs a little more. He quietly growled and grabbed your thigh to stop you from causing any more friction. “Of course I need you y/n. I need you more than anything” he said, looking straight into your eyes, his dark with lust. His hands were edging up your thighs and under your skirt, making your core drip. Kai never dropped eye contact with you as he reached your panties. “It seems like you need me just as much y/n” he says, his voice low and gravely. “Mhmm, please do something Kai!” You mewled, nodding your head and lightly biting your lip.

This sent Kai wild, and he picked you up and propped you onto the table as you innately opened your legs from him. “Good girl, y/n” he hummed as he leaned forward to suck on your neck, all the while teasing you with his clothed hardness. You grind onto him, moaning lightly, making him growl against your neck. “Please do something Kai, please!” You said, throwing you head back as he continued attacking your neck. “Tell me what you want y/n. Let me help you.” You wiggled out of your panties and took Kai’s hand and snaked it down to your wet pussy. “Here, Kai” You moaned, and he began rubbing your clit quickly, and out of nowhere, he plunged a finger deep inside you, causing a loud moan to erupt out of you. “That’s it y/n, let me know how good I make you feel” Kai said, looking up at you through hooded eyes. You pulled off your top and unhooked your white lace bra, making Kai groan as you lay your back against the table and started played with nipples.

You suddenly felt empty as you realised Kai had pulled his fingers out of you. You looked up and saw him sucking your wetness off his fingers. “You taste so sweet, little lamb.” He says. You sit up on your knees on the table and paw at the hem of Kai’s shirt. He pulls it off as you unbuckle his belt and he then moves onto unbuttoning his pants. You moan as you see then large tent that his formed in his boxers. “Kai…” you mumble as you pull down your skirt, leaving you completely naked. “You’re so beautiful y/n. You have no idea how long I’ve wanted to see you like this, naked with your tight pussy dripping for me.” He says, throwing his head back as you palm him through his boxers. “Let me help you Kai” you say softly, as you hop down from the table and on your knees in front of him, pulling down his boxers. He steps out of them and you lick the length of his long shaft, causing him to growl, an almost animalistic growl. This made you even more wet, and you took as much of him as you could in your mouth, while your hand snaked down and toyed with your clit, making you moan onto his cock. He clearly felt the vibrations from your moan as he bucked his hips, pushing even more of himself into your mouth. You looked up at him with big eyes through your long, dark lashes, spit spilling from your lips and down your chin. Kai could’ve cum right there at that very image, so he pulled out of your mouth, causing a pop as his dick came away from it. “I want to be inside you when I cum y/n, and seeing you like that will make me cum far too quickly.”

Kai pulled you up, span you round and bent you over the table. You pushed you ass high in the air and wiggled it slightly while you giggled, knowing you were giving him a perfect view of your glistening cunt. This made Kai even closer to coming. He got his own back by teasing you, running his cock over your dripping folds, making you groan impatiently. “Kai, please. I need you in me now” you whine. Suddenly, Kai fills you up, thrusting in and out quickly, one hand furiously rubbing your clit, the other tangled in your hair, pulling it roughly. “Fuck y/n! You’re so tight…so wet…”

The only sound in the basement was flesh slapping flesh and yours and Kai’s pants and moans. “Kai…I’m so…close!” You breathe, barely able to form a coherent sentence. “Me too y/n” he pants in your ear. “Cum for me, little lamb. Cum around my cock.” You feel his cock twitch inside you, and all of this caused your muscles to clench around him and toppled you over the edge. You feel his seed shoot inside you, as your juices mix and spill down your thighs.

“Do you see how much I need you now, little lamb?” Kai says, lifting you back onto the table so you looking up at him. “Yes. I need you too, Kai.” You say, looking up into his dark eyes as he smiles down at you.