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TFP Megatron and Arcee headcanons?

( Melly’s Mod Notes: Eeeey my first Transformers Prime request! I’ll be doing only SFW headcanons for the two since it’s not specified if NSFW was desired. If you want, just shoot in another ask and I’ll get to work on that. )


✦ Does the human want to know why they’re the constant target of attempted kidnappings? It’s because Megatron has a thing for them. Clearly that means the best solution to this is to get his servos on the human.

✦ What draws him to this organic, this little being whose entire lifespan will be a mere footnote compared to his? He isn’t sure and that’s what vexes him. Something about the human’s smile and the way their eyes light up whenever they laugh causes his vents to hitch and his spark to ache. It’s a weakness, they are a weakness. A weakness he’s willing to embrace. Provided he gets the human and keeps them to himself forever and ever.

✦ If Optimus becomes the guardian of the human since someone needs to look out for them, considering the attempts to capture them and all, expect the Decepticons’ efforts to get them to double. Megatron is a petty, jealous ‘con when it comes to Optimus and will not take well to the news of the Prime getting closer to his human.

✦ He confesses his feelings in the most overdramatic, villainous way possible. When a competent Decpeticon finally captures the human - Soundwave, most likely - Optimus leads the team in getting the human back. Megatron and Optimus duke it out and are generally yelling at each other, exchanging barbs before Megatron starts talking about how he’s lost so much to Optimus already, there’s no way he’ll allow him to take away his human.

✦ So the cat’s out of the bag and the human is out of the cage after Optimus is able to knock down Megatron long enough to get them and have them escape. Naturally the human is unsure of how to feel about this situation. Not every day you get a warlord to fall in love with you but they also have a warlord in love with them. Team Prime and the human are going to have a long chat about this when they finally escape and Megatron goes back to plotting.


✦ At first the human will think that Arcee doesn’t like them at all with how she’s aloof around them and doesn’t want to even speak with them. Every time they try to approach her for something, she waves them off or hands them over to Bumblebee or Smokescreen. (Sometimes literally. She. Just picks them up and hands them to a confused ‘bot as she walks to somewhere else. At least she’s very careful when handling them.) It worries the human a lot because… Did they do something wrong? They were only trying to help her out like polish her armour and get her energon and little things like that. Maybe she thought they were being condescending or something…?

✦ It’ll take Jack pulling the human aside to explain hahahaha no. That isn’t the case at all. Arcee likes them a lot but is scared of opening herself up again considering what happened to her last two partners. Hearing this will help strengthen to become closer with Arcee, now refusing to let her push them away. She gets frustrated by their efforts, at first, before they start to worm their way into their spark. She doesn’t realise it until one day she sees the human laughing with Raf and paling around with Miko and finds the sound of their laughter beautiful and their smile mesmerising and. Oh no. Oh no. Oh no she caught feelings.

✦ Confessing will have to be done on the human’s part and they need to be serious about it. No joking around, no attempts to pull ‘haha kidding and haha no for real I have feelings for you’ - They gotta show Arcee that they want to be with her despite their differences in a lot of things, that they’re willing to make this work because they love her and want to give her the world since her smile is one of the most dazzling things they’ve ever seen.

✦ Very protective after they officially become a couple. She doesn’t want her human to get hurt and she has Jack to watch out for. Will run herself ragged to protect both of them and it’ll take both humans to get her to not do that. Her human will do what they can to help her unwind and relax when she returns to the base after she’s been out on a mission. Which includes kissing her faceplates and cuddling sessions. Very important stuff.

✦ Loves to flirt and tease their human as their relationship strengthens and grows. Witty banter and a flirty back-and-forth is expected now, to the point Jack groans and leaves the room since the couple don’t seem interested in getting a room anytime soon but no one is really complaining about the change in relationship Arcee has with the human. If anything they’re happy for her. She starts to open up again, starts to loosen up again and Optimus can’t help but watch the lively conversation Arcee has with her human with a small smile on his faceplates. It’s been a long time since anyone has heard her genuinely laugh.

the only normal member in MX: Changkyun

Heart of Gold - Josh Pieters

Request: could you do a Josh imagine where he gets really jealous of Y/N when the boys flirt with her even though they aren’t dating? thank you! much love!

Smut: No

Requests are OPEN!


I hope you like :)


You didn’t know being such good friends with the boys would result in this. The outcome of the night was something no one expected and you didn’t expect to be at the centre of it all.

“Josh, please…” You repeated for what felt like the hundredth time, since returning from the club. 

You were standing outside of Josh’s room, begging him to open his door. He had left the club in a state of such anger that you wanted to make sure he was okay. Josh was someone you wanted to protect; for some reason, you saw him differently than the others. Ever since you met them, you saw he had a heart of pure gold and you would give up your whole life to make sure his heart stayed that way.

“I just want to have one conversation, please…” You were now, sitting on the ground with your back against his door, continuing to beg him to open it. You needed to make sure he was okay.

“I think I made it pretty clear-” Before you knew it, you had fallen backwards and were now staring up at a very angry Josh. “What the hell are you doing?” He asked, confused, beginning to help you up.

“Why did you leave like that? You completely kicked off.” You said, sitting on his bed, crossing your legs.

You watched as Josh walked over to his closet, pulled out a sweater and tossed it at you. The “I Don’t Care” writing on it caused your mind to travel back to your 21st birthday when you had drank so much you didn’t even make it to the club. You ended up crashing on Josh’s floor and accidentally leaving your sweater there the next morning. Josh had stayed back with you to make sure you were okay while everyone else had gone out; after half an hour of you convincing them it was okay.

“Jack just…gets on my nerves sometimes.”

“And Conor?”

“They’re from the same tree.” He said and you understood he meant Conor pissed him off too. “I don’t know,” He said, sighing as he sat down next to you. “Mikey was doing it too and then there was Oli and…I don’t know!” He said, again.

“What don’t you know?” You asked, confused. You really didn’t understand what his issue was but what you did know was that he needed to get something off his chest and he couldn’t exactly confide in the boys.

“I don’t understand why it bothers me so much when they flirt with you. I know it shouldn’t but I get this stupid feeling in my stomach that tells me you want them just as much as they want you. I feel sick when I think about you dating any of them. The thought of you being with them…like that…it really just…pisses me off.”

“God, you’re an idiot.” You said, cracking a smile.

“Okay, great. Thanks. So. Fucking. Much.” Josh said, getting more and more angry as he stood up. “Just leave.” 

“Josh,” You said, sitting up so you were now on your knees, facing him. “Have you ever thought about me in this situation?”

“Did you not just hear me? I think about you with them ALL THE DAMN TIME and it drives me insane.”

“Okay,” You said, grabbing his hand, trying to calm him down. “But have you ever thought about me…with you?”

Josh had managed to capture your heart with how amazing his was. He cared for you more than anyone else in your entire life. He supported you like a foundation of a house. You were unsure of where you would be if it wasn’t for Josh and somehow…somewhere along the line, you were sure you’d lose sight of everything pure and innocent within the world.

“No…” He said, looking down at the ground but his hand remained in yours. “I know it would never happen anyway.”

“And that’s why you’re an idiot.” You said, pulling him closer to you and pressing your lips against his.

i finally know why thalia would join luke.

among various other reasons, thalia would have to have some motivation to find jason. she thinks he’s dead and that’s it - end of story. a war, even if they won, would only fuck up her world even more than it is now. but if she had a shred of evidence, even a hint of a reason to believe that jason, that brother who she sacrificed her childhood for, was alive? she could join luke, bring down the gods and demand they tell her where he is.

besides, what have they done for her in the first place besides hurt and tear her family apart? juno took jason, zeus / jupiter aggravated beryl’s mental health problems, ( and i’m ready to fight people on that ) hades’ curse took luke’s mother, hades caused thalia’s death, ( albeit vaguely understandable, just not to thalia ) zeus prolonged not only thalia’s suffering, but the suffering of luke, annabeth and grover as they were forced to look at a permanent reminder of their close friend’s death every day, while kronos is the only deity who did her any favours. okay, he got luke to poison her, but he knew the fleece ( the only that that could save her ) would bring her back to life. she owes him her life. and if she can reunite her family by joining him? that’s another point to the titans.

the gods have done her no favours, so what does it matter if they crash to her feet, as long as she gets her family back?


Ten x Rose - Ranch AU

(I was totally humming ‘Fields of Gold’ while doing the second one.)

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*sneaks in* Promptio + O (for oral) *sneaks out*

*yawn* I always forget i live in the redheaded stepchild timezone now so it’s like…hours later when I’m awake to check my inbox. (Aka it is now 4am and I just woke up, so this is probably not my best work.)


Between the two of them Prompto is, hands down, the oral champion. This isn’t to say that Gladio is bad at it, certainly not, or that he doesnt like giving it because again, mot true. But there is simply no one in the world who can match Prompto in sheer enthusiasm.

Prompto will happily slide between Gladio’s legs and take his cock in his mouth for as long as he’s allowed. Not even as just for giving a blow job, but acting as an enthustic cock warmer too, just for his own amusement. The way it tastes, the feel of it stretching his mouth, the weight on his tongue and the back of of his throat, the heat and shape; there is nothing about having a cock in his mouth Prompto isn’t in love with. He loves giving long, slow, sloppy oral and having Gladio reduced to squirming and begging as he unhurried works him over. He’s always down for being put on his knees or having his face straddled to have his face and throat fucked as hard as Gladio will give it. He can give a good, tidy five minutes or less blow job in a pinch. There isn’t a time or a place that’s off limits and he rarely need any coaxing to go at it.

It’s his favorite thing and long before Prompto gained any hands (and mouth) on experience he was doing research in preparation for one day giving what he hoped was great oral. That was the part that always appealed to him best in porn after all. Many videos and articles on proper technique, no small amount of gagging on his own fingers and misused fruit, and a dildo ordered online later he figured he had it down pat. The real thing is a bit different from deep throating a popsicle and Gladio is certainly…more girthy than anything he’d played with before but once he’d gotten used to that part there was no turning back.

Gladio considers himself blessed and is appreciative. He had always been, before Prompto, more of a yet straight to business kind of guy but he had sense learned to, ah, broaden his horizons and enjoy sex that only involves what he would have considered foreplay or obligatory lead up before. He’s even stepped up his own oral game in response. He can’t compete with Prompto when it comes to enjoyment of giving head or skill but he does love making Prompto feel good and being good at making Prompto feel good.


While Sam was talking to the guy, prodding him for more information, you were gazing around the small office. You examined the photographs hanging on the walls, hoping perhaps something useful might be hidden in them.

Next you moved slowly around the desk until you could sift through the top layer of papers as silently as possible. Nothing but boring work documents. You were losing interest in this guy quickly… He did seem to have a lot of knick knacks on his desk though.

You grabbed the nearest one, a heavy, miniature iron train, serving as a paperweight. It was intricately made and had moving parts which you examined more closely as you held it up to your face and prodded it with a finger to see if the wheels would move. As you shifted one of the doors in the little iron train car it suddenly broke off its hinges and fell with a loud clatter onto the wood desk and then bounced onto the carpeted floor and landed somewhere out of sight.

Sam glanced over at you, frozen where you were with the broken train in hand, and he distractedly gave you a look that was clearly begging you to stop fiddling with the guy’s desk. You stood there, caught in the act with wide eyes and then trying to look nonchalant as you whistled quietly to yourself and placed the paperweight back on the desk, missing little door and all.

You were pretty sure you were going to be teased about this as soon as you got outside…

Heartwarming (Vikklan one-shot)

Oh my God, do you know how long it took me to write this with a hurting hand? The things I do for you guys…:3

I have soooo many ideas to write down but I can’t right now :( besides having an inflamed hand I’m sick too, so that sucks :( (by soooo many ideas I mean a bunch of Vikklan one-shots, a Poofless one-shot plus I need to develop the storyline for my Pack fanfic…)

And I’m still terrible at coming up with titles…

Also, sorry if this is terrible, I was kinda tired when I wrote the ending

One more thing: just imagine Vikk in Lachlan’s jumper, with the sleeves properly rolled down *-* so cute, OMG, someone gotta make me a fanart of that!

Pairing: Vikklan

Setting: How to Minecraft

Word count: 3170 (ohmygod, that’s a lot)

‘Race you to the top!’, Lachlan screamed, dashing up the nearby hill with a headstart.

Vikk couldn’t catch up, so the Australian won their little race.

'I’m the king of the hill!’, he screamed as his friend reached the top too 'Hey, get off me hill!’

With that he pushed the other gently, but forcefully enough to make him stumble backwards and roll a few feet away in the soft grass.

'Hey, rude!’, Vikk laughed, still lying on the ground.

He quieted after a while, just smiling to himself and loving his life a whole lot. He cherished the moment, like he always did when they were like this with Lachlan, when they were so immature and happy and carefree, when it was just the two of them, hidden from the eyes of everyone else. Those were the moments when Vikk felt like he was free to love the Aussie as much as he did, more than a friend, even though it was not the case.

They were exploring, but for no apparent reason. They weren’t in need of any rare materials and there were barely any unexplored chunks within the world border at the moment. Still, going exploring together seemed like an unquestionably great idea to both of them as it gave them an opportunity to spend some time together without having any responsibilities. Because Lachlan loved Vikk too – whether romantically or not, it wasn’t clear for the Brit - and whenever they did something together, it was always just the best of times for the both of them.

Vikk finally got up and started walking towards his friend, causing him to be loud again.

'I’m the king, you’re a peas’, you stay down there!’, he joked.

'Aaaaawwwww…can’t we be kings together, plz?’

'Hmmmm….’, the blonde took his time to think 'Y'know what? That sounds cool, let’s be kings together.’, with that he reached out his hand and pulled him next to him.

The other laughed, but silenced when he looked further behind his friend.

'Lachlan, look over there!’

'Wha…?’, he turned around, confused 'Oh my God, yes!’, he exclaimed when he realised that there was a snow biome on the other side of the hill 'Let’s go there!’

'The last one there is a zombie pigman!’, Vikk screamed, running down the hill, getting his rematch.

'Nuuuuu that’s not fair!’, the Australian whined.

The other just laughed and jumped over the river separating the two biomes and landing on the ice, finishing first that time around. Lachlan ran to the shore, coming to an abrupt stop, being reluctant about jumping over the water and onto the ice.

'Come on, little Lachy! We don’t have all day!’

'I don’t know mate, how did you jump this?’

'It’s easy, just get some momentum.’

'Yeah, and land in the water! I don’t want to be wet if we’re going into a cold biome!’, he continued complaining.

'You won’t, I’ll catch you, okay?’, Vikk smiled reassuringly, reaching out both hands towards him, ready to catch him.

'A-alright…’, he backed away from the bank a few feet, then started dashing towards it.

His jump alone would have been enough, but Vikk caught him anyway. However, Lachlan’s momentum now sent both of them flying backwards, the Brit landing hard on his back, holding his friend on top of him tightly.

'Hey, it worked!’, the Aussie laughed, rolling off of the other and secretly already missing the feeling of his arms around him.

'Why are you so surprised?’, Vikk shot back as they both got up and moved on to solid land.

'Don’t know, maybe because you have a talent to make everything go horribly wrong.’, he giggled.

'Nah mate, that’s you, not me.’


Their occasional fits of laughter was the only noise that could be heard across the silent biome. They have left the river behind long ago, enjoying the chill and the new landscape. They had a couple of snowball fights, made snow angels and built a snowman, which Lachlan didn’t want to leave behind, but he had to. It started snowing too, making it seemingly even more perfect.

Lachlan kept running ahead, still bubbly and full of energy and not even a bit cold thanks to his thick jumper. Vikk, on the other hand, had slowed down, walking slower and falling behind. He started feeling cold after making the angels and now he was absolutely freezing, walking with his arms wrapped around himself, trying to warm himself up as his thin T-shirt wasn’t providing great protection against the chilly weather. However, he was grateful that his friend was still jumping around and was constantly ahead of him, because he wouldn’t have shown he was cold if he could have seen. He seemed to be having so much fun and Vikk didn’t want to ruin it for him by being a wimp and making both of them have to turn back so that he could warm up.

The Australian still turned towards him from time to time.

'You okay there, mate?’

'Yeah, sure.’

'You not cold?’

'Nah, I’m fine.’, he managed to force a smile everytime and it was enough to fool Lachlan. Adorable, naive, sweet Lachlan.

'Well, if you say so…’

And they kept going everytime.

After a while of wandering in the snowy plains, Lachlan came to a stop.

'Hey, Vikk, see that?’, he pointed at the hill ahead of them 'Let’s race up there, it could be the tiebreaker!’, however, he received no answer 'Vikk?’, he asked worriedly, turning around to look at his friend.

What he saw almost made his heart stop. The Brit didn’t even care to act tough anymore, he was just standing there with his arms wrapped around himself and shaking from cold, looking so small and fragile and miserable that it almost broke Lachlan’s heart.


'Oh, yeah, sorry, I kinda spaced out…What’s up?’, he tried to act like he was fine, but he was failing miserably.

'You are freezing…’

'No, I’m fine!’, he attempted to stand straight and walk towards his friend, but at his second step, he stumbled and fell – and he didn’t get up.

'Oh my God, Vikk!’, he rushed to his side, falling to his knees beside him.

Lachlan was terrified to see his friend lying in front of him, motionless and so, so cold, not even conscious anymore.

'No, Vikk, don’t do this to me, please!’, he cried out, shaking his shoulders in attempt to wake him. 'C'mon, sleeping beauty, it’s not naptime yet!’, he was so scared, how could their happy trip go so terribly wrong?!


Warmth and darkness. Those were the first two things Vikk became aware of.

He was covered in something soft, he could feel it on his arms. A blanket? No. A hoodie, maybe? It smelled familiar too. He was lying on a hard surface, stone, probably.

He tried to remember how he had gotten to the place he was in now. The exploring trip with Lachlan…the snow biome. Yeah, right, he was cold and he had overwhelmed himself, until he got to a point where his body couldn’t take it anymore. He should’ve frozen to death then, right? So why hadn’t he? Did Lachlan save him, or was it someone else? Was he even alive?

His thoughts were getting more and more messy and he was getting nowhere with them. He figured that the smartest thing to do would be to open his eyes and actually check his surroundings. It wasn’t as easy though, he felt like all energy had been drained from his body and it took him some tries to open his eyes.

At first he was blinded by the light rushing into his pupils. Then he saw that he was lying on natural stone floor and there was a fire lit really close to him, filling him with warmth. He looked further, seeing that the walls were rough and made of stone too. Was he in a cave? Probably.

He couldn’t see anything else. He lay still for a few minutes, gathering the strength to just move his head a bit, so hopefully he could see more. He moved his head upwards slightly, and fair enough, a figure came into his field of vision. The boy was sitting not far from him, next to the fire, hugging his knees and having his face buried into them. From his blonde locks and the fact that he was the last person he saw, Vikk assumed it was Lachlan…but why was he wearing a white T-shirt? Where was his jumper? Oh, wait a sec…He looked down at his arm, seeing the sleeve of a really familiar red jumper.

He looked at the Aussie again, wondering what he should do. Finally, he made up his mind.

'Lachlan…’, he called softly, his voice hoarse.

The other’s head shot up on an instant, and as his sky blue eyes fell on him they filled to the brim with tears.

The next thing Vikk knew was that he was pulled into an almost suffocatingly tight hug.

'You- you scared me so much…’, the blonde choked out 'Don’t do that ever again! I was so scared…and worried and I…I…’, he lost his ability to speak as sobs took over, so he just held the other even tighter, grasping the fabric of his jumper as if he was fearing that he could be torn away from him every second.

The Brit was taken off guard by the hug, but what surprised him even more was that Lachlan was crying and he had been afraid for a person other than himself…and that person was actually him. He felt like his heart was going to burst as he gently returned the hug and attempted to calm his friend.

'Hey, don’t cry…please, I’m alright now, well I’m better, that’s for sure’, he whispered softly, stumbling over his words 'thanks to you, I suppose?’

His last comment made the other pull away just enough to look him in the eye.

'Y-yeah, it was me.’, he mumbled, breathless from crying 'When you passed out, I brought you to this cave and made the fire to warm you up…’, his tears started to surface again 'but it was so long ago and you never moved and you were so cold, I was so scared…’

'Well, thank you for saving me then…no, no, no, don’t cry again! You’re gonna make me cry too.’

'O-okay…’, he tried to fight back his tears.

'Good’, Vikk chuckled and brought a hand up to wipe the other’s tears away, not taking it away after but gently stroking his cheek with his thumb.

Somehow it didn’t even surprise him that the Australian closed his eyes and leaned into his touch, a smile growing on his tear-stained face.

'I just…I can’t lose you, okay?’, he sighed, opening his eyes and covering the other’s hand with his.

'You won’t’, he said without thinking, his voice barely a whisper.

He wasn’t quite sure where the situation was going, it felt like one of his dreams. His mind was telling him to stop, to not say things like that and to pull away, because they were totally not acting like friends, but his heart was telling him different, and he had always listened to his heart.

'I will if you keep doing reckless stuff like freezing yourself to death!’, despite how much it sounded like his usual jokes, he was being serious for once.

'I’m sorry. I won’t do that again, I promise.’

'How do I know you won’t break that promise?’, he demanded, not caring how childish he sounded.

'I…don’t know…’, he muttered, feeling hurt and pulling away from the hug.

Lachlan let out a whimper at the loss of contact and quickly pulled him close again, burying his face into his shoulder. He knew he was being really clingy, but he couldn’t help it: he had almost lost the person who was the most precious to him and letting him out of his arms where he felt like he could protect him was absolutely terrifying.

'I’m sorry…’, Vikk mumbled as he returned the hug once again.

'It’s okay…you’re safe now, it’s alright’, he said that to calm himself rather than to reassure his friend.

They stayed silent and still for a couple minutes until the Australian raised his head, looking over the other’s shoulder and seeing that the fire was almost out.

'Damn it’, he muttered because he had to get up and leave the Brit’s embrace to put some wood on the fire or maybe even relight it.

He sighed as he got up, earning a little whine from Vikk - which he was most likely not supposed to hear – and knelt by the pile of ashes, watching the last flames die out. He got some more wood from the pile in the corner that he collected earlier and attempted to remake their campfire. Either the wood was wet or there was something wrong with the flint and steel, or maybe the temperature was just too low, the point is, the fire didn’t light.

'Oh, for f-’, he threw the flint and steel at the wall, breaking it 'I’m sorry mate, we’re not gonna have a fire anymore’, he said more calmly.

'It’s alright, I don’t mind. Do you want your jumper back?’

'Nah dude, you need it, you’re still cold.’

'But I don’t want you freezing to death either.’

'I should be alright, don’t worry.’

'If you say so…I still want you to be warm though….C'mere, I’ll warm you up.’, he extended his arms towards him, inviting him to a hug.

'Haha, I can’t say no to that’, the Aussie giggled and went over to him, letting him wrap his arms around him and moving around till he was sitting on the other’s lap.


'Yeah’, his voice was muffled as he buried his face into his friend’s chest.

Lachlan felt like he was in heaven, other than actually feeling warm, being able to – thanks to some miracle – freely hug and cuddle with Vikk was something he could only wish for until that very moment. He closed his eyes, listening to the other’s heartbeat and never wanting the moment to be over. He loved the feeling of the Brit rubbing circles on his back and his presence filling him with more warmth than fire ever could.

'I think I might fall asleep…’, he mumbled.

'I can’t hear you mate, speak up.’, Vikk replied and the blonde could feel his laughter vibrating in his chest.

He raised his head in order to repeat his sentence audibly, but his breath got caught in his throat when he realised how close they were, their faces inches apart and their noses touching. His feelings overwhelmed him and however hard he tried, he couldn’t resist the urge to close the gap between them, connecting their lips in a soft kiss.

But no matter how much he was enjoying the kiss, no matter how soft Vikk’s lips felt on his and how sweet he tasted, no matter how long he had waited for this moment, he felt his heart shatter into millions of tiny pieces as he realised he had probably made the biggest mistake of his life because Vikk wasn’t kissing him back. So he started pulling away, not ready for the terrible awkwardness to follow, but that was when he felt being pulled back into the kiss and his heart was mended again because no, he hadn’t made a mistake, quite the opposite.

They pulled away, breathless and the Aussie went back to his previous position, with his head on the other’s chest, totally forgetting to repeat his sentence. They stayed like that for a while, both of them being clueless on what just happened or what to do about it. Finally, Lachlan decided to speak up, this time making sure the Brit heard him well.

'I think I might have just ruined our friendship.’


'It’s fine though, I don’t want to be your friend anymore anyway.’

He felt his no-longer-friend tense up and he raised his head again, so that he could look him in the eye and smiled cheekily.

'Yep, you heard me right, I don’t want to be your friend anymore. I’d much rather be your boyfriend.’

Vikk let out a sigh of relief and a wide smile formed on his face and he tightened his arms around the blonde a bit more.

'Gosh, you just gave me a heart attack. Why would you do that?’

'It was a payback.’, he grinned, not giving the other time to answer, kissing him again.


After hearing the mobs burn outside their sealed cave, the two boys decided to set off on their journey back to the Salty Lagoon.

'You sure you don’t want your jumper back?’

'Not until we’re back in a warmer biome. I’m not taking any chances, bae.’

Vikk was used to his friend – boyfriend, actually – calling any living creature 'bae’, but it was nice knowing that in his case it meant something more.

'Alright.’, he agreed, but wrapped an arm around his waist so that he would still stay warm until they’ve left the cold lands and he got a soft kiss on his cheek in return.

The edge of the biome wasn’t as far away as they estimated – turns out, they went in an almost complete circle the previous day. They ended up at the same part of the river where they crossed before.

'Do you need me to go ahead and catch you again?’, Vikk chuckled.

'Nah, I’ll be fine.’, he answered, letting go of him and this time not hesitating to jump to the other side, landing smoothly.

The other followed him closely.

'Why did we make such a big deal of this last time?’, the Australian wondered.

'I have no idea. It was you, anyway.’

'Hey, that’s not true!’

'It is, stop denying it!’

'Oh, okay, maybe…’, he admitted, looking at his feet and acting cute knowing how much Vikk loved it when he did that.

'Damn it, you’re too adorable.’, with that the Brit stepped closer and kissed his boyfriend’s nose.

They walked up the hill hand in hand.

'Remember that whole king of the hill thing?’, Lachlan smiled.

'Yeah, we agreed to be kings together, right?’, he replied, finding it fun to take games seriously.

'Yep. Do you still want to be a king with me?’

'I would love to.’, Vikk said softly, cupping the other’s cheeks and pulling him down for a sweet kiss.

But it really didn’t matter if they were kings or peasants or something else as long as they were together and they knew they would be, no matter what. Because really nothing changed, they were still allies, the Salty Squad, the Cool Kid Club who went fishing and exploring together and had each other’s back everytime and anytime, just now they could kiss and hug and hold hands and show they world how much they loved each other.

claiming and reclaiming

I knew I would see him soon… hours from being able to lay my eyes upon him. The thought of what was coming sent me to my office to touch myself a few times that day! So excited to see him again it was undeniable.

Oh and I was not disappointed! His lips were on mine and I was gone I feed off his passion and burned. I pulled his shirt off and kissed his magnificent chest and shoulders as I unzipping his pants. He stood there in the living room completely naked with me on my knees before him. I ran His perfect cock across My lips looking up at him then ran my tongue across the tip before taking as much of it as I could in my mouth. His fingers ran through my hair nicely at first the longer I sacked him the rougher he got. He was fully fucking my face choking and gagging me with that big cock.

I was instructed to get up and because I’m a good slut I did as I was told. I straddled his lap and rode him as we kissed. My hair falling all around his face I came so fast it surprised even me and I kept riding now with my breasts in his face and the pleasure of my nipple on his lips was intoxicating. I screamed in his ear as I came again. “Three more come for me three more times” he said with a laugh. I love coming on his cock.

I was instructed to Change position so I leaned over the couch and felt a firm stinging hand across my ass again and again before he slid in me. My hair was in his fist and my head was pulled roughly back “who’s pussy is this!?” He demanded. “It’s yours daddy it’s yours” I whimpered. He was in my ass soon after that riding it hard “I love it when you fuck me hard daddy” got my ass slapped and a throaty growl and he grabbed my neck choking me “who’s ass in this!?” He said “yours daddy it’s your ass and I love how you fuck it” “all your hole belong to me! You got that” his voice was forceful and determined as he spoke. My ass burned from the assault and throbbed with pleasure as I was brought to my knees again to have my face fucked again and through all the gagging and choking I loved every minute of it and then he came all over my lips and face. I was claimed with out a doubt fully physically claimed and pleased by that glorious man.

This man owns my body and can claim me and reclaim me at his will. I am his.

Baby lesbian lover girl,
Don’t you dare feel dirty.
Do not listen to the nasty men who spit pungent words from their rotting lips- you are lovely,
sweet like nectar and honey, and your love is so much more than a fetish.
I know sometimes the world makes your dreams feel poisonous,
That you drip from your eyes and shake with sadness all the way to your bones,
and you wonder if you’ll ever turn to putty in a way that feels more like syrup and less like a melting witch.
You learned the depth of love at an early age,
When “no homo” was thrown around after every hug and every “I love you” in elementary school,
And there you were, hiding beneath the slides in the mulch,
Wondering why hugging pretty girls felt like a bittersweet mix of potion and poison, and,
Why was homo so bad?
Soft hands and pretty pink eyelids made your cheeks blush and your tummy flip, and you never told anyone that men felt like thorns and women felt like petals,
Because everyone grabs a rose by its stem, careful with their hands not to grasp the parts that might make you bleed,
But the petals were always thrown to the marble grounds of a church or left to wither with whispers
“He loves me, he loves me not.”
You always added s to the beginning of h-e in your head,
But your lips told lies instinctively.
In high school your poems got longer and your fingers were hungry for more than just your pen,
You lost your notebook and had a mental breakdown to your guidance counselor-
She had some worries she wanted to share with you too, like,
How come you’re not doing so well in your classes with male teachers?
Lesbian felt like a curse word as it fell from your lips,
Dainty and pretty in your head, but thrown out into a society that only wants to make your soft dreams rough and wrong,
You couldn’t help but feel bitterness towards all men.
Mostly the ones who said things like “it’s okay for girls to kiss girls, but I can’t stand a guy who kisses guys.”
You crumbled beneath those words with a heavy heart, knowing your strength and love was nothing to them but a wet napkin on their bedroom floor.
You want a life, a home,
don’t you?
One with a big warm bed, and a familiar living room where the people you love sit and talk as the balmy air fills the room through open windows,
nobody hiding away behind thin walls and loud cassette tapes.
You want a lover to fall asleep by your side each night,
One who makes grocery shopping an adventure and sweeping the kitchen floor a party with the radio blasting.
I hope you know you’re valid,
that there are women loving women everywhere who’s dreams turn to reality and are so much more than red knees and perfect faces, having sex in a closet on a computer screen.
You are not an object, you are a woman who’s love is stronger than oceans and worlds of prejudice and bullshit, growing stronger with everything you endure.
Don’t let the worlds harshness turn your soft heart to stone.
Nothing about you is wrong.



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