knees and knockers

Namjin-Ft. Fuckboi Namjoon

Its so funny to see Nams get cocky with Jin and just let the fuck boy flow freely 🌊 Don’t know what I mean? Here, lets take a trip down “Dat ass tho” Lane.

Here, we have Namjoon agressively flirting with Jin. We call this fuck boy move the “Knee knocker” where they flirt so well, you become wet spaghetti in the leg area, Like ol Jinnie here. You see the exact moment Jin’s like - Fuck 😖 abort mission I cant keep eye contact. Noice Joon, up top bruh ✋

Next, is the “hint dropper” He could NOT keep his hands off Jin that night, and who honestly can blame him huh?

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Bitch! Have a seat aint nobody ask you… Anywhoosies, The hint dropper is a fuck boy specialty. Its when instead of being a big boy and using words to let them know whatsup, they become the words. Here we have Joon gripping Jin’s shoulder tightly, and my favorite “Do I put my dick on his back, or naw?” The answer is No Namjoon 😑 just…Don’t. Good job on avoiding on cam fuckboyishness. 👍

Now, here we have the classic “Yes you are on an entirely diffrent subject, but in my mind, you’re naked” stare. They pull this alot. Talking about something important? all he hears is “I’d love to choke on your dick” Doing aegyo? All he’s seeing is a submissive, innocent Seokjin begging to be taken on that stage. Namjoon:Stage? Shit that’s right we still on stage…
😧 Yes Joon, y'all still on stage. Put ya eyes back in your head 😑

This we call The “Opportunist” This is when the fuck boy in question, in this instance Namjoon, takes any possible contact and runs with it. Yoga poses, practicing golf swings and as seen above, cooking, are all ways they will feign ignorance to get you to “help” them. Namjoon, you sly dog you~


Now we have a Cocky Nams. Jin was just kindly trying to let him know his outfit was nice, while being Jin about it. Haha I made a funny. Right Jin?
Seokjin: Bitch I thought
Yes, you did thought. But all wrong my friend, cause ya boy was on it. Namjoon answered in proper fuck boy manner, stating its not his fault ya draws melting out ya pants leg, he just here existing boo. In turn making you question your sanity and… maybe you should indeed get new underwear 💦💦

So, there you have it, Namjoon in rare form. Out here making his Jincess hot and bothered and all around sprung 😍