*my autistic self, in the back seat of a car shifting constantly and sitting in a milliion weird positions* i gotta STRENCH


Hello! I was surprised that my blog already has 129 followers!! Ahaha x)

However, most of them - this is some kind of porn-blogs, ahaha, and funny and sad at the same time… x)))

Anyway, how are you, guys? ^^

anonymous asked:

HEADCANON TIME: How about some angst as Clark de great Zor El mage opposes Kara's relationship with Lena because A LUTHOR WHAT ARE YOU THINKING KARA?? DONT EVEN THINK ABOUT IT and Lena senses something's off cause Kara keeps ditching her study sessions with Lena in the library and ofc Lena believes it's her fault and falls into a pit of despair and loneliness again thinking Kara is leaving her like the others and why did i do this to myself? -Knee

oh man that is some seriously angsty angst …………….