Bud Scelsa, Mau Loa.

We learned yesterday that Captain Bud Scelsa, subject of a recent post here, passed away peacefully at home. A lifelong surfer and sailor, Bud spent his life working and playing in and around the ocean. He touched many along the way with his love and respect for the sea, the Hawaiian people and their culture. Bud placed his greatest love - sharing waves with friends - at the very centre of his life. He did it long before surfing was taken seriously and he did it in a way that made absolutely no concessions to fashion. His love of riding waves was pure, steeped in Aloha. Bud was particularly proud of a kneeriding paipo he built a few years ago from wili - wili and redwood. The four wili - wili pieces represent the four main Hawaiian Gods: Ku, Kane, Lono and Kanaloa. He named this board “Mau Loa”, which means forever. Bud had been gravely ill for some time. In his last few months he drew strength and solace from the Aloha he had spread as it returned to him through friends. Legless is proud to have been a small part of that. We wish him well on the voyage on which he has now embarked. “Pae kaua!”

And now … a message from Legless Santa

Well, here at it feels like about a year since last Christmas. When we looked just now there was a tree in the corner festooned with flashing coloured lights, so we reckon it must be Christmas again. It’s kind of hard to tell for us. This year we’ve been flat out like a bunch of thirsty lizards, what with babies arriving, careers changing, going away on trips, meeting people, doing stuff, saying goodbye to people, coming home from trips, making deadlines, moving house, running businesses, staying put and generally juggling work, family, surf and the gloriously pointless self-indulgence that is What we REALLY want to say to you, our loyal following of lunatic-fringe-dwelling oddball friends, is this. Thanks for hanging on with us through the last year. We really appreciate the feedback that trickles in from you all out there in the sandy corner of cyberspace we inhabit. Chayne found this picture of Legless Santa, and we saw it as a neat metaphor for where we’re all at, or where we’d like to be. We may be killing it, we may be going over the falls, but either way we’re gonna do it in the style of our choice and enjoy every single second.

Merry Christmas, one and all. May the fat feller fill your stockings with comfort and joy, and may Hui bring you a few festive waves as well. See yez in 2015!

Rob Harwood - Albert Munoz - Chayne Simpson - Steen Barnes